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(From the diaries -- Susan)

For all the introductory stuff and links to previous diaries in this series, please look below the fold.

This Roundup Diary covers the period from 1:00 PM Wednesday, 10/25 to 1:00 PM EDT Thursday, 10/26.

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Today's Menu Includes:
122 Diaries Overall
- 53 On House races
     - With 37 covering individual Districts in 19 states
- 34 On Senate races
    - Representing 11 different states
- 28 On Various election races
    - Encompassing Governor, Secretary of State, Local, and more
- 7 General election-related diaries

Over 5,000 diaries served to date!!!

This is an attempt to compile a fairly comprehensive listing of election-related diaries that have recently been posted. Most of them are House or Senate races but there are also some local ones, as well as the occasional 'general info' diary.

Reminder - If you are doing a diary on a specific race, particularly a House or Senate race, PLEASE, put the race number (or XX-Sen) at the beginning of the diary header. More diarists are now doing this and it is immensely helpful.

For all the introductory stuff and previous diaries in this series, please see:
Election Race Roundup (9/2 - 66 Days to Daylight) (with links to 10 diaries, covering 8/22-9/1).
Election Race Roundup (9/12 - EIGHT WEEKS TO GO!) (with links to 10 diaries, covering 9/2-9/11).
Election Race Roundup (9/22 - 46 Days to Daylight) (with links to 10 diaries, covering 9/12-9/21).
Election Race Roundup (10/2 - 36 Days to Daylight) (with links to 10 diaries, covering 9/22-10/1).
Election Race Roundup (10/12 - 26 Days to Daylight) (with links to 10 diaries, covering 10/2-10/11).
Election Race Roundup (10/22 - 16 Days to Daylight) (with links to 10 diaries, covering 10/12-10/21).
Election Race Roundup (10/23 - 15 Days to Daylight)
Election Race Roundup (10/24 - TWO WEEKS TO GO!!!)
Election Race Roundup (10/25 - 13 Days to Daylight)

(1:00 PM, Wednesday, 10/25 to 1:00 PM, Thursday, 10/26):  (122 diaries)

(Alphabetical, starting from H)

   House (53)

(IL-11) IL-11 Pavich gets another Newspaper Endorsement by chicagodavid - John Pavich (D) earns a south-side Chicago paper endorsement in his battle with incumbent Jerry Weller (R).

(IL-14) IL-14 Another Laesch Campaign Canvassing Update by rff88 - Diarist is the Campaign Canvassing Coordinator, & he brings an update.

(IL-15) Who is going to help the farmers?(Il-15) by Gill for Congress 2006 - Farmers are not happy with Tim Johnson (R).

(IL-19) Best Man for the JOB! by WeDemocrats - Diarist discusses rural Illinois voting patterns.

(IN-03) RCCC hiding collapse in internal polling? by ManfromMiddletown - NRCC is now dropping $100,000 in the IN-3.

(IN-08) Dirty Radio AD against Brad Ellsworth by TexasMacaca - Rep. John Hostettler (R) pulls out "homosexual agenda" card against challenger Brad Ellsworth (D).

(KY-03) Slinging the Mud in KY-03 by Sea Wind - Rep. Anne Northrup (R) runs a dishonest ad against challenger John Yarmuth (D) and then hypocritically turns around and cries foul for a supposed "deceptive" ad against her.

(KY-03) Rep. Northup FLIP: Iraq is now "impossible to win." by winstnsmth - Incumbent Repub Anne Northup has now flipped her position on Iraq in response to increased pressure from Dem John Yarmuth.

(KY-03) KY-03 -- Northup Cuts and Runs by bmaples - Bill Clinton campaigned for Dem John Yarmuth to unseat Repub Anne Northup.

(LA-02) LA-2: New Polls, New Confusion by Crashing Vor - The race for LA-02 between William Jefferson, Karen Carter, Troy Carter, Derrick Shepherd, Joe Lavigne will almost certainly go to a runoff, and thus won't be decided till December.

(MO-09) MO-9: Burghard Recommended by the St. Louis Post Dispatch! by AAbshier - Dem Duane Burghard garnered the endorsement of the St. Louis Post over incumbent Repub Kenny Hulshof, previous recipient of the endorsement.

(NC-05) Local Television Station Sandbags Sharpe (NC-05_ by crowbar317 - Was Roger Sharpe (D) unfairly questioned by a radio station in comparison to his opponent, Virginia Foxx (R)?

(NC-05) NC-05 Still In Play! (w/video) by StormBear - Roger Sharpe (D) is working hard to close this election against Virginia Foxx.

(NC-08) NC-08: "Lord, yes. Please. Amen." by RANT - Gov. Jim Hunt campaigned with Dem Larry Kissell in his race to unseat Repub Robin Hayes.

(NC-13) NC-13: Brad Miller needs about $38,000 by Tuesday to bury Vernon Robinson! by letsfight - A call to donate to Brad Miller (D).

(NC-13) Brad Miller (NC 13) Needs Your Help by momoaizo - Brad Miller (D) needs your help.

(NC-Var) NC Congressional Races: The Line by ludkmr - Rundown of all the NC congressional house races.

(NE-03) NE-03 Scott Kleeb answers questions by NebraskaLefty - Diarist has the questions not asked at the debate with answers.

(NH-01) NH-01 And the winner is... by ManchesterConnection - The recent debate is a good thing for Carol Shea-Porter (D), running against Jeb Bradley.

(NH-02) LIVE-BLOGGING: Hodes/Bass Debate, WMUR 6:45-8pm (NH-02) by keener - Live blogging and comments from the debate between Paul Hodes (D) and Charlie Bass (R).

(NJ-07) NJ-07: Stender Ferguson Debate: How Does She WIN? by ellinton - The diarist proposes some debate strategy for Linda Stender (D) against opponent Mike Ferguson (R).

(NY-03) Video: Pete King, partisan lapdog by Cynicor - Homemade video debunking incumbent Repub Peter King's claims of bipartisanship in his race against Dem Dave Mejias.

(NY-03) Peter King and terrorism (NY-03) by Duke1676 - With a link to Online Journal and a video, diarist show why Peter King (R), opposing Dave Mejias (D), always prefaces the word "terrorism" with "Islamic."

(NY-03) NY-03: King (R) calls AARP and NAACP "radical organizations" by kos - Those radicals.  Link for Dave Mejias (D) included.

(NY-13) NY-13 The media is finally taking notice... Will the party be next? Will you be next? by shellyshell - It's been a big week for Stephen Harrison (D) in his race against Vito Fossella (R).

(NY-13) NY-13 | My Daily Donation | E-12 | $20 to Steve Harrison by cmanaster - Today's donation goes to Dem Steve Harrison in his race to unseat the only Repub Rep in NYC, Vito Fossella.

(NY-13) NY-13: Vito Fossella DESTROYED in last debate - the blow by blow!!! by from the puggle - Vito Fossella (R) is questioned and booed by angry constituents, while Steve Harrison (D) gets applause. But Harrison still needs phonebankers and lit droppers in Brooklyn for the final push.

(NY-19) NY-19: News anchor asks on air why Sue Kelly keeps hiding! by Take19 - Why isn't Sue Kelly (R) appearing in public?  John Hall (D) is running against her.

(NY-20) NY-20: Sweeney For Sale! by colin neal - Top 10 reasons why John Sweeney (R) has sold out to special interests; his opponent is Kristin Gillibrand (D).

(NY-20) Waitin' for the Big Dog in NY 20 by LuLu - Bill Clinton does a fly-in for Kirsten Gillibrand (D), running against John Sweeney (R).

(NY-20) NY-20: Let's See Them Steal THIS Sign! by xtcian - diarist has pics and a personal take on the state of the race between Kristen Gillibrand (D) and John Sweeney (R).

(NY-23) Um ... Didn't Congress Just Shred the Constitution? by DrBob - Campaign message from Dem Bob Johnson who is challenging incumbent Repub John McHugh.

(NY-25) James T. Walsh: His Campaign "Tell." In Debate Number 4, It Was Iraq. by gwojtowy - Diarist has a personal take on the debate between Dan Maffei (D) and James Walsh (R).

(NY-25) NY-25: How gerrymandering can backfire by NYCO - Dem Dan Maffei is being helped by the ad blitz in the surrounding Congressional districts in his race to unseat incumbent Repub Jim Walsh.

(NY-29) Saint Laura to the rescue by Pogues Fan - Laura Bush will campaign for Randy Kuhl (R) who is losing support among women; his opponent is Eric Mass (D).

(NY-29) NY-29: Bad Lies are not Good Leadership by Eric Massa - Highlights the lies incumbent Repub Randy Kuhl is telling about Dem challenger Eric Massa.

(OH-02) Help Vic Wulsin Unseat "Mean Jean" in Ohio's 2nd (no $ needed) by Troutfishing - A call to support Victoria Wulsin (D), running against Jean Schmidt (R).

(OH-02) OH-02 This Crazy Women In Red Is So Full of Schidt by New Sweden - Diarist brings a rant with facts.

(OH-02) Mean Jean Cries FOUL! Your chuckle of the day by calebfaux - Jean Schmidt (R) complains that Victoria Wulsin (D) used actual House footage showing Schmidt being stupid.

(OH-18) OH-18: NRCC $3,153,072.33 and counting by DanD - Details on the GOP's desperate spending in Ohio.

(PA-07) Dialing for Sestak by politichic - The diarist describes a day of phone-banking for Joe Sestak (D) in his race to unseat Curt Weldon (R).

(PA-19) PA-19 Update: Phil Avillo...Career American by KillsApathyDead - About the race between Phil Avillo (D) and Todd Platz (R).

(TX-10) Attack Ad, Bush, Cheney, McCaul/TX-10 by Ted Ankrum - Candidate Ted Ankrum has his new attack ad for you to view.

(WA-08) WA-08: Burner is Better, see for yourself Oct. 26th by LokiMom - There will be a rally for Darcy Burner (D), running against Dave Reichert (R).

(WY-AL) WY-AL: Trauner Gaining Steam by kainah - Gary Trauner (D) is gaining against incumbent Barbara Cubin (R) in this very Republican state.

(CA-04) Push-Polling in CA04...with a twist... by vipersdad - First time diarist has a report on a recent polling call in the race between Charlie Brown (D) and John Doolittle(R).

(CA-11) CA-11: Who's the scum? (Pombo #41) by Land of Enchantment - Rep. Richard Pombo (R) being investigated for connections to Abramoff.

(CA-45) David Roth takes on the Mud Slinger by soyinkafan - David Roth (D) takes to the monster truck circuit.  Vote for Roth in his race against incumbent Mary Bono (R).

(CA-46) CA-46: Dana Rohrabacher Insults Military Families (w/video) by ollieb - Dana Rohrabacher (R) badmouths military families again.

(CT-04) NY Times Endorses Farrell over Shays in CT-04 by DemFromCT - The NYT adds Diane Farrell to the Endorsement list.

(CO-06) CO-06: Winter (D) - Tancredo (R) - Woehr (L) debate recap by Chimes of Freedom - has a recap of the debate between Tom Tancredo (R), Bill Winter (D), and Jack Woehr (L).

(CO-Var) The Colorado Democratic surge by kos - CQ upgrades 2 CO races.  Linky Dem goodness included.

(FL-24) FL-24: Zogby poll shows Curtis/Feeney almost even! by pattyp - Diarist is happily pimping her candidate in FL-24.

   Senate (34)

(MD-Sen) Maryland Races by jiacinto - An analysis of the Maryland senate race using statistics from previous races.

(MD-Sen) Midnight CSPAN: 3 Way Dem-Rep-Grn US Sen Debate; Will Dems Lose Md w POLL by jim d - Maryland candidates Ben Cardin (D), Michael Steele (R) and Kevin Zeese (G) debate.

(MD-Sen) Does Michael Steele "Love" Puppies TOO MUCH? by NickM - Snarky ad suggestion for Ben Cardin (D) in his race against Michael Steele (R).

(ME-Sen) C'mon Jean! Nail her!! ME-Senate Reactions to Debate #1 by ndawg - Diarist laments Jean Hay Bright's (D) performance at a recent debate with Olympia Snowe (R).

(MO-Sen) MO-SEN; John Danforth Refuses to Endorse Jim Talent! by pontificator - Former Sen. John Danforth (R) refuses to endorse anti-stem cell Sen. Jim Talent (R).

(MO-Sen) What Would Jesus Do About Michael J. Fox? by MoS - Another look at `How Low Can They Go?'

(MO-Sen) Response ad to Micheal J. Fox LIES! by notableabsence - Diarist itemizes untruths in ad responding to Michael J. Fox's stem-cell amendment ad for Claire McCaskill (D), running against Jim Talent (R).

(MT-Sen) Conrad Burns is a Fiscal Conservative? by Kel Pennypacker - Diarist has a report from the National Taxpayers Union Foundation.

(MT-Sen) Reid backs Tester, by extension, Lieberman? by redstar - Diarist brings results fron Harry Reid's promise to put Tester on the Appropriations committee.

(NJ-Sen) NJ-SEN: NRSC to Blow $5 Million in Jersey by RandyMI - The Republicans are spending a lot of money on this race. Bob Menendez (D) and Tom Kean, Jr. (R) are the candidates.

(NJ-Sen) Tom Kean's anti Italian campaign ad by Hoofin - Critique of Repub Tom Kean Jr.'s recent attack ad, with anti-Italian American overtones, against incumbent Dem Bob Menendez.

(PA-Sen) Santorum Ducking the Issues - Written About on Roll Call by Wildlife Action - Wildlife Action has a new ad against incumbent Rick Santorum (R); his opponent is Bob Casey Jr (D).

(PA-Sen) Santorum Free TV; But what about the money? by ATC - We'll see what Rick Santorum (R) will do with his remaining $3.6 million now that he isn't spending it on TV ads.

(PA-Sen) Santorum: They Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful by RenaRF - Sen. Rick Santorum (R) Is really losing it.

(RI-Sen) Lincoln Chafee: George Bush's Indispensable Man by jab - Lincoln Chafee shows a pattern of supporting Bush, in spite of his label as a moderate Republican; his opponent is Sheldon Whitehouse (D).

(RI-Sen) Lincoln Chafee (R-RI) "Nobody's Perfect" by rebop - Updates from RI on the Senate race between Sheldon Whitehouse (D) and Lincoln Chafee (R).

(TN-Sen) TN-Sen: Making the RNC ad work for Harold Ford by doin it for the shorties - How the dirty ad can be turned around.

(TN-Sen) TN-Sen: Mehlman pulls racist Ford Ad! by zknower - Ken Mehlman pulls a scurrilous ad denigrating Harold Ford, Jr. (D), running against Bob Corker (R).

(TN-Sen) Memphis Mayor Gives His Thoughts On Corker And Ford In TN Senate Race by Rob - Diarist has the links to an endorsement of Harold Ford Jr.(D) over Bob Corker(R) that isn't exactly warm and fuzzy from a fellow democrat.

(TN-Sen) TN SENATE: (READ) HAROLD FORD JR. NEEDS YOUR HELP AND PRAYERS! by ChrisDJackson - The Republicans are really sliming Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. (D).

(TN-Sen) TN-Sen: Republican Ad Uses "Jungle Drum" Sounds For Mentions of Black Senate Candidate by Hunter - Title says it all.

(TN-Sen) (TN-Sen) Steadfastly Missing the Point (with Poll) by Liberal Thinking - There are hidden messages in the recent anti-Ford ads.

(TN-Sen) TN-Sen: Finally some decency from the corporate media by Ajax the Greater - The NY Times article about Harold Ford (D), the racist ads, and his race against Bob Corker (R).

(TN-Sen) Bimbo Ad is Still Airing in Memphis! by ClintB - The racist ad against Harold Ford (D) is still airing in Tennesee, even opponent Bob Corker (R) has denounced it.

(TN-Sen) TN-Sen: SUSA Race is tied 48%-48% by Dittoz - New poll shows the momentum swinging back in Bill Ford's (D) direction in his race with Bob Corker (R).

(VA-Sen) VA-Sen: Michael J. Fox is coming to campaign for Jim Webb by thebes - Come meet Michael J. Fox as he rallies for netroots candidate Jim Webb (D).

(VA-Sen) VA Sen - Post Press Conference; Wilder Endorse Webb by phriendlyjamie - Webb gets former VA Gov Doug Wilder's endorsement.

(VA-Sen) VA-Sen: 1 point race! by mhinds01 - It's close in the race between Jim Webb (D) and George Allen (R).

(VA-Sen) Wilder Endorses Webb: Richmond Free Press has the Story by semiot - Further information about L. Douglas Wilder's endorsement of Dem Jim Webb over incumbent Repub George Allen.

(VA-Sen) SCARY GEORGE ALLEN!!! by Dem In VA - Image of a funny local Halloween display.

(WA-Sen) McGavick Ad - Too Clever For His Own Good? by mykej - McGavick's (R) latest ad.  Vote for Maria Cantwell (D).

(CT-Sen) The Real Danger of Lieberman UPDATE:  Will he Take the Pledge? by Roatti - Will Bush appoint Joe Lieberman (I) to a cabinet post if he wins over Ned Lamont (D)?

(CT-Sen) 218 Reasons Not to Vote For Joe Lieberman (UPDATE With Links + Intro) by davefromqueens - 218 reasons not to vote for incumbent Joe Lieberman (LIE), but instead support Dem Ned Lamont in the three-way race with Repub Alan Schlessinger.

(CT-Sen) Petty Cash: Ned $500, Lincoln Chafee $1000, Lieberman $387,000??? by EdwardsRayOfSunshine - Suggestions for an ad for Ned Lamont (D) to run against incumbent Joe Lieberman (LIE) in the three-way race with Alan Schlessinger (R).

   Various (28)

(MA-Gov) Healey's most recent ad sinks even lower by Dirk McQuigley - Kerry Healey's already shameful campaign for governor has delved in an even lower form of gutter politics.

(MA-Gov) The Other Tuesday story in Massachusetts by RevDeb - Coverage of political rally for Dem Deval Patrick with Sen John Kerry, in his race to defeat Repub Kerry Healy.

(MD-Gen) Worried about Diebold? How YOU Can Help Protect the Vote in Maryland by wmtriallawyer - Useful tips for protecting your vote in Maryland on Election Day.

(MI-Gov) Scary Stories To Tell About Dick DeVos in the Dark by Interrobanger - Jennifer Granholm (D) is beating the pants off challenger Dick DeVos (R).

(MI-Gov) MI-GOV: Top five reasons Granholm is NOT "out of the danger zone" by cartwrightdale - Diarist has 5 reasons she's a little worried about the danger zone.

(MI-Gov) MI-GOV: Dickie Rich, Poor Little Rich's Boy by devoshead - Repub Dick DeVos supports the effort to repeal the estate tax. Help incumbent Jennifer Granholm retain control of the governorship.

(MI-Gov) Just Say NO to Dick and YES to Jen - Reason #12 by LiberalLucy - Job-related reason for re-electing Jennifer Granholm (D) over Dick DeVos (R).

(MI-Var) Michigan endorsements by DLCC - Good rundown of competitve races in the Michigan legislature.

(MN-SSD-43) MN-State Senate: Interview with Terri Bonoff by jbnr51 - Democratic candidate for District 43 Terri Bonoff.

(MN-Var) Minnesota: up and down the ballot by PaintBoy - Star-Tribune has endorsed Dem Patty Wetterling over Repub Michele Bachmann and Dem Keith Ellison.

(OH-Gov) Blackwell's latest slime -- phone polls by rumbacher - Ohioan push poll from an organization affiliated with Repub Ken Blackwell denigrating Dem Ted Strickland.

(OH-Gov) Strickland challenger cuts and runs by jmknapp - Ted Strickland (D) survives a lame challenge to his residency.  Strickland is in a race with Ken Blackwell (R).

(OR-Gov) Kulongoski up by 11% in Oregon Gov. Race by cmpnwtr - A new independent poll in the Oregon governor's race shows Kulongoski (D) ahead of Saxton (R) by 11 points.

(OR-Var) Treachery in Oregon - How to help by Boris Godunov - Help elect Charles Henderson over a devious Leslie Roberts who tanked the candidacy of an appointed Youlee You.

(PA-HD-108) PA-House: Picturing a Local Campaign by Eqqman - Wonderful photo essay on Antonio Michetti (D) who is running for State House District 108 against Merle Phillips (R).

(PA-Var) Phila. Inquirer endorses mostly Dems even with ne Repub publishers by DebtorsPrison - A Republican-owned newspaper endorses mostly Democrats.

(SC-Gov) Add South Carolina to "TOSS UP" by OconeeDemocrat - Democratic governor candidate Tommy Moore has pulled within striking distance of incumbent Mark Sanford (R).

(SC-Var) Help me turn SC BLUE!! by RiaD - Information and links to donate to candidates running in South Carolina.

(SD-Gov) SD Gov - Mike Rounds Confused About Abortion Ban He Signed by Dakota Dem - Jack Billion, Democrat and normal person, responds to Mike Rounds (R) and the other wingnuts who are trying to ban abortion in South Dakota.

(TX-Var) TX - All Early Voting Locations by fadingTruth - Diarist posts links to all the Texas early voting locations.

(AZ-Var) More federal election adwatch from Arizona by blogazblue - a roundup of the advertising in the various races in Arizona

(CA-Gov) Flunk Arnold: You Have the Right to Vote by Flunk Arnold - Vote for your favorite home-made anti Gubernator ad.

(FL-Gov) FL-Gov: Forget the Gay Thing - We've Got a Race! (With Poll) by gatordem - Jim Davis (D) shows signs of life against Charlie Crist (R).

(FL-Gov) Charlie Crist is No Lawton Chiles by creepers - Explanation of Repub Charlie Crist's attitudes toward education. Support Dem Jim Davis.

(Var) FOLLOWING THE POLLS: The Wednesday Edition (SUPERSIZED) by Steve Singiser - Steve's daily roundup of nationwide polls.

(Var) House: NRCC's "Final Push List" (33 Races Needing $$$) by Crisitunity - Yet another leaked list of GOP targeted House races - 29 of 33 are defensive expenditures.

(Var) House Polls Update #4 by Doctor Who - A summary of recent polls in U.S. house races.

(Var) tuesday's DCCC money dump - FEC filings for 10/24/2006 by campskunk - A summary of DCCC expenditures.

   General (7)

Crashing the States in MT and WY: Libertarian Democracy Rising by hekebolos - Diarist brings another edition of Crashing the States - featuring Montana Senate Candidate Jon Tester.

Pelosi is giving money to Dems - to win! by whataboutbob - Pelosi gives till it hurts.

Salon: Generals hope for Democratic salvation by fouro - Two retired senior Army generals, who previously voted Repub, have endorsed Dems to take back Congress.

Washington Post Poll: Democrats lead 59% to 31% by MarcTGFG - General Congressional ballot shows Dems leading by 28 points.

Make that eleven members of Congress under investigation by Conor Kenny - Addition of two Congresspeople to list under investigation, Dem Jane Harman and Repub Rick Renzi.

How to steal an election by hacking the vote by traballenguas - Diarist links to technical article warning of "ticking clock" in electronic voting fraud issue.

Reference: All House, Senate, and Governor Races by bluerevolt - Neat tables, with lots of linky goodness to Dem candidates.

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