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Forgive me for the 'BREAKING' title, but I think this qualifies. I've just been off the phone, and there are big new developments on the heels of Mickey's "Path to 9/11", indicating that Bush wasn't just ineffective in dealing with Bin Laden: there may have been a significant relationship between the two before Bush even took office.

In late 2000 figures associated with the Bush campaign, including Bush advisor James Baker, allegedly met with representatives of the Taliban in Milan, Italy. Neoconservative figures on the Bush team had convinced Bush that one of the first targets of a Bush administration would be Saddam Hussein, and were seeking regional allies, including religious fundamentalists in the region, to help destabilize the Hussein regime. They were obsessed with the thought of installing a pro-American government in Iraq, and as al Qaeda was formed from forces also allied against Iraq, considered the religious extremists to be necessary, if messy, allies in the region.

By December of 2000, the Bush team, led by Baker, had arranged for a payment to al Qaeda in cash and weapons, and promised to remove Clinton-era punishments against the Taliban for opium production and human rights violations. In excess of $40 million dollars was arranged to be paid, using the Taliban as a proxy. One of the other key arrangements would be that the Bush administration would lobby congress to undo congressional retaliations against the Taliban, and that al Qaeda would be granted amnesty in Afghanistan and Pakistan -- no retaliation would be undertaken for previous terrorist acts by al Qaeda. A total cessation of efforts against the terrorist organization.

This story, remarkable as it may be, is the OFFICIAL TRUE STORY of 9/11.

Part two of the story is more familiar, and is referenced in the 9/11 Commission report. When Clinton first entered office, he was saddled with a military fiasco in Somalia, the legacy of George H.W. Bush. The Cole bombing happened in 2000, but conclusive proof that it was al Qaeda was not finalized until after the elections. Clinton considered Somalia a major scar on American foreign policy, and in one of his final acts as President, Clinton deferred a planned military strike on Al Qaeda until the new president could give the go ahead. It was considered good form by Clinton -- giving the new president authority over a strike that would have major long-term implications for the new administration. This act of private diplomacy, however, may have indeed inadvertently helped cause 9/11, by putting the fate of al Qaeda in the hands of an administration with a foreign policy interest in not pursuing them.

What happened next, of course, we all know, again from the 9/11 Commission report. The Bush administration nixed the retaliation plans upon entering office, and in fact nixed all retaliation plans against al Qaeda for the next eight months. Intelligence officials and figures like Richard Clarke were furious, but all efforts were rebuffed: Bush administration officials, chief among them Rice and Cheney, nixed all options on the table for a Cole response. Sources indicate that this was one of the primary reasons for high-level resignations in the intelligence agencies under the Bush administration, starting even before 9/11. After the ignored Presidential Daily Briefing explicitly calling out al Qaeda as one of the most substantial terrorist threats against America, intelligence agency resignations only intensified.

9/11, as it turns out, was a mistake -- or a stab in the back. The Taliban indeed got the $40 million in aid promised to them by the Bush administration, and relations between them and America were indeed beginning to be more normalized. But the Taliban kept the money, refusing to transfer the money to al Qaeda as previously arranged. Bin Laden was furious, and decided that he was going to seize power. In a bold move, an al Qaeda terrorist posing as a journalist assassinated the Northern Alliance leader that was the Taliban's biggest foe, and also a foe of al Qaeda -- but then bin Laden turned his sights on larger revenge, and gave the go-ahead for the larger 9/11 strikes, which had been planned for some time.

Why didn't Bush and his team consider al Qaeda a threat? Because they thought they had an arrangement. 9/11 happened because, as it turns out -- they didn't.

So why didn't it get into "Path to 9/11"? This is where it gets even more amazing. According to a source, the federal government has been closely following a pedophilia ring inside Disney's Burbank offices. Disney has been shuffling problem executives that have been using casting calls for new Disney TV productions as a path for finding and isolating children lured by the promise of appearing on Disney-branded shows. Once in a "private screen test", chosen victims were met with a figure in a giant Mickey costume, and forced to sodomize Mickey repeatedly in his furry Mouse ass.

The eleven known victims are described as between eight and twelve years of age, and were allegedly molested at the Burbank offices of the Disney company by eight separate high-level Disney executives. Again, as with al Qaeda, the Bush administration made a simple deal: we'll see that the charges get dropped, and in exchange: you work for us.

Again, this is the OFFICIAL TRUE STORY of what happened.

Very Prominent Note: The previous article is a dramatization that is drawn from a variety of sources including the 9/11 Commission Report and other published materials, from personal interviews, and from My Ass. This post is not a documentary. For dramatic and narrative purposes, this post contains fictionalized scenes, composite and representative characters and dialogue, as well as time compression. Elements of this post are 100% true: also, I completely made some shit up to spice it up a bit and make it more entertaining.

Originally posted to Hunter on Sun Sep 10, 2006 at 10:37 AM PDT.

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