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(From the diaries -- kos)

This Roundup Diary covers the period from 1:00 PM Thursday, 10/26 to 1:00 PM EDT Friday, 10/27.

We're doing pretty well with volunteers for now. You can still drop us a line and I'm sure we'll find something for you to do. But at this point please just take that time and donate it to a campaign that needs it. (Incredible thanks to volunteers Nightprowlkitty, Alma, Sevah, suejazz, randallt, edgery, cdale777, mkrc98, evap, eeff, drchelo, ukben, demkat620, anais, TruthOfAngels and bookmobile.)

Today's Menu Includes:
132 Diaries Overall
- 54 On House races
     - With 43 covering individual Districts in 23 states
- 43 On Senate races
    - Representing 14 different states
- 28 On Various election races
    - Encompassing Governor, Secretary of State, Local, and more
- 7 General election-related diaries

Over 5,100 diaries served to date!!!

This is an attempt to compile a fairly comprehensive listing of election-related diaries that have recently been posted. Most of them are House or Senate races but there are also some local ones, as well as the occasional 'general info' diary.

Reminder - If you are doing a diary on a specific race, particularly a House or Senate race, PLEASE, put the race number (or XX-Sen) at the beginning of the diary header. More diarists are now doing this and it is immensely helpful.

For all the introductory stuff and previous diaries in this series, please see:
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(1:00 PM, Thursday, 10/26 to 1:00 PM, Friday, 10/27):  (132 diaries)

(Alphabetical, starting from I)

   House (54)

(IA-04) Wes Clark radio ad - Spencer in IA-04 by tomcat - Wes Clark makes an ad for Democrat Selden Spencer.  Spencer is running against incumbent Tom Latham (R).

(IL-06) (IL-06) Duckworth and Roskam dual down the stretch by Markg8 - Info on how you can help Tammy Duckworth (D) in this key race against Peter Roskam (R).

(IL-10) IL-10: Kirk Not a Reliable Friend of Israel & His Office is Corrupt by lawyerdan - A staffer for Rep. Mark Kirk (R) e-mailed a veiled threat to the Israeli embassy about support for Dan Seals (D).

(IL-10) IL-10: Dan Seals wins the debate. Mark Kirk's campaign imploding? by Blue Wind - Brief news on the Dan Seals (D) campaign against Mark Kirk (R).

(IL-11) IL-11 Jerry Weller appears to have unreported assets in Nicaragua by chicagodavid - Weller (R) has some shady deals from down south.  Links for John Pavich (D), Wellers opponent included.

(IL-15) Video: David Gill (D-IL 15) on Net Neutrality Panel by David Gill for Congress 2006 - See David Gill (D) speak about net neutrality, and his opponent Tim Johnson's (R) actions.

(KY-03) Anne Northup (R-KY03), Terrorist Loving Hater of Freedom (and the troops - she must hate the troops) by high bitrate - Rep. Anne Northrup (R) suddenly wants Rumsfeld to resign and a new direction in Iraq. How convenient.

(KY-03) Latest insanity from KY-3 by voter in the ville - Anne Northup (R) is touting her independence, but her record suggests otherwise.

(MI-08) (MI-08) Jim Marcinkowski: A Fighting Dem by SusanHu - Marcinkowski's (D) campaign against Mike Rogers (R) heats up.

(MN-02) MN-02 Coleen Rowley picks up second key endorsement by georeve - has the link to latest endorsement of Colleen Rowley (D) over John Kline (R).

(MN-02) Coleen Rowley Wins More Endorsements! by jmjm - Coleen is stacking up the endorsements.

(MN-02) MN-02: John Kline (R), Poor Job Performance - LTE by pankwindu - A Kossack writes to the Chaska Herald criticizing the record of John Kline (R).

(NC-05) NC-05: Voices of the District by StormBear - Letters to the editor about why Dem Roger Sharpe ought to unseat incumbent Repub Virginia Foxx.

(NC-11) (NC-11) Apparently Voyeurism Is a "Mountain Value" by WNCNN - Ammendment to Guthrie vs. Blue Ridge Savings Bank in 1997 alleges that Repub Charles Taylor likes to watch sex. Support Dem Heath Shuler.

(NE-03) NE-03: Scott Kleeb vs. Jerry Falwell by Skylewalker - Scott Kleeb (D)'s opponent Adrian Smith (R) has ties to Jerry Falwell.

(NH-02) NH-02: Bass in Trouble, NRCC Bailing His Ass Out by MissLaura - Charlie Bass (R) is being  shored up by the NRCC; Paul Hodes (D) has him in trouble.

(NM-01) NM-01: Push Polling by Wilson Supporters by fbihop -Supporters of Heather Wilson (R) have been push-polling against Patricia Madrid (D).

(NY-03) Peter King is an Asshole! (Ep. 21) Mejias on Red to Blue! by pontificator - Challenger Dave Meijas (D) added to DCCC's Red to Blue list in his efforts to unseat Rep. Peter King (R).

(NY-13) NY-13: News Catch-up, Entering the Final Stretch, and a Song by msirt - Diarist has a fruit basket of news today.

(NY-19) NY-19 Now in RED to BLUE Category by hegemony57 - Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D) introduces challenger John Hall (D) as a new member of the DCCC's Red to Blue program.

(NY-19) NY-19--Join Weekend Canvass For John Hall, Free Ride!!! by Tasini - Great way to help out John Hall (D) in his race against Sue Kelly (R).

(NY-20) Bill Clinton urges outreach to Republicans by shpilk - Bill comes to help Kirsten Gillibrand.

(NY-20) Waterblogging the NeoCons - John Sweeney Edition NY-20 by lightnessofbeing - Diarist speaks out on the failings of cowardly, compliant Repub John Sweeney, challenged by Dem Kirsten Gillibrand, as part of a new waterblogging series.

(NY-25) NY-25: Big Dem Support for Maffei/Top 10 List by SoBeDem - Dan Maffei (D) has received support from the DC crowd, including the Clintons; he listed the top 10 reasons he should beat Jim Walsh (R).

(OH-10) OH-10 Cuyahoga Dem Party Chair says GOP now going after Dennis Kucinich by SarahLee - Running out of Dems to attack, it seems the GOP has turned on Dennis Kucinich of all people.

(OH-12) OH: New Shamansky for Congress Ad .... Iraq by Shamansky for Congress - Yet another entertaining ad by challenger Bob Shamansky (D) against Rep. Pat Tiberi (R).

(PA-07) PA-07: Another Weldon Scandal??? by mariawells - Crazy Curt Weldon (R) tries to call in all his chits to get reelected - it won't work.

(PA-08) Murphy trails by 9 in PA-8 by Paleo - Freshman Repub Mike Fitzpatrick leads Dem Patrick Murphy 48-39, in Paleo's 32nd most likely Dem pickup.

(TX-14) TX-14: another Sklar endorsement by MaxKelly - Galveston County Daily News comes out in favor of challenger Shane Sklar (D).

(TX-19) TX-19: Proud of Deserting our Veterans by Xpatriated Texan - Rundown of incumbent Repub Randy Neugebauer's poor record on Veterans affairs. Support Dem Robert Ricketts.

(VA-02) Tight race continues in VA-2 by Paleo - Rep. Thelma Drake (R) has a slight lead over challenger Phil Kellam (D) in a suspicious poll where blacks only make up 9% of the poll, but 21% of the electorate.

(VA-07) (VA-07) Meet Jim Nachman by bherring2 - Who is a Democrat (Jim Nachman) running against a Republican wingnut (Eric Cantor).

(VA-11) VA-11: Abramoff tells Tribal Clients that Tom Davis is for Sale by achamblee - has a comprehensive look at ties between Tom Davis (R) and disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff.  Andrew Hurst (D) is Davis' opponent

(WA-08) Is Seattle's KIRTO TV (Ch 7) out to get Darcy Burner? by CoolAqua - A Seattle television station runs inaccurate accounts about attendance at a rally for Darcy Burner.

(WA-08) RallyBlog: WA 08: Burner, Obama, Cantwell, McDermott, and more by LokiMom - Diarist brings a report from WA-08.

(WA-08) WA-8 The Scary (and True) Story of Dave Reichert by FranklySpeaking - Rep. Dave Reichert (R) was the deciding vote in a bill to sell out Washington's coast to oil companies. Great job Dave.

(WI-03) A Carnival of Ugly, by David Jaffe by kiersten - Covers David Jaffe's article about the attack ads being used by Repub Paul Nelson in his bid to unseat incumbent Dem Ron Kind.

(WY-AL) WY-AL: Barbara Cubin - Wicked Witch of the West by Fishgrease - Diarist makes case for Barbara Cubin (R), opposed by Gary Trauner (D) as Worst Person in the World.

(AK-AL) AK-AL Nine Points and Gaining Fast by because - News from the race and why Diane Benson (D) can take out Don Young (R).

(AZ-01) AZ-01: Renzi's Gloves Are Off...So Are Ours! by loftydonkey - Diarist presents a ringing summation of the goals Dem Ellen Simon is working towards, in response to Repub opponent Rick Renzi's complaint about his shady dealings being outed.

(AZ-05) AZ-05: Arizona Republic Endorses Harry Mitchell by drdave - Arizona Republic gets it right, calling Hayworth (R) a "bully".  Harry Mitchell (D) gets their endorsement.

(CA-04) CA -04 a night at the Opera House by clearandpresent - Jan Brown, wife of netroots candidate Charlie Brown (D), campaigns for him with gubernatorial candidate Steve Westly (D).

(CA-11) 6 Reasons to Help Jerry McNerney Beat Pombo by Tracey in Hells Kitchen - Diairst has good reasons to support Jerry McNerney (D) over Richard Pombo (R).

(CA-45) CA-45 Help David Roth Make Marybush Bono Go Away! by United Fruit Company - Short update on David Roth's (D) campaign against incumbent Mary Bono (R).

(CO-04) My unreal night in Colorado by Michael Schiavo - Michael brings fear to Marilyn Musgrave as she "cuts and runs" after the debate.

(CO-05) CO-05: Fawcett's Plan vs. Lamborn's "No Plan" by BudMan - Dueling ads in this contested race between Doug Lamborn (R) and Jay Fawcett (D).

(CT-04) CT-04 TNR Links Chris Shays With Abramoff by goldrick - Hypocritical Rep. Chris Shays (R) now tied to Jack Abramoff. And the hits keep coming.

(FL-05) Rep. Brown-Waite Knew About Foley Dorm Scandal by zateslo - Diarist quotes a letter from Democratic leadership showing Brown-Waite (R) knew about Foley's problems in the page dorm. Vote for John Russell (D).

(FL-09) FL-09: Anti Social? Misanthrope? Whatever by jpfdeuce - Gus Bilrakis (R) has some challenges in dealing with the public but he won't accomodate debate; Phyllis Busansky (D) doesn't let her age hold her back.

(FL-09) FL-09 "Why Won't Gus Talk?" Video by poliblogist - Diarist has a YouTube for you to View.

(FL-24) FL-24: Zogby poll puts election-rigger Feeney in dead heat by SemDem - Diarist has the latest Polls & is asking for help to push Clint Curtis over the top.

(FL-24) FL-24 | My Daily Donation | E-11 | $20.01 to Clint Curtis by cmanaster - Today's contribution goes to Dem Clint Curtis, trying to unseat Repub Tom Feeney, and so far the diarist has contributed over $2K with the community chipping in over $15K.

(FL-25) FL-25 Calderin Leads in Poll by georgiblumenthal - Quick update on Michael Calderin's (D) campaign against Mario Diaz-Balart (R).

(House-Var) House Intel Cmte: Hoekstra Witch Hunt by mini mum - Chairman Peter Hoesktra is running a witch hunt in the committee, pulling clearances of a Dem staffer. At the same time ranking Dem Jane Harman has summarized investigations into Duke Cunningham's malfeasance. Repub Ray LaHood has suggested that Hoesktra's investigation is in direct response to Harman releasing the Cunningham report.

   Senate (43)

(MD-Sen) MD-Sen: Steele's Opinion on Abortion "Moot"? by Alegre - Michael Steele (R) tries to run from his own views.

(MD-Sen) Michael Steele: Another Press Disaster by zenbowl - Repub Michael Steele screwed up a press op about domestic rail in Maryland by highlighting that Dem Ben Cardin doesn't know where the proposed rail line is going to go, at a station that will not be on the aforementioned rail line.

(MN-Sen) It's Fun to Mock Powerline: Mark Kennedy Edition by sharris0512 - How the Minnesota race plays in Right-Wing blogs; Kennedy (R) is still behind Amy Klobuchar (D).

(MO-Sen) Talent ducks "the Situation Room" by Dave n Indy - Jim Talent (R) ducked out of an interview about stem cell research on CNN; Claire McCaskill (D) did a good job on the program.

(MO-Sen) Vote Miscount is Already Happening in MO by Permanent Midwest Exile - Already some electronic election shenanigans against challenger Claire McCaskill (D) and in favor of Sen. Jim Talent (R). Surprise, surprise.

(NJ-Sen) Another Racist RNC ad by concernednyer2005 Link to the newest independent expenditure ad being run against Senator Bob Menedez (D).

(NJ-Sen) CBS/NYT: NJ Senate - Menendez 40 Kean Jr. 39 by khyber900 - Bob Menendez (D) leads Tom Kean, Jr (R) in a new poll.

(NV-Sen) NV-Sen: Jack Carter voids Ensign's blank check to Bush! by Greg at Carter for Nevada - Jack Carter (D) symbolically voided John Ensign's (R) check written on taxpayer money.

(OH-Sen) Ho Hum: The Ohio GOP just makes "stuff" up by MichaelPH - Ohio Republican Party quotes Bernie Goldberg's fictional book as fact in their press release against Rep. Sherrod Brown (D).

(OH-Sen) OH-Sen: 20 Points? by kos - As the gab between Mike DeWine (R) and Sherrod Brown (D) widens, it may bring down other Republicans in the state as well.

(PA-Sen) A very important question from Rick Santorum by dannybill - The diarist received a plea for funds from Rick Santorum (R), even though he is not in Pennsylvania.

(PA-Sen) Santorum's Fright Night Scenario by piltdownman - Santorum (R) tries to scare PA into voting for him instead of Bob Casey (D).

(TN-Sen) Do I hate Harold Ford? What's a liberal? populist? progressive? by IseFire - The diarist has some issues about Harold Ford (D), running for Senator against Bob Corker (R).

(TN-Sen) George Allen's Ad Man Behind Racist Ad in Tennessee by lowkell - Scott Howell rears his ugly head in the race-baiting ad against Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. (D). Netroots candidate Jim Webb may be next!

(TN-Sen) Slutty Schoolgirls In New RNC Ad? by Rimjob - Great state of the race in Tennessee, and yet another false, dirty RNC ad against Harold Ford, Jr. (D).

(TN-Sen) Time to Be Honest about Ford by johnnygunn - Why did Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. (D) have to come out so strongly against the New Jersey Supreme Court decision?

(TN-Sen) TN-Sen: VOTE OR CRY! by R o o k - Suck it up. Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. (D) ain't perfect, but he votes with the Democrats 88% of the time and will vote for Sen. Harry Reid (D) as majority leader.

(TN-Sen) What Paul Wellstone and Harold Ford Have In Common by Philosopher - In case anyone goes too hard on Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. (D), the late Sen. Paul Wellstone (D) also voted for the Defense of Marriage Act for political expediency.

(TN-Sen) TN-Sen: Knoxville News-Sentinel is a right-wing rag by LUH 3417 - Biased news coverage of Harold Ford (D) in his race with Bob Corker (R).

(TX-Sen) TX-Sen: Radnofsky (D) wins ABC News "World BlackBerry Type-Off" by roses - Challenger Barbara Ann Radnofsky (D) is a Blackberry whiz!

(UT-Sen) UT-Sen: More videos of Ashdown v. Hatch debates by pashdown - The diarist supplies links for videos of debates between Peter Ashdown (D) and Orren Hatch (R).

(VA-Sen) (VA Sen) Green candidate considers dropping out by Dillonfence - Gail Parker (G) is in negotiations to drop out of the race; her 1-2% of votes could help Jim Webb (D).

(VA-Sen) (VA Sen) Jim Webb Receives Yet Another Endorsement by Ambivalent Mumblings - Major Northern Virginia newspaper chain comes out in favor of netroots candidate Jim Webb (D).

(VA-Sen) Rick Santorum Needs An Intervention by michael1104 - Diarist has a rock bottom YouTube from Rick Santorum.

(VA-Sen) Boots On The Senate Floor by djm4america - Highlights from a Dem Jim Webb rally, last night, in Webb's race to unseat Repub George Allen.

(VA-Sen) VA-SEN: Webb - Allen Now Dead Heat by Doctor Who - Recent poll by Rasmussen shows the race at 49-48 between Repub George Allen and Dem Jim Webb respectively.

(VA-Sen) George Allen Chickenhawks Attack "Lost Soldiers" by lowkell - Explains why recent attacks by incumbent Repub George Allen against Dem Jim Webb's books are a reflection of his lack of understanding war conditions.

(VA-Sen) How Jim Webb Won the Navy Cross by PM - Tells the story of how Dem Jim Webb won his Navy Cross. Support Webb in his bid to unseat Repub George Allen.

(VA-Sen) Memo to James Webb: Don't Overreact or Panic by Hesiod - Words of advice to Dem Jim Webb's campaign for responding to the recent round of attacks from incumbent Repub George Allen about Webb's books.

(VA-Sen) Jim Webb in Alexandria - a positive story by teacherken - Jim Webb (D) shows humor, warmth and self-possession after an exhausting day traversing Virginia, and eclipses no-show opponent George Allen's (R) stand-in.

(VA-Sen) VA-Sen: Jim Webb and Mark Warner Draw Record Shenandoah Valley Crowd by anais - Whooping and hollering with Jim Webb on the bluegrass/campaign trail.

(VA-Sen) $250 Reward for George Allen Spitting Stories by bob fertik - Earn a little extra money.

(VA-Sen) Real Virginians for Webb by joe8track - Come to the GOTV rally with Jim Webb, and others, Sat. Oct. 28th at 1 PM.

(VA-Sen) (VA-Sen) BREAKING - WEBB RESPONDS!!! Jim Webb's appearance on WaPo Radio... by Loudoun County Dem - Get the details of Webb's (D) appearance on a local radio show.

(WA-Sen) Absentee Ballot Snafu Could Tip WA Senate Election by Ockham - diarist asks for kossack help to get the word out about a possible problem with absentee ballots in the race between Maria Cantwell (D) and Mike McGavick (R)

(AZ-Sen) Jim Pederson Will Win in AZ - Here's Proof by SuperiorPokerdotcom - How Pederson's (D) reasonable approach to online gambling will help him beat incumbent Kyl (R).

(AZ-Sen) Is the AZ Senate race a tie? by Ken in TX - A personal take on the state of the race between Jon Kyl (R) and Jim Pederson (D).

(CT-Sen) Mary Landrieu campaigning in Connecticut against the democratic party - UPDATED by Blue Wind - Diarist ask is Mary Landrieu campaigning to be the next DINO?

(CT-Sen) 4th Debate Set in CT - Joe or no Joe by TheC - Fox affiliate is holding a debate; Ned Lamont (D) and Alan Schlessinger (R) will be there but minor party candidate Joe Lieberman (CFI) may or may not show.

(CT-Sen) Amazing Ned Lamont Video: Must watch! by NeuvoLiberal - Diarist links to video of Ned Lamont (D).  Other linky goodness for Lamont included.

(CT-Sen) CT-Sen: GOTV tool by kos - Neat way to send a postcard to friends and family in CT.

(Var-Sen) Senate Control: MO, TN, VA 2/3 wins by JonFerguson - Great rundown of the pivotal Senate races in Missouri, Tennessee, and Virginia.

(Var-Sen) How About Daily Polling Updates on Senate Races in Va, Tenn, Mo by An American Living in London - Diarist proposes a permanent recommended diary to record news of the three most crucial Senate races; asks for support for idea in comments.

   Various (28)

(ID-Var) Idaho by mcjoan - How Idaho is becoming blue-er; Dean's 50-State strategy at work.

(IL-St27) Back Alleys and Bad Politics: Illinois State Senate 27th by lubarsh - Diarist dissects a mailer from the GOP slime machine about parental notification.

(MA-Gov) MA-Gov: Healey demans, then rejects 1-on-1 debate with Patrick, because it's in Roxbury by Veritas 78 - Lieutenant Gov. Kerry Healey (R) does not want to debate Deval Patrick (D) in Roxbury because of potential questions.

(MD-Gov) Please, someone convince me to vote for Martin O' Malley by sane democrat - The diarist needs convincing to vote for Mayor Martin O'Malley (D) Governor against John Ehrlich (R).

(MI-Gov) Thruthchecking stats in recent Granholm-DeVos debate - Granholm wins! by other 72384 - Looking at the issues raised in the debate between Dick DeVos (R) and Jennifer Granholm (D) show the winner is Granholm (D).

(MI-Gov) Just Say NO to Dick and YES to Jen - Reason #11 by LiberalLucy - tonite's edition of the series of reasons to choose Jennifer Granholm (D) over Dick DeVos (R) -Reason #11 - the environment

(MI-Gov) MI-GOV: Liberal Lucy's Democracy Kitchen by devoshead - Reasons for voting for incumbent Dem Jennifer Granholm over Repub Dick DeVos.

(MI-Gov) (MI-GOV) The DeVos Family: Civic Covenant Breakers by Hector Solon - Lengthy expose on the DeVos (R) family.  Vote for incumbent Jennifer Granholm (D).

(NV-Gov) NV-02,NV Gov, Congressman Gibbons Bought Woman w/ Home Purchase? by ca democrat - Rep. Jim Gibbons (R) kept a woman, who was illegally residing in a house he bought, as an undocumented worker in his home afterwards.

(NV-Gov) Rep. Jim Gibbons accuses wife of perjury by Kirk Caraway - Link to the latest news accounts of Republican Jim Gibbons' possible illegal nanny problem.

(NV-Gov) NV-GOV: Video of Gibbons' accuser's press conference by AwsiDooger - Video of Chrissy Mazzeo's press conference with further information about the allegations of being assaulted by Repub Jim Gibbons. Support Dem Dina Titus.

(NV-Gov) "She Says" from Las Vegas Sun - a must read by donmyers - Allegations of assault and intimidation by Repub candidate Jim Gibbons, opposed by Dem Dina Titus. Link is in comments.

(NY-St41) Inside Keeler HQ: Big Dog Edition! Plus Brian Sings! (Video!) by lipris - Diarist brings Photo Ops with Keeler, starring the Big Dawg.

(OH-Gov) Christian Nationalist Barnstorms Ohio for Blackwell by Fredrick Clarkson - David Barton, a Christian Nationalist is going around Ohio on the RNC's nickel for gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell (R).

(OK-Var) Taking Back the House State by State - OKLAHOMA! by ultrageek - The diarist gives us a compilation of all the House races in Oklahoma.

(SD-Gov) Gov. Rounds Gets the Facts Wrong by Planned Parenthood - Gov. Mike Rounds (R) doesn't know the difference between abortion and emergency contraception.

(SD-Gov) SD-GOV: More Great News Out of South Dakota by SoDak Dem - Get set up with debate info, and some YouTube clips, in this race between Jack Billion (D) and Mike Rounds (R).

(TX-AG) And what of the United States? by TXsharon - Rundown of Dem David Van Os' whistlestop tour through all 254 districts in Texas to unseat incumbent Repub Greg Abbot.

(WI-Gov) WI-Governor Doyle takes Rush and Hannity to the Woodshed by waxwing - Gov. Jim Doyle (D) points out that Michael J. Fox doesn't need any advice on pill popping from Limsanity.

(CA-Gov) CA Governor's race - A choice between Tweedledee and Tweedledum by Eric Hopp - Schwarzenegger (R) leads Phil Angelides (D) in all areas; the diarist doesn't see much in Angelides.

(CA-Gov) Only 3 days left to Vote on your favorite Flunk Arnold ad by Flunk Arnold - Diarist provides the link for kossacks to vote for their favorite Anti-Schwarzenegger ad to be shown on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart

(CA-Judges) UPDATED: CA Judges...My linky perspective & vote by Heather in SFBay - Diarist has done the footwork for Ca Judges on the ballot.

(CA-SoS) How a Green Candidate Lost My Green Vote by Senior citizen - Consistent Green Party voter has decided to support Dem Debra Bowen over Green Forrest Hill for CA Secretary of State and incumbent Repub Bruce McPherson.

(FL-HD-69) Florida State House District 69: Good News From the Keith Fitzgerald Team by bkirby816 - Bill Nelson and others pitch in to help out.

(FL-Var) Scandalicious Political Firestorm in South Florida by - Limelite - Politics in So Florida recorded.

(GA-Gen) Guess Who's Protecting Georgia From Election Fraud by Steven D - Assistant US Attorney Jay Weimer has been appointed to guard against electoral fraud in Georgia, even though Weimer has severely questionable partisan ties.

(Var) FOLLOWING THE POLLS: The Thursday Edition (UBER-SIZED) by Steve Singiser - Steve's daily roundup of nationwide polls.

(Var) Total GOP Collapse in NY, PA, and Ohio by booman23 - Diarist has an analysis of the state of the races in three states critical to Democratic takeover of the congress.

   General (7)

Calling All Democrats Abroad! by Plutonium Page - For voters living abroad, a way to get an absentee ballot online.

Now is the Time to Dig Deeper by Congressman John Conyers - The Congressman lauds "Use it or Lose it" efforts, and points out races where more is needed.

12 Days & Counting - What Did You Do Today? by aimeeinkc - The what did you do today Diary.

a late night reflection by kid oakland - has a must read essay on the state of the election and those negative political ads

Rural battleground shifts toward Democrats by genespleen - Recent poll from the Center for Rural Studies suggests a massive shift in support of Dems in the '06 election over Repubs.

New Poll: Dems up 13 pts among rural voters by Devilstower - Poll by Rural Strategies show rural voters now favor Dem Senate candidates.

Polls, polls, polls by kos - Todays roundup of polls.

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