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Take a look at the 50 State Page as we move up to 423 districts with candidates and 5 unopposed Republican districts. Oh yeh and I have added in the latest House District Polls and am adding incumbent websites.

Below the fold for the skinny...............

For those who are impatient yes we have a candidate in NY 3 and yes the filing deadline for write ins passed on May 23rd without a candidate in CA 42. In any other year we would see filling 52 districts in California as a fantastic achievement but like many others I am disappointed that CA 42 has passed unfilled. I am more than disappointed in the Virginia Dems as it is more than likely that we won't have candidates in the 4th or 6th but nonetheless here is the state of play:

1)    423 Races filled!

This includes 3 Unconfirmed Candidates:
- AZ 6 - Glenn Fuller -
When his website is up and running or he files with the Arizona SOS I will put him as confirmed.

- NY 3 - Dave Mejias - When a website is up and running or he files with the New York Elections Board or the NY Dem party nominates him I will put him as confirmed.

- VA 7 - Martin Dudziak - Martin has a website and apparently is out and about campaigning but the 7th District nominating convention voted not to endorse any candidate (yet). My guess is Dudziak will be endorsed unless someone better comes along but with the Virginia Dems anything is possible, unfortunately. When the Virginia party give him the nod he becomes confirmed.

2)    There are now only 12 unopposed Republican incumbents including 5 where there won't be a Democrat on the ballot:

AL 6 - Congressional District Map

CA 42 - Congressional District Map.

FL 12 - Congressional District Map

MS 3 - Congressional District Map

TX 11 - Congressional District Map

The other 7 districts are:
LA 4 - Congressional District Map. There is currently no rumored candidate.

LA 5 - Congressional District Map. There is currently no rumored candidate.

LA 6 - Congressional District Map. There is currently no rumored candidate.

LA 7 - Congressional District Map. There has been the odd blog mention of 1996 nominee Hunter Lundy stepping up. A best a huge longshot as he has said nothing to confirm that he is even thinking about running.

OK 1 - Congressional District Map. There is currently no rumored candidate. I have emailed the OK Dem party asking if there any potential candidates and will no doubt get a response soon.

VA 4 - Congressional District Map. There is currently no rumored candidate and it looks like the 4th VA Dems have given up. VA Dems have until June 13th to find a candidate.

VA 6 - Congressional District Map. There is currently no rumored candidate and the 6th CD district convention was held on Saturday without a candidate being endorsed. VA Dems have until June 13th to find a candidate. To be fair they had a potential starter who opted not to run two days before the nominating convention.

423 filled races is a filing record BTW and a fantastic effort all round.

In concluding I would like to put a few thoughts on the record about the Virginia Democratic Party and the Virginia Lefty Blogsphere.

A number of people (myself included) have posted quite a few comments on Kos and MyDD that are quite critical of the gang over there in Virginia and in particular their singular focus on the Senate Primary between Webb and Miller (Webb supporter myself). And if you take a look at Raising Kaine or Not Larry Sabato they have attempted to refute the criticisms by pointing out that less than half their last 100 (Kaine) or 150 (Sabato) posts have been about the Senate race. Fair enough too. I respect their right to post about whatever they like and I think they are both great sites. BUT

Not ONE diary between them about the 4th or 6th not fucking one. No candidate in either district and not one story or call to arms. Raising Kaine in particular spent more time talking about why Blanton SHOULDN'T be endorsed in the 7th (I agree) than on the 4th and 6th races combined.

Sorry guys I just think that is terribly poor form.

As for the Virginia Democratic party they are disgraceful. I have sent 5 emails in the last month about the 4th and 6th districts, all congenial and polite, and got ONE response which was just the email addresses of the two district chairs - Gee thanks. I emailed the 2 district chairs and one bounced back as the email address is no longer in use and got no reply to the other.

The 4th District web page doesn't work nor does the 6th District Young Dems website. The 6th Dems website works but is shit and is a different address from the link on the VA Dems webpage. Most of the county Dems websites in the 2 districts are either down or haven't been updated since 2004. This is simply not good enough which is why I think the Virginia Democratic Party is the worst state branch in the USA. As for the blogs I must admit I am embarrassed that one 30 something year old Australian (me) can easily take more of an interest in these two races from the other side of the world than local bloggers do themselves.

It's a real pity because we (and I count myself as part of the we) have done so astonishingly well in finding candidates in every other state (Louisiana watch this space)!!!

Originally posted to BENAWU on Fri May 26, 2006 at 05:01 AM PDT.

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  •  So whaddya reckon mate? (3+ / 0-)

    over to you

  •  Take it to Liberty! (0+ / 0-)

    Isn't Liberty College (University?) in va-4? If so we should have somebody on the ticket. How much does it cost to just put someone on the ticket? I'm thinking that the $20,000-50,000 spent just to have a DEM on the ticket would be worth it. We aren't talking about buying ads or anything, but to just roll over and not fight is a big problem.

  •  Spot on Benawu (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    As a Virginian I am absolutely appalled, disgusted, and embarassed that it is looking like my state has turned out to be the one that failed the most grievously on the 50 state strategy.

    I'm also glad you criticize the VA blogosphere as well. And it's not just RK. There has been very little effort or urgency on 4,6, and 7 from most of wider read left leaning state blogs. I know these folks are just blog site owners - it's their sites, they can write about what they want to. And while it would have been great, and probably highly effective, to see a coordinated VA blog swarm on the 50 state strategy; it's really not their job to be the voice and moving force of the VA Dem party. But having said that, your right: there is no doubt they did collectively drop the ball on the 50 state thing. Moving forward, perhaps your rant today will light a fire with some of them. We still have a few days left to find someone for 4,6, and make sure 7 is in fact good to go.

    Your wrath at the VA Democratic Party is TOTALLY deserved. They certainly do seem to be the weakest Dem state organization in the nation with regards to the 50 state strategy, and in other things. Not the least being that they appear utterly clueless on the value of the internet, and how to maximize that value. Frankly, the State party needs to pull it's head out of it's ass in a number of different areas.  

  •  I think you shortchange Virginia (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    There is more to Virginia's efforts that whether each county's website is updated. There also is a Virginia Blog Aggregator that talks about a lot more than Raising Kaine or Not Larry Sabato to look at in Virginia blogging.

    Virginia Political Blogs
    Check it out, it is worth a check several times a day.

    As for the Fifth, we have a great candidate, Al Weed. He is on his Kickoff Tour around Southside Virginia, meeting people and talking with them about issues that matter: the economy, fuel concerns, farm alternatives.

    Farmville, VA on Wednesday afternoon with supporters:
    In Charlotte County, Virginia with friends and supporters:
    Notice the Biofuel Campaign Car.

    We are getting the job done. The rest of the state is coming along, there are lots of areas that are in full-swing campaign mode.

    •  Damn the formatting!!!! n/t (0+ / 0-)
    •  hhhmmm (0+ / 0-)

      I ranted about a bit more than the county websites actually and yes I have been to lefty blogs virginia and all. To be fair Brian Patton did a story one the 6th a couple of days ago.

      But mate to be fair the VA bloggers have dropped the ball on the 50 state strategy and I reckon the state party are bloody hopeless.

      Best of luck with Al Weed I am sure he will do well and his candidacy has received much deserved attention.

      •  I agree about the state party (0+ / 0-)

        but how have the blogs busted the 50 state strategy? Is it that they don't discuss Montana enough? I am not sure what you mean.

        I know you talked more than about websites, but that's what I picked. The Blog Aggregator is not the same as LeftyBlogs; it is a project by Waldo Jaquith to feature all blogs that want to participate.

        Who did you send emails to in the 4th and 6th? We are very active here in the 5th. I am the Chair in Cumberland County. If you or anyone would like to get hold of someone in ANY district, let me know.

        I can only really handle my county and district right now, but i do talk to everyone in the state.

        How about some credit where credit is due? How about the Phil Kellam race against Thelma Drake? How about the Fifth District website? Anyone can cast stones, all I ask is that you don't criticize the whole state's Democrats or bloggers when it isn't the case.

        Democrats in Virginia have been beaten down so long, we are just getting our feet. The State Party is bad at what it is supposed to be doing. Some Districts are doing well. I agree particularly that the 4th, 6th and 7th have horrible problems.

        •  fair points (1+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:

          You make some fair points.

          However I emailed the state party five times and did not get one meaningful response. I google blog searched dozens of times looking for info about the 4th 6th and 7th and the blogging was light on to say the least.

          I judge the VA Dems by the performance of the state party. And to be honest if I can't judge a party by its performance in 3/11 districts what can I do.

          Montana had a house candidate months ago so the blogging isn't really necessary. My beef is the absence of blogging about districts where we don't have a candidate.

  •  Unopposed Goodlatte in VA-O6 (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    already has about 2 million dollars for his campaign

    Many, many big corporations support Goodlatte.

    Cisco, Ebay, HP, Intel, National Semiconductor and Sun microsystems have each given him 1,000 to 2,500 dollars to prepare for this election.

    ATT, BellSouth and Verizon gave him money.  So did ASCAP, Motion picture assn of America, RIA, Sony, Time-warner, viacom, Disney.

    That is just a few.

    How dare the Democrats challenge somebody who is supported by so many corporations around the country?

    Even Wal-Mart has given him 5,000.

    That is why the website is neglected and nobody answers your emails at the district headquarters.  There is no hope and it would be almost treason to challenge Rep. Goodlatte.

    Instead of being the kind of Republican that Democrats want out of the House, Rep. Goodlatte is a candidate that Democrats fear and do not want to fight with him.

    So, give up BENAWU, the Democrats could never win in this district.  Rep. Goodlatte is too strong and too connected and the Democrats must surrender in silence.

    •  LOL (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      mike20169, Lew2006

      Never give up. If not this time then we will contest next time

      •  Thanks for your efforts (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:

        BENAWU and do not give up!

        If you can get a hold of the district leader or somebody in the Virginia State Democratic Party, explain to them how many districts have Democratic candidates this cycle and they should be ashamed that they were unable to put somebody on the ballot.

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