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One of the (unintentionally) funniest comments on the Virginia blogosphere that I've seen in weeks comes from George Allen's new Netroots Coordinator, Jon Henke.  Now, I don't know Jon but I hear he's a good guy.  Having said that, his explanation for why he enthusiastically accepted the job is as hilarious as it is ridiculous:

1. George Allen has gotten a raw deal from the press and Democrats on some issues and innuendos and that...

2. I find his "libertarian, trusting, free-people approach", his "Common Sense Jeffersonian Conservative Principles" and his Reaganesque belief in libertarian ideals very attractive.

Let's address these one at at time.  First, has George Allen gotten a "raw deal" from the press and from those nasty, nasty Democrats?  Well, yeah, if you think that we should have just ignored his "macaca" remarks, his lies about Jim Webb (e.g., that Jim Webb's family did not go back generations in SWVA), his ties to the CCC "hate group," his 97% rubberstamp record of support for George W. Bush, and his complete lack of leadership the past 6 years in the U.S. Senate.  Sure, the truth hurts, but them there's the facts.  Where's the "raw deal" part, because I don't see it.  Specifics, please.

Second, and this one's just utterly ridiculous, is the contention that George Allen believes in "libertarian ideals."  Libertarian?  George Allen?  Ha, if that's true, then I'm a neocon! Seriously, let's look at a few items from the Libertarian Party's platform just to see how George Allen fits those ideals:

*"We oppose government actions that either compel or prohibit abortion, sterilization or any other form of birth control."

*"In order to defend freedom, we advocate a strict separation of church and State. We oppose government actions that either aid or attack any religion."

*"Consenting adults should be free to choose their own sexual practices and personal relationships. Government does not have legitimate authority to define or license personal relationships. Sexuality or gender should have no impact on the rights of individuals."

*"Repeal all laws establishing criminal or civil penalties for the use of drugs...Stop prosecuting accused non-violent drug offenders, and pardon those previously convicted."

*"Economic freedom demands the unrestricted movement of human as well as financial capital across national borders."

*"The United States government should return to the historic libertarian tradition of avoiding entangling alliances, abstaining totally from foreign quarrels and imperialist adventures."

So, let me get this straight. George Allen believes that the government should stay completely out of  the folowing areas: abortion (including "partial birth"), sexual behavior (e.g., "gay marriage"), drug use (legalize marijuana? crack?), religion (no prayer in schools), and immigration (let everyone in the country)?  Furthermore, is Jon Henke arguing that George Allen believes the United States should totally stay out of "foreign quarrels" like, say, Iraq?  Because that IS what libertarians believe; just read their platform.

Anyway, I'd love to hear Jon Henke explain further his belief that George Allen is, in any way, shape or form, "libertarian."  Frankly, I'd be THRILLED if George Allen WERE to be discovered as a closet social libertarian on issues like a woman's right to choose or private sexual behavior between consenting adults.  But somehow I strongly doubt it.

P.S.  We've already addressed the absurd claim that George Allen is "Jeffersonian."  For instance, see here, here, here, and here. Let's just say, George Allen is NO Thomas Jefferson!

Lowell Feld is Netroots Coordinator for the Jim Webb for US Senate Campaign.  The ideas expressed here belong to Lowell Feld alone, and do not necessarily represent those of Jim Webb, his advisors, staff, or supporters.

Originally posted to lowkell on Tue Sep 05, 2006 at 10:51 AM PDT.

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