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This isn't going to be pretty. I've had it. I simply cannot  take anymore of the crap served up in the media day after day after day about "building democracy" in Iraq, "finishing the job" or "as they stand-up, we stand down."

Does anyone anywhere know even one person who woke up on September 12 and said: "What we need to do now is build democracy in Iraq."? Was there one person on the entire planet who looked at the smoking ruins and asked: "How many US troops do you think will be required to make the streets of Tikrit safe?" We frigging know that nobody involved in actually organizing this cockamamy catastrophe we've come to know as "Operation Iraqi Freedom" gave these questions a moment's thought. And now, every day we have supposedly sensible folks putting on their most serious faces in order to conceal their one true concern:

"I hope nobody figures out I never cared about Iraqis. Pretending I do is such a pain in the ass."

How bad is it? The current gabfest makes Richard Cohen seem like a portrait in self-reflection.

I'm not even going to bother to link to Richard's:
"After 9/11 we all kind of went nuts."

Andrew Sullivan, now that his taste for war has grown cold,  explains his own shrieks for bloody mayhem as an excess of prudency: "After 9/11, we couldn't be too careful"


Did Sullivan say something about being careful? He doesn't know how to drive a car; and this clown is waxing eloquent about invading a country? Does anyone remember Andrew thrilling to the idea of happy Iraqis in the days after 9/11? Or in the run-up to Fallujah, the town "where innocents are few and far between.".

When you think of careful do you think Bush? Cheney? Rumsfeld? Rice? Tenet? Careful?

Can't be too careful? George Bush, who as Governor of Texas set a record for executions and spent less than thirty minutes on average reviewing each case? The same guy giving him legal advice then is now in charge of excusing American torture and illegal wiretaps. Careful?

Can't be too careful? Bush went of vacation for six weeks in the run-up to 9/11. He was shown a memo stating OBL would use hijacked planes to hit US targets and Sullivan is talking can't be too careful? The media shovelled BS so thick and fast that it took a second term election and New Orleans flooding before the media started to question whether the word careful should be used in the same sentence as Bush, or "shoot him in the face".

Tom Friedman, of all the ditto-heads, actually came closest to telling the truth way back when while selling his book and the case for war. On one talk show "six months" calmly asserted words to the effect of: "Because of 9/11, brown people have to die!"

The alpha and omega of Operation Iraqi Freedom was to kill as many brown, bearded Muslim type fellars and their wives, kids, grandparents and pets as possible; before the UN or world community dragged America off the bloody pile of corpses. The invasion of Iraq, for most who supported the war, involved nothing more than skull-f**king the entire country and inflicting as much pain, death and degradation as possible without letting too many US men and women get maimed or killed.

Of course, a few acceptable casualties are necessary for realism; and to create the frisson only present when real bullets are flying both ways. On TV, of course, I hasten to add. We're not talking about folks in America actually getting their hands dirty or bloody; or risking danger. That's what Marines are for, right Jonah? Rich? Hugh? No question of missing an episode of 24 or maybe giving your kid the chance to learn how to help daddy into his prosthetic device.

Well, a few seasons of Jack Bauer have come and gone and for some reason those pesky Iraqis just keep shooting each other and any Americans they can find. The "liberal" media knows that Death sells just like SEX and even better if you can get them back to back. Stay tuned for the latest bombing from Iraq. Except that Americans are starting to tune out.

Didn't the media get the message?

Iraq was supposed to be a six-week ass-kicking extravaganza. A summer special; a rerun of Desert Storm's "Road of Death". That's how Tommy and Donny planned it. That's how it was sold. That's certainly what the folks who went there thought was going to happen.

"Remember 9/11", not "let's build democracy" is what was stenciled onto helmets and you can bet that Marines were not thinking of giving Iraqis safer schools when they pounded into Fallujah. Sticking around three years and doing two or more tours in Anwar province had to be the last thing on any of their minds.

The problem is the whole Iraqi "freedom" exercise is taking too long. America is now sick of Iraq, the folks who planned it and the mounting stack of lies papering over the crime.

For most fans of war, Iraq was never about oil, democracy, WMD, or Osama.

It was about killing as many Iraqis as possible and leaving the country choking on blood and dust; and then going on and doing the same thing in Syria and maybe Iran. Muslim killing Muslim, not by American hands, isn't anywhere near as interesting; and many Americans couldn't care less.

Some Americans have bought into the fictions big-time, others just mouth the words. And of course, some are getting rich off the war. But at the end of the day, the ass-whupping didn't turn out to be nearly as much fun as planned. Most Americans now wish the war had never happened; are already looking forward to a new diversion. Others, the diehards, fume at the continued confusion and dream of bunker busting nukes that will wipe the smiles of Muslims and their America-hating friends, literally, from the face of the earth.

If anyone reading this is serving in Iraq now, God bless. You're likely over there for reasons very different than I've cited here. The time period of bloody revenge I'm talking about falls between 9/11 and 2003. Please stay safe and don't shoot anyone by mistake.

As for the rest, the invasion of Iraq was the worst possible reaction to 9/11, a day of tragedy that allowed many to bray and howl for blood like beasts. We're living with the consequences of a cold-blooded, calculated descent into savagery.

I've got no advice beyond: get folks out of there as fast as we can. Don't surrender to the same blood-lust again. I sincerely pray some good does come out of this, because God knows the reasons for going into Iraq were all bad.

Sorry about the lack of links. I'm going to lie down.

Originally posted to kidneystones on Mon May 22, 2006 at 08:44 AM PDT.

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  •  Recommended (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    daveinchi, jmmcgowanjm, kidneystones

    and agree.  Something that's been bothering me, just a tad, though. . .what'll we do if who's-ever-in-charge in Iraq when we do finally leave decides to reinvade Kuwait?  It's Monday, forgive me, please.

  •  Thank you. (4+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    grrr, mjd in florida, mango, kidneystones

    Recced just because I was taken with the urge to SHIT BLOOD while watching Condi Rice - that irredeemable whore of the Bushies - try to spin the Iraq Debacle as "progressing" on Meet the Press yesterday. I usually like to try to stay informed and keep an eye on the "official party line," but after about five minutes of watching a steady stream of verbal feces come pouring geyser-like from that horrible bitch's mouth, I couldn't even watch it anymore.

    I'm in a state of near-constant nausea every time I even think of this horse shit the Bushies are peddling, telling us that offal, is, in fact roses.

    I'm sick of "turning the corner."
    I'm sick of "making progress."
    I'm sick of "big steps forward."

    It's all a pack of horse shit lies, and nothing more, and I am sick to death of it!!!

  •  Relax-take deep breaths (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Know that what we are witnessing now is merely
    the culmination of a ruinous policy imposed on the USA
    by our Founding Fathers.*

    The Fruit of the Poison Tree

    The American government in its various incarnations was not created to serve the interests of the people. It was designed to serve capital and to create wealth for the upper echelon by exploiting the working class and plundering the earth. In fact, it is a voracious predatory crime syndicate devoid of conscience that creates perpetual war while simultaneously pilfering the public treasury. It remains in power only through the collusion of its obedient servant, the commercial media and a disengaged public.

    According to labor historian James Green, during the thousands of labor strikes that have occurred in this country there were 160 instances in which state and federal militias intervened on behalf of the employers. There is not one instance where the militia intervened to protect workers from the tyranny of their employers. These actions reveal who is running the country and who is making policy. There are well over 700 labor disputes in which striking workers were killed by the police, militias, or the hired guns of industry--all of this within a span of 230 years. These are ultra conservative estimates. It is no coincidence that America, the nucleus of capitalism, is the greatest purveyor of violence of any nation on earth, as Dr. King rightly pointed out.

    The price of gasoline, a hot summer, who knows.


    *-There were several inconsistencies in the formation of
    our gov't
    1-Blacks are fractions of whites
    2-women second class citizens
    3-property outweighed the individual
    4-the Electoral College

    •  Sorry, none of this needed to happen. (0+ / 0-)

      Let's not pass the buck.

      Thanks for your thoughts, though.

      •  Sorry, I'm not passing bucks (0+ / 0-)
        You've got to start with the "Zinn" Reality of the
        situation before you can reach a conceptual
        generalization framework.

        You wrote that "The more a theory of ourselves explains, the more difficult it will be to gain its widespread acceptance"   
        I did say that, and I still believe it is true. Why? Because of the things we have been talking about; these are not all happy things. Some of us academicians are just dying to think about the worst possible things that we can dream of, but most people don't wish, for example, to seriously think about themselves as self-deceivers. If we evolved to deceive ourselves about our motivations, then somehow that should be to our benefit. So that means it is not to our benefit to be fully aware of everything we are doing in a selfish sense. Even though it seems to us that our consciousness is everything in our intellects, consciousness may only be a small portion of our actual make-up. There are organisms out there which are living their lives perfectly well in very complicated ways, and we have no particular reason to impute anything we would call consciousness. If most of our motivation is unconscious, there must be a reason. If we consciously had to pay attention to breathing or our heart beating, we probably would not do it right.

        ....Because the number of respondents who support a new investigation of 9/11 (45%)) is roughly the same as the number who knew about the collapse of Building 7 (52%), it can reasonably be extrapolated that if the entire public were exposed to independent 9/11 research, about 90 percent would support a new investigation of the events of that fateful day.)

        As Katherine Ellison puts it in the recent issue of Conservation in Practice

        "Top scientists warn that for the world to have a fighting chance of slowing climate change global emissions will have to be reduced by as much as 70 percent--and the sooner, the better. The longer we wait, the more weather disasters such as floods, hurricanes, and the like will compound. But the Kyoto Protocol, the world's most advanced response, currently calls for only a 5.5-percent reduction from 1990 levels in global emissions by industrial countries--leaving a huge gap between the best we think we can do and what scientists say we must do."

        We're having similar problems matching the boldness of the response to the magnitude of the known challenge in other environmental arenas as well, of course.

        If humans are smarter than yeast, we're going to have to prove it within months.

        And this political jousting between and amongst the
        Plutocracy simply wastes time keeping the Status Quo
        doing nothing but "growing", the worst possible thing we can be doing now.

  •  Not really (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    jmmcgowanjm, kidneystones

    For public consumption the war was seen as "revenge" or building "democracy" depending on the public. But the reason for our involvement in Iraq is that it is a strategically sound decision to take and hold Iraq if you are an Empire. Even the "failure" of the "goals" of the war is a plus. Destruction of Iraqi society is a key to keeping Iraq as a U.S. protectorate and main base for imperial troops. There will be no pullout of Iraq unless oil suddenly ceases to be the main source of energy for the world economy.

    Om Lokaha Samastaha Sukhino Bhavantu (may all beings in all the worlds be happy)

    by Chris Cosmos on Mon May 22, 2006 at 09:55:10 AM PDT

    •  I'm not going to debate this shit. (0+ / 0-)
      •  what are you doing, then? (0+ / 0-)
        KS-We're living with the consequences of a cold-blooded, calculated descent into savagery.

        We've just explained why Iraq is happening, and
        why you can expect more, not less of it
        until the energy that powers this Empire Collosus
        is removed (nothing burns more energy faster than
        a Carrier Task Force-or does more environmental damage-BTW).

        Notice that the US Policy on the ME hasn't
        changed since we wrested it from the British?

        The best way to tell when there has been a true
        changing of the guard is when the classified
        vaults of the Praetorian Guard are thrown open.

        See the Picot Sykes Agreement and the Russian Revolution for details.


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