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Warning: some graphic photos below.

It's nice to see that good people like John Kerry are beginning to recognize that the Bush administration is crawling in the feces of its own incompetence, that it is governing about as poorly as a boozed-up alcoholic. But it's stories like this one that really piss me off.

I'm a thoroughly middle-class American. I was born in another country. I have no delusions about the 'American Dream'; that's been dead since before I was born. But I would expect that our government would have sense of common decency, a sense of fairness, that they would care an iota. But they don't, and I'm sick of it. I can't take it anymore.

Our president couldn't give half a shit about us.

Our rightly chosen president was forced to concede a race when partisan, activist judges on the Supreme Court stepped into something they had no business getting involved in.

Our president can't be bothered with the specifics of national security, so thousands of people die while he reads a children's book. But hey, brush needs clearing, right?

We get tax cuts that give more money to the rich when we have record budget deficits.

We have Congress legislate what a woman can do with her body.

We're told that Saddam Hussein is a grave threat, even though it's clear he has no weapons of mass destruction.

A couple who have devoted their careers to public service for their country have their reputations destroyed for sheer political gain.

We invade a country on false pretensions, killing untold thousands of civilians who will only be remembered as 'collateral damage'.

Our president declared that our mission was accomplished three years ago, even though it was clear the job was far from done.

We've lost 2,433 of our young soldiers - people my age - in a senseless cause. I hope and pray that my cousin, who is in the Army, does not become one of those. Our leaders can not even be bothered to show up to their funerals. But we won't forget them.

An honorable man who volunteered to serve in a war few people in his position were involved in, including our current president, is smeared with shameless lies...and the media eats it up.

Our leaders don't bother showing respect, and it shows in the way they present themselves.

We lose our moral standing as a country...

...and we lose respect around the world...and in our own country.

Republicans rush back from vacation to intrude on the life of a person they've never met, passing judgment on her medical condition by videotape and pushing through legislation to serve purely political purposes. In the end, her husband is finally allowed to fulfill her wish, and a woman can finally rest in peace.

While Bush is on another long vacation, playing the guitar and eating cake...

...a beautiful city drowns, and, to this day, the government simply doesn't care.

Gas prices soar, and average Americans are beginning to pawn off their valuables just to fill up.

The NSA initiates an illegal wiretapping program that violates the law, but we're told that it's part of a perfectly legal 'terrorist surveillance program'.

A White House aide is indicted for the first time in over 130 years.

Corruption runs rampant in the Republican Party, whether it be...

Tom DeLay...

Jack Abramoff...

Duke Cunningham...

Bob Ney...

Ernie Fletcher...

...and many more to come.

But what gets me most is that for the last 5 1/2 years, we've been lied to again, and again...and again...and again. This administration and the Republican Party have taken the American population to be completely oblivious and have bankrupted us socially, morally, and economically, and who knows what else. It's the fact that they are so comfortable in their lies that really makes me mad.

Whether it's the president...

...or the vice president...

...or the secretary of defense...

...or the attorney general...

...or the previous guy...

...or the secretary of state...

...or the previous guy...

...or the recently departed CIA director...

...or the previous guy...

...or the National Security Advisor...

...or the previous guy...

...or the new press secretary...

...or the previous guy...

...or the guy even before that.

And the media just ignores it. It's sad that the two most honest journalists out there aren't even journalists...they're comedians.

I've had enough.

Originally posted to PsiFighter37 on Thu May 11, 2006 at 07:50 PM PDT.

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