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(Yesterday's update got held up. Here it is -- kos)

This Roundup Diary covers the period from 1:00 PM Monday, 10/23 to 1:00 PM EDT Tuesday, 10/24.

We're doing pretty well with volunteers for now. You can still drop us a line and I'm sure we'll find something for you to do. But at this point please just take that time and donate it to a campaign that needs it. (Incredible thanks to volunteers Nightprowlkitty, Alma, Sevah, suejazz, randallt, edgery, cdale777, mkrc98, evap, eeff, drchelo, ukben, demkat620, anais, TruthOfAngels and bookmobile.)

Today's Menu Includes:
112 Diaries Overall
- 59 On House races
     - With 44 covering individual Districts in 24 states
- 27 On Senate races
    - Representing 10 different states
- 22 On Various election races
    - Encompassing Governor, Secretary of State, Local, and more
- 4 General election-related diaries

Over 4,700 diaries served to date!!!

This is an attempt to compile a fairly comprehensive listing of election-related diaries that have recently been posted. Most of them are House or Senate races but there are also some local ones, as well as the occasional 'general info' diary.

Reminder - If you are doing a diary on a specific race, particularly a House or Senate race, PLEASE, put the race number (or XX-Sen) at the beginning of the diary header. More diarists are now doing this and it is immensely helpful.

For all the introductory stuff and previous diaries in this series, please see:
Election Race Roundup (9/2 - 66 Days to Daylight) (with links to 10 diaries, covering 8/22-9/1).
Election Race Roundup (9/12 - EIGHT WEEKS TO GO!) (with links to 10 diaries, covering 9/2-9/11).
Election Race Roundup (9/22 - 46 Days to Daylight) (with links to 10 diaries, covering 9/12-9/21).
Election Race Roundup (10/2 - 36 Days to Daylight) (with links to 10 diaries, covering 9/22-10/1).
Election Race Roundup (10/12 - 26 Days to Daylight) (with links to 10 diaries, covering 10/2-10/11).
Election Race Roundup (10/22 - 16 Days to Daylight) (with links to 10 diaries, covering 10/12-10/21).
Election Race Roundup (10/23 - 15 Days to Daylight)

(1:00 PM, Monday, 10/23 to 1:00 PM, Tuesday, 10/24):  (112 diaries)

(Alphabetical, starting from F)

   House (59)

(IL-14) IL-14: Laesch Campaign Canvassing Update by rff88 - An update from one of John Laesch campaign workers.

(IL-15) Why you shouldn't vote for Tim Johnson (as if you need a reason) (Il-15) by Gill for Congress 2006 - Reasons not to vote for Tim Johnson (R).

(IL-18) IL-18: Waterworth works hard; LaHood shames his district by onanyes - Peoria Star Journal ran an article about Dem Steve Waterworth in his race to unseat incumbent Repub Ray LaHood.

(IN-09) IN-09: Hill ahead, GOTV will win by BWaskIUgrad - A poll puts Baron Hill (D) out in front of Mike Sodrel (R).

(KS-02) KS-02: Ryun (R-wingnut) Lies About Foley by jgkojak - Rep. Jim Ryun (R) lies about his relationship to former Rep. Mark Foley (R). Vote for challenger Nancy Boyda (D).

(MI-08) Why the Political Tsunami Will Hit Michigan This Year by TheRealMoralMajority - Diarist writes about The MI-08 race.

(MI-09) MI-09 UPDATE: Contribute to Our Attack Ad! by Jordan LFW - Nancy Skinner's (D) campaign is putting together an ad calling Joe Knollenberg (R) "an Inconvenient Congressman".

(MI-11) Tony Trupiano will win! by djtyg - New polls show Tony Trupiano (D) running 50-50 against Thaddeus McCotter (R).

(MN-02) MN-02 John Kline endorses Coleen Rowley's Iraq plan? by georeeve - Diarist brings 3 articles on the MN-02 district.

(MN-02) MN-02: John Kline's support for veterans is anything but by pakwindu - John Kline (R) gets a deservedly bad grade by Disabled Veterans, despite his claims to support them.

(MN-06) MN-06: Bachmann's (R) church believes Catholics follow Satan by kos - Patty Wetterling's (D) opponent, Michele Marie Bachmann's (R) church believes all Catholics follow Satan; this is a 40% Catholic district.

(NC-05) NC-05: Roger Sharpe and $20 Tuesday by StormBear - Dem Roger Sharpe is out of funds to unseat incumbent Repub Virginia Foxx, so please help in any way you can.

(NE-02) NE-02 Lee Terry chickens out on debate /w Jim Esch by Iowa Boy - has the letter sent by Republican Lee Terry's campaign about debates with Democrat Jim Esch

(NE-03) NE-03: New Kleeb Ads by kos - Scott Kleeb (D) has some new television ads that are good.

(NH-01) NH-01 A big thumb's up from the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard! by ManchesterConnection - Carol Shea-Porter (D) is formally endorsed by the Metal Trades Council of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.

(NH-01) NH-01, Iron-mongers Reject Fear-mongers by hannah - Carol Shea-Porter (D) won the endorsement of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard's largest union over rival Jeb Bradley (R), despite his efforts against a dubious closure threat.

(NJ-04) NJ-04: Crum-believable! Colbert disses my ad for Carol Gay! by arubyan - Challenger Carol Gay (D) uses netroots produced ad.

(NJ-05) NJ 5 Taking it to the streets by Doughnutman - Paul Aronsohn (D) continues his walk on the streets to get votes.

(NJ-07) NJ-07: Mike Ferguson's Incredible Cruelty, Part II by nathanrudy - Rep. Mike Ferguson (R) refuses to speak with youth who need help from stem cell research.

(NJ-08) (NJ-08) I shook Jack Murtha's hand today by jfdunphy - A Kossack meets John Murtha, speaking in New Jersey's 8th District.

(NM-01) Albuquerque Journal tries to swing vote to help Republican Wilson by NMDan - Diarist discusses local paper's biased coverage of the race between Patricia Madrid (D) and Heather Wilson (R).

(NY-03) NY-03: Peter King is an Asshole! (Episode 20) by pontificator - Diarist shows his love of Peter King.

(NY-03) NY-03: Peter King Thinks He's Thomas Jefferson by Dave Mejias for Congress - Rep. Peter King (R) is delusional. Help Dave Mejias (D) send him to the funny farm.

(NY-03) Living Like a (Peter) King by stjohnixx - Check out what Peter King has been spending his campaign cash on. Support Dem Dave Mejias.

(NY-13) NY-13 hits the big time, MSNBC tomorrow by jonah in nyc - The news of Democrat Steve Harrison's appearance on MSNBC's all day political coverage.

(NY-13) NY-13: Harrison on MSNBC C.MATTHEWS SPECIAL, Today 3pm!!!!! by from the puggle - Steve Harrison (D), opposing Vito Fossella (R), gets attention from all sides as CQ Politics upgrades his race: appearance on Chris Matthews' election special, NYT reports final debate, WSJ profile.

(NY-20) NY-20: Overpass Project, plus Hillary by devtob - Diarist writes about a days work to help take back our country.

(NY-29) Another great Kuhl campaign quote by Pogues Fan -List of quotes from freshman incumbent Repub Randy Kuhl. Support Fighting Dem Eric Massa.

(OH-14) OH-14: Katz (D) mail call by Hiram - A Kossack writes letters in support of Lew Katz (D), running against Steve LaTourette (R).

(PA-04) PA-04: NRCC Ups Investment, Adds Robocalling to TV Ads by Whigsboy - Melissa Hart's (R) campaign is spending $ on negative ads and robocalls.

(PA-06) PA 06, Philly Inquirer Endorses Lois Murphy! by Silence Do Good - Lois Murphy (D) picks up a key endorsement in her battle with Jim Gerlach (R).

(TN-09) Memphis Paper Gives Strong Endorsement To Steve Cohen For TN-9 by Rob - Diarist quotes the endorsement of Steve Cohen (D) over Mike White (R).

(VA-11) (VA-11) Tom Davis, Hypocrite For Congress by Ambivalent Mumblings - Repub Tom Davis issued the subpoena for Terry Schiavo to appear before Congress, on the grounds that Michael Schiavo was living with another woman at the time, which is hypocritical as many suspect that Davis' wife divorced him because he had an affair. Support Dem. Andrew Hurst.

(WA-05) WA-05: Dirty Tricks and Desperation by mcjoan - The GOP is pulling out all the stops in eastern Washington, sliming Peter Goldmark with their patented lies.

(WA-08) Crashing the States:UPDATED! WA-08 area event with Darcy Burner! TONIGHT! by Erevann - Meet the Crashing the States crew at an event for netroots challenger Darcy Burner (D).

(WI-05) WI-5: I was going to say 'Barron's claims GOP will hold on to Congress...' by cheeseismoldymilk - has a call for kossack help for the campaign of Democrat Bryan Kennedy facing Republican James Sensenbrenner

(WV-02) Another Race Under the Radar by WV Democrat - Challenger Mike Callaghan (D) running the ultimate under-the-radar campaign against Rep. Shelley Moore Capito (R) in this traditionally Democratic state.

(WV-02) Plunging a toilet for democracy by Carnacki - Latest update on this race between Mike Callaghan (D) and Shelley Moore Capito (R).  With good news update at the bottom.

(WV-02) WV=02 DCCC adds Callaghan to Emerging Races by lauraheuchan - DCCC added Dem Mike Callaghan's challenge to incumbent Repub Shelley Capito to its list of emerging races.

(WY-AL) WY-AL Cubin Getting Violent? by Fishgrease - Cubin tells challenger, I'd slap you ............

(WY-AL) WY-AL Cubin Threatens to Slap Man in Wheelchair! by Fishgrease - After the debate between Repub Barbara Cubin, Libertarian Thomas Rankin, and Dem Gary Trauner, Cubin threatened to slap Rankin, a wheelchair bound MS sufferer, because of comments about Cubin receiving campaign contributions from Tom Delay.

(WY-AL) WY-AL: Cubin is latest Republican to lose it by kos - Cubin almost assaults an opponent.

(AL-01) (AL-01) Jo Bonner (yawn) vs. Vivan Beckerle (Wow!) by alabamaliberal - Diarist writes about the candidates talking to a crowd of university students.

(AZ-01) AZ-01: In the Red Zone, it's first and goal to go for Simon, with Update by Sun Tzu - Challenger Ellen Simon (D) knows the district. Help her beat Rep. Rick Renzi (R).

(AZ-01) AZ-01 photodiary: What Ellen Simon is fighting for by ijk - Diarist brings pictures to convey what the race between Ellen Simon (D) & Rick Renzi is about.

(AZ-01) AZ-01 | My Daily Donation | E-14 | $20 to Ellen Simon by cmanaster - Today's donation goes to Dem Ellen Simon to unseat incumbent Rick Renzi. Currently the race is polled at 50-46 in favor of Simon.

(AZ-05) Biggest Blowhard in Congress - Challenged in AZ-5 by Palmetto Progressive - Challenger Harry Wilson (D) has the big mo against Rep. J.D. Hayworth (R)! Let's help him over the finish line!

(CA-04) CA-04 Dirty Tricks and Volunteering by juls - The diarist did some successful canvassing for Lt. Col. Charlie Brown in a Republican district.

(CA-04) CA-04 Doolittle and the Case of the Missing Dam Study by AmericanRiverCanyon - The US Bureau of Reclamation is not issuing its report on the Auburn Dam until "after the election", hmmmm.

(CA-11) Is Pombo running scared? by wrolley - Pombo (R) bails on some interviews.  Support Dem Jerry McNerney.

(CA-11) CA-11: DCCC releases ad attacking Pombo by UTBriancl - Links to the new DCCC ad in CA-11.

(CA-28) CA-28: Green versus Democrat by Maryscott OConnor - Diarist tells of her dilemma between voting for a Green (Howard Berman) and Byron DeLear (D).

(CA-45) CA-45 - On the list, here's the Desert Sun story by The Rogue - The DCCC has discovered David Roth (D) who is running against Mary Bono (R).

(CA-46) CA-46: Debates Today - Watch This Space by eph89 - Challenger Jim Brandt (D) debates Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R) who everyone holds their nose and votes for in Orange County only because they don't want to get on his bad side.

(CA-47) CA-47: You Can't Nguyen 'Em All by beezling - has links to local news coverage of the controversy surrounding Republican Tan Nguyen's campaign mailers while he faces Democrat Loretta Sanchez, with bonus slaps at Dana Rohrabacher(R) and his Taliban lovin' ways

(CO-06) Tancredo wants less English education? by TakeBackTheHouse - Tony Tancredo (R) does not want Spanish-speaking children to learn English in Colorado.

(CT-04) CT-04: In Praise of a Green by Desroko - Green Party candidate Richard Duffee drops out, leaving Diane Farrell (D) and Chris Shays (R) in the race.

(CT-04) CT-04: Dead Even by RandyMI - News from CT that Chris Shay's (R) is in a dead heat with Diane Farrell (D).

(House-Var) House Races Thread by kos - A compilation - with polls - of all interesting House Races.

   Senate (27)

(FL-Sen) Now Is The Time, Senator Nelson: Step Up For Local Florida Candidates by bkirby816 - Takes a hard look at Sen Ben Nelson's FEC filings, showing approximately 15-18 million cash on hand. Implores Nelson to donate some of that money for House races in Florida.

(MD-Sen) MD-Sen: Steele's Latest Endorsement by Omen - Diarist post a list of Steel's endorsements.

(MD-Sen) MD-Sen: Cardin to air Michael J. Fox stem cell ad by Xeno of Elia - has the links to Democrat Ben Cardin's campaign's plan to use the Michael J. Fox ad about stem cell research.  The ad is a must see.

(MO-Sen) Talent AD - She'll lie and she'll cheat. McCaskill won't attack! Where is her spine!!! by TexasMacaca - Please Claire McCaskill (D)! Sen. Jim Talent (R) called you a liar in a campaign ad! Fight back hard!

(MT-Sen) MT-Sen: We Got Ourselves a Race by Left in the West - Burns (R) is a strong closer and may be catching up to Tester (D). Chip in!

(NJ-Sen) (NJ-Sen) NYT: Kean Jr's record "Inconsistent" by SJBrian - New York Times takes issue with Repub Tom Kean Jr.'s efforts to paint himself as an independent, based on his voting record. Support Dem Bob Menendez in his bid to retain the seat.

(OH-Sen) OH-Sen: Brown (D) Endorsed by Toledo Blade by YellowDogSammy - Rep. Sherrod Brown (D) gets a boost in heavily blue northeastern Ohio. Turnout anyone?

(TN-Sen) Hastert's Feet Held To The Fire In East TN by ladylib - Diarist provides links to news accounts of Speaker Dennis Hastert's recent fundraising trip to East Tennessee.

(TN-Sen) TN SENATE: Illegal Coordination? Corker Travels With RNC Spokeperson Who Launched Nasty Ad by ChrisDJackson - Harold Ford (D) called Bob Corker (R) on the nasty ad.

(TN-Sen) Tn-Sen: Mason-Dixon Polls Corker 45 - Ford 43 by Sandy on Signal - Harold Ford (D), in virtual tie with Bob Corker (R), needs GOTV and other help after slipping from slight lead.

(UT-Sen) UT-Sen: More Debate Video - Recipes and Ringtones by pashdown - There will be a live debate on Utah TV station (KUTV) on Tuesday.

(VA-Sen) George Allen Defends Chinese Spy, Endangers U.S. National Security by lowkell - Information put out by the Jim Webb (D) campaign shows that George Allen (R) defended a Chinese spy.

(VA-Sen) VA-Sen: Latest M-D Poll by kos - The Mason-Dixon poll shows George Allen (R) running a few points ahead of Jim Webb (D).

(VA-Sen) VA Senate: Telling Half of the Story by phreindlyjaime - George Allen (R) had to ask for less expensive membership "plans" to join the NAACP.

(VA-Sen) Webb - 43; Allen - 47; New Poll by ixtx - A call for support for Jim Webb (D), running against George Allen (R).

(VA-Sen) VA-Sen: George F. Allen vs. James H. "Jim" . . . ? by Trapper John - Northern Virginia ballots cut off Jim Webb's "long" name.

(CT-Sen) CT-SEN: Chris Matthews - "Vote your brains" by dday - Chris Matthews called on viewers of "Hardball" to "vote their brains.

(CT-Sen) CT-Sen: Debate Thread - Lamont Kicks Ass, Hamsher States Lieberman Calls Lamont "Sonofabitch" by ProgressiveFighter - A diary on the CT senatorial debate.

(CT-Sen) FEC Complaint (Lieberman $387,000 Slush Fund) by Djneedle83 - Netroots challenger Ned Lamont's (D) campaign files FEC complaint to get Sen. Joe Lieberman (CFL) to follow the rules and disclose how he spent $387,000.

(CT-Sen) Holding Dems Feet to the Fire over Lieberman by Scribb - Why are Democratic senators keeping their distance from netroots challenger Ned Lamont (D)?

(CT-Sen) Proud To Support and Respect Ned Lamont by Big Tent Democrat  - Diarist provides his personal reasons for supporting Democrat Ned Lamont.

(CT-Sen) Demand Lieberman Apologize Over Heckler Smear by davefromqueens - Near the end of last night's debate between incumbent Joe Lieberman (LIE), Ned Lamont (D), and Alan Schlessinger (R), a pair of hecklers broke out into song during a Lieberman's response. Lieberman immediately accused Lamont of this, even though the hecklers have no clear affiliation with Lamont.

(CT-Sen) CT-Sen: Lieberman's WSJ Op-Ed Lies, Then & Now by BarbinMD - Diarist refutes Lieberman's defense, in Monday's debate, of an overly positive and selective firsthand view of Iraq he published in the WSJ.

(CT-Sen) Damn it, Lamont --Hammer Joe with Enron! by Bugsby - Diarist gives some advice to Lamont (D).

(CT-Sen) CT-US-Senator: Ned Lamont race still in play! by PeopleVsEconomicRoyalists - Some graphical analysis of the CT Sen race.

(CT-Sen) CT-Sen HQ: Last Night's Debate & Anti-War Joe by ttagaris - Get plugged in by following this diary's links to donate, watch a video, or volunteer.

(Var-Sen) Nine Senate Polls out. Dems lead in 7 by Paleo - Nine key Senate races polls, with Dems clear of the margin of error (MOE) in PA, RI, WA, and OH; within the MOE but ahead in MD, MO, and MT; trailing within the MOE in TN; and barely outside the MOE for VA.

   Various (22)

(FL-Gov) Max Linn allowed in Fl. Governor debate tonight! by mjd in florida - Reform candidate Max Linn will be included in tonight's debate between Dem Jim Davis and Repub Charlie Crist.

(FL-Var) FL-GOV, FL-09: Time to pony up! by SDorn - Diarist has info on Florida races.

(KS-AG) KS-AG: This is what a desperate Republican looks like... by jgkojak - Phill Kline (R) gets really low.

(MD-Gov) MD - Get ready for Ehrlich's final push. by nickshepDEM - Diarist brings the latest from the  MD Governors race.

(MD-Var) Maryland 2006 Update -- Two weeks until Election Day by Sharon in MD - Review of ads being used by the Repubs for Gov, Attorney General, and Sen.

(MI-Gov) DeVos and 527 groups -- violating the rules? by other72384 - Is Dick DeVos (R) breaking the law?

(MI-Gov) Just Say NO to Dick and YES to Jen - Reason #14 by LiberalLucy - has the latest reason in a series for supporting Jennifer Granholm (D) over Dick DeVos (R)

(MI-Gov) MI-GOV: A Vote for Dick Devos is a Vote for Amway! by devoshead - Repub Dick DeVos' family makes large amounts of money by being at the top of the Amway pyramidal system. Support incumbent Dem Jennifer Granholm.

(NJ-Gen)NJ Republicans screw up? by warprof - A registered Democrat receives an absentee ballot application from Republicans and gets evasive answers as to why.

(NY-StSen41) CALL TO ACTION: Brian Keeler Needs Virtual Volunteers by mindoca - Brian's looking for phonebanking from Kossacks.

(NY-StSen) NY State Senate Candidate Calls Legislature "A Secret Cabal" by Junkyard Dem - Nancy Low-Hogan (D) calls opponent Thomas P. Monahan (R) a member of a secret cabal who runs the state through back-room deals.

(PA-Var) Obama Shows Strength as Presidential Candidate While Campaigning for Rendell and Casey by State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA - Report on Democratic Senator Barak Obama wowing a crowd of 2000 to 3000 people at Temple University.

(SC-Gov) SC-Gov: "He's not our boy, or yours either. He's theirs." by wayward - Brad Warthen of The State (Columbia, SC) tells it like it is about Gov. Marshall Sanford.

(SD-Gov) SD-Gov: This says it all by SoDak Dem - Tune in for the final debate between Jack Billion (D) and Mike Rounds (R).

(TX-Gov) TX-GOV -- Kinky Friedman just endorsed a Texas Republican slate by stop kinky - Kinky Friedman seems to vote Republican.

(TX-HD-125) Push Polling inTx 125 by Nancy Castro - Repub Joaquin Castro's campaign has been push polling with questions such as If [Dem] Nelson Balido were a convicted felon, would that make it more likely, less likely, or have no difference as to whether you vote for him?

(CA-Gov) Schwarzenegger Supports Coerced Confessions, Wrongful Convictions by blueness - Schwarzenegger has vetoed bills that would prevent convictions based on coercion.

(CA-Gov) CA: Phil by practicalmatters - Call for help in Dem Phil Angelides' campaign against incumbent Repub Arnold Schwarzenegger.

(CA-SoS) Wednesday's SOS Debate & my Voter Bill of Rights by Senator Debra Bowen - The Democratic candidate for Secretary of State for California writes a diary.

(CO-Gov) CO-Gov Slaughter Continues: Dem Ritter Up 18 Points! by pacified - Bill Ritter (D) is way ahead of Bob Beauprez (R) in a new poll.

(CO-Var) The Busy Progressive's Guide to Colorado Congressional Races by Stagarite - Great compendium of each Colorado congressional race in one easy to find location!

(Var) FOLLOWING THE POLLS--The Monday Edition (SUPERSIZED) by Steve Singiser - Steve's daily roundup of nationwide polls.

   General (4)

WaPost: Independents Favor Democrats Over Republicans by Eric Hopp - Diarist brings an article from the WaPo.

Report predicts possible voter chaos November 7 by ignatz uk - Highlights a Financial Times article that identifies the top ten states for potential voting problems in the midterm elections.

Cuddle Your Vote by a lynn - How to be smart and proactive and avoid/prevent rejected, spoiled, uncounted, barred and frustrated votes. Lots of useful links.

Polls, polls, polls by kos - Polls.

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