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In 1985, a group of anonymous reverends and pastors wrote The Kairos Document as a challenge to Christianity in the face of Apartheid.

The 1985 document can be read here:

In Christianity, a Kairos Moment is a time for God's will to be acted upon. In a purer sense of the word, it can be summed up to mean "strike when the time is right"

It is my belief that America is soon approaching a "Kairos Moment", a moment for us to act upon the greater will forces  and exact a change for the greater good.

Some excerpts from the KD Document after the fold.

Excerpt from State Theology:

The South African apartheid State has a theology of its own and we have chosen to call it 'State Theology.' 'State Theology' is simply the theological justification of the status quo with its racism, capitalism and totalitarianism. It blesses injustice, canonizes the will of the powerful and reduces the poor to passivity, obedience and apathy.

Prescient eh? Check this out:

The third would be the use of the word 'communist' to brand anyone who rejects 'State Theology.' And finally there is the use that is made of the name of God.

Replace the word communist with terrorist, or hell, just leave it communist.

Then there is this interesting bit:

It is indeed the duty of the State to maintain law and order, but it has not divine mandate to maintain any kind of law and order. Something does not become moral and just simply because the State has declared it to be a law and the organization of a society is not a just and right order simply because it has been instituted by the State. We cannot accept any kind of law and any kind of order. The concern of Christians is that we should have in our country a just law and a right order.

Sounds like Bush eh?

They go on to say:

the present crisis and especially during the State of Emergency, 'State Theology' has tried to re-establish the status quo of orderly discrimination, exploitation and oppression by appealing to the consciences of its citizens in the name of law and order. It tries to make those who reject this law and this order feel that they are ungodly.

Post 9/11 America to a "T". T stands for "Communist":

We all know how the South African State makes use of the label 'communist.' Anything that threatens the status quo is labeled 'communist.' Anyone who opposes the State and especially anyone who rejects its theology is simply dismissed as a 'communist.' No account is taken of what communism really means. No thought is given to Why some people have indeed opted for communism or for some form of socialism. Even people who have not rejected capitalism are called 'communists' when they reject 'State Theology.' The State uses the label 'communist' in an uncritical and unexamined way as its symbol of evil.

We have yet to define who the Terrorists are, besides typically brown-skinned and Muslim.

While we are at it, Who is this "God" guy anyway?

This god is an idol. It is as mischievous, sinister and evil as any of the idols that the prophets of Israel had to contend with. Here we have a god who is historically on the side of the white settlers, who dispossesses black people of their land and who gives the major part of the land to his "chosen people."

The whole section is an absolute must read.

More of 2.4 "The God of The State"

...'State Theology' needs its own prophets and it manages to find them from the ranks of those who profess to be ministers of God's Word in some of our Churches. What is particularly tragic for a Christian is to see the number of people who are fooled and confused by these false prophets and their heretical theology.

Hmm. Pat Robertson.

The Document continues on at great length, and I have to go to work so I haven't the time to fully excerpt it out for you all, but I must say you all must read this document to get an understanding of where we are today in America.

I would like to begin a dialogue of our Kairos, and just what the heck it is we are supposed to do with this moment, and what have been, or will be the signs that it is time to act, and what should we do? It is obvious to me know that Daily Kos is a player in this Kairos, and I am glad to be a part of what is happening here.

Suggestions, comments, corrections, and recommends, are always appreciated.


Originally posted to roboton on Wed May 17, 2006 at 04:59 AM PDT.

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  •  recommended (0+ / 0-)

    Excellent find, excellent diary (I'm printing the Kairos Statement now).  Have you cross-posted this at StreetProphets??

    Comfort the afflicted. Afflict the comfortable.

    by FindingMyVoice on Wed May 17, 2006 at 06:05:43 AM PDT

  •  Kairos (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    I went on a Kairos retreat with some of the students I teach. It was quite an experience.

    Thanks for putting the lessons from that retreat in this context.

  •  let's hope we don't all end up crucified (0+ / 0-)

    although I hear the Appian Way is lovely this time of year, I would prefer not to spend several days "hanging around".

  •  My dear Roboton, (0+ / 0-)

    I am no diary writer, just a reader. I'm so glad I read your diary.  I didn't know about the Kairos Document at all. Thank you~!  

    War is not an adventure. It is a disease. It is like typhus. - Antoine De Saint-Exupery

    by Margot on Wed May 17, 2006 at 10:37:33 PM PDT

  •  The Nazis did the same thing. (0+ / 0-)

    Some Christians, like Barth, Niemoeller and most famously, Bonhoeffer, stood up to them and maintained a separate Confessing Church.  Barth was deported.  Niemoeller (who coined the "first they came for...) was imprisoned but survived because he was a WWI hero, and Bonhoeffer was hung while he could hear Patton's guns in the distance.

  •  State Theology has arrived in Ohio (0+ / 0-)

    Attorney General Kenneth Blackwell, Pope of the Mega Churches, rules here.

  •  56 Pastors in Columbus had a Kairos Moment... (0+ / 0-)

    ...and stood up to Ken Blackwell and his state church, here.

  •  How about... (0+ / 0-)

    The third would be the use of the word 'communist' to brand anyone who rejects 'State Theology.'

    Replace the word communist with terrorist, or hell, just leave it communist.



  •  This illustrates why the GOP has been attempting (0+ / 0-)

    to subvert Christianity in the US to its own unchristian ends, This is why the Institute on Religion and Democracy (IRD) was founded in 1981, with Scaife money, for the express purpose of infiltrating the mainline Christian churches,in order to create schism and then take them over, not only to acquire their financial assets, but in order to preach Republican 'values' from the pulpit. Pastordan at Street Prophets  , and Frederick Clarkson at Talk to Action are informing us and fighting back.

  •  If anyone cares.. (0+ / 0-)

    I found this document after having a dream about an old lover, and looking up Chronos and Chaos to see if there were any relationship between them, and then remembered the word Kairos and threw that in the search and then I typed this run on sentence ;-)

    A wikipedia link came up describing this event.

    Wikipedia here:

    Entry on Kairos:

    First they call you a traitor, then they pass the Patriot Act II, then they tap your phone, then you move to Canada. -- Mohandas Gandhi

    by roboton on Thu May 18, 2006 at 04:46:12 AM PDT

  •  What to do? (0+ / 0-)

    I think a vehicular sit-in would be an effective protest.  What you do is, you find a busy intersection, park your car, and get out.  Walk a little ways away and sit down.   When they come to tow it, you run up with some excuse about your rebellious son/significant other did that to spite you and you had to get the keys but you'll move it now.

    Multiply by several thousands, tens of thousands?  on the same day and you'll get some notice.  Some cars may end up getting towed, but if you can tell a convincing story you should be able to avoid that.

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