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I just got off the phone with the  New York State head of the DNC's official lawyers committee.

She has local and national reporters who are EAGER to speak to voters who have been harassed by repetitive robocalls. We need to put some meat on the bones of this story.

If you have been called repeatedly please contact me.  If you have recorded these calls even better because then it might be covered by the TV media, not just the print media. They want to speak to New York State voters only for this story.

I am the conduit for this. My email is d7eb at

Sorry this diary is so short but time is of the essence.

Please recommend so that it will hang around long enough for the right people to see it. Someone has a Washington Post reporter interested so I got his permission to post his email in an update. He is interested in folks who have been robocalled anywhere in the US. Recorded would be best. Here's that contact info dns361 at ADDED INFO A THOUGHT! EVEN IF YOU HAVE NOT RECORDED A NUMBER OF THEM OR EVEN ONE BUT YOU HAVE RECEIVED THEM AND LISTENED TO THEM OR HUNG UP, IF YOU HAVE A CALLER ID LOG THERE SHOULD BE A RECORD. CHECK THEM Update UPDATE 4 and more help needed Reporters want recorded calls... but they also need to talk to some people who have gotten these calls and just listened to them.. whether you remember if there was a long pause before they got to the negative information about the dem candiadte or the NRCC identification. Please email me, especially if you think you've gotten these calls from California. We need to corroborate the recordings. Some or that is, most modern answering machines are designed to compress out the silences... to save storage space and to save the listeners' time Again thanks very much for all your emails. UPDATE UPDATE

Originally posted to debcoop on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 11:21 AM PST.

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