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I was simply blown away by your outpouring of support last night when I finally got in. I had heard yesterday afternoon when I got out of church, where many of us were praying for a miracle, that one was literally taking place in the community of DailyKos. But I had no idea what you guys are truly capable of until now. We're going to make sure the nation knows come Novemember when we're on our way to Washington how this came to be.

People. Powered. Politics.

I love the fact that you folks truly get it.

I'm told that what we're doing here in North Carolina's 8th is nothing short of amazing. And your continued support let's me continue to tell it like it is, run like the frontrunner, and get out there and win the vote of every single person I connect with. You help keep the lights on, keep me on TV and radio, and I promise I'll keep working harder for the people than ever.

"Someone Working...For a Change" is more than a slogan. It's what we need in Washington. Today though, they need me in Charlotte for some TV interviews, and thanks to your generous support, I'll be making some more commercials today too.

Remember, what I told the Charlotte Observer is the truth.

"What comes in goes on TV and radio the next day."

So the fact is, I've got thousands of you media buyers out there that want to be heard. And you are being heard, by millions of voters. I'll keep you up to date - last count this morning was 147 new and many recurring contributors via Netroots and PayPal adding almost $10,000 to the latest media buy, many in those inspiringly significant multiples of $88.94.

Keep it coming, and we will take our country back from the special interests that have been buying and selling the People's House.

Thank you all and God Bless.

Originally posted to Larry Kissell on Mon Oct 09, 2006 at 08:02 AM PDT.

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