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1908 Ford Model T:  25 mpg
2004 EPA Average All Cars:  21 mpg

In 1952, the President's Materials Policy Commission, the Paley Commission, reported to President Truman that "Efforts made to date to harness solar energy econlmically are infinitesimal.  It's time for agressive research in the whole field of solar energy - an effort in which the U.S. could make an immense contribution to the welfare of the whole world."

President Jimmy Carter's Domestic Policy Review set a national goal of 20% renewables by 2000.

Imagine what the world today would look like if we had done just that.

The Solar Survival Show will be at YearlyKos.  

What would happen if there were a Solar Survival Show at each of the nearly 4000 farmers markets that happen every week around the USA from Memorial Day to Halloween?

Solar Is Civil Defense.

Originally posted to gmoke on Tue Jun 06, 2006 at 01:13 PM PDT.

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  •  Info (0+ / 0-)

    Please explain more about this.  

  •  Definitely (0+ / 0-)

    more info is needed. I won't be at Yearlykos, so the more info you have on this would be helpful. I am huge solar power fan...

  •  Bleed Between the Lines (0+ / 0-)

    We have always been a solar powered society.  We will always be a solar powered society.  We've just forgot to account for all the energy we use that comes from the sun.  I mean, you didn't drink a glass of gasoline for breakfast this morning, did you?

    Politically, we've recognized solar as a solution for our problems for decades and yet we still do not use it to the best of our ability.  Ever since the first oil crunch in the 1970s I've followed the polls about energy issues.  There's never been a poll I've seen which shows less than 70% approval for solar and efficiency over fossil fuels and nuclear.  Yet, it seems that solar is never funded let alone supported to the same level.

    We will not have a solar society until we make it ourselves.  That is what the Solar Survival Show is about.  It's time for solar barnraisings.  We have to do it ourselves and can no longer wait for our "leaders" to respond any longer.

    Solar is civil defense. Video of my small scale solar experiments at

    by gmoke on Tue Jun 06, 2006 at 02:30:36 PM PDT

  •  am building...needs links (0+ / 0-)

    This is too important a topic to brush by like this.  As I am in the beginnings of just this exact planning and building project, what is needed here to spur people in this direction are:

    1. current available technology nuts and bolts choices and their pros and cons,
    1. dollars that have to be spent to get up and running...where are the least expensive sources?
    1. how to effectively achieve payback by feeding into the grid.
    1. are all regions and all utility companies equally supportive?
    1. are there federal or state financial incentives to help one move in this direction?

    What the hell does "Solar is Civil Defense" even mean?  

    For me, solar means achieving a reduction in our $550/ month Southern California electric bill...and we don't own a pool or spa...just a big shop and koi ponds.  We jumped from $150/month to $500/month in one month thanks to Enron manipulation of the grid and Rethugs looking the other way as a payback for Ca support of Kerry.  I vote for capitol punishment for Ken Lay and his boys.

    warning: digression from here.  

    But as a former flower child of the 60's, we always understood "self-reliance"...its just not easy to achieve if you want to stay hooked into the modern world.

    Been doing some camping around the state recently.  It is TRULY AMAZING to see the current number of homeless people living out of their cars in campgrounds.  How about we figure out a way to allow these people a simple and cheap method of solar electrical generation so that they can hook back into the modern world?  We must enfranchise ALl our fellow citizens, not just the fortunate ones.

    Sometimes, a campfire is the best place to speak truth.  At one of these, with maybe 10 or so strangers just coming together for coffee and company, after listening to some of the heart-rending tales of coping with everyday life...I said "It isn't a crime to be poor, its just a starting point."  

    There was a period of silence and then I saw several put their heads down and quietly cry.  These were good hard-working people, people caring for their kids as well as they possible could...the backbone of America.

    Yes, I saw kids doing their homework by candlelight in campgrounds right next to palacial motorhomes with big-screen TVs...gave them a Coleman lantern, but would have rather given them a small simple VERY inexpensive transportable solar system for just lighting a single lightbulb in the dark.

    That's why I am a Kossack.  I see a sickness in this country.  It is no longer the land of Steinbeck and Seegar and FDR standing up to the uberwealthy.

    It is the land of Barbara Bush telling the displaced from New Orleans that they "have it Pretty good now" as they live on cots in stadiums.

    You who contribute to the Kos are the ones who have kept my eye on the prize.

    •  Do It Yourself (0+ / 0-)

      If you really want to go solar in your household, contact the local solar energy association and the state  energy folks.  They can tell you what's going on in your locality and direct you to a variety of contractors and designers.  At least, they should.

      I have a list for New England from the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association but that doesn't do a Californian much good.

      My scale on solar electricity is one LED emergency lights up to one window/one room emergency systems.  You can buy a solar/dynamo flashlight/radio that also charges cellphone batteries for about $40.  That's a prime component for a solar civil defense.

      Any automobile can accomodate an extra battery that is charged when the car is running after the primary battery is finished charging.  That makes the car a hybrid vehicle when you use the secondary battery for light or a computer or a TV at home or at the campsite.

      All we have to do is be a little resourceful and use our imaginations.

      For further clarification, take a look at the videos linked to in my signature.

      Solar is civil defense. Video of my small scale solar experiments at

      by gmoke on Tue Jun 06, 2006 at 04:13:53 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

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