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Image Hosted by The Combined Campaign Headquarters of All The Bury-s opened this week in downtown. We all came out on a beautiful fall day to greet Diane Patrick, "Mrs. Deval". She came up to our regional campaign post to rally the troops. We have a lot of work ahead of us and "this election doesn't end until Nov 7th at 8:01 PM."

We have a lot of work to do in Massachusetts for two very simple reasons. First, we want to have a Governor Deval, of course. Second, we need to get out the kind of vote that is necessary for the people in Massachusetts to show the we repudiate the kind of "cesspool of politics" that the Kerry Healey campaign has dragged the entire state into in the last weeks.

But first, the video of Diane Patrick an engaging, beautiful and intelligent lady. She'd make a fine First Lady of Massachusetts.

Video: Diane Patrick - Part 1 (6:43)

Image Hosted by Mrs. Patrick tells us that knowing Deval over the years, he's never been happier than when he's been in public service. The next First Lady of Massachusetts continues,

Deval came to me on Christmas [2004] and said, "You know, I think it's time. I think it's my time. I think I'm going to do this. I think I'm ready and I think the citizens are ready. I need your support and the kids support..

People he spoke to said, "you know, you're a great guy... but you know there's a little skepticism here. You can't raise the money, no one knows who you are and you don't have any political capital to trade on."

I remember when it became public that he was going to throw his hat in the ring. There was a huge headline on the cover of the Patriot-Ledger above the fold in huge block letters, "DEVAL WHO?" with a big question mark and I know that's all it took to help to spur him on...
So he's got a thing with question marks in a headline. That's totally legit.

Here's the actual story from the Patriot-Ledger archives. Patrick is referred to as "Milton man" because that's where he lives. A nondescript title for an obscure longshot. So sweet. Image Hosted by

Deval who?: Milton man faces uphill climb for corner office

MILTON - On a busy Saturday morning, Deval Patrick was somewhere between his present and his possible future. The night before, the longtime Milton resident and former Justice Department official was at a gathering for Sen. John Kerry in Boston, "meeting the people I need to meet" if he runs for governor next year...

But Patrick is the first to admit that he faces an uphill climb if he plunges into a Democratic primary that's likely to be dominated by Attorney General Tom Reilly.

Video: Diane Patrick - Part 2 (4:00)

Image Hosted by This clips starts with a story about the town of Heath, MA. It's a population of about 700 or so. Deval met someone from Heath and he was invited to speak to the town anytime he could find the place, he did. On primary night the town of Heath voted 178 for Patrick, 4 for Gabrieli and 2 for Reilly.

The Town of Heath, Massachusetts was first settled in 1765 and was officially incorporated in 1785. The town is named after William Heath, the Major General of Massachusetts and Brigadier General in the national army during the American Revolution. -- source

On a more personal note... Image Hosted by

The fact that you're here to support this candidacy and this campaign Which Deval has said and will say again, is not about him, it's about all of us here.

It just gives us the strength and the courage and the conviction to just push back every time we are pushed and rise above the negativity and say: This is not what we want, this is not what we're about.

The people of Massachusetts are better than that. We are going to succeed on Nov. 7th and we are going to carry a new day into the State House. A new community that includes all of us.

Video: John Tierney (D-MA06) (9:27)

Image Hosted by Tierney starts in with a real barn-burning speech addressing the national and local concerns of the day. Security, the negativity of politics, the importance of community and the importance of getting involved to send a message to George Bush and the cynical politics that we endure today.

These votes should be large and enthusiastic to send the message that this district is not based on fear, it's not based on anger or hate, it's based on hope and motivation and moving forward.

There are those that think that the country is so divided that the only way to win an election here is to make sure that your polarized section is larger than their polarized section. And then driving the hatred, driving the anger, driving the fear so that those people that might vote for positive reasons might get discouraged and cynical and stay home.

[People] understand that with the leadership we have in the State House and the governor's office and the President of this country and the Republican majority in the Congress that they don't get it. They think it has to built on something deep and personal and angry and they're moving us in the wrong direction. We need to send George Bush a message.

Video: Rep. Mike Costello, Rep. Harriet Stanley and Sen. Steve Braddour (4:35)

Image Hosted by The delegation from the bury-s representing Newburyport, Newbury, West Newbury, Amesbury and Salisbury is featured in this clip. They were on hand to meet Mrs. Patrick too and fired up the crowd in this clip. Costello and Braddour are running unopposed this year, but Stanley, pictured here, could use your help against the "hockey player" as John Tierney called him.

Video: Diane Patrick - The Crowd (7:55)

Image Hosted by In this clip you can see a candid exchange between Mike Costello, State Rep from Newburyport, and Mrs. Patrick. Costello is a defense attorney, former prosecutor and he recounts to Diane that Healey smeared him over Melanie's Law because Costello had the temerity to raise constitutional issues with how the bill was written.

Costello: Healey came after me on Melanie's Bill because we raised some constitutional issues. Ya know, who would have ever thought that we were anti-American for talking about the constitution. So it hits home...

Diane Patrick: You know, the thought of having someone as our governor that doesn't appreciate the constitution and the protections that it offers all of us is very frightening.

Image Hosted by I also got to meet a couple of ladies that drove to Newburyport from Northampton, NoHo, for a day on the town shopping. They're big Deval supporters, they parked their car and found out soon after that Mrs. Patrick would be speaking in Newburyport that day.

They came by the headquarters, had a little lunch and one of the ladies got to talk to Diane for a minute or two as she arrived. She was very punctual, the politeness of Queens.

The lady from Northampton can be seen on the tape telling Mrs. Patrick, "All you see is Deval signs all over that part of state." Nothing but Deval... I always thought Western Mass. was grossly under-rated. Smart people out there.

Plant a sign, maybe it'll grow into a governor.

Recent Video Clips of Patrick:

Media links:

Image Hosted by Polls show unenrolled support for Mihos low October 22.
Healey renews call to Patrick for 1-on-1 debate October 21.
Massachusetts, Back in the Game by E.J. Dionne October 20.

Unfortunately, this article merits special attention.

Attack of the attack ads: Healey, Patrick camps decry TV assaults
October 22.

U.S. Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) yesterday ripped Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey's campaign for "sinking to new lows" by sending prison uniform-clad volunteers portraying "Inmates for Deval" to the homes of Deval Patrick and his campaign manager, John Walsh.

Obama also accused Healey of running a nasty, negative-ad-fueled campaign of "fear." But Healey's spokesman said the ads simply tell the truth in response to union-funded attack ads aimed at her.

"The nastiness is all coming from one side - I haven't seen Deval running a bunch of nasty, negative ads, have you?" Obama said at an early-morning campaign appearance with Patrick yesterday.

Blog links:

Image Hosted by Healey's campaign: the worst Massachusetts has ever seen
David at Blue Mass Group has a picture of the "Inmates for Deval"
Healey's new ads, and women who have "complimented a rapist"
Healey's cowardice
This blog piece includes a YouTube clip from the debate and a spirited discussion of the hypocrisy that is Muffy. The clip is where Healey refuses to ask Mitten to stop making Massachusetts the butt of his jokes.
Healey's blatant lie about police on the streets, and other garbage

Just FYI on Romney and Healey:

In 2002, Romney set a state record for personal contributions to a gubernatorial campaign, donating $6.3 million to his political committee. As of mid-September, Healey had already contributed $7.2 million. That is on top of the $1.8 million she donated to her 2002 campaign.
-- source

Send a message in Massachusetts...

And on a more positive note, we have this brand new from the Deval campaign...

Watch the new ad featuring Tim Murray, Democratic nominee for Lt. Gov and the next Lt. Governor of Massachusetts replacing outgoing Kerry Healey of Beverly.
Video: Mayor Tim Murray. (0:30)

See you out there...

Originally posted to mbair on Sun Oct 22, 2006 at 07:45 PM PDT.

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