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That's the title of a DU thread I ran across last night. The thread references radio show Ring of Fire, hosted by RFK (Bobby Kennedy, Jr.) and Mike Papantonio, which airs Saturdays on Air America..

One DUer posted:
Mike Papantonio's law firm, and RFK Jr. will be bringing lawsuits against Diebold and other electronic voting machine vendors in the coming weeks. Said they've got WHISTLE BLOWERS from Diebold & others.

Another added:
I heard it, too! RFK Jr. explained the law they are using...which dates back to Lincoln and the Civil War. About actions not done in the best interest of the public. Something like that, I'm no lawyer.

And how if people have spoken about things in public, they can't be used in a suit. A whistleblower must testify first and only then can come forward.

So, apparently RFK Jr. has whistleblowers and the suit can go forward. Even though much of the info was common knowledge because people had spoken out, they couldn't do anything until they found whistleblowers (people who hadn't spoken publicly already).
While listening to part of a rebroadcast on Sunday, I also learned that:

1) The suits being filed are called qui tam suits;

2) Qui tam suits provide for triple damages;

3) The attorneys intend to put some voting-machine companies out of business; and

4) They intend to depose notables such as Chuck Hagel, Katherine Harris, and Kenneth Blackwell.

A write-up at America's Ring of Fire page states:
Bobby, Mike and Matt Schultz, an attorney with Levin Papantonio, discuss their lawsuits against Diebold and the other electronic voting machine companies that helped the Republicans steal Ohio in 2004.
The link at DU contains other links and comments from others who heard the broadcast.

A new dawn for America?>

On edit: Once the suits are filed, they are kept secret for 60 days for judicial reviews.

Originally posted to Jimbob on Mon Jun 19, 2006 at 12:24 AM PDT.

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