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This Roundup Diary covers the period from 1:00 PM Tuesday, 9/19 to 1:00 PM EDT Wednesday, 9/20.

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Today's Menu Includes:
92 Diaries Overall
- 38 On House races
     - With 32 covering individual Districts in 20 states
- 19 On Senate races
    - Representing 9 different states
- 25 On Various election races
    - Encompassing Governor, Secretary of State, Local, and more
- 10 General election-related diaries

Over 1,800 diaries served to date!!!

This is an attempt to compile a fairly comprehensive listing of election-related diaries that have recently been posted. Most of them are House or Senate races but there are also some local ones, as well as the occasional 'general info' diary.

Reminder - If you are doing a diary on a specific race, particularly a House or Senate race, PLEASE, put the race number (or XX-Sen) at the beginning of the diary header. More diarists are now doing this and it is immensely helpful.

For all the introductory stuff and previous diaries in this series, please see:
Election Race Roundup (9/2 - 66 Days to Daylight) (with links to first 10 diaries in series, covering 8/22-9/1).
Election Race Roundup (9/12 - EIGHT WEEKS TO GO!) (with links to second 10 diaries in series, covering 9/2-9/11).
Election Race Roundup (9/13 - 55 Days to Daylight)
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Election Race Roundup (9/15 - 53 Days to Daylight)
Election Race Roundup (9/16 - 52 Days to Daylight)
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Election Race Roundup (9/18 - 50 Days to Daylight)
Election Race Roundup (9/19 - AHOY! THAR BE SEVEN WEEKS TO GO!)

(1:00 PM, Tuesday, 9/19 to 1:00 PM, Wednesday, 9/20):  (92 diaries)

(Alphabetical, starting from I)

   House (38)

(ID-01) ID-01: Hitting the streets for Larry Grant in Boise by Red State Rebel - Some info and a plug for a precinct walk for Larry Grant (D) this Saturday as he takes on William T,"Bill" Sali (R).

(KS-01) (KS-01) I need YOU! Help me! Help save Kansas! - by John Doll - Dem John Doll needs volunteers and support for his grassroots campaign, from phone banking to putting out lawn signs, in his race against Rubberstamp Repub incumbent Jerry Moran.

(KY-04) Dem Ken Lucas leads Geoff Davis, 48-44 by displacedyankeedemocrat - Yet more bad news for the GOP via Survey USA.

(MD-04) MD-04: Still no winner by kos - They're still counting the votes in this Dem primary between Donna Edwards and Albert Wynn.

(MI-02) MI-02 Hoekstra has some 'splainin' to do by kotos - Democratic challenger Kimon Kotos helpfully reminds incumbent Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R) that in he promised to not accept any PAC contributions and to serve no more than 12 years in Congress.

(MI-09) MI-09: Argggh! Beware of Scurvy Dawg Joe Knollenberg! Vote Skinerrrrr! by Jordan LFW - Links to a press release from Nancy Skinner's (D) campaign, and some less-than-honorable moments from Joe Knollenberg's record.

(MN-AL) Montana's Dennis Rehberg wants to control blogs by touchstone033 - Dairy about Republican Control Freak Dennis Rehberg (R) in MN.

(MN-02) Winning MN-2 Red-to-Blue With Coleen Rowley by vets74 - Funds appeal for Coleen Rowley (D) running against John Kline (R).

(MN-05) Keith Ellison Eats Babies! Amy Klobuchar Shoots Smack! by Phoenix Woman - Republicans try to brand Keith Ellison (D) as a "terrorist sympathizer" because he accepted (and reported) a donation from a prominent, respected Muslim organization, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

(NC-08) John Edwards to Campaign for Larry Kissell, NC-08 by The Southern Dem - Update on many good developments in the Kissell (D) campaign - John Edwards (D) to campaign for Larry Kissell (D), running against Robin Hayes (R); Kissell campaign wins DCCC "Action for a New Direction" competition (and more assistance from the DCCC, including fundraising support); endorsements rolling in from nearly every newspaper in the district.

(NC-11) NC-11: Western North Carolina News Network Launch!!! by GordanNC - Lampooning the actions of incumbent Charles Taylor (R), a new internet news show launches highlighting Taylor. Challenger Heath Shuler (D) takes on the congressman in November.

(NH-02) Charlie Bass: Stage Prop for Bush's Iraq Lie by - Republic Not Empire - Bush encapsulated brilliantly both the essence of his relationship with the BassMaster Charles Bass (R-ubberstamp) and his lies about Iraq.

(NV-03) Porter has finally made the mistake Hafen was counting on by Saint Vegas - Analysis of Repub Jon Porter's attack ads against Dem Tessa Hafen, which the diarist claims will backfire.

(NY-03) Peter King being a Hypocrit again by gamma82 - Rep. Peter King (R) tries unsuccessfully to paint challenger David Meijas (D) as "supported by radical Muslims." The trouble is, the same Islamic group that donated $200 to Meijas also gave $500 to King. Oops.

(NY-03) NY-03: Peter King is an Asshole! (Episode 13; NY03 Roll Call) by pontificator - More hypocrisy from Rep. King (R), this time on mandating tougher security for chemical plants, and a call for Kossacks in NY-03 to use the post as a recruiting tool for State Rep. David Meijas' (D) campaign to unseat King.

(NY-20) Miami Mob Leader is a fraidy cat by devtob - John Sweeney (R) is doing everything he can to avoid any public discussion of the issues with his excellent-in-every-way challenger, Kirsten Gillibrand (D).

(NY-25) NY-25: Jim Walsh, Repurplican by redlami - Jim Walsh (R), another Rubber-stamp not-Democrat tries unsuccessfully to run from his record. Dan Maffei (D) is running against him.

(NY-29) NY 29, 10 Days of Cheney: Dick Cheney: War Profiteer by mikepridmore - The seventh day of Cheney, part of a "10 Days of Cheney" series to draw attention to Cheney's scandalous acts prior to his September 22 fundraiser for Eric Massa's (D) opponent Randy Kuhl (R) in NY-29.

(OH-01, OH-02) Chabot (R, OH-01) to Face Sit-in for Peace by metacin - Peace activists at Cincinnati Town Hall meeting vow to have a sit-in at Republican Steve Chabot's office as he continues to agree with the Bush "stay the course" strategy. Diarist describes speeches by John Cranley (D) and Victoria Wulsin (D).

(OH-02) OH-02: 15-Year-Old Takes on Mean Jean by Vic Wulsin - Help support Craig, the 15-year old, as he raises money for Dr. Victoria Wulsin's (D) campaign against incumbent Jean Schmidt (R).

(OK-01) OK-1: Hey Netroots! Pay Attention! Oklahoma Is Winnable! by ethanthej - Alan Gentges (D) takes on Republican John Sullivan, on his claim "Al-Qaeda terrorists are sneaking into the U.S. across the Mexican border."  Link for donating to Gentges included.

(TX-04) TX-04: Your $11 can help end the GOP's Hall of Shame by dengre - A must read diary about Ralph Hall's (R) involvement with Jack Abramoff and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI). The diarist urges support for Glenn Melancon (D) in his race against one of the most corrupt members of Congress.

(TX-32) TX-32 Pete Sessions thinks I'm "unhinged" by CoolOnion - Points to Rep. Pete Session's (R) website Democrats Unhinged, which opposes such "crazy" things as hearings on the Iraq war and Medicare, as he battles against opponent Will Pryor (D) in former Rep. Martin Frost's (D) old district.

(VA-11) Andy Hurst was on fire by Ambivalent Mumblings - A more extensive description than his previous post about last night's debate between Andy Hurst(D) and Tom Davis (R).

(VA-11) Taking Down Corrupt Committee on Govt Reform Chair Tom Davis by dkmin - Kossack reviews Andy Hurst's (D) performance in the debate against Rep. Tom Davis (R), and finds it good.

(VA-11) Andrew Hurst (VA-11) Delivered the Thunder From the Left by Pitin - Nice rundown of the debate between Andrew Hurst (D) and Tom Davis (R).

(WA-05) Goldmark (WA-05) wins "Emerging Race" title during DC Visit by Peter Goldmark - Peter Goldmark's effort to win for the Democrats in Washington's 5th earn him note from congressional and party leaders.

(AZ-02) AZ-02: The Lizardman must go! by MercuryX23 - The specifics of Rep. Trent Frank's (R) odious voting record.

(CA-04) CA-04: Corrupt or Ineffective? by dday - Charlie Brown (D) successfully frames his race against John Doolittle (R).

(CA-04) CA 04 Doolittle's goin' down! by Buddy Lee - Some thoughts on the campaign in a first diary from a volunteer captain for Charlie Brown (D) in his race against John Doolittle (R).

(CA-04) My Daily Donation | E-48 | $20 to Charlie Brown by cmanaster - The recipient of today's largesse from cmanaster is Charlie Brown (D) who is running against John Doolittle (R) in a very competitive race.

(CA-11) Defeat Pombo Day of Action is a Success (w/ pictures) by -Matt O - This past Saturday, the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund organized a very successful Defeat Pombo Day of Action that drew over 150 volunteers to Civic Park in Pleasanton.

(CA-44) CA-44: Opposing the Bush "Old Deal" Social Contract by Louis Vandenberg - Louis Vandenberg, the Dem nominee for CA-44, gives his thoughts on dkos and his race in a lengthy diary. His opponent is Ken Calvert (R).

(CA-49) CA-49 - Not In MY America! by JeeniCriscenzo - Moving diary from Jeeni Criscenzo (D), who is running against Darrell Issa (R). Rep. Issa's #1 campaign contributor is one of the two companies implicated in the detainee abuse at Abu Ghraib. Help her stamp out a rubber stamp republican.

(CA-50) Bilbray's Cheap Shot by American Pundit - Francine Busby (D) always a lady with class, turns Brian Bilbrays (R) nasty comment about debating against him.

(CO-06) Video: Sen. Salazar and Bill Winter on torture, leadership, Tancredo by TakeBackTheHouse - video clips and a recap of speeches by Sen. Ken Salazar (D-Co) and challenger Bill Winter (Dem., CO-06) at a fundraiser.  Winter is running against incumbent Tom Tancredo (R).

(CT-05) Rep, Nancy Johnson (R) is Gloating by pierredude - Nancy Johnson (R) of Connecticut's Fifth District is gloating over her major fundraising edge against State Senator Christopher Murphy (D).

(FL-13) FL-13: Jennings 46, Buchanan 38. This is HUGE! (w/Poll) by Sanuk - Problems of Vern Buchanan (R) in his efforts to defeat Christine Jennings (D) and take over Rep. Katherine Harris's (R) deep red seat, including a Cheney sighting.


   Senate (19)

(NY-Sen) Terry McAwful to Run Hillary Campaign? by naufragus - Rumor from Chris Matthews that Terry McAuliffe will run Hillary's campaign for the Senate.

(PA-Sen) Santorum Throws a Temper Tantrum on Video by PA Dem20 - Diarist links to video of Repub Rick Santorum getting agitated by questions from a teacher and generally ranting about the media.

(TN-Sen) BUSTED! Corker Breaks Law (Twice!) by R o o k - There's a great big huge pile of new evidence in Bob Corker's (R) messy, convoluted, corrupt land deal.

(TN-Sen) TN-Sen: Pro-lifers abandon Corker by freedc - Tennessee Right to Life officials refuse to endorse former Chattanooga neighbor Bob Corker (R) in his race against Rep. Harold Ford Jr.'s (D) for Sen. Bill Frist's (R) seat.

(TN-Sen) TN-Sen Even MORE details about Corker land deal by FleetAdmiralJ - More revelations about Bob Corker's (R) ethical and legal problems as he fights Harold Ford, Jr (D) for the Tennessee open seat.

(TX-Sen) TX Sen - Challenging Kay Bailey Hutchison on torture by Andy30tx - This quote from the diary says it all: "It's disappointing to be involved in politics when campaigns feel that they need to send out a press release to illustrate the dichotomy between themselves and those who believe torture is a great idea."

(VA-Sen) "Senator" Allen's Trigger by tokatakiya - Allen and the race issue.

(VA-Sen) Allen and casting aspersions - one last look back by teacherken - What is below the fold is a version of a comment posted by the diarist on threads about Allen on several Virginia blogs, and also as a diary at raisingkaine.

(VA-Sen) Did George Allen lie? by aaronforamerica - Short diary examining a statement made by George Allen (R) about his Jewish heritage.

(VA-Sen) VA-Sen: Allen's handlers try to explain their bosses words away by kos - Repub George Allen's press release over his ridiculous responses on whether he has Jewish relatives.

(VA-Sen) VA-Sen: Great list of Allen bigotry by Craig Burnham - More sad Allen (R) history.

(VA-Sen) Webb Needs Wikipedia Help!!! by djm4america - Diarist organizes in response to distortions of Webb's (D) record on Wikipedia, presumably done by the Allen (R) campaign.

(WA-Sen) NY Times: Anti-War Dems and Progressives are "Fools" by dlawbaily - Diarist analyzes New York Times article quoting Chad Lupkes, Washington coordinator for Democracy for America, where Lupkes criticizes Dem Senator Maria Cantwell for her politics on the Iraq War.

(AZ-Sen) Pederson to Kyl: Those living in glass houses should not throw rocks by blogazblue - Jim Pederson (D) is fighting hard in his battle with Jon Kyl (R) to win the Senate seat in Arizona. He has closed the gap between them to 5 percentage points.

(CT-Sen) 128 reasons not to vote for Joe Lieberman (updated with working links) by davefromqueens - More reasons to Say No to Joe, as if you needed any...

(CT-Sen) CT-Sen Devastating GQ Article on Lieberman (UPDATED) by bincbom - GQ reports that Sen LIEberman (CFL-CT) was untruthful about inviting Al Sharpton to Connecticut. The Rev. is on fire at the end of the article, worth reading just for his quotes about Ned Lamont (D-CT) and the future of the Democratic Party.

(CT-Sen) CT-Sen: AFSCME dumps Joe Endorses Lamont w/poots... by a lynn - News that AFSCME endorses Lamont (with cat photos).

(HI-Sen) HI-SEN: Singer at interviews Senator Akaka by schultzy - Check out the interview of Sen. Akaka (D), who is being challenged by conservative Rep. Ed Case (DINO-HI).

(Var-Sen) Poll: Ohio and NJ Senate races dead heats by Paleo - The results of the latest Quinnipac poll.

   Various (25)

(MA-Gov) Deval Patrick's landslide in MA by rktect - Diarist got a little bit of a sunburn today standing out in front of the polls for 13 hours holding signs for Deval (D).

(MA-Gov) The Power of real leaders -- Deval Patrick's Speech Tonight by tsackton - Reaction of a Deval Patrick (D) voter to Patricks speech. Info on the next step of the race against Kerry Healey (R).

(MA-Gov) Massachusetts Primary Open Thread: PATRICK WINS by waitingtoderail - Open thread and updates from the Mass Dem primary.

(MA-Gov) The Power of real leaders -- Deval Patrick's Speech Tonight by tsackton - Deval Patrick's (D) Victory Speech Tonight.

(MA-Gov) nov looking Good:Patrick wins Dem primary! Attacked as Tax & Spend Liberal! It's Old now,Enough! by jmsjoin - Upbeat assessment of the governor's race in MA, between the Democrat, Deval Patrick, the Republican, current Lt. Gov. Kerry Healy, and Independent Christy Mihos.

(MA-Gov) MA-Gov: Victory for the Netroots...and Why it is Important by The Angry Democrat - A Kossack precinct captain for Deval recaps election night.

(MA-Gov) Oh the Joy! Deval Patrick supporters, sign in please! by TrueBlueMajority - celebrating the Deval Patrick win in the MA Democratic primary for Governor.

(MA-Gov) Excerpt from the Deval Patrick Victory Speech by jcsinclair - An extended excerpt from Deval Patrick the newly elected Democratic candidate for governor who will be running against Republican Kerry Healy in November.

(MA-Gen) Voting Irregularities in Massachusetts - Please add your own by Ptolemy - Solicits comments concerning any voting irregularities in Tuesday's Massachusetts primary.

(MD-Gov) MD - Martin O'Malley, taking on the toughest challenges. by nickshepDEM  - The diarist links to a new ad by Democratic candidate and Mayor of Baltimore, Martin O'Malley in his race for Governor against Bob Ehrlich (R).

(ME-Gen) Cheney Sneaks in and out of Maine by DowneastDem - Vice President Dick Cheney (R) travels to Maine at taxpayer's expense to host a fundraiser for the Maine Republican Party.

(MI-Gov) MI-GOV: September 20th is National Campaign Like a Pirate Day! by devoshead - Avast ye matey!  Diarist gives good showing in campaigning against varlet Repub Dick Devos, running against Dem incumbent Jennifer Granholm.

(MI-Gov) Michigan Governor's Race: Granholm's talking heads suck by beckstei - The diarist liked the Republican talking heads better than the Democratic one in a local PBS debate. Jennifer Granholm (D) is running against Dick DeVos (R).

(MN-Gen) MN GOP's Ron Carey: Anti-Semite? by Phoenix Woman - Asks Minnesota Republican Party Chairman Ron Carey to apologize for his leadership of the Minnesota branch of the anti-Semitic Christian Coalition.

(NY-State-Sen) "Blograiser v2.0 -- Kossacks Across America" for Brian Keeler by Tom Ball - Diarist outlines innovative national "blograiser" for our very own Kossak candidate, Brian Keeler (D). A must-read.

(NY-Var) NY-House: New York City call to action - Congressional phonebanking by Steve WFP - The Working Families Party is organizing nightly phonebanking from New York City to elect Democratic-Working Families candidates from all over the state to Congress. Links here to sign up.

(OR-Var) Energy Independence Can Start in Oregon by Mike Caudle for State Rep - Running for OR HD-29, Mike Caudle (D) outlines his plan to bring more clean energy to Oregon.

(SD-Gov) Don't Forget About South Dakota by SoDak Dem - Diarist reminds us we have a great, although netroots-neglected, alternative in Dem Jack Billion, running against Repub Mike Rounds -- the incumbent Governor who signed South Dakota's repressive abortion ban.

(TX-Gov) Being Kinky affecting Texas Governor's Race Poll Numbers by Lemming Herder - New poll shows a tighter race between incumbent Rick Perry (R) and Democratic challenger Chris Bell.

(TX-Gov) TX-Gov: MSM Starting to Pick Up on Kinky Comments by Phillip Martin - MSM beginning to show Kinky Friedman as something more (or less) than a charming kook.

(TX-Var) 50 State Strategy is starting to pay off by Richard Morrison - Reports from the field on the fruits of the 50 State Strategy and how it benefits down-ballot races - in this case, County offices and state representative in the formerly "safe Republican" stronghold of Tom Delay (R-VA).

(TX-Var) To Elect-a-bility by Faith Chatham - Diarist pens in-depth profile of Dem Fred Head, who is running for Comptroller of Public Accounts in Texas.

(WA-Gen) Washington State Primary Night Open Thread by archerhouse - This diary gives Washington Kossacks and any other Kossacks a thread to discuss local election results. News from the east coast often dominates here at DailyKos.

(CA-Var) San Jose Chamber of Commerce's PAC Attempts to Gut Campaign Finance Restrictions by sjmayorwatch - Latest chapter in the battle between the San Jose Chamber of Commerce and the progressive candidate for mayor, Cindy Chavez.

(GA-Var) Judicial Activist Thwarts Georgia's Poll Tax by lapin - Fulton County Superior Court Judge T. Jackson Bedford Jr. strikes down another Republican attempt to suppress voters by requiring photo ID at the voting booth.

   General (10)

Voter Registration & Absentee Ballot Guidelines? by amz1 -  One Kossack needs your help to look for ways to get college freshmen registered and voting by absentee ballot.

Top 20 Corrupt in Congress by Craig Burnham - The Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), names its most corrupt congresscritters. Many of the names have appeared on DKos with less-than-flattering diaries (Burns, Frist, Santorum, Doolittle, Harris, Pombo, etc.) Oddly, Maxine Waters appears on the list, and they give Jack Murtha a "Dishonorable mention."

DNC Uses Facebook For GOTV by TheSquire - Link to "Election Day 2006" a DNC program to call everyone that signs up to remind them to vote on election day.

Turning Red Blue: All over the South by cm1165 - Diarist has had enough and is getting active big-time, focusing in raising money for the southern red state races.  Links so you can help.

OVERSEAS VOTERS-- read here on how to register and vote by expatden - The diarist gives "at-a-glance" instructions for voting overseas. But you must register to vote first.

Evan Bayh, miser by kos - Diarist takes Bayh to task for refusing to share his many many millions of dollars with his fellow Dems campaigning across the country.

The Let America Vote Act of 2006 (LAVA) by Senior citizen - The Maryland trainwreck is apt to be repeated all over the country in November.

The Resurgence of Frontier Politics by Nonpartisan - Fascinating look at how the American attraction to starting fresh, and new frontiers, has led to a new resurgence in new Western Democratic leaders such as John Tester, Jill Derby, Dina Titus and more.

Shut the Hell Up With Defeatist Talk! by Nightprowlkitty - Diarist lashes out at negative talk after reading about so many positive examples to the contrary.

$835 by workingmom OH - Update on novel fundraising idea from diarist, who is donating money for volunteers on various campaigns.

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