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In the face of Tammy Duckworth's non-campaign to take over Henry Hyde's IL-06 seat in Congress, it seems to be left to the news media to point out the lies and distortions being relentlessly vomitted forth every day by Peter Roskam's campaign of falsehood.  Fat and swollen with the cash of corruption funnelled into his coffers, the Roskam campaign sends a steady stream of glossy full-color mailers full of lies and innuendo into the mailboxes of local voters.  The only voice we hear in rebuttal is that of Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn
who has previously pointed out some of Roskam's other lapses in the field of honesty and truth.  

Today's Zorn column addresses a Roskam mailer that implies Duckworth favors "amnesty" for illegal immigrants, as well as opposing efforts to police the national borders.


Slipperier still is this passage from a Roskam campaign news release on immigration earlier this month: Duckworth "has repeatedly expressed her support for Ted Kennedy's amnesty bill, legislation that CNN has called `the Senate's illegal alien amnesty bill.'"

"Ted Kennedy's amnesty bill" refers to Senate Bill 1033. The sponsor of that bill is Sen. John McCain, an Arizona Republican who has contributed $2,500 to the Roskam campaign.

Duckworth, a member of the National Guard, opposes the deployment of Guard troops on the border, which Roskam supports. TV commercials for Roskam claim that Duckworth wants "illegals [to] get Social Security benefits" when, in fact, the legislation Duckworth supports calls for immigrants to join the Social Security system only after they have attained legal status.

This is not to say that Duckworth or McCain necessarily has a better plan than Roskam or the House Republicans. Our massive population of illegal immigrants poses a complicated problem, and people of goodwill differ on the solution.

It's to say that for people of goodwill to make progress on the border issue, they first have to respect the boundary between truth and lies.

Roskam's distortions of the truth are rendered even more despicable as appeals to the prejudices of local voters.  In DuPage County, the "race" issue tends to be focused on Hispanics.

Most of his other mailings use scare tactics, seeking to capitalize on voter resentment of recent property tax increases by portraying Duckworth as intending to raise taxes.  Here, too, is nothing but innuendo and distortion.

But it seems to be left to Zorn to use the word "lie".  Certainly I am hearing no rebuttal to Roskam's scurrilous charges from the Duckworth campaign, only the sound of silence.

Originally posted to curmudgiana on Thu Sep 21, 2006 at 08:40 AM PDT.

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  •  You must be deaf... (0+ / 0-) well as full of Cegelis's sour grapes if you can't hear Duckworth's rebuttals to Roskam's lies. This is from Duckworth's press room on the FOP endorsement:

    “Clearly, the Roskam campaign is continuing to lie about this important law enforcement endorsement, even after promising to stop distributing the faulty literature,” said Christine Glunz, spokesperson for Duckworth.  “If false campaign claims were a crime, Peter Roskam could be arrested.”

    Here is Tammy on Roskam telling voters one thing and the NPU another on Social Security:

    “Peter Roskam will rubber-stamp anything that his national party tells him,” Duckworth said. “And, apparently, the NRCC is perfectly willing to lie about Roskam’s true positions in the mail they send into the Sixth District, just as they’ve lied about my positions on taxes and immigration.  These slimy tactics are offensive and really ought to stop.”

    Here is her position of immigration from the issues section of her website.

    curmudgiana I spent 2 hours after work yesterday canvassing for Duckworth in Lombard, then an hour phonebanking when it got too dark to read the walk list. I was lucky to find a seat and a phone at the Field Office on the last nice evening before it's supposed to rain here in Chicagoland all weekend.

    Your post is a dishonest attempt to make it appear Duckworth is doing little to win this district. You and others here like Delver Rootnose apparently would like nothing better than to see her lose and will lie about her efforts and the efforts of thousands in the district to take this seat from the Republicans and in turn take back the House. All in a vain hope that Christine Cegelis will win the nomination and the seat in 2008 you think she so rightly "deserves". Nobody gets anything handed to them in politics, they have to earn it. Christine did not earn the nomination at the polls. She lost the vote.

    Like I said there are thousands of us working to get Tammy elected, getting paid nothing but the satisfaction that this will be one seat hopefully in a majority Dem House won by a great candidate who will finally represent the 6th the way it ought to be. If Duckworth doesn't win we will look to quislings like you and other Cegelis supporters to know why.

    Every one of these backhanded slaps at Duckworth whether in comments or in fullblown diaries is one more nail in the coffin of Christine Cegelis's future political career in the Democratic party. If you don't know that you should.

    There's a lot of us who won't forget this if Christine ever runs for any office again.

    If you won't support Duckworth go find another candidate in another race and support him or her. You do nobody but Republicans any good by writing  stuff like this.

    •  You are offensive (0+ / 0-)

      by imputing motives and insulting others, blaming them instead of acknowledging the weakness of your candidate's campaign.  

      If Duckworth doesn't win the election, it won't be the fault of Christine Cegelis, whom I did not mention in my diary, no matter how much you want to cast blame.  To throw your own words back in your face, Duckworth isn't going to have this election handed to her, she'll have to earn it.

      So her website has her rebuttals to Roskam's lies, so her press release tells the true story - so the fuck what, if no one ever sees them?  Every day I open my mailbox to find another damn pack of lies from the Roskam campaign.  What do I find from Duckworth?  Zilch.  They sent out plenty of mailings during the primary season, but now that it's election time, nothing.

      Do I hear Duckworth's message on the radio?  No.

      Do I read her message in the newspaper?  No, the Duckworth campaign is apparently counting on Eric Zorn to do her work for her, for free.

      All power to Zorn, but it's going to take more than one reporter to keep Peter Roskam from taking Hyde's seat in Washington next year.

      Then the LORD said unto me: 'Out of the north the evil shall break forth upon all the inhabitants of the land.

      by curmudgiana on Fri Sep 22, 2006 at 02:26:50 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

      •  man If Mark Garrity... (0+ / 0-)

        is an example of the type of representation we are going to have in IL-06 IF, and that is a big IF, Tammy wins we are in real trouble.

        I do have to say Tammy is replying to at least the Immigration lie on cable TY ads.  However because she has allowed the Republicans to define her early all she is going to be able to do is refute their claims.  And as one sage put it the truth never catches up to a lie.

        And the really sad thing is I bet the Roskam camp is saving the truth for last.  I bet their last ad campaign will point out that Tammy does not live in the district, has no intention to live in the district, has not longstanding roots in the local community let alone the state, and is a pawn of the Chicago and state Democratic party.  Even her greatest champion here on this Blog does not live in the district.

        We Glory in war, in the shedding of human blood. What fools we are.

        by delver rootnose on Fri Sep 22, 2006 at 07:07:35 PM PDT

        [ Parent ]

  •  Hmmm... (0+ / 0-)

    If you are not a Republican troll you are a concern troll. There are plenty of us who are trying to help Duckworth win this race. You by your own words are not.
    Try to find a candidate you can believe in, find a hobby or get lost.


    •  Stuff it up your ass (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      delver rootnose

      And tell your candidate to start putting some mail on the street if she wants to counter Roskam's lies.

      And the next time I see Republican lies, I'll damn well call them out, with no permission from whoeverthehell you are.

      Then the LORD said unto me: 'Out of the north the evil shall break forth upon all the inhabitants of the land.

      by curmudgiana on Fri Sep 22, 2006 at 05:49:24 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

      •  She's not just my candidate (0+ / 0-)

        She's your candidate in the 6th if you are a Democrat. If you don't support the Democratic in this race then go somewhere else.

        •  Let's see, (1+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:
          delver rootnose

          I'm the one who lives here.

          You don't.

          Yet you're telling me to go somewhere else.

          Why don't you go lick some envelopes?

          Then the LORD said unto me: 'Out of the north the evil shall break forth upon all the inhabitants of the land.

          by curmudgiana on Fri Sep 22, 2006 at 07:42:09 PM PDT

          [ Parent ]

          •  I reiterate. (0+ / 0-)

            She's your candidate in the 6th if you are a Democrat.
            Are you a Democrat curmudgiana?

            •  Curmudgiana (0+ / 0-)

              is an Independent progressive.

              I plan to vote for Duckworth, because I know Roskam is a lying sack of slime, but this isn't owing to anything from the Duckworth campaign.  Fortunately, Roskam's own mailers prove that he's a lying sack of slime - which is just as well, cause there aren't any coming from Duckworth.

              What the hell is your problem, anyway, beside the compulsion to whine and blame Christine Cegelis for your own campaign's shortcomings?  Are you jealous because I blogged the Zorn article a day before you did?

              Why don't you stop coming around here to make nasty accusations, and go put up some yard signs.  Roskam has plenty - they're dark blue with white letters.  

              Then the LORD said unto me: 'Out of the north the evil shall break forth upon all the inhabitants of the land.

              by curmudgiana on Sat Sep 23, 2006 at 07:07:48 AM PDT

              [ Parent ]

              •  Why don't you go work for Dan Seals? (0+ / 0-)

                You obviously won't work for Duckworth. Make yourself useful instead of tearing down Democratic candidates.

                •  Why don't you stop (0+ / 0-)

                  making ignorant and offensive assumptions.

                  You have no idea what candidates I am or am not supporting.

                  Not to mention your odd notion whereby calling out Republican lies is "tearing down Democratic candidates."  Someone has to do it - the Duckworth campaign certainly isn't getting the word out.

                  Then the LORD said unto me: 'Out of the north the evil shall break forth upon all the inhabitants of the land.

                  by curmudgiana on Sat Sep 23, 2006 at 09:03:41 AM PDT

                  [ Parent ]

  •  Yeah guess you two are too good to actually work (0+ / 0-)

    for ANY campaign. Planting lawn signs or licking envelopes, why that's beneath the both of you isn't it? Between curmudgiana's post asking for campaigns to sit up and beg for $500 to Delver's claim that Tammy is some kind carpetbagger I don't know which is more sickening. Keep writing that drivel. It'll come in handy when I put my diary together later on about losers like you.

    •  So you find it sickening (0+ / 0-)

      that I want to donate money to Democratic candidates?

      Would it have been so sickening if I'd sent my $500 to your candidate?  It's too bad she has no stated position on the issue.

      But I see that you're planning to lose the election and are already covering your ass and setting up others to blame.  I knew that Duckworth had a do-nothing campaign, but I didn't realize it was run by pitiful whining wankers like you.

      Go ahead, keep it up.  Make even more voters so disgusted with you they turn against your candidate.  Or are you really a covert agent for Roskam?

      Then the LORD said unto me: 'Out of the north the evil shall break forth upon all the inhabitants of the land.

      by curmudgiana on Sat Sep 23, 2006 at 02:50:47 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

    •  Well since Tammy doesn't live in the district... (0+ / 0-)

      Doesn't intend to live in the district and has no attachments to the district I think the Carpet-bagger claim is an accurate one.

      Also, don't think because Obama creamed the carpetbagging Keyes that the 6th has changed from Republican to Democratic.

      We Glory in war, in the shedding of human blood. What fools we are.

      by delver rootnose on Sun Sep 24, 2006 at 09:11:09 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

      •  The question is (0+ / 0-)

        whether the voters will believe it.

        Roskam is certainly playing the card for all it's worth.  He did it on the debate tonight.  The residency thing is a genuine liability, and there is no ignoring it.

        During the primary, Duckworth supporters used to say:  Should she leave her house just when it's been rehabbed for her?  Well, I believe the answer has to be:  yes.  She should have moved into the district after the primary, at the latest.  There are always other houses, there may never be another congressional race.  Paris is worth a house.

        I still have to conclude that the biggest card working against Roskam is Roskam.  He comes off as a smartass - nobody likes a smartass.

        Some People ought to take note of this.

        Then the LORD said unto me: 'Out of the north the evil shall break forth upon all the inhabitants of the land.

        by curmudgiana on Sun Sep 24, 2006 at 09:45:20 PM PDT

        [ Parent ]

        •  Sorry if I've ever come off as a .. (0+ / 0-)

          ..Smart-ass to you.  I have met you and respect you.

          However there are people on this site and others that have really pushed my buttons at times and some of my attitude may spread to those like you who do not deserve it.  Sorry if I offended you.

          We Glory in war, in the shedding of human blood. What fools we are.

          by delver rootnose on Mon Sep 25, 2006 at 02:25:05 AM PDT

          [ Parent ]

          •  I was certainly not referring to you! (0+ / 0-)

            But it is pleasant to contemplate that I can despise Roskam for his character as well as his positions on the issues.

            Whereas there are some who are right on the issues but manage to be so obnoxious about it that I'm almost sorry to hold the same position as they do.

            Then the LORD said unto me: 'Out of the north the evil shall break forth upon all the inhabitants of the land.

            by curmudgiana on Mon Sep 25, 2006 at 07:10:50 AM PDT

            [ Parent ]

          •  Ah Rootnose exposed! (0+ / 0-)


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