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(From the diaries -- kos)

This Roundup Diary covers the period from 1:00 PM Saturday, 11/4 to 1:00 PM EST Sunday, 11/5.

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Today's Menu Includes:
132 Diaries Overall
- 47 On House races
     - With 34 covering individual Districts in 24 states
- 44 On Senate races
    - Representing 11 different states
- 29 On Various election races
    - Encompassing Governor, Secretary of State, Local, and more
- 12 General election-related diaries

Over 6,200 diaries served to date!!!

This is an attempt to compile a fairly comprehensive listing of election-related diaries that have recently been posted. Most of them are House or Senate races but there are also some local ones, as well as the occasional 'general info' diary.

Reminder - If you are doing a diary on a specific race, particularly a House or Senate race, PLEASE, put the race number (or XX-Sen) at the beginning of the diary header. More diarists are now doing this and it is immensely helpful.

For all the introductory stuff and previous diaries in this series, please see:
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Election Race Roundup (11/4 - 3 Days to Daylight)

(1:00 PM, Saturday, 11/4 to 1:00 PM, Sunday, 11/5):  (132 diaries)

(Alphabetical, starting from T)

   House (47)

(TX-21, TX-31) PBS Web Exclusive - "Vets for Congress" Features John Courage TX-21 by SoniaS - has the links to a PBS program featuring Democrats Mary Beth Harrell and John Courage.

(UT-02) Conservative Democrat Matheson Calls for Rumsfeld Resignation by skidrow - Jim Matheson (D) calls for Donald Rumsfeld's resignation.

(WA-05) WA-05: Goldmark peaking as McMorris falters by sowinso - Diarist has report on Peter Goldmark's(D) campaign effort.

(WA-05) WA-05 Peter Goldmark - Honor, Integrity, and Respect by peagreen - Report from a Veterans' rally held for Dem Peter Goldmark against incumbent Repub Cathy Morris.

(WA-08) Reichert at his best by flagpole - Rep. Dave Reichert (R) brags that he got a school bus driver fired. He should be proud.

(WA-08) WA-08 Supporting Darcy Burner - Rain or Shine by Daniel K - A Kossack braves the rain to volunteer for Darcy Burner (D)'s campaign, opposing Dave Reichert (R).

(WI-08) PHOTO: John Gard: Darling of the Christian right. by bartlet - John Gard (R). Another hypocrite.

(WV-02) Gay marriage = slot machine gambling by Carnacki - Tales of canvassing for Dem Mike Callaghan in his race against incumbent Repub Shelley Moore Capito.

(WY-AL) WY-AL: Republicans Say The Darndest Things by wilburtronic - Coverage of rally for Dem Gary Trauner in his race against incumbent Repub Barbara Cubin, with Repub mayor Tim Kaumo and Gov. Dave Freudenthal in support.

(AL-01) (AL-01) What a lovely day for a caravan! by alabamaliberal - Diarist has a report from the caravan across AL-01.

(CA-11) CA-11: New FEC Complaint Alleges Richard Pombo Campaign, RICHPAC Violated Federal Election Laws by jryan86 - Diarist has an article on FEC violations in CA-11.

(CA-11) Apathy is our greatest enemy by wrolley - Call for a final push in the race between Dem Jerry McNerney and incumbent Repub Richard Pombo.

(CA-46) CA-46: Lying Rohrbacker's Alleged Pedophile Pal by beezling - A pedophile scandal has involved one of Dana Rohrbacker's (R) former aides. What did Rohrbacker know and when did he know it? Rohrbacker's opponent is Jim Brandt (D).

(CA-Var) Laura Bush Fails Laugh Test w/poll (Pombo Diaries #45) by Land of Enchantment - About the inside-out upside-down world where Laura B. campaigns for Pombo as a great steward of the environment, and Doolittle as the best guy to "support the troops".

(CO-06) BILL WINTER, CO-06: OH THE THINGS WE WILL DO! by Bill Winter - Poem in dedication of what Dems will do when they take back the House by candidate Dem Bill Winter in his race against Repub Tom Tancredo.

(CT-04) My afternoon GingOTV for Farrell, CT-4 by rambis - A Kossack spends the afternoon canvassing for Diane Farrell (D), running against Chris Shays (R).

(FL-07) FL-07: Mica's Goons Strong-Arm Associated Press into a Lie! by Chagnon4Congress - More fallout from incumbent Repub John Mica about his declaration of the loose security at Orlando from the Dem challenger Jack Chagnon.

(IL-08) President Clinton Calls Illinois' 8th District by Josh Lyman - The Big Dog campaigns for Rep. Melissa Bean (D).

(IL-10) Canvasing for Dan Seals in the 10th District by tek writer - Dan Seals (D) rocks!

(IL-10) IL-10:The imploding campaign of republican Mark Kirk by Blue Wind - Dan Seals (D) is leading  in the polls in this race after a clear win in his debate with Mark Kirk (R).

(IN-06) Indiana Ground Zero. Nuke-le-ar Instructions? See Mike Pence. W/Poll by paddykraska - Diarist has info on where Mike Pence(R) stands on the Nuke info release.

(IN-06) "Who Let The Doc's  Out?" Mike Pence? (IN-06) by Barry Walsh - It seems that the RNCC needed to blame the document dump on someone so they blamed in on Mike Pence (R)!

(KS-02) Tight Race Needs YOUR Help - KANSAS 02 (w Poll!) by YucatanMan - Diarist has KS-02 Info with a request for help in getting Nancy Boyda over the top.

(MI-08) $30 K worth of Secrets for Mike Rogers by TheRealMoralMajority - Diarist has the latest from MI-08.

(MN-02) Coleen Rowley 'blows the whistle' on John Kline by georeeve - Diarist has the latest on MN-02.

(NC-09) Actions vs. Words: Sue Myrick on Illegal Immigration by serif - Sue Myrick (R) claims to be tough on illegal immigration, but are her family employing undocumented workers?

(NE-02) -UPDATED-- 50 State Strategy: Awesome, Wacky Poll in the NE-02 by DMOmaha - Can you believe Jim Esch (D) is only three points behind on likely REPUBLICAN voters?

(NE-03) Kleeb's closing ad by georgia10 - Scott Kleeb (D) has produced a killer ad for the last one before the election.

(NH-01) NH-01, Blind and Blinded Oversight by hannah - Carol Shea-Porter (D) has criticized efforts by the House Armed Services Committee to kill oversight of reconstruction efforts in Iraq. Her opponent, Jeb Bradley (R) is a member of the committee, which secretly drafted legislation that would close the Office of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction.

(NH-01) NH-01- Carol in Her Own Words by hannah - Carol Shea-Porter (D) has received more endorsements and looks good against Jeb Bradley (R).

(NH-01) NH-01 GOTV activities by ManchesterConnection - Diarist has GOTV info on NH-01.

(NH-02) NH-02: Bass Can't Take What He Dishes Out (inspired by Billmon) by DavidNYC - Diarist has Quotes Billmon style.

(NH-02) NH-02: Oy. Polls, Dirty Republican Robocalls, Wicked Lot of GOTV. by MissLaura - Democrats in New Hampshire's Second District are working hard to elect Paul Hodes (D), running against Charlie Bass (R).

(NJ-07) NJ-07: Linda with Jim  Dean today pics; the BigDog tomorrow! by goldberry - Diarist has NJ-07 info with pictures.

(NJ-07) BREAKING: Stender Needs $12K to Finish GOTV in NJ7 by nathanrudy - Linda Stender (D) needs last minute help to defeat Mike Ferguson (R) in this close race.

(NM-01) NM-01: Madrid Holds Clear Lead in Final Independent Poll by hilltopper - Last independent poll shows Dem Patricia Madrid leading incumbent Repub Heather Wilson 49-45.

(NY-13) NY-13: "Fossella's  campaign has shamelessly distorted his opponent's reasonable position" by Stephen Harrison Candidate for Congress - Vito Fossella (R) has made some very false statements, equating a vote for Stephen Harrison (D) with a vote for Osama bin Ladin.

(NY-19) Breaking - New Repub Slime Campaign Tactics by katlib - Robo calls and dirty tricks in this very tight race where John Hall is running against Sue Kelly (R).

(NY-20) NY-20 Albany Times Union endorses Gillibrand by Tillie630 - Local paper endorses Dem Kirsten Gillibrand over previously endorsed incumbent Repub John Sweeney.

(NY-20) NY-20: Sweeney's Holloween Surprise! by Doctor Who - has the links to news articles about Republican John Sweeney's domestic violence scandal, Kristen Gillibrand (D) is his opponent.

(OH-02) OH-2: Pounding the Pavement for Victoria Wulsin by Seth D - Diarist has a round up OH-02.

(PA-04) PA-04: An Upset in the Making by flushbush - Jason Altmire's (D) campaign of dedicated volunteers and extra money has made his race against Melissa Hart (R) very close, and he could win.

(PA-06) PA-06: An "I'm mad as hell and won't take it anymore" moment by accumbens - Lois Murphy (D) has been the target of nasty calls and ads from Jim Gerlach (R), a Pennsylvania resident got fed up.

(PA-06) Two Guys Take Bush to Gerlach's Office by Tula Connell - Two Union guys in a video take Bush to Gerlach's (R) office to show that a vote for Gerlach is a vote for Bush.

(PA-06) Lois Murphy Delivers Democratic Radio Address by Wee Gordie - Listen to, or read Lois Murphy's (D) radio address today. Her opponent is Jim Gerlach (R).

(PA-07) PA-07: Weldon Says "No Mas" by RandyMI - Diarist has info on Weldon canceling ads.

(PA-08) PA-08: My final ground report (with Al Gore!) by PsiFighter37 - A Kossack attends a rally for Patrick Murphy (D), running against Mike Fitzpatrick (R).

   Senate (44)

(TN-Sen) Chaffee = Ford by theralph - Even though Harold Ford (D) does not have very many progressive ideals, he is still a (D) and that will help hold the majority.

(TN-Sen) Ford Wants Justice Dept. in Tenn. as Vote Scandal Breaks by pronin2 - All the latest on Democrat Harold Ford Jr.'s call for a federal investigation into developing scandal in Tennessee.

(TN-Sen) How can an Out-of-State supporter work for Ford- And final donation recommendations by teenvote - How to support Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. (D).

(TN-Sen) Join Harold Ford, Jr. and Barack Obama in Nashville on Sunday by Old Yeller Dog - Harold Ford, Jr. (D) had Sen. Barack Obama (D) at a rally in Nashville on Sunday.

(TN-Sen) Kos, this is what I was talking about. Please listen now. by Dracowyrm - Markos. Give Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. (D) a break.

(TN-Sen) TN-Sen: One more time, with feeling by Sidof79 - The diarist went a-canvassing and found more supporters for Harold Ford (D) and fewer for Bob Corker (R).

(TN-Sen) Tennesee - a reminder. by smijer - Bob Corker (R) is just that horrible. Vote Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. (D).

(TN-Sen) Tennessee Tipping Point?? by Robert Davies - has the news of an interesting group rallying to support Democrat Harold Ford Jr. over Republican Bob Corker.

(TN-Sen) Corker, Tennessee and the ugliness of Pat Buchanan racism by eve - Pat Buchanan thinks the "Call Me, Harold" ad was funny. Harold Ford (D) is running against Bob Corker (R).

(VA-Sen) VA-SEN: A final push in the Fighting Ninth by osterizer - Jim Webb (D) fights in traditionally Republican territory.

(VA-Sen) VA-SEN: Central Front in the War of Terror by RenaRF - The R's are the terrorists and will promote Jim Webb (D) over George Allen (R) at a nationally televised football game.

(VA-Sen) VA-Sen: Did George Allen Spit on his 1st wife? by VA2CA - Link to another problematic story for Republican George Allen facing Democrat Jim Webb.

(VA-Sen) It happened AGAIN!! by Mike Stark - In his capacity as Air America reporter, Stark gets slammed again by supporters of George Allen (R) and this is caught on tape.

(VA-Sen) Ken Shelton speaks out loudly and clearly about George Allen by Tannen - Ken Shelton, a university classmate of George Allen's (R) speaks out about his grossly racist acts and attitudes during college.

(VA-Sen) New Mason Dixon VA Poll: WEBB AHEAD AGAIN!!!!!!! (46/45%) by politicaljunkie2008 - Diarist has more polling on VA-Sen.

(VA-Sen) Phone Banking for Webb - Adventures of A First-Time Volunteer by Qshio - A Kossack volunteers for Jim Webb's campaign.

(VA-Sen) video of Michael J Fox, Jim Webb and Wes Clark at Clarendon Ballroom event by eve - Diarist has a YouTube of the VA-sen event.

(VA-Sen) Mike Stark is becoming a distraction by AUH2O1964 - diairist makes an argument the Mike Stark is not helping Democrat Jim Webb's campaign against Republican George Allen.

(VA-Sen) Madeleine Albright and Hong Le Webb: "Women for Webb!" by lowkell - Rally speeches from Madeleine Albright and Hong Le Webb, part of "Women for Webb on behalf of Dem Jim Webb in his race against incumbent Repub George Allen.

(VA-Sen) Being a toilet for Webb (VA-Sen) by teacherken - The diarist will be "flushing" out voters for Jim Webb (D) in Fairfax County on Election Day. Webb's opponent is George Allen (R).

(AZ-Sen) Poker Politics - Making a Difference in AZ? by jacob222 - First time diarist jumps in with AZ-SEN info about the online poker community.

(CT-Sen) CT-Sen: A vote for Lieberman is a vote for Bush by AmySmith - Joe Lieberman (CFI) is so (R), voting for him is like voting for all the Bushes.

(CT-Sen) CT-Sen: Dispatches from the Bus - Defying CW in the Naugatuck Valley by davidsrota - This area was once thought to be solid for Lieberman (CFI), but they seem to be ready for a change to Ned Lamont (D).

(CT-Sen) Lieberman's Shameless Pandering by realnrh - Pics of the latest from Joe Lieberman (CFL) in his race to defeat Democrat Ned Lamont.

(CT-Sen) CT-Sen: The Coolest Thing Happened Today... by ollieb - Canvassing stories from Connecticut.

(CT-Sen) CT-SEN: Another "Dewey Defeats Truman" in the making? by hartford for lamont -How 18-24 year-old voters might surprise predictors of a Joseph Lieberman (CFL) win over Ned Lamont (D).

(CT-Sen) On The Ground In Connecticut on Tuesday (The Land Of Energized Pro-Democratic Voters) by Djneedle83 - Stories of canvassing for Dem Ned Lamont over Repub Alan Schlessinger and Connecticut for Lieberman Joe Lieberman.

(CT-Sen) (CT-SEN) Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory by The Third Man - A scary scenario could play itself out if Joe Lieberman wins in CT on Tuesday. His opponent is Ned Lamont (D).

(CT-Sen) Slush Fund Lieberman: Lamont has been too Kind to Me. EdwardsRaysOfSunshine - The diarist inquires: "Why did the Lamont campaign not make a bigger issue of Joe's campaign violations and impropriety?"

(MD-Sen) (MD-Sen) illegal migrants putting up Steele signs by leeroxxor - Diarist has Info on voter suppression in Maryland.

(MD-Sen) Don't forget Maryland! by stephen weinstein - Help Democrat Ben Cardin hold off Republican Michael Steele.

(MD-Sen) The Big Dawg (Clinton) goes to bat for O'Malley by nickshepdem - Bill Clinton appeared with Martin O'Malley (D) in an ad, which should help in the campaign against Governor Ehrlich (R).

(ME-Sen) ME-SEN Sen. Snowe and the posting of "How to Make a Nuclear Bomb" by jeanhaybright  - Was Olympia Snowe (R) involved in the posting on the internet of directions on how to make a nuclear bomb?

(MO-Sen) MO Sen. Talent: 42 bills to cut $10M in pesticide import duties by Todd Johnston - List of bills incumbent Repub Jim Talent proposed to remove duties on pesticides. Support Dem Claire McCaskill.

(MT-Sen) (MT-SEN) Burns Embroiled in New $$ for Judgeship Scandal by pontificator - Diarist has a new Burns(R) scandal.

(MT-Sen) Schweitzer Sets the Record Straight by mcjoan - Governor Schweitzer (D) puts out a good ad for Jon Tester (D) saying that he won't raise taxes.

(MT-Sen) (MT-Sen) Tester rocks the house! by BigSkyBlue - Dairist has the Tester Rally in Bozeman MT.

(MT-Sen) MONTANA?! Will it cost Dems the Senate? by neoconsuck - Call to action for Dem Jon Tester's heroic bid to oust incumbent Repub Conrad Burns.

(NJ-Sen) NJ News: Menendez hits 50%; and My Canvassing Report by MrLiberal - Bob Menendez (D) is doing well in the polls against Tom Kean, Jr. (R).

(NJ-Sen) NJ: Two Guys Take Bush to Kean by Tula Connell - Snarky video about Bush and Repub Tom Kean Jr. in his race against incumbent Dem Bob Menendez.

(NY-Sen) Senator Clinton Not "Polarizing" in New York Re-Election Bid by francislholland - Rundown of the poll results between incumbent Dem Hillary Clinton and Repub John Spencer.

(PA-Sen) Santorum is Proud of Releasing Iraqi Nuclear Secrets (video) by PADem20 - Video of incumbent Repub Rick Santorum's pride in the release of nuclear secrets by the Republicans in his race against Dem Bob Casey.

(Var-Sen) MSNBC/McClatchy Final Polls Show Senate Control May Be Down To The Wire by Rob - Rundown of the final MSNBC polls from RI, MO, NJ, MT, TN, VA, PA, WA, MI, AZ, MD and OH Senate races.

(Var-Sen) Key senate races: Sunday update by plf515 - The latest on the Senate races - with graphs.

   Various (29)

(TN-Gen) Right wing Mega Church in Nashville buys tv time to urge followers to vote Republican by Cassandra77 - Corner Stone Ministries Church has taken out a sequence of advertisements to encourage followers to vote Repub.

(VT-LtGov) VT-Lt. Gov: Lies and the Lying Liars - Another GOP - Media Disaster by Volvo Liberal - Yet another netroots victory in the making - Matte Dunne (D) over Lt. Gov. Brian Dubie (R).

(WI-Var) WI-St Sen.: 23rd Dist.: Illegal (?) GOP Campaign Flyer by alphaaqua - GOP breaks copyright law. Go figure.

(CA-Gen) The scumbags are trying to steal our votes by akogun - has pics of the latest GOP dirty tricks in California.

(CA-Gov) Angelides media blackout - does Schwarzenegger own the entire media? by foxfire burns - Phil Angelides (D) speaks at a rally, but gets no media coverage.

(CA-Gov) CA-Gov: Schwarzenegger- Arrogant, Mean, Repugnantly Sleazy by Turkana - Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) pretends to be a reasonable moderate, but he isn't.

(CA-Var) Democratic Tidal Wave in California? by El Oso - Democrats look good in California... except for the Gubernator.

(CO-HD-21) Haggard is a POLITICAL issue because the politicians by tjlord - Candidate Anna Lord (D) explains why Haggard is a political issue.

(CO-Var) Colorado by mcjoan - The diarist tells of the work of the campaigns of Democrats Angie Paccione, Jay Fawcett, and Ed Perlmutter and the gains they are making in the state.

(DC area -Var) DC Area Events inc. 2 rallies with Bill Clinton by howardpark - Come see Bill Clinton tonight in Upper Marlboro, MD and tomorrow in Alexandria Virginia.

(FL-Gov) Florida's GOP Gov Candidate Crist Denies Gay Tryst by Sarasotaguy - Talk of Crist being Gay & The GOP.

(FL-Gov) The Charlie Crist Rumors by creepers - Allegations of Repub Charlie Crist's sexual orientation have begun to surface in the Florida papers, shortly before the vote between him and Dem Jim Davis.

(HI-Gov) Hawai`I Governor Linda Lingle by blogpotato - The reasons not to support Republican Linda Lingle for re-election.

(IA-Var) Iowa: Dems Culver, Braley Pulling Away by royalsreview - Diarist has a Poll from Des Moines Register.

(MA-Gov) MA-Gov: Proud with Pix by sobermom - Diarist brings a Patrick Daval Rally run down with pictures.

(MD-Gov) MD-Gov: Bill Clinton supports Martin O'Malley in TV Commercial and at Rally tonight by Sharon in MD - The Big Dog comes to Maryland to rally the troops.

(MD-Var) MD GOTV: A Report from the Ground by stephdray - A Kossack's story of election volunteering in Maryland.

(MI-Gov) MI-GOV Just Say NO to Dick and YES to Jen - Reason #2 by LiberalLucy - Economic reasons for voting Dem Jennifer Granholm back into office over Repub Dick DeVos.

(MN-SoS) MN-SOS: Petition Filed Against Kiffmeyer by jbnr51 - Complaint filed against incumbent Repub Mary Kiffmeyer in the runup to election against Dem Mark Ritchie.

(NH-Var) Dirty tricks in NH by shpilk - Republicans resort to underhand tactics in the New Hampshire House races.

(NY-StSen41) Inside NYBri HQ: Get Yr Gameface On Edition! Plus Multimedia Blowout by lipris - Diarist has NYBri roundup from Hudson Valley.

(OH-Gov) Video: Exclusion at Ohio Gubernatorial Debate: "Free Speech Zones" by The Dean of Cincinnati - Protesters from a third party were refused the right of assembly near the location of the debate between Dem Ted Strickland and Repub Kenneth Blackwell with video goodness.

(OH-Var) Dispatch Poll: Elephant Graveyard Predicted in Ohio by Public Servant - If you believe the Columbus Dispatch poll, the Republicans are going down statewide in Ohio.

(OH-Var) Final Columbus Dispatch Poll: Could be a landslide night in Ohio by GoBucks - Another diary about the possible good news on Tuesday in Ohio.

(OR-Gen) Early Returns? How is the turnout? by cmpnwtr - has some info on early voting in Oregon.

(OR-Gen) Evidence of Dem wave: Oregon vote-by-mail returns by verasoie - has the links to reports on early vote returns in Oregon.

(OR-HD-49) Phone bank for Rob Brading today 2:00-5:00! by PacNW BlueBerry Girl - Phone banking call for Dem Rob Brading's contest against Repub Karen Minnis in Oregon's 49th.

(Var-Gov) Gubernatorial Campaign Fun!! Get Nieuked!!! by Jerry 101 - For comic relief, go to write-in candidate Tim Nieukirk's website for the funniest ads in the campaign.

(Var) FOLLOWING THE POLLS: The Saturday Edition by Steve Singiser - Steve's daily roundup of nationwide polls.

   General (12)

How to read exit polls: a primer by Febble - An excellent diary about exit polls and what they are, and how to follow them.

3 Days & Counting - What Did You Do Today? by aimeeinkc - Diarist brings the "What Did You Do Today" series.

KISS the Republicans Goodbye: a GOTV Diary by 4thepeople - The diarist tells how taxes are on the minds of voters, and how to educate them about the truth on Democrats and taxes.

Myspace GOTV: The Plan by ScottWalters - A suggestion for using Myspace fro GOTV.

WE own these last 72 hours. Not them by clammyc - The GOTV effort, the grassroots efforts of the Democrats has made the home stretch their territory, not Karl Rove's.

Who should I help on Election Day? by NYPopulist - With so many good choices, the diarist is in a quandary as to which candidate to help on November 7th.

How not to talk to voters by metallel - has some tips for phonebanking.

Sunday Morning polls (updated) by Paleo - Significant and encouraging poll results from around the country.

House and Senate scorecards here! Get your scorecards! by sarahnity - Integrated spreadsheet of the Congressional Quarterly, Cook Political Report, Stuart Rothenberg, and the WaPo's Chris Cillizza's predictions for the House and Senate, in google.

The New York Times becomes even shriller by dmsilev - Entirely Dem endorsement by the NY Times editorial board because of the general malfeasance of the Repubs.

The TradeSports line on 2006: The Final Countdown by ripzaw - Rundown of predictions for the elections from, where amateurs bet on the winner.

ABC/WaPo: Frustration with Bush, Iraq, Slightly Narrowed D Lead by Dem From CT - Where we are at this moment in time.

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