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What can I say except that I am dog tired.

What did you do today to elect a Dem?

 I bet there are plenty of people sitting around right now, tired as hell from a day of walking, calling or general election help.

Let's review some of our all-stars!

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These K Folk made it to the ballot box already or assisted someone with an absentee ballot!!
Ahianne, blueteam, bwren, can't wait to see the back of him, Illinois Democrat, Immigrant Punk, Inland, Joes Steven, kath25, keirduboi, kozmo, Susan S, ladylib, Mad Mom, maryu, melvin, myrealname, Naturegal, OldYellerDog, OrangeClouds115, ptmflbcs, rocketito, Runaway Rose, Tailspinterry, ybruti

                                          Image Hosted by

 These folks are so extraordinary, they don't even fit into a category.  But they have gotten off their ass & helped get a Dem elected!!!
Albatross,, anastasia p,anna, AnnCetera,, AnotherMassachusettsLiberal, blueyedace2, blueteam, bmaples, boofdah, Buzzer, Carnacki, cheeseismoldymilk, CJB, Ckntfld, cyncynical , dmac, dragonlady, drchelo, eeff, Ellicatt, environmentalist, espresso, ETinKC, Friend of the Court, gardenkitty, gobacktotexas, grokgov, grrtigger, hartboy, healthArtist, hhex65, horsewithnoname, joanneleon, kainah,, kath25, kaye, kbee214, kfred, ladylib, left of center, lipris, LuLu, maryb2004, Mauimom, Mikesco, MissLaura, noweasels, oakroyd, Pandoras Box, philinmaine, pidge not midge, ptmflbcs, RBH, rocketito, RuralLiberal, seanOK, Seth D, sherlyle, SherriG, Spedwybabs, stationakl, sundancekid11, willers, wu ming, ybruti, YetiMonk, Zack from the SFV

                                                               Image Hosted by

 This group went & got themselves deputized to register people & then registered new voters!!  Way to go!!

ptmflbcs, by foot, llbear, Go Vegetarian, Nina Katrina, emmasnacker, Joes Steven

                                                      Image Hosted by

bmaples, bwren cmanaster, cyncynical, drdave, eAddict, OWTH

These fantastic people are Precinct Captains & therefore get to talk like a pirate.  Arrrrrrrr . . .
Image Hosted by

 A big round of applause for our walkers.  One of the most essential parts of GOTV.  Can we double this list by election day?   Image Hosted by
7November, admiralh, Andrew C White, Auntie Neo Kawn, Blonde Moment, Blue South, Brother Maynard, BWasikIUgrad, Cal4Clark, CarbonFiberBoy, dennisdeveny Devtob, dmac, Doughnutman, drdave, Dump Terry McAuliffe, eAddict, egarratt
hold tight, hoosierspud, j mart, Ken in Tex, kozmo, lubarsh, LuLu, maryb2004, mem from somerville, Meteor Blades, OWTH, PsiFighter37, rocketito, rustydude, seanOK, Sidof79, SLJ,  St Louis Woman, Tuttle, va dare, working for change, ybruti, YetiMonk
Zack from the SFV

                                 Image Hosted by

Here ye.  Here ye.  The Court of Fair Elections is now in session.  Please rise for the following election judges . . . .
anna, boadicea, eAddict, histopresto,  katonahdem, kbee214, Land of Enchantment

                                                                  Image Hosted by

               Image Hosted by
Here are the people who campaigned in cyber-space by sending out regular e-mails about the campaign to their friends and family.  They even asked them for money!  
bmaples, by foot, EquiStar, jezlin, kbee214, Ken in Tex, Mad Mom, maryb2004, matt n nyc, oldpro, patginsd, ultrageek

The power of the pen.  Here are the people who put their thoughts on paper & let the newspaper editor know how the feel!  Many of their letters were published!  
Image Hosted by
4Freedom, anastasia p, besieged by bush, Buzzer, daulton, democratnyc, dotcommodity, LNK, lubarsh, Mad Mom, nancelot, Naturegal, oldpro, Rocketito, Tailspinterry, terryamil, wrights

 Here ye.  Here ye.  These folks did diaries about their candidates & then pimped the hell out of them.  And people donated.  Way to go!!  
Naturegal, cheeseismoldymilk, Blue Waters Run Deep, matt n nyc, RandyMI, ca democrat, kath25, AstroCook, Mauimom, boadicea, Immigrant Punk, biscobosco, Turkana

                                              Image Hosted by

Ahianne, Andrew C. White, AnotherMassachusettsLiberal, blueteam, boadicea, by foot, cecil vortex, cedelson, Christin, CJB, claytonben, cmanaster, cyncynical, denniswine, Dinaelurus illumina, dmac, dotcommodity, drchelo, DuckStab, Elise, Ellicatt, Embryo, ETinKC, feelingsickinMN, fool me once ummm, foxfire burns, Fraggle, glaciermom, hhex65, hold tight, hopewell, hypersphere01, iliketodrum, Ivan, jezlin, jkfp2004, kainah, Lahdee, LNK, Los Diablo, marchmoon, maryru, mattes, mem from somerville, Mikesco, mimuspolyglottis, myrealname, noweasals, oakroyd, OldYellerDog, oscarsdad, pronin2, rustydude, Seth D, sidnora, sleestax, Susan S, tabbycat in tenn, Tailspinterry, TeresaInPa, TheGardener, Tillie630, tokatakiya, vancookie, vrexford, willy mugobeer, Winnie

These folks put up with a lot of angry folks to try & get the Dem message out.  
                         Image Hosted by

 Here ye.  Here ye.  These folks did diaries about their candidates & then pimped the hell out of them.  And people donated.  Way to go!!  
Naturegal, cheeseismoldymilk, Blue Waters Run Deep, matt n nyc, RandyMI, ca democrat, kath25, AstroCook, Mauimom, boadicea, Immigrant Punk, biscobosco, Turkana

                                              Image Hosted by

 These K folk put up signs for themselves & others.  They made everyone know they were part of the Democratic tribe.  Image Hosted by
AllisonInSeattle, cheeseismoldymilk, chimene, cmanaster, drdave, Ellicatt, Ken in Tex, Larry McAwful, LeftHandedMan, Nina Katrina, RunawayRose, Savage

Guerilla Campaigning:

Albatross, AnotherMassachusettsLiberal, besieged by bush, Big Nit Attack, blueyedace2, cookiebear, Crashing Vor
Dan Hrkman,  Dump Terry McAuliffe, glaciermom, nancelot, Nina Katarina, St Louis Woman, Winnie

These folks didn't wait for a campaign to give them instructions.  They made their own campaign lit, signs, t-shirts, etc. . . . & did it themselves.  You are awesome!
Image Hosted by

 Cookies!  Bread!  A veggie tray!  Printer!!  Humbly provided to a campaign staff by these awesome people!!
Ahianne, Ckntfldr, cyncynical, drchelo, sillia

                          Image Hosted by

 Visibility.  Stood on a street corner & made people aware of the upcoming election & who to vote for!
Image Hosted by
AnotherMassachusettsLiberal, Blonde Moment, Cowalker, Exquisite Corpse, Hey BB, OldYellerDog, rktect & SLJ

LeftHandedMan, Mad Mom, Nina Katrina, noweasels, OWTH, Pandoras Box, Susan S

Taking the day off & working the polls.  Big sacrifice & it will make a big difference.  Thank you!!
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 How about these superstars who have raised money, electioneered and campaigned personally for their candidates!!  Outfreakingstanding!
anastasia p, AnotherMassachusettsLiberal, Asinus Asinum Fricat, Blue South, Crashing Vor, DeannaHawk, denniswine, Ellicatt, Ivan, kbee214, khereva, kml, LibChicAZ, Maryru, PLS, Susan S, Susan S, Silverleaf, turnover and willers

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Originally posted to aimeeinkc on Sat Nov 04, 2006 at 06:52 PM PST.

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