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The Memphis newspaper just nailed Republican candidate Bob Corker!  It seems the GOP hopeful broke the law as mayor of Chattanooga in order to line his own pockets with $4.7 million!

This is real, and this is huge!  This is the type of xxcaca that can kill a candidate's entire campaign.  Here's the article.  Details after the break...

When Wal-Mart wanted to buy some protected wetland in Chattanooga, it was up to Mayor Bob Corker to enforce the law and block the sale.

Except that it was Corker himself who was selling the land, for $4.7 million profit!

Imagine the dilemma for poor Mayor Corker - you're the man in charge of enforcing the law.  That's your job.  But doing your job will cost you millions of dollars!  What to do?  Apparently, Corker knew just what to do.  He bribed himself, pocketing millions in exchange for refusing to enforce the law.

This is illegal.  This is outright corruption.  This needs to dominate the political conversation in Tennessee.  Bob is not just a flip-flopping, lying, say-anything-it-takes Sundquist Republican - he's an out-and-out crook.

If you live in Tennessee, write a letter to the editor of your local paper to ask them why they haven't covered this story yet!  Force the mainstream media to pay attention!  

And if you don't think Bob Corker is dangerously close to losing this election, Harold Ford, Jr., has another bombshell to drop tomorrow night on Hardball.  Don't miss it.

When you hear all the news about what is happening in this race, it is impossible not to get excited about it!

I'm setting up a group of Ford supporters to provide our candidate with some people-powered netroots activism.  If you're interested in joining, send your email address to

For the latest on all things Ford, check out Chris Jackson's kick-ass blog.

Originally posted to R o o k on Sun Aug 20, 2006 at 01:42 PM PDT.

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