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Cheney Accuses Democrats Of Trying To Influence US Elections

"They're aware of our campaign calendar," VP says

UNDISCLOSED LOCATION (BP) - Speaking on Fox News, Vice President Dick Cheney accused Democrats of timing their political attacks and advertising campaigns to influence the midterm elections set for next week.  

"I was reading something today that a writer -- I don't remember who -- was speculating on increased use of phone banking and cavassing of neighborhoods and get-out-the-vote rallies by the Democrats as attempting to demoralize the Republican people as we get up to the election," said Cheney on the "Your World With Neil Cavuto" program.  "And when I read that, it made sense to me."

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Cheney also mentioned specific speeches and appearances made by prominent Democrats like Jim Webb, Claire McCaskill, Patrick Murphy and others over the past few weeks.  In the appearances the Democrats attacked the Bush Administration positions on Iraq, health care, the environment and national security. Cheney intimated that the attacks were peculiar in their timing.  "Well, clearly they're aware of our campaign calendar here in the United States.  I mean, isn't it interesting that all these Democrats are holding rallies NOW?  It seems like the Democrats are actually involved and want to involve themselves in our electoral process, which must mean they want a change."

According to Cheney, this is not the first time the Democrats have tried to impose themselves onto the electoral arena.  "You saw it in 2002, you saw it in 2004.  What you're seeing is an organization that wants our candidates to lose.  And they'll try anything they can think of to do that."  Cheney made an oblique reference to an underground mobilization of Democrats to literally call American voters and urge them to vote against Republicans in the upcoming elections.  This could not be independently confirmed.

It was also unclear whether individual candidates were working with the Democrats, although Cheney hinted at that possibility as well.  "Of course, you have to follow the money," the Vice President said.  "Are Democrats funding candidates whose entire goal is to defeat us at the ballot box?  It's certainly likely.  I've seen no indication that they haven't."

The Republican National Committee is considering a preliminary injunction to stop what they call "meddling" by the Democrats into the midterm elections, set for November 7.  "If the Democrats will not cease their underhanded attempts to influence the American public into voting Republicans out of office, then we'll have to seek remedies from the FEC," said Ken Mehlman, chair of the RNC.  "You cannot have a proper election with the Democrats being so influential."

Independent polling is showing that the Democrats may actually be succeeding in their efforts.  Voters are turning against Republican policies, particularly on the war in Iraq.  "I'd prefer to run a clean race, where the Democrats are not influencing the debate," Cheney added.  "In that environment, I think we'd be successful.  But ultimately, I believe, as the President does, that the American people will look past these attacks, and make their decisions based on what we tell them to do, rather than what the Democrats are doing."

Cheney also noted that he was "disappointed" that the Democrats would choose to "politicize the elections." (h/t bosdcla14)

Originally posted to dday on Tue Oct 31, 2006 at 09:49 AM PST.

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