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Joe Lieberman has stood by his convictions, and worked across the aisle to help achieve a new era of success in Washington D.C. During his Senate career, the very institution of the Senate itself has gained prowess and significance, putting forth legislation that has helped all Americans and authorizing the appointments of great men and women.

Lieberman supported the Religious Right on the Shiavo case, which is important, because we as society need to remember that all life is sacred.

On a completely unrelated note, Lieberman's support for the war was a good choice too. Looking back on it, since Bin Laden was caught, and North Korea and Iran never mentioned any nuclear ambitions, Iraq as certainly the country to invade. And what an invasion it was! Dick Cheney, a man Lieberman complimented while running against him, certainly was right that they were in their last throes a year and a half ago. All the experts are in near agreement that the war is almost over, and Saddam's massive WMD stockpiles are secure.

Lieberman supported Alberto Gonzalez, who has helped rein in Presidential authority and been a strong advocate for doing away with torture. He also supported Condoleezza Rice's confirmation, which was a well deserved. She was so effective in her previous post that she was able to prevent the hypothetical "9/11 attacks." One can only imagine the horror that would have occurred in this country if Doctor Rice had been incompetent.

Lieberman has also supported pharmacies banning the "Plan B" pill, because he rightly believes that nobody should have a Plan B if they exercise poor planning. It kills self discipline. I'm sure it was on these principles that Joe decided to publicly announce he would support Ned Lamont if he won the Democratic Primary.

One of the best "Liebermoments" I can recall is when he criticized other Democrats, by saying that "in a time of war, we undermine Presidential credibility at our nations peril." That must have been what made Lieberman the only Democrat who refrained from publicly scolding Bill Clinton a few years earlier. Clinton could have repaid Lieberman's loyalty by campaigning for him, but instead, he campaigned for Ned Lamont. That certainly shows you that Lieberman has far more integrity than Clinton.

But I'm off the subject. Lieberman should get our support because most Americans approve of the job Congress is doing. They approve of Lieberman's dear friend, Our Great Leader, President George W. Bush. And the entire world is better off for their partnership.

Now Bin Laden is in a U.N. jail for attempting crimes against humanity. The stock market is dramatically higher than it was at the end of Bill Clinton's term. The gap between the rich and the poor is getting smaller. Our national debt is almost gone. Israel is much safer now than it was 6 years ago. And we have Joe Lieberman to thank, for he played his part on all this.

Let's take an honest look at what Lieberman accomplished and give him a proper reward.

Update: Wow! My first recommended diary! Thank you, everybody!

Originally posted to Mikesco on Mon Aug 07, 2006 at 11:26 AM PDT.

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