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Connecticut: Rasmussen Premium Section has confirmation of poll

Lieberman (I) 48%
Lamont (D) 40%
Schlesinger (R) 9%

At the beginning of October, Lieberman was +11 (with leaners). +17 on Qpac. Huge news is that Schlesinger has reached 9%. Before this, he'd been at 6%

This is HUGE, We all know Alan Schelsinger is going to get more than he's polling (with the R governor and Lieberman's ballot position) So it's more like a 3-4 point race, which with Lamont's superior GOTV (and to be honest, superior voters) Lamont can easily make this up and win!

The momentum is all anti-joe this week, lets keep it that way, fire up the liberal base and encourage your GOP friends to vote for Alan, and you can really win this!

Update: Go to to check for yourself now! :)

For message board discussion, check out the non-profit Liberty Lounge message board, the site has pro and anti Lamont voters, and my friend really would like some company to debate political issues! He's very lonely :( No ads once you register, which is free ofcourse, its all about getting more Democratic debates online!

It's considered general knowledge that with Lieberman on the 7th-9th slot depending on what district, Alan's surging numbers, the republican govenor helping at the top of the ticket, and Alan's taking away solely from Lieberman voters, that the 9% by election day more accurately means 14%. That drains Liebermans vote to 43%.

43% Lieberman, 40% throw into this the very superior GOTV operation Lamont has in place, and how absolutely fanatical Lamont voters are (they'll stay in a blizzard to vote for him) many people believe that Lamont will really get 5-6% more than his last polling, so thats:

43.5% Lamont

42.5% Lieberman

14% Alan

Originally posted to mhinds01 on Sun Oct 29, 2006 at 10:22 AM PST.

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