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(From the diaires. Thanks to the volunteers who keep this feature going -- kos)

The ERR Diary Miners prove that they've been samplin' some o' the finest grog on "Talk Like a Pirate Day..." Yarrrr!

If it be the older stuff ya be lookin fer, ya scurvy swine, be sure to be lookin below the fold.

This Roundup Diary covers the period from 3:00 PM Monday, 9/18 to 1:00 PM EDT Tuesday, 9/19.

Today's Menu Includes:
67 Diaries Overall
- 26 On House races
     - With 20 covering individual Districts in 15 states
- 22 On Senate races
    - Representing 12 different states
- 15 On Various election races
    - Encompassing Governor, Secretary of State, Local, and more
- 4 General election-related diaries

Over 1,700 diaries served to date!!!

Volunteers still needed! - If you've dropped us a line in the past week please bear with us as we're "restructuring" things right now. (Incredible thanks to volunteers Nightprowlkitty, Alma, Sevah, suejazz, randallt, edgery, cdale777, mkrc98, turbonerd, evap and newcomer eeff.)

This is an attempt to compile a fairly comprehensive listing of election-related diaries that have recently been posted. Most of them are House or Senate races but there are also some local ones, as well as the occasional 'general info' diary.

Reminder - If you are doing a diary on a specific race, particularly a House or Senate race, PLEASE, put the race number (or XX-Sen) at the beginning of the diary header. More diarists are now doing this and it is immensely helpful.

For all the introductory stuff and previous diaries in this series, please see:
Election Race Roundup (9/2 - 66 Days to Daylight) (with links to first 10 diaries in series, covering 8/22-9/1).
Election Race Roundup (9/12 - EIGHT WEEKS TO GO!) (with links to second 10 diaries in series, covering 9/2-9/11).
Election Race Roundup (9/13 - 55 Days to Daylight)
Election Race Roundup (9/14 - 54 Days to Daylight)
Election Race Roundup (9/15 - 53 Days to Daylight)
Election Race Roundup (9/16 - 52 Days to Daylight)
Election Race Roundup (9/17 - 51 Days to Daylight)
Election Race Roundup (9/18 - 50 Days to Daylight)

(3:00 PM, Monday, 9/18 to 1:00 PM, Tuesday, 9/19):  (67 diaries)

(Alphabetical, starting from H)

   House (26)

(IL-06 & 08) (IL-06) (IL-08) This is how they do it by Markg8 - Diarist counters an op-ed by a villianous rascal, that was falsly using a cat-o-nine tails on Tammy Duckworth, and Melissa Bean, both good Dem mateys, running against Peter Roskam (R) and David McSweeney (R).  Markg8 takes control of the flogging and uses it on Roskam.

(IN-02) Joe Donnelly increases lead over Chris "The Count" Chocola by mhojo - Arrr, Reports on a poll showing Joe Donnelly (D) increasing his lead.

(MI-02) MI-02 Kimon Kotos self made man of the people by kotos - Profile of Kimon Kotos (D), running against longtime bloody, incumbent Puckered Peter Hoekstra (R).

(MI-09) MI-09: Paul Hackett wants to give Nancy Skinner A Fighting Chance by Jordan LFW - Gaarrr! Net-cap'n Paul Hackett's letter to contributors in support of progressive pirate-speaker Nancy Skinner's (D) call to muskets an' sabers to Rep. Joe Knollenberg (R).

(MI-11) MI-11: McCotter Stumps for Sen. Allen by kidfury - Thaddeus McCotter(R) joined up to support slave ship Captain George Allen (R).  Me thinks we need Tony Trupiano(D) to win before McCotter turns Michigan into a macaca state.  Donate your jewels to Tony at the link.

(MN-02) COLEEN MARIE ROWLEY MN-2::: Democrat's Best New House Candidate by vets74 - How d'ya do to FBI truth-talker Coleen Rowley (D) in her quest to take the flagship of rumrunner Cap'n John Kline (R).

(NC-11) "Chainsaw" Charlie hates Vets and Clean Water... by cm1165 - Diarist chronicles Rep. Charlie Taylor's (R) 13% rating with the rabidly liberal organization Disabled Veterans of America, and his equally abysmal record on clean water.  Hunky Heath Shuler (D) bein' a good pirate, loves the clean water.  Arrrgg!

(NJ-07) NJ-07: A Tale of Two Candidates by nathanrudy - a comparison between Mike Ferguson (R) and Linda Stender (D). - Two pirates in shackles due to misdeeds, mateys.

(NH-02) A Good Day on the Campaign Trail by Paul Hodes - Arrr, the good Captain Paul (D)meant to say "Gaarrrr, a good day on the campaign trail". He's running against that scurvy dog Charlie Bass (R).

(NH-02) NH-02: Bass racks up another corruption connection by keener - Ye scribe on Charlie Bass (R) and his unsavory connections. Nay mateys on comparisons to swashbuckling Paul Hodes (D).

(NY-03) NY-03: Peter King is an Asshole! (Episode 12) by pontificator - Aye, the series continues with scurrilous revelations of siding with pirates by cutting the very treasure that buys the arsenal to fight.

(NY-19) Sue Kelly to Voters - Thanks for the Chili, No Pictures Please by westchesterdem - Scurrilous Sue Kelly (R) bilge rat almost claps a voter in irons for taking pictures of wee ones. John Hall (D) would never treat people that way t'be sure, matey!

(NY-28) Talking about Republican Cronyism on 'Crashing the States' by Rep Louise Slaughter - Arrr, me Captain Slaughter (D) has given a forthcoming of her meeting with Crashing the States. Aye, you can still post questions to the capt'n tharrrrr.

(NY-29) NY 29 News: Hillary to do GOTV?; 10 Days of Cheney by mikepridmore - As the day draws nearer for Dead Eyed Dick to join up with scurvy Randy Kuhl (R) the barbarian, Eric Massa (D) has made plans for bringing in some extra online booty.  Just click the link and hand over some pieces of eight.

(OH-02) OH-02: Shouldn't Ney Resign, Jean? by Vic Wulsin - Vic Wulsin's (D) call to muskets an' sabers to scalliwag Rep. "Mean" Jean Schmidt (R) to call for plank-walker Rep. Bob Ney's (R) resignation in the followup sea-battle in Paul Hackett's (D) corner of th' Sargasso.

(PA-16) Lois Herr For Congress: Iraq Exit Strategy by Lois Herr - Candidate Lois Herr (D) fills us in on why and how she is going to make the evil Joe Pitts (R) walk the plank.  Checkout how you can help.

(VA-11) Tom Davis Profits from War and Death! by Pitin - Scriber spyglass on Tom Davis (R) & his Chairman of the Government Reform Committee job, Tom's taking in dubloons from th' scalliwags he should be keelhauling.

(VA-11) Now It's Andy Hurst And Tom Davis's Turn by Ambivalent Mumblings - The  cannon fire starts tonight (Tuesday, 9/19/06, 7:30pm EDT) sponsored by the Fairfax County Federation of Citizens Associations and the League of Women Voters of the Fairfax Area spotlights the challenge to incumbent Republican Congressman  Terrible Thomas M. Davis by Democrat Awesome Andrew Hurst.

(VA-11) Tom Davis and Rob Ney Share Money and Power in Abramoff's NRCC by achamblee - The diarist connects the rise of Nasty Tom Davis, in Republican blood and guts leadership, and the spread of corrupt influence into Ohio, to Davis's relationship with Abramoff and friends at the NRCC. Andrew Hurst (D) is going to have to make give Davis a floggin', me thinks.

(WI-05) Some folks mortgage their houses . . . by folkbum - Arrr, Diary is about how a candidate draws a salary from his campaign to run against his opponent.

(WV-02) Taking Capito to School! by Abrnes3 - Cap'n Mike Callaghan has his spyglass dead-on education in West Virginia.

(CA-04) CA 04: Bush to pimp for Doolittle October 3rd by espresso - Kossack  has 'is own ideas on filling Charlie Browns (D) treasure chest, to protest the 'resident's  silver stuffin' for Rep John Doolittle (R).

(CO-04) CO CD 4: Musgrave's Merry Band of Stealthy Supremacists...and other great highlights by Pager - Support Sweet Angie Paccione (D) defeat wingnut doxie Marilyn Musgrave (R).

(FL-13) FL-13: Jennings (D) up by 8 Points! by JR - Official General election kickoff gala for Christine Jennings (D) campaign for Congress is this Thursday, 9/21/06, and YOU'RE invited! Internal polling shows Democrat Christine Jennings beating Republican Venomous, Vern Buchanan, 46% to 38%.

(House-Var) ELECTION 2006: New House Polls Are A Mixed Bag by Steve Singiser - Arrr, This evening, Taegan Goddard's Political Wire is showing four new public polls in individual House races across the country.

(House-Var) Am I On Fire Or WHAT? by Alegre - long list of the 'resident's "accomplishments" to stretch the necks of his redoubtable Rubber Stamp Congress.


   Senate (22)

(HI-Sen) HI-SEN: Case Supports Bush in Iraq & Guantanamo, and Torture too? by schultzy - First Mate schultzy fills us in on cutlasses fight Sept. 23rd will determine who will pilot the Dem'cratic ship.  Brave assertive Capt'n  Dan Akaka (D) or the pretender Ed Case (D), who appears to like a littl' torture, now and then.

(MD-Sen) MD-Sen: Steele's New Ad by AUBoy2007 - Arrr, new flags on the mast are sending the word out in the Cardin (D) vs. Steele (R) battle.

(MO-Sen) A Change Will Do You Good by St Louis Woman - Arrr, Missouri singer song-writer Sheryl Crow today challenged Claire McCaskill's supporters to raise $50,000 by September 30th.

(MT-Sen) BREAKING: AP nails BURNS' use of corporate jet!! by EZ writer - The ways of sailing by lubbers seems to have caught the Kings eye.

(MT-Sen) MT-Sen: A little push? by kos - Captain of dkos is getting a wee bit worried that Conrad Burns (R), the dark hearted pirate, will turn into a vicious cornered animal after the good poll numbers for Jon Tester (D). Capt'n Kos would like to see you give over some gold doubloons to the good pirate Jon Tester.

(MT-Sen) Conrad Burns - Too Sumb For the Denate? by AlyoshaKaramazov - Arrr, Diary is about Burns on Vonage Plane After pushing Bill.

(MT-Sen) MT-Sen: Burns is the New #1 of the Abramoff 64 by dengre - The diarist, author of an earlier diary on the flotsam and jetsam band of Abramoff 64 pirates, looks at individual races by members of the elite Abramoff 64 club, beginning with Crony Conrad Burns of Montana.  Throw in some loot for  Jon Tester (D)

(NJ-Sen) NJ-Sen: Fighting a Swift Boat with Truth by Xpatriated Texan - Lyin' black hearted scoundrels are staining the image of the honorable Bob Menendez (D), tryin' no doubt to get their mangy candidate Tom Kean Jr. (R) elected. Tex sets us straight on the facts.

(NV-Sen) NV-Sen - Jack Carter vs. John Ensign on Torture by Sarah R Carter - Evil Ensign (R) votes for  his Cap'ns bill that would allow  cat-o-nine tails to be used with immunity. Jack Carter (D) says this policy is "clearly contrary to our core American values." Oh, and the Carter campaign has set a $100k gold doubloon online  treasure trunk fillin' for the month of September (wink wink).

(PA-Sen) PA-Sen: Bob Casey's stunning new ad by Montco PA Dem - Bob Casey's (D) new ad is gonna blow a hole 'n Little Ricky Santorums (R) dinghy.

(PA-Sen) PA-Sen: "Losing It" [I say, never had "It"] by nowheredesign - Bad rum blarney and keelhaul swagger of Pennsylvania Privateer Rick "Man on Dog" Santorum (R).

(TX-Sen) TX Sen - David Van OS/Protecting The Vote in Texas by Barbara Ann Radnofsky  for US Senate - Barbara Radnofsky (D) takes time off from her cannon fire with Kretin Kay Hutchinson (R), to fill us in on the battle going on for the AG position between, fair lott'ry candidate David Van Os (D) and shyster Greg Abbott (R).

(UT-Sen) Radio West and Campaign Literature by pashdown -Diarist an' candidate fer Senate in Utah provides a variety o' links about th' campaign an' his position on issues.

(VA-Sen) The Jewish Question and George Allen's Anger Issues by lowkell - 'ow the mean spirited Black George Allen (R) likes to use his whip on an'body he can.  Le's 'ope the good, kind Cap'n Jim Webb (D) wins the day.

(VA-Sen) We'd Be Wise to Remember Lynne Cheney by wmtriallawyer - The newest Democratic State Central Committee member smells a dead rat in the recent reaction of Sen. George Felix Allen Jr. (R) to a reporter's question about his heritage.  Jim Webb (D) is gonna blow a hole in Georgie in Nov.

(VA-Sen) Virginia Whispers, How Sweet They Can Be by tonydimarzio - Is the evil George Felix Allen Jr. (R)  too racist to attract progressive ayes, and by  takin' a dive from his past statements, not  nasty enough for the wingnut set?

(VA-Sen) Casting Aspersions by teacherken - Diarist takes exception t' Sen. Allen's angry response t' th' question by MTP Russert on his Jewish heritage.

(VA-Sen) Webb: 1 Picture = 1000 Words by Doctor Who - Arrr, This diary is about boot choices of Jim Webb (D) & George Allen (R) & how 't translates to the treasure map.

(AZ-Sen) New Pederson  ad on Min Wage by Dour - Today, Jim Pederson stood before the mast with State Representatives David Lujan and Steve Gallardo to reaffirm his support for the state initiative to increase the minimum wage.

(CT-Sen) Ct-Sen:Lieb 45%...Lamont 43%..Rasmussen by gaspare - Traitorous Black Joe Lieberman (CT-LIE) is starting to feel the noose tighten as the Honorable Ned Lamont (D) draws closer in the polls.

(CT-Sen) 121 Reasons not to vote for Joe Lieberman (updated with links) by davefromqueens -  Slew 'o Traitor Joe Lieberman (CT-LIE) an'ics. 'xcellent resource, with links to source material for doubters.

(CT-Sen) CUP OF JOE: Skipping 90% of Medicare Votes to Pocket California Cash by davidsirota - No Show Scurvy Joe Lieberman (CFL-CT) skipped the vote to address the "donut hole" in Medicare Part D prescription coverage, optin' instead to pick up a stolen treasure chest in Cal'forn'a - despite having promised to do everything possible to address this flaw.

   Various (15)

(MA-Gov) MA-Gov: A Democrat to Lead Massachusetts by dnta - Aye, history of the governorship of Mass stirs memories for any from or about these fair lands.

(MA-Gov) Primary Day in Massachusetts! by mickleib - The three-way Democratic primary today will decide who will challenge Republican kibitzer Kerry Healey in November.

(MA-Gov) Red, White & Blue edition: Vote today for MA-Gov! by lale - Today is the Massachusetts primary, and this  landlubber gives a rousing AYE! for Purrfect Patrick Deval for the Democratic gubernatorial position.

(MA-SoS) VOTE Today for John Bonifaz in Massachusetts-!! by PeopleVsEconomicRoyalists - Haul your' carcass out and vote for heroic John Bonifaz (D).

(MD-Gov) Middle Class in Maryland (and America) by Lockedupspirit - How 'is eye-ness, Guv'nor Bob Ehrlich (R) lost 'is compass siting wi' th' throat-slashing 'oer Saladin's treasure in Maryland.

(MI-Gov) MI-Gov: Howard Dean Q&A on Granholm's Website Tonight by JDalton - DNC Cap'n  Howard Dean will be  talkin' truth LIVE on the Granholm campaign website, Tuesday 9/19/06, beginning at 8:30 pm (EDT).

(MI-Var) Bay County Michigan Republican Headquarters on Fire by khloemi - Arrr, lively eyewitness account of fire, smoke and adventure on the main.

(NY-AG) A good old New York Donnybrook in the making! by Eddie C - Arrr, this parchment is about how the newspapers will use the Attorney General race between Andrew Cuomo (D) & Jeanine Pirro (R) to sell newspapers.

(OR-Gen) Who needs my $50? by theberle - Taking suggestions on where to direct the $50 available to every Oregonian (by tax credit) to Oregon political campaigns. Not only is this contribution free (the $50 credit is applied directly against taxes owed), but if every Oregonian that voted for the Democratic gubernatorial candidate in 2002 took advantage of this mechanism, it would raise almost $31 million in  left-leaning grassroots dollars.

(TX-Gov) Kinky's Energy Czar busted with dope and 'shrooms by citizenx - 'E ponders if Kinky Friedman has imbibed a little too much grog or if he is serious that Willie Nelson, who just got busted for boot-legged substances, should lead his energy ship if he wins this four candidate election.

(CA-Gov) My Daily Donation | E-50 | $20 to Phil Angelides by cmanaster -  Heroic Cap'n cmanaster challenges the Kossacks  to match his  treasure chest fillin' activities on behalf of Democratic candidates across the country, this time for Phil Angelides (D), for Governor of California against Arnold Schwartzenneger (R).

(CA-Gov) CA-GOV; Volunteers needed! East Bay/Richmond Area by marchmoon - Ok, ye mateys, time to answer the call for hands on deck. We don't call ye swabbies for nothin. Arrrr.

(CO-Var) Something Stinks on the Trailhead by Limelite - The scurvy dog landlubbers in tharrr mountains seem to be deep into no good mateys. A ship called Trailhead aren't floating in an honest bay. Pirates they be.

(Var) Had Enough? Let's Not Let Republican Delusions Turn Into Reality by downwithtyranny - Part fundraiser based on th' "Be havin' Ye Had Enough" song an' ActBlue, part rant on th' scurrilous poll reported in Th.' Moonie (Washington) Times, th' diarist counters wi' th' reality in Senate races in a number o' states like Montana, Ohio an' Rhode Isle, arrr as well as various House campaigns across th' country.

(Var) Just give me your damned money by Hlinko - Diarist uses strong arm, maybe even pirate like tactics in title, to advertise for a mighty gathering of Captains and crews by the DSCC.

   General (4)

Arrr, Bernie Sanders says America needs progressive radio (AAR) by Son of Broccoli - Sam Seder's newly pirated ship on AAR with Bernie Sanders as his first guest.

I Hate Your Candidate! by R o o k - Diarist suggests that you look over your ship captains carefully and after you pick the vessel you're riding in, don't try and sink it.

50 Days, 50 States: How we can win by Fran for Dean - DNC Cap'n is taking the "50 State Strategy" seriously, and challenges the netroots to fill the coffers.

Ignore the polls and play to win! by BobcatJH - Reminds us that positive poll numbers mean very little if we don't keep working the ropes.

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