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This Roundup Diary covers the period from 1:00 PM Thursday, 9/28 to 1:00 PM EDT Friday, 9/29.

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Today's Menu Includes:
86 Diaries Overall
- 38 On House races
     - With 30 covering individual Districts in 17 states
- 28 On Senate races
    - Representing 13 different states
- 13 On Various election races
    - Encompassing Governor, Secretary of State, Local, and more
- 7 General election-related diaries

Over 2,400 diaries served to date!!!

This is an attempt to compile a fairly comprehensive listing of election-related diaries that have recently been posted. Most of them are House or Senate races but there are also some local ones, as well as the occasional 'general info' diary.

Reminder - If you are doing a diary on a specific race, particularly a House or Senate race, PLEASE, put the race number (or XX-Sen) at the beginning of the diary header. More diarists are now doing this and it is immensely helpful.

For all the introductory stuff and previous diaries in this series, please see:
Election Race Roundup (9/2 - 66 Days to Daylight) (with links to first 10 diaries in series, covering 8/22-9/1).
Election Race Roundup (9/12 - EIGHT WEEKS TO GO!) (with links to second 10 diaries in series, covering 9/2-9/11).
Election Race Roundup (9/22 - 46 Days to Daylight) (with links to third 10 diaries in series, covering 9/12-9-21).
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Election Race Roundup (9/26 - SIX WEEKS TO GO!)
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Election Race Roundup (9/28 - 40 Days to Daylight)

(1:00 PM, Thursday, 9/28 to 1:00 PM, Friday, 9/29):  (86 diaries)

(Alphabetical, starting from T)

   House (38)

(TN-07) (TN-07) Morrison Looking to "Push the Needle" in Marsha's Backyard by win7 - Democratic Congressional Candidate Bill Morrison took a road trip into Marsha Blackburn's backyard and showed Williamson County he's in this to win!

(VA-11) 2/3 Done, Whose Coming With Us? (VA-22) by Pitin - There is a last-minute effort to raise money for Andrew Hurst (D) who is running against Tom Davis (R) who has received most of his money from corporations.

(CA-45) (CA-45) Wait for me, and I will return by soyinkafan - Diarist offers a poem by Konstantin Simonov: Wait for me, and I will return.

(CA-46) Rohrabacher tied to child molester byProgressiveDemfromOC - Diarist links to a local newspaper story about a former aide to Dana Rohrabacher (R), Jeffery Ray Nielsen, who is charged with child molestation.

(CO-07) CO-07: Perlmutter calls on O'Donnell to pull false attack ad by CO Democrat - For the second time in less than two weeks, attacks by the Congressional Campaign for Rick O'Donnell(R) on his opponent Ed Perlmutter (D) have been proven false by a major Denver news organization.

(FL-16) FL-16: Foley trolling for young boys? by weelzup - More on the Foley (R) story.

(FL-16) To Catch a Predator, 'er Mark Foley (R-FL) by creepers - Legal implications of Mark Foley's (R) email to a House page.

(ID-01) ID-01: Round 3 Grant vs Sali live on the net tomorrow by Red State Rebel - Larry Grant (D) and Bill Sali (R) will have 6 debates.  More info on the Club for Growth, which will probably figure prominently in the debates. Act Blue link for Grant and link for live blogging the first debate.

(IL-06) IL-06 An Emotional Moment For Tammy Duckworth by Spookie - Picture of veteran
paraplegic Tammy Duckworth (D) hugging a woman whose brother is doing a 4th tour in Iraq.

(IL-08) IL-08: Gop Smears Melissa Bean with Bin Laden Brush by MrLiberal - GOP mail smears Melissa Bean (D).

(IL-08) We Can't Wait Until 2008 by HarveyMilk - Dairist compares Mellissa Bean (D) in Illinois to Joe Lieberman in Connecticut.

(IL-14) Hastert To Hold Mega Buck Mega Dinner by treesfieldssky Diarist reminds of Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert's (R) upcoming annual "Mega Dinner" fundraiser

(IL-14) Why does Dennis Hastert hate America? by elsaf - Response to Rep. Dennis Hastert's (R) railing against Democrats who voted against the torture bill.

(IN-06) IN-06 I'd rather be a good guy and lose than a bad guy and win, but hey that is just me. by Barry Welsh - Barry in his own words.

(MN-02) My Daily Donation | E-39 | $20 to Coleen Rowley by cmanaster - Today's candidate for donation matching is Coleen Rowley (D) who is running to unseat John Kline (R) in MN's 2nd. A single kossack matches, and cmanaster doubles the contribution, and if 10 kosacks match, the contribution is tripled.

(MN-02) Only $2K Needed to make some history in MN-03! by northcountry - Help Wendy Wilde (D) become the first Democratic candidate to break $50,000 in funds in over a decade of this moderate Minnesota district.

(NC-05) NC-05: Roger Sharpe  - Repulsed By Torture by StormBear - Incumbent Virginia Foxx (R) proudly voted yes on the torture amendment.  Her opponent Roger Sharpe (D) is strongly against it.  Link for Sharpe included.

(NC-08) Larry Kissell (NC-08) Coffee, Doughnuts and the Medicare Doughnut Hole by working for change - Diarist explores effect of Medicare Part D on residents of NC's 8th district. Incumbent Repub Robin Hayes voted to pass this legislation and his Dem opponent, Larry Kissell, met with a group of seniors to understand its impact.

(NE-02) NE-02: 40 Days Left - Help Defeat Lee Terry! by ptmflbcs - Diarist points out the grassroots campaign of Jim Esch (D), Jim isn't taking PAC money & needs your help.

(NE-03) Scott Kleeb Gaining Support In Deep Red District by ptmflbcs - Diarist links to Omaha World Herald's glowing coverage of Dem Scott Kleeb in open seat race against wingnut and Club for Growth devotee Adrian Smith(R).

(NH-02) NH-02: Was Furtado (IndyNH) smart after all? by keener - Diarist suggests staffer for incumbent Charles Bass (R) may have had sound political motives in infiltrating a local blog supporting opponent Dem Paul Hodes (D).

(NJ-07) NJ-07: I'm Challenging You To Four Duels by Linda Stender - Netroots candidate Linda Stender (D) challenges Rep. Mike Ferguson (R) to four debates in this New Jersey swing seat.

(NY-03) NY-03: Peter King is an Asshole! (Episode 15) by pontificator - This latest installment shows us that even CNN is onto Peter King (R) being an asshole.  Linky goodness for Dave Mejias (D) included.

(NY-19) DCCC Emerging Race by mobilizer - This is a very competitive campaign in a slightly Republican district; John Hall (D) is a strong candidate with a good record facing a weak Sue Kelly (R).

(NY-20) NY-20 Gillibrand vs. Sweeney: Obama Bound, Blow-back on Sweeney by xaxnar - Obama will do a fundraiser for Kirsten Gillibrand (D) Oct. 5th in Manhattan.

(NY-23) We Challenge a Republican on Torture, he FREAKS OUT by BriVT - Dem Bob Johnson takes on incumbent John McHugh (R) on the torture question.  Fun local poll to freep, and web site for Johnson.

(NY-24) Social Security gets attention in NY-24 open race by Steve WFP -Mike Arcuri (D) is making a strong statement to prevent privatization of Social Security in this district where most of the population depends upon it; Ray Meier (R) has not made any statements about his stance on this subject.

(NY-26) NRCC Chair Tom Reynolds TIED with Democratic Opponent by GregNYC - New poll shows another tight race in New York between Tom Reynolds (R) and Jack Davis (D).

(OH-14) OH-14: Katz to host "Support our Soldiers -- Past and Present" Sat. by Hiram - Lewis Katz (D) is holding a non-political "Support our Soldiers--Past and Present" rally Oct. 7th.  He has invited his opponent, incumbent Steve LaTourette (R) to attend.

(OH-14) OH-14: Oh, the arrogance! by Hiram - Dairy is about Steve LaTourette (R) avoiding a dabate @ Hiram College with Lew Katz (D).

(OH-18) The nastiest republican campaigner alive is running in OH-19 by Tyrh - Zack Space (D) is a strong campaigner in this district where his opponent Joy Padgett (R) is the hand-picked successor to Bob Ney; her claim to infamy is the swift-boating of Terry Anderson in 2004, when she called him "soft on terrorism" because of his time spent as a hostage.

(OK-01) (OK 01) Who Would Jesus Torture? by Okie CD 01 - How Rep. John Sullivan (R) is hypocritical by wearing religion on his sleeve while voting to condone torture.

(PA-06) I got this STUPID e-mail from Move-On... by jsmagid - Hopefully Dem Lois Murphy got a few bucks off of the MoveOn ad, in her battle with Jim Gerlach (R), but the diarist thinks MoveOn needs to promote themselves differently.

(PA-07) Poll Shows Sestak, Weldon in Dead Heat! by sdf - Incumbent Repub Curt Weldon is being challenged by Dem Joe Sestak, whose recent ad campaign has turned the race for PA's 7th into a statistical tie of 43-44 respectively from independent pollster Keystone.

(PA-07) PA-07: Sestak (D) has Weldon on the ropes by kos - Fearless leader calls for more donations to netroots candidates, and notes Joe Sestak (D) leads incumbent Curt Weldon (R) 44-43 for PA's 7th.

(PA-07) Heartbroken? Send your love to anti-torture candidates. by MH in PA- Dairy is about being mad about the torture bill & supporting candidates that don't support torture. Like hers Joe Sestak (D)

(PA-07) Sestak and Clark by mariawells - Wes Clark arrives in PA to endorse Joe Sestak (D)

(PA-10) (PA-10) RNCC just spent $500,000 on attack ads! We need to help Chris Fight Back by jmorton - Diarist Points out the RNCC is worried about Chris Carnet (D) & putting 500k into ads for Don Sherwood (R)

   Senate (28)

(TN-Sen) Another Brilliant Harold Ford Ad... by  Mid10Dem - Harold Ford (D) For Tennessee US Senate has come out with another brilliant ad highlighting his opponent, Bob Corker's disconnect with the real issues that concern Tennesseans.

(TN-Sen) TN-Sen: Crash And Burn x 2! by R o o k - How Bob Corker (R) is self-destructing before our eyes as he (1) melts down on talk radio and (2) lies to his own mother.

(VA-Sen) New George Allen ad DEVASTATING to Webb...... by DCCyclone - New George Allen (R) Attack ad on Jim  Webb (D) is devastating.

(VA-Sen) VA-Sen: Webb and Edwards Give AllenBush the 1-2 Punch by philgoblue - Report of Sec. Jim Webb's (D) joint appearance Sen. John Edwards (D) at a rally at Mary Washington University in Virginia.

(VA-Sen) VA-Sen: Allen spits on women by kos - Links to Swing State Project shows four startling examples of offensive behavior toward women by Repub George Allen.

(VA-Sen) VA-Sen: SCV to take down Allen by tomVA - Sons of Confederate Veterans have denounced Allen for repudiating his love for confederate flag, which means they might stay home come election day.  Good news for Dem Jim Webb.

(VA-Sen) VA Sen. - Please Help Jim Webb Fight Back by Todd Smyth - Talking points, links and info on fighting George Allen's (R) smears against Jim Webb (D).

(VA-Sen) VA-SEN: Time to re-focus on national issues by New Deal democrat - Quoting two local newspapers blasting Repub George Allan, diarist suggests Dem Jim Webb come out with a one-two punch of his own positions to finish the deal.

(VA-Sen) Jim Webb Leading from the Bleachers by eve - Jim Webb (D), running against incumbent George Allen (R), has been speaking out to stop building permanent bases in Iraq.

(VA-Sen) VA-Sen: A Free Gift for WaPo by mcjoan - This helpful diarist does the WaPo a favor by prominently posting a picture illustrating Repub George Allen's association with the CCC.

(AZ-Sen) (AZ-SEN) Pederson (D) bashes Kyl (R) by Dour - Diarist brings you new ads from Jim Pederson (D).

(CT-Sen) What I'd like to hear Lamont say about torture by delphis - Diarist suggests that Dem Ned Lamont give a straight-out talk on why the torture bill is wrong and why Joe Lieberman (CT-LIE) is wrong to vote for it.

(CT-Sen) Senator Lamont by golo - Diarist urges Dem Ned Lamont to ignore the polls and just get out there and campaign.

(CT-Sen) an open letter to Joe Lieberman from one of his former supporters by RickD - Diarist takes on Joe Lieberman (CT-LIE) on his vote for torture.  Lieberman is running against Ned Lamont (D).

(CT-Sen) CT-SEN: Support. Alan. Schleshinger. Dammit! by Roatti - Diarist urges us to support Republican Alan Schleshinger to take votes away from Joe Lieberman (CT-LIE) in his battle with Ned Lamont (D).  Links for Schleshinger included.

(FL-Sen) My call to Senator Bill Nelson's (D-FL) office by EclecticFloridian - Diarist shares phone call to Bill Nelsons (D) office on his yes vote for torture.  Nelson is running for re-election against Katherine Harris (R).

(MD-Sen) MD Senate Race by jiacinto - The diarist has some constructive criticism for the ads of Candidate Cardin (D) in the race against Steele (R).

(MD-Sen) Steele inventing more supporters by zenbowl - Repub Michael Steele recently claimed Al Wynn (D) campaigned with him, when in fact Wynn was campaigning with Dem Ben Cardin.

(MO-Sen) MO Sen: Zogby Shows Race Tightening by St Louis Woman - New Zogby poll has Claire McCaskill (D) down by just 1 point, in her race with Talent (R).  Diarist includes links to donate to McCaskill's campaign.

(MN-Sen) Help! Conrad Burns Robo Polls by Ed in Montana - Diarist is looking to find help to track GOP robo polling to do a local nwespaper article.

(MT-Sen) Push poll in MT by Daddy Bartholomew - Reports of a Conrad Burns (R) push poll done by Common Sense 2006 in Montana.

(NJ-Sen) NJ Senate: Menedez 45: Kean 44 by triplelutz - Despite Sen. Bob Menendez's (D) seeming corruption scandals, and new Rutgers poll shows him ahead of State Sen. Tom Kean, Jr. (R).

(NJ-Sen) NJ-Sen: What About Bob? by Red Wind - How can voters let Dem Bob Menendez know his vote yesterday for the Bush is God bill has shamed the Democratic Party without hurting his crucial campaign against Repub Tom Keane, Jr.?

(NV-Sen) NV-Sen: Ensign: "Our behaviour has been wrong" by jedinecy - In an interview, John Ensign (R) makes the astonishing admission that the behaviour of Republicans in spending has been wrong, and spins some facts.

(NV-Sen) Nev-Sen: We Need Jack Carter in the Senate. by msstaley - Impassioned diary outlining all the many ways Dem Jack Carter would benefit America, not least of which is ousting Repub John Ensign.  Link for Carter included.

(OH-Sen) Sherrod Brown voted FOR Torture bill? by paida - Diarist asks how senatorial candidates Ohio Rep. Sherrod Brown (D) and Tennessee Rep. Harold Ford Jr. (D) can vote for the torture bill.

(RI-Sen) How Lincoln Chafee destroyed Habeus Corpus yesterday by Scoopster - By voting for Frist as Senate Leader, Repub Chaffee guarantees torture vote passing, even if he voted against it.  Chafee is running for re-election against Sheldon Whitehouse (D).

(Var-Sen) Will Mike Huckabee (R-AR) join Felix Macacaqitz (R-VA)? by freedc - The diarist urges Democrats and Virginia Kossacks to keep a close eye on (and a handy videocam) on the joint appearance of these two Republican Senatorial candidates to be sure to catch any potential gaffe for publication on YouTube.

   Various (13)

(CA-Gen) Day 2 of Matching Contributions: CA-SOS, CA-04, CA-11 by jsw from calitics - Diarist offers to match contributions to Sec. of State candidate Debra Bowen (D), CA-04 challenger Charlie Brown (D), and CA-11 netroots candidate Jerry McNerney (D).

(CA-Gen) CA-propositions: Why Do Ballot Measures Pass or Fail? by Zack from the SFV - First-time diarist takes closer look at ballot propositions and what makes them succeed or fail.

(CA-Gov) I need 10 more bodies in Richmond, CA on Saturday by marchmoon - Richmond, CA, is 70% Democratic but has a 30% turnout. If you live in the Bay Area, come help change that by walking this Saturday.

(CA-Var) Day 3 of Matching Contributions: CA-SOS, CA-04, CA-11 by jsw from calitics - Dollar-for-dollar match on contributions to diarist's ActBlue page for Dems Debra Bowen, Charlie Brown and Jerry McNerney - there's still time and room to help spend the rest of these matching funds!

(CO-Var) CO-VAR Get a job validating Electronic Voting Machines (posted on Craigslist) by Oreo - Diarist found a suspicious job listing for certifying CO voting machines.

(FL-Gov) Fl -Jim Davis for Governor by ryan t - The diarist points out that Jim Davis (D), who is running against Charlie Crist (R) needs support and money; Davis wants to improve Florida's public schools which have gone down under Jeb Bush's tenure.

(MD-Gov) MD Gov- Ehrlich attacks Baltimore City Police Department in latest ad. by nickshepDEM - Link to Governor Ehrlich's (R) new radio ad.

(MI-Gov) MI-Gov: Dick Devos is made of money...and soap...but mostly money by devoshead - Republican gubernatorial candidate Dick Devos is planning on spending a lot of money for advertising and temporary jobs.

(NY-State) CrashingTheStates in upstate New York: Keeler's home district (w/SPIDER) by hekebolos - Brian Keeler (D) knocks on doors while incumbent Senator Saland (R) spends taxpayer money on direct mail negative ads.

(OK-SD-46) Vote, or Be Taken Over By Robots! by Andrew for Oklahoma - Dem Andrew Rice teams up with The Flaming Lips' lead singer for GOTV drive.  Check out the hot pink poster for this event.

(OR-Gov) OR-GV: Race Narrows, But Kulongoski Support Remains Steady by Mistletoe Angel - A new poll conducted by The Oregonian and KATU (2) finds Saxton gaining on Kulongoski, though Kulongoski holds his ground in terms of level voter support.

(SC-Gov) SC-Gov: In Play!! by RandyMi - The most recent SUSA poll shows that challenger Tommy Moore (D) is moving up to within 4 points behind incumbent Gov. Mark Sanford (R) in just a few days.

(Var) FOLLOWING THE POLLS: The Thursday Edition by Steve Singiser - Polls and brief election race updates from around the country.

   General (7)

It's YOUR Choice now - Demand Paper in November! by STOP George - Dem Senators Barbara Boxer (D-CA), Chris Dodd (D-CT) and Cong. Rush Holt (D-NJ) have introduced emergency legislation to provide voters with the option to vote on paper in November.

The Pentagon is Violating Servicemembers' Voting Rights - Sue! by Hesiod - Excerpts from San Jose Mercury News article show soldiers are being encouraged to fax and email their votes, removing their right to a secret ballot -- these votes are being sent to the DoD, but are being processed by an outside firm, who contributes to Republican organizations.

GOP Operative Promotes Lying, Fake Polling in Church GOTV Scam by Troutfishing - Rundown on the Republican 2006 Voter Values Summit, where possible illegal political action is taking place.

On Kicking Ass and Crashing Gates by SusanG - Call to arms from SusanG for us not to just sit around and moan, but to get busy!

ACTION: How to use Abramoff to WIN in November (See CA-04) by dengre - Fantastic diary on how to use the Abramoff scandal in the election.  Tons of races can use it, and some are already doing it with success.  Lots of linky goodness.

On to the Next Right Thing by cmkay - Diarist excerpts BuzzFlash article by Brent Budowsky, who used to work with the Dem. Congressional Leadership when Dems were winning elections.

Still Pissed? Here's Something You Can Do by Alegre - Diarist encourages everyone to become a poll judge on election day.  Info on how to sign up for this in MD included.

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