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Now that three full days have passed since the revelation that a U.S. Congressman is a predatory pedophile. And that the highest levels of Republican congressional leadership was aware of this situation, and apparently did nothing to prevent this person from having access to young boys in their charge.

And since that it is now Sunday evening, I am sure that "family-values" religious-right leadership, having had amble time to pray and reflect on this transgression. I'm sure these leaders of moral clarity, today ascended their pulpits, expressed shock, disgust, and condemnation against Rep. Foley and the House Republication Leadership.

 So lets take a twirl around the Christian Right Web to see what statements have been made by these leaders.

First up, Jerry Falwell:


Oh well, I'm sure Dr. James Dobson at Focus on the Family has spoken out:


The Traditional Values Coalition??

Humm, nothing. (They do have ABC footage that Bill Clinton doesn't want you to see though! ).

Tony Perkins over at the Family Research Council???


Pat Robertson????

    Nope, nothing there....

Concerned Women for America ???

    Nada. Although there some controversy concerning "Madonna vs. Veggie Tales", go figure...

Christian Coalition of America ???


My goodness, what's wrong with these people? Why aren't all these self-righteous defenders of good, old-fashion American family values, out screaming from their pulpits and websites about this criminal pedophile and his enablers???

Why do I get the impression, that if a Democratic Congressman had committed these crimes, righteous indignation would be screeching from these same websites in the largest fonts made available by their Intelligent Designers!

Hypocrites, every single one of them, Hypocrites!  

Originally posted to jjhalpin on Sun Oct 01, 2006 at 08:05 PM PDT.

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