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holy moly.
Home from the pub Will Pitt lets slip Joe Wilson is Leopold's source......

The first part is DU owner Skinner's thoughts on Peter Daou's take on Leopold. (link in link)

So Pitt in all his credible glory rips into him...

WilliamPitt Donating Member  (1000+ posts)
Mon May-15-06 03:11 AM
Response to Reply #13
52. Dear Skinner    Updated at 1:42 PM

I think Daou pretty much nails it. Jason Leopold and Truthout have stuck their necks waaaaaaay out there on this one. If they end up being wrong, then they will do it spectacularly and publicly. I cannot imagine that they would stick their necks out this far unless they believed that their story was airtight. But damn, right now they are out there all alone on this one. I find it very hard not to be skeptical. They must be sweating bullets over there at Truthout. They put it all out there. Fucking ballsy. If they're right, they will be right spectacularly and publicly.


When this story pans out, and all the little fish try to swim home, I am going to say "Sorry, you had the chance to stand with an ally, and instead, decided to say 'I find it very hard not to be skeptical.'"

You could have asked. I would have gladly explained the inside sourcing that I cannot reveal publicly. I would have told you. Happily. I would have explained how Joseph Wilson independently verified a half dozen other sources, none of whom are connected. We had a guy **deleted**.

I'd have told you, had you asked, because you are owed that much. But sadly, no. You threw me and Jason and truthout under the bus. Publicly, because you do not have the COURAGE to stand with someone who has stood with you. You couldn't even do it silently.

This was a wheat-from-the-chaff moment, and you failed. You spend a good deal of time talking about standing strong, but you publicly fucked one man who has stood stronger for you more than any other. Name for me please the New York Times and international best-selling book, translated into twelve languages, that thanks you and your site above anything else. First and foremost.

There is one. Only one. Mine. Before my own mother, I thanked you.

Yeah, yeah, we're 'ballsy' if we're right. But you made it 100% clear that you don't think we are. You could have asked. I'd have let you in. But no, you decided to cover your own ass.

You're in the wrong business.

I am disgusted.

You are no better than the cretins who have taken control of your site.


Originally posted to AnonymousArmy on Mon May 15, 2006 at 12:34 AM PDT.


Is Wilson a Leopold source ?

55%239 votes
44%194 votes

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  •  Another leopold dairy? n/t (4+ / 0-)

    "How am I not myself?" -- I (Heart) Huckabees

    by Joelarama on Mon May 15, 2006 at 12:32:05 AM PDT

  •  The post got deleted. (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Avila, AnonymousArmy

    I think he is becoming unglued. But I would hope that the focus would be on Rove's indictment when it occurs and not on the Pitt/Leopold sideshow if they turn out to be wrong.

  •  Will redacted that... (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    CocoaLove, Joelarama

    I've had my tiffs with Will, but posting this isn't going to serve any positive purpose right now. I think Will has had a rough day and is pissed off, and we should lay off him. I'd like to see you to delete this - maybe Will will be in a better mindframe tomorrow.

    •  why should this be deleted? (3+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Avila, AllisonInSeattle, Bouwerie Boy

      After a few drinks one of the players in this gossip monger snowball comes out and writes about it and then the comment is deleted. I personally don't understand what he is talking about, but then again I don't go to Truthout or DU, so that leaves me in the dark. What is he trying to say? Is he just pissed at DU for not supporting this rumor? Who is Dauos?

      "Fuck with the Constitution and it will fuck you"-Chamonix

      by Chamonix on Mon May 15, 2006 at 12:59:03 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

      •  I thought it should be deleted (2+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        TracieLynn, Joy Busey

        Because it puts Joe Wilson in a potentially compromising situation politically and legally. To me, it looks like Pitt fingered Wilson exclusively as the source for Leopold's articles. I contacted him about this, and he said I could post his answer here since he isn't registered on Kos:

        Re: I don't understand - help
        From: WilliamPitt
        Date: May-14-06 11:40 PM

             There are a whole crowd of sources here, which is what is maddening about this whole mess. Wilson was in the mix, as he has been, but this information came from elsewhere. I'm not going to go into it any further than that, as I hope you understand. It'll come out in the wash.

             Feel free to post this on Kos. I'd do it, but am not registered over there.

    •  no way should this be deleted (3+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Avila, AllisonInSeattle, Bouwerie Boy

      They have put their credibility on the line, double or nothing. This is totally relevant.

      Be ye ever so high, the law is above you

      by nota bene on Mon May 15, 2006 at 01:21:18 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

      •  This isn't about Pitt/Leopold's reputation (0+ / 0-)

        It's about Joe Wilson's. He's already being trashed by the right wing and doesn't need any more discrediting!

        The right wing is likely to latch onto this in a bad way.

        •  Wilson is not in the WH any more (0+ / 0-)
          so he hears the same rumors that other people hear.  The "verification" sounds circular.  Wilson and Leopold heard the same rumor indirectly from the same place.  This sounds almost like the Dan Rather affair.  "Leopold got played by somebody" is high on my list of possibilities.  Wilson isn't in quite that situation, saying "yeah, I heard that too" when asked about a rumor.  
  •  holy shit (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Avila, AllisonInSeattle, Bouwerie Boy

    I can't go to bed cause this is getting more surreal every hour it seems like. Is this cause there's a full moon or something?

    Damn I can't wait til tomorrow.

    Be ye ever so high, the law is above you

    by nota bene on Mon May 15, 2006 at 01:16:54 AM PDT

  •  Enjoyable read (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Avila, aitchdee, AnonymousArmy

    Pitt drinking and typing. Heh.

    He's a standup guy. Have met and yakked with. At Andy Stephenson's funeral. We both gave eulogies, both pretty much ran off to grab hankies after finishing.

    It's the "anti-fear-propaganda" solution: positive news: HeroicStories, free

    by AllisonInSeattle on Mon May 15, 2006 at 01:45:17 AM PDT

  •  I am just an observer of all of this... (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    AnonymousArmy, Joy Busey, KenBee

    ...but I am intrigued by one thing.

    Teacherken wrote in a diary a day or so ago that he met Wilson in his local DC watering hole. He says that he had an interesting chat with him. Wilson told him of some stuff that was going to hit the fan over the next week or two. As he regarded it as an off-the-record discussion, Teacherken felt that he should not go into detail, out of respect for the guy.

    So, as Teacherken is a highly reliable Kossack, maybe Wilson is a source for what is being picked up - although others may be amplifying it.

    Anyhow - just thought I would chuck this into the discussion.

    •  not quite accurate Keith (11+ / 0-)

      What Wilson told me was information that - assuming it is true, and I asked a clarifying question to make sure I heard correctly - would be supportive of the the kinds of things about which Leopold wrote.   At no time did Wilson offer any remark that would SPECIFICALLY indicate (a) direct knowledge opf what the Grand Jury did, or (b) the actual timing of when an indictment against Rove would come out.

      He did in our conversation indicate thyat he anticipates SOMETHING major in the very near future, and is inclined to believe something even bigger in the next few months.

      I did not push him on his source.  And all of the material that can be directly ralted to the Leopold story consumed no more thyan 3-4 minutes out of a 20 minute conversation.

      I will repeat this much   -- he absolutely thinks we are already in the midst of a major constitutional crisis.

      Those who can, do. Those who can do more, TEACH!

      by teacherken on Mon May 15, 2006 at 03:48:06 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

    •  a followup (4+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      AnonymousArmy, viral, KenBee, Wbythebay

      Jerralyn Merritt has some detail in her post at Talkleft that may be relevant

      to summarize
      •  Leopold did not talk with Joe Wilson
      • Wilson and Leopold MAY be hearing from the same source(s)

      But Jerralyn's piece does not in any way cover the detail Wilson shared with me that is independent of anything I have seen in print anywhere.  I now think that the piece of information the ambassador shared might be indicating at least indirectly his source of information, which makes me even more firm about not discussing it until I see it mentioned specifically elsewhere in print.

      Look guys, I don't want to pretend that I am any kind of insider, because I am not.  I do know some people, and I hear things occasionally that I do not see here or elsewhere.

      For what it is worth, I might be able to clarify at least part of this later, as Byron York is currently scheduled to be with my AP government kids on Thursday morning.   Of course, should there be public news about Rove being indicted I am pretty sure he would have to cancel.   Thus, if I get ANY notice that he will not be able to come I will inform the dailykos community as soon as I can.

      Those who can, do. Those who can do more, TEACH!

      by teacherken on Mon May 15, 2006 at 04:51:58 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

  •  WTF? (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Avila, viral, sirenoftitan

    I opened this door and people are yelling and screaming at each other, but I'll be damned if I can figure out WTF it's all about.

    -5.75 -4.72 3.14159 2.71828

    by xynz on Mon May 15, 2006 at 02:33:06 AM PDT

  •  AnonymousArmy (0+ / 0-)

    Check your friggin email!!!

  •  check out my diary for the latest on this (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Jules Siegel
  •  Delete your fraudulent diary, bzemky, you idiot (0+ / 0-)

    What? Check your diary for the "latest" on this? You admit in your diary that your source lied to you and that everything you say about Leopold's sources is based on this fraudulent source. And you still leave your diary up and point people to it? Talk about an inflated sense of self importance. You should admit you know nothing about this affair and shut the f*ck up.

  •  Wilson has very good sources (0+ / 0-)

    he knew that Scooter and Rove were involved before anyone else did.  But I doubt he was intimately involved with Leopold's article.  Leopold may have called him as he seems to have everyone's number (Luskin, Corralo, etc.) and told him about the info he gathered from his sources.  Wilson may have said something like I heard that too and that was probably the extent of the conversation.  I don't think Wilson was intimately involved in this article.  

  •  Of course it should be deleted if it's not true! (0+ / 0-)

    Why would you leave it here to cause confusion?  What if someone reads it and doesn't get to the OPPS! part?

    That could cause problems for a number of people.

    DELETE yes!

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