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I take a deep sigh.
I try to wonder why so many people cannot seem to be reasonable.
I have worked in the media for many years.
There is a reason you don't see ghost stories in mainstream newspapers.
Ghost stories are BULLSHIT!
Or is it just a big coverup?

A newspaper I worked for in Montana was accused of covering up a huge local dog show scandal. For what purpose, I can not imagine (but that one mutt deserved to be poisoned).
Working in the newspaper business, we get all kinds.
Some walk in complaining about the chem trails.
Alex Jones said so.
Some walk into the newsroom and ask why we haven't looked into what REALLY happened to WTC 7.
And don't get me started on UFOs.

Look, I consider myself a reasonable person.
I don't believe in ghosts.
Are there conspiracies? YES. I have been to El Mozote, El Salvador. DO NOT get me started. I have been to Beiruit. And Sarajevo.
But it is nice to have EVIDENCE before you start shooting your mouth off.

But then there was the Bigfoot sighting of 2004, about 12 miles southwest of Glacier National Park.It changed my life. Must have been 12-feet tall.

Now, the difference between a credible foreign policy from the Bush administration and Bigfoot is -- there have been CREDIBLE sightings of Bigfoot.

(Just a little Bigfoot humor.)

More to the point:
I am a progressive. I am not a tinfoil-hat wearing loonie.


Is the Bush administration milking the politics of fear for every drop it can squeeze?
and frankly, with Bush in charge, we damn well SHOULD be scared.
He is a recruiting poster for extremists.

The Washington Post reports that many male babies in Indonesia are being named Osama.
Why? The rage, largely over the war in Iraq.
Gee, I feel so much safer due to Bush's policies.

The truth about Bush and how we are so much LESS safe than when he took office is bad enough.
We don't need to go off half cocked making accusations that are not substantiated.
What we DO need, is a NEW Congress that will start looking into this whole can of worms.
That should be our goal.
We should not live in fear.

I plan to fly to Europe later this year.
I need to get away from Bigfoot.

Originally posted to EZ writer on Thu Aug 10, 2006 at 11:26 PM PDT.

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    •  I have so much trust in you (4+ / 0-)

      that I believed your headline, dammit!

    •  the conspiracy isn't in making (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      RickD, nonnie9999

      shit up in this instance...

      the conspiracy is in mounting a major political move, coordinated and planned by the GOP and enabled by the traditional media, to use this event to paint the Ned Lamont victory and the Democrats who, like him, have a goddamned bit of common sense.... as traitors who will bring about the next 9/11.

      That is the conspiracy and it was well orchestrated.... and moronically asinine, not to mention "bullshit" and "lies",  as could possibly be.

      They showed one thing in this conspiracy.  They are desperate as hell, know their party is right in the bullseye of the everyday American, and a one-trick pony whose trick has been exposed as a fuckin farce and disgrace.

      They're done.   This conspiracy is so transparent that even every day Americans will probably get it in great numbers at this point.

      Thinking of posting a diary? Read the FAQ? Don't post that diary until you do. :-)

      by tlh lib on Fri Aug 11, 2006 at 12:07:31 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

      •  I don't agree tlh lib (0+ / 0-)

        "conspiracy" is a strong word, as you well know, and it implies a lot more than you're suggesting here.  Conspiracy implies planning and coordination, and a fair amount of lead time to do all that.  This event came down quite quickly, and even though Bushco had a few days' advance notice, so they could indeed begin to orchestrate how best to exploit it, that doesn't amount to a "conspiracy" in my lexicon.  At least not when there are a bunch of loonies running around claiming that the plot itself, and the entire British action, were all part of a Bush/Blair-driven "conspiracy" to distract from Lamont/Lebanon.

        Yet it is not our part to master all the tides of the world, but to do what is in us for the succour of those years wherein we are set... -- Gandalf

        by dnta on Fri Aug 11, 2006 at 12:40:43 AM PDT

        [ Parent ]

        •  conspiracy can mean a few least in (2+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:
          MissAnneThrope, nonnie9999

          terms of degree of wrongdoing.

          con·spir·a·cy (kən-spîr'ə-sē) pronunciation
          n., pl. -cies.

            1. An agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful, or subversive act.
            2. A group of conspirators.
            3. Law. An agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime or accomplish a legal purpose through illegal action.
            4. A joining or acting together, as if by sinister design: a conspiracy of wind and tide that devastated coastal areas.

          Yes....there was a conspiracy to use the intelligence available that there was a terrorist attack to be spoiled within partisan benefit.....

          There is no arguing that point really.

          It's what has happened in a coordinated conspiracy.
          Sometimes "conspiracy" is the best word to describe something....there is no theory involved's a factually based conspiracy...period.  

          Karl:  They're bout to bust some terrorists.
          Karl:  Everyone repeat after me....."democrats are bad because they will embolden and enable the terrorists"
          Bush:  Me say what Karl tells me.
          Joe:   Me say what Karl tells me.
          Dick:  Me say what Karl tells me.
          Every media pundit in the nation:  Me say.....

          Next day.......major terrorist bust that they (the conspirators) knew about days ago.....upon which they formulated their talking points (aka propaganda with a mission) that got puked up ad nauseum around the nation, around the tv, around the radio, around the newspapers, around the fuckin entire traditional media.

          Conspiracy is the most accurate word for what they did.   There's not really anything to argue on that point.

          Thinking of posting a diary? Read the FAQ? Don't post that diary until you do. :-)

          by tlh lib on Fri Aug 11, 2006 at 12:56:56 AM PDT

          [ Parent ]

        •  oh and btw (0+ / 0-)

          Conspiracy implies planning and coordination, and a fair amount of lead time to do all that.

          checkmark.  personally defined requirement to meet "conspiracy" met, at least in terms of the conspiracy i referenced.

          Thinking of posting a diary? Read the FAQ? Don't post that diary until you do. :-)

          by tlh lib on Fri Aug 11, 2006 at 12:58:44 AM PDT

          [ Parent ]

  •  i thought rove... (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    was bigfoot! oh wait, big feet means a big....nope, can't possibly be true.

    I didn't get Jack from Abramoff...I'm not a Republican!

    by nonnie9999 on Thu Aug 10, 2006 at 11:45:39 PM PDT

  •  I loved Bigfoot (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    PatsBard, nonnie9999

    and he loved me...(and I have proof!)

    He was actually my second, unrequited love. We married, (my second husband, though I publicly claim another one) but he hid the preacher in a cave before the marriage license was signed, so I lost that bit of proof. But I carry his bits of his fur in a locket, which is stored in a safe deposit box in Chehalis, Washington. I lost the key a few years back, but I remember the number of the lockbox - "42", it was. The bank where the lockbox was is now an antique mall, but I'm sure that row of safety deposit boxes is still there in the back. If I could only find that key. Or the preacher. Oh, how I long for those days of innocense, mixed with terror, and frosted with fascination, whilst I spit fur out of my mouth.

    Loony enough for ya?

    Thanks for some needed grounding, ez writer.

    How we spend our days, of course, is how we spend our lives. - Annie Dillard
    Visit me at exme arden

    by exmearden on Fri Aug 11, 2006 at 12:08:42 AM PDT

  •  i don't know what your point is supposed to be (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    but the evidence that the GOP is politicizing the war on terror is already out there.  

  •  Thanks for this (0+ / 0-)

    I, for one, actually respect a great deal what you soldiers of the "MSM" or "traditional media" try to do on a day-to-day basis, despite the fact that you're so utterly biased in a [conservative/liberal] direction...

    Yet it is not our part to master all the tides of the world, but to do what is in us for the succour of those years wherein we are set... -- Gandalf

    by dnta on Fri Aug 11, 2006 at 12:42:28 AM PDT

  •  Mi Tu (0+ / 0-)

    I'm off to Germany in two to four weeks.

    I'll probably go right through Heathrow.

    Heathrow is hell, even on the best days.

    The one thing that INFURIATES me is that my essential business travel is going to be disrupted on a regular basis because the GOP will need to get out their chickenshit base.

    "[T]hat I have no remedy for all the sorrows of the world is no reason for my accepting yours. It simply supports the strong probability that yours is a fake."

    by Heronymous Cowherd on Fri Aug 11, 2006 at 03:17:51 AM PDT

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