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UPDATED TWICE: Terry McAuliffe spanked Tucker Carlson just now when Tucker said that Clinton "lost" it in his interview with Wallace. McAuliffe said the words, "Bush got a memo on bin Laden determined to strike inside the United States and he went golfing," and "Condi Rice did nothing."  

Carlson was astounded, and he said, "I see you got the attack machine going again with the Clintons."  Macauliffe went on to say, repeatedly, that Bush was president on 9/11, not Clinton, that Clinton had no intelligence from the CIA or the FBI that bin Laden was responsible for the USS Cole, and could not act on it, unlike Bush who uses any kind of intelligence, and he would not be cowed by Carlson.

It felt great to hear someone taking them on; more below:

McAuliffe said that Chris Wallace was paid by Roger Ailes and was a propaganda tool of the Republican party, that Fox News has been a tool of the party for years, all throughout Clinton's years.  He was on the attack - he totally took Carlson apart, and would not give ground.  I actually laughed, and cheered and felt that the propaganda was being responded to forcefully and intelligently.  

When Carlson was drinking Kool-Aid, McAuliffe told him his bow tie was on too tight.  He said it twice.  McAuliffe said, repeatedly, that Bush was president on 9/11, that Rice and Bush ignored the memo warning about bin Laden, that Bush and the republicans use Fox News for propaganda, and that the facts show that Clinton did a great deal, while Bush did nothing.  

Beautiful.  This is what the Democrats need to continue to do.

Now Carlson is talking about the 1/2 of Americans who believe Bush is manipulating gas prices to help Republicans.  Ha! So true!! He is yelling at this Democratic representative who is not even claiming that Bush is manipulating the gas prices. Carlson is losing it as this Democrat is telling Carlson that  he (Carlson) tried to make a point on television that all Democrats are bad, and that he didn't care what the representative said, he was trying to get him to look bad.

Carlson rushed him off.  Two spankings in a row.  Hilarious, must see TV!

UPDATE: Tweety Matthews decides to play a journalist on television just now: Matthews just as much told Ed Gillespie, who is working for Allen, that Allen's explanation for using the word "macacca" does not make sense, that just jumped into his head, and that it is just astounding that he does not know the word when we know it is a Tunisian word, and his mother is Tunisian.

Matthews is calling him a loyalist, and he believes Allen because he wants to believe him. Matthews is calling BS on BS - amazing.

He justs says it is like the Immaculate Conception that he never heard this word, and he just used it against this kid, properly, against a kid who is dark skinned. Matthews says, Are you going to believe me, or your lying eyes, and his eyes told him that Allen used the word "macacca" in context.

Matthews says again it is a weird thing that Allen used a word that he never heard of, that means black people in Africa where his mother came from, like an Immaculate Conception.

Gillespie is now talking about voters knowing Allen's heart, and that is why he is going to win.

Matthews is doing his job. He said he is not sure people are telling the truth here. Next up - Editor of Salon, which ran the story about Allen using racial epithets.

UPDATE 2: Al Franken just delivered the smackdown to Tony Blankley, telling him he was condescending to act like Franken does not understand what went on, when what went on was a President who misled us into war, being told that it would last weeks, and that the Iraqis would welcome us with open arms, and that the Iranians would fall into a democracy after seeing how well it worked next door. He was seriously pissed as well. I think that we have reached the tipping point. The Dems are Fighting!!!

Originally posted to adigal on Tue Sep 26, 2006 at 01:20 PM PDT.

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