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"By his own admission the past four weeks have been difficult, troubling and frustrating for U.S. Rep. John Shimkus," says the Southern Illinoisan.

I would hope so.  Following allegations that Representative Shimkus knew, long before any other member of Congress, even another member of the page board, that Foley was having inappropriate contact with pages, I would hope that his life has been a little bit more frustrating.

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The quote, and the linked article, is another "Shimkus is such a nice guy" article in the district.  Never mind that the Post Dispatch has endorsed Danny Stover in a glowing editorial.

From his interview (linked in the first paragraph of this post), one thing is even clearer than before - John Shimkus is not on the ball.

Like his genius answer to the comment that October has been a terribly deadly month in Iraq -

Noting that October has been one of the deadliest months this year in Iraq, Shimkus said he believes the increase is taking place "to affect our election."

"The signal we will send if we just leave is to say that we are not committed to democracy and freedom," he said.
I think we as a world, not only as a country, will be harmed exponentially more by allowing a failed state to arise in Iraq."

First of all, who's been saying "immediate withdrawal," because his opponent surely hasn't been?  From Danny Stover's "Issues" page:

We need to support our troops, but that does not suggest that we must blindly follow a president that we disagree with.
We need to accomplish our mission with honor.

What about "accomplish our mission with honor" suggests "immediate withdrawal?"  John Shimkus, once again, is mischaracterizing the nature of the argument.

Second of all - the people in Iraq are killing each other because they hate each other and have accepted a US-approved constitution that enhances discord between Shiites and Sunnis.  They aren't trying to affect our election.  Do you really think the death squads are having a "Democrats for Congress" rally in Ramadi?  It's a ridiculous notion, a scare tactic straight from the Karl Rove handbook, to suggest that terrorists are hoping for a Democratic win.

Anyway, it is clear that Shimkus has no concept of the gravity of the situation in Iraq.  For instance:

Shimkus also said he does not buy into the comparisons between Iraq and Vietnam, noting that the latter was a country divided in half while in Iraq "one percent of a population of 25 million will do anything, blow themselves up for a cause. I would rather win than retreat."

Denying the fact that there's a civil war doesn't make it untrue.  Sunnis, Shiites - sounds a lot like a "country divided in half" to me (not exactly half, as the Sunnis are a minority, but they're killing each other at a pretty high rate on both sides), not to mention the lack of a good exit strategy.  No end in sight?  People killing each other with American troops stuck in the middle?  That doesn't sound familiar at all.  And these aren't just the terrorists going after loyal Iraqis - these are Iraqis killing each other, every single day, because of age-old political and religious grievances.  Not your run-of-the-mill one sided terrorism - it's a civil war.

A little less angering, but no less a misrepresentation, is Mr. Shimkus even mentioning the GOP energy bill that he helped draft and saying that it proves his record on alternative energy to be a positive one.  Maybe if you knew nothing about the GOP energy bill, you'd think that he's telling the truth.  The real truth of the bill?  It gives billions to big oil corporations with very few, very weak stipulations for research and development.  It doesn't come close to the grandly touted goal of making America "independent of foreign oil."  It is ridiculous, and John Shimkus knows it.

There is honestly too much in this article to challenge everything, but I'll leave you with this:

It is estimated that 1000 Iraqis died this month (October).  Over 120 Iraqi police officers are killed or wounded every day.  Iraqi deaths by American soldiers in combat, however, has decreased significantly since the start of the war  - Iraqis are killing Iraqis.  There are death-squads going around the cities kidnapping people from their homes and work for the purpose of killing them, based upon their Shiite or Sunni affiliation.  This is a civil war.

What's worse?  A lot of reports that death squad militiamen wear police uniforms.  There is no control.

Our policies have failed in Iraq.  The Bush administration, and rubberstamps like John Shimkus who have no stomach for standing up to failed leadership, are to blame.  It's time to hold them accountable.

PS - by "his constituents asked him to seek another term," he means his most important constituent, President Bush, who personally asked him to run this year.  A picture's worth a thousand words...

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Originally posted to MBell0 on Thu Nov 02, 2006 at 09:21 AM PST.

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  •  I agree - BUTTTT (0+ / 0-)

    Stover has gotten no traction.  

    He didn't have the money to capitalize on Shimkus' shameful behavior with the page scandal.

  •  Danny has one thing going for him. Shimkus. (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Randall Sherman

    People think.

    Shimkus is corrupt.  That's a given.

    But, retirees have an economic problem the Republicans ignor.  Senior Citizens do not like to be ignored and they vote.

    Veterans have medical problems. Republicans have caused those problems to escalate.  Veterans vote.

    College kids have a couple of problems. For the smart ones, getting a Pell Grant is much harder. For the average college kid, Kerry's comments are haunting.  Will they vote?  I'll bet they do in larger numbers than before.

    The conservative Republicans want to stop this crazy escalation of the national debt.  They definitly are going to vote, and it will be for Stover.

    Danny Stover will be a surprise winner.  I can just feel it.

    John Laesch - soooo much better than the other guy

    by llbear on Thu Nov 02, 2006 at 09:50:20 AM PST

    •  Shimkus district is uber-red (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      llbear, Randall Sherman

      In any other district, Shimkus would find himself as vulnerable as Reynolds in New York.  Unfortunately, his district is about as red as they come.  Downstate Illinois, St. Louis area, lots of Cardinal fans and Missouri Valley Conference basketball fans.

      In other words, a VERY red district.

      A foolish consistency (staying the course in Iraq) is the hobgoblin of George W. Bush.

      by wildcat6 on Thu Nov 02, 2006 at 10:06:34 AM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  Now we have to wait and pray (0+ / 0-)

    We at the Downstate Democrats for Change are now waiting and praying that all of our work will pay off. It's unfortunate that Shimkus managed to somehow convince the Edwardsville Intelligencer that he exercises his free will and free thought in his job in Congress. If Shimkus convinced the editors of his statemanship for the endorsement,the Edwardsville Intelligencer and staff should immediately change the name of the newspaper to the Edwardsville-Un-Intelligencer. If Shimkus' s votes indicate that he has put any thought into them, then he has the brain function of a rubberstamp. He follows Bush Co. 85% + of the time. Even the pork barrel that Shimkus claims is suspect. The future of the bridge across the Mississippi is unclear since John's MO cronies are fighting any free bridge. Besides, I think that the whole nation needs a new bridge over the Mississippi since a lot of intersate commerce crosses through our area. John's support of bioproducts for energy and coal is hardly a genius idea since we have coal and grow a lot of corn here. He could have put wind power in here also since there are people in Madison County who have seen this work first hand. Scott Air Force Base is still open because of its location not because of John Shimkus. For his years in Congress, Shimkus has not demonstrated extraordinary or even ordinary leadership ability as we can see in Foleygate. He was determined to keep the pages in line while ignoring the wolf who was stalking the pages for future attacks. John Shimkus has had his day in Congress. IL Congressional District 19 needs a new represntative. We need to show the people of IL and of the US that we want a two party system back and we will make it a reality here in spite of the fact that the staff at the DCCC thinks we are in IL Congressional 29 which doesn't even exist. The DCCC has lost any future contributions from me because they can't even bother to answer phone calls or e-mails. Even if the DCCC couldn't give us any money, a visit from Obama that made Dan Stover the headliner (not Bruce Stewart) in Shimkus's hometown would have been great. A mention of Stover by Costello would have been wonderful. Whether Dan wins here or not,our grassroots effort demonstrates that ordinary people are the backbone of America. We are the people and we will continue to be the masters of our fate and the captains of our souls. Political parties need the fresh air that grassroot efforts create. Our hard work and donations are honest and are not tied to the paychecks that we collect. We are here because we think that our country needs us. This election has taught us a lot and our grassroots efforts will continue beyond November 7th. We are a group listed on the DFA site.

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