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Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman, who refused to give up his Senate seat while also running for the Vice Presidency in 2000, and who announced today that he will not give up his place on the November ballot should he lose in the Democratic primary on August 8, now says he has no intention of giving up his Senate seat even if he loses the general election.

"I don't know why everyone places such a big emphasis on losing elections," the 3 term Senator told Fox News anchor Brit Hume.
"It's just that kind of partisan bickering that we don't need.  There are people who want to kill us, Brit, and we've got to continue to support this war or occupation or whatever they call it, because otherwise, our reputation will suffer."
Lieberman said he would stay on in the Senate regardless of the outcome of the election as a 'petitioning Senator'. He took care to point out that most Democrats weren't 'strong enough' to hold on to their seats after a loss, especially one as crushing as he is anticipating, but that he answered to a higher power.
"The President needs me, and I just think it would be counterproductive to set a timetable for leaving my office. Why should we let the terrorists know all the details of the inner workings of our highest deliberative body?" Lieberman asked, rhetorically.
He said he would continue to caucus with the Democrats and vote with the President. He also offered to be available to 'break ties'.
"I'm not going to 'cut and run' just because some guy in Greenwich gets a few more votes than me. That's just a number, anyway," quipped the former VP candidate.
  "It's all I got. Please....", he added.

Originally posted to AWhitneyBrown on Mon Jul 03, 2006 at 06:26 PM PDT.

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