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Another "Battleground Edition."  This time, Idaho.  What?!  Idaho, where Bush got 69% of the vote, and Republicans outnumber Democrats two to one.  Idaho is a battleground?  Yup.  Sure is.  You see, the bad guys were so overconfident in the redness of their state that they figured they could not only mail it in, they could also go even MORE conservative and not have anybody notice.  Guess what happened?  People noticed.

The Washington Post describes it as "hell freezing over," and maybe they're right.  But the eight-term state rep running on the Republican side of the ticket to fill Butch Otter's seat, Bill Sali, was described by the REPUBLICAN Speaker of the Idaho House in these glowing terms:

"That idiot is just an absolute idiot."

"He doesn't have one ounce of empathy in his whole fricking body, and you can put that in the paper "

Previous Battleground Editions:  Missouri, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Connecticut¸ Indiana

The Governor's race is also getting interesting.  Otter, now running for Governor, might be getting a little uncomfortable, as Jerry Brady's internal polls show a statistical tie, with Brady actually up 42-40.

So, let's see what the good people of Idaho have to say.

The Herald Journal

A scientist looks at political hyperbole.  And suggests an experiment.

GOP best for valley just a hypothesis

This letter is in response to Don Kirby's recent letter ... " ... the reason Utah and Cache Valley are good places to live is largely because of (Republicans)."
Among members of the scientific community this type of statement is known as a hypothesis ... The data are typically compiled in one of two ways. Either historical data from existing sources are obtained, or an experiment is run in order to generate the data in the first place. Since Democrats have never been in power in Cache Valley long enough to provide any historical basis upon which to test the "Kirby Hypothesis," using historical data to perform the test is obviously out of the question. Therefore, the only possible way to test the hypothesis is through experimentation. And the only possible experiment would be to elect Democrats to local and statewide office as soon as possible and then keep Democrats in power for a measurable number of years (say, 10 to 20 years).
Arthur J. Caplan

Couer d'Alene Press

George W. Bush feels your pain- just not where you feel it.

BUSH: President has felt, caused much pain

George Bush feels the pain caused by the shooting of school children. He feels the pains of those G.I.s killed or wounded in Iraq. He feels the pain of those who suffered hurricane losses. He also has caused a lot of pain among his constituents and others around the world. I don't need to tell you in what part of their anatomy they feel the pain.
Henry J. Manson

Dalton Gardens

Idaho Statesman

It is not enough to vilify partisan politics if you keep electing partisan politicians.  Bill Sali is one of the most radical of partisan politicians.  

Grant is clear choice

This fall we can strike a blow against Washington polarization by refusing to elect Bill Sali, a notorious partisan. This man is the epitome of a person who refuses to see anything outside his preconceived worldview. For instance, few believe abortion causes breast cancer, but Sali ignores volumes of data disagreeing with his shrill view of the world and presses on. ...
So the choice is clear. If you think Washington needs more divisiveness, less cooperation and more "I'm right -- You're wrong," vote for Sali. If you think that members of Congress should work together for the common good of the nation, vote for Larry Grant. The choice is yours. Use it wisely.
Ed Lonsdale, Boise

Idaho Statesman

When we think of Idaho, we think of gun-totin'ranchers and fly fishing (or at least I do).  But don't buy into the knee-jerk belief they are therefore "conservative," in a day and age when conservative stopped meaning libertarian and started meaning sell the state to the highest bidder.

Elect Jerry Brady

We are coming to a critical time in Idaho history. Will Idaho be sold to big business and raped like any other Third World country with the resulting loss of environmental quality and quality of life and health for our children? Or, will we wake up, stand together, and do something about it?
We all have an opportunity to put Jerry Brady in the office of governor if we work together. How rare it is these days to find a politician who is not bought by big business. Jerry talks a lot about his grandkids and the life he hopes they will have in Idaho. It sounds trite, but Jerry really does care about the people of Idaho and his grandkids.  ...
James Reed, Hagerman

The Times-News

"Conservative" is an interesting word these days. To some it means "Christian," while to others it means "libertarian."  There are even people who still think it means "fiscally responsible," though people that clinically insane should not be allowed to vote, or use anything more dangerous than a spork to feed themselves.  This letter addresses conservatives and the fantasy of "compassionate conservatism."   Enjoy.

Conservative compassion leaves U.S. in the cold

No doubt "compassionate conservatism" was a welcome idea to many voters participating in the dubious 2000 "election." Conversely, the 1980s administration based its neglect of the poor on the premise that the plight of the poor was the poor's own fault. ...

In other words, the `80s administration blamed the victims of an out-of-whack economy and, instead of compassion, advocated punishment of the victims by ending welfare. ...

The "compassionate conservatism" campaign slogan begged the question: Was compassion part of previous conservatism? Indeed, it was not. Nor is it part of current conservatism. ....

Under the present government, where is the compassion for those whose jobs were "out-sourced" to countries with cheaper labor? The "compassionate conservatives" now in power did nothing to restrain the indifferent, unpatriotic corporations that did the out-sourcing. To the contrary, these conservatives "compassionately" awarded tax cuts to corporations! ...

Vote for leaders that have demonstrated true compassion!

Originally posted to Palate Press: The online wine magazine on Thu Oct 26, 2006 at 02:16 PM PDT.

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