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Republicans are so afraid to run on their merits that they continue to resort to dirty tricks.

Listen to this robocall (.WAV) being sent to Virginia voters:

Tim Daly from Clarendon got a call saying that if he votes Tuesday, he will be arrested.  A recording of his voicemail can be found online at:

The transcript from his voicemail reads:

"This message is for Timothy Daly.  This is the Virginia Elections Commission. We've determined you are registered in New York to vote. Therefore, you will not be allowed to cast your vote on Tuesday. If you do show up, you will be charged criminally."

Daly has been registered to vote in Virginia since 1998, and he has voted for the last several cycles with no problem. He has filed a criminal complaint with the Commonwealth's attorney in Arlington.

More from the Webb campaign (from an email):

Widespread Calls, Allegedly from "Webb Volunteers," Telling Voters that their Polling Location has Changed.

A couple of examples:

a.  Norman Cox has been registered to vote in the same location in Arlington since 1972.  Someone from a 406 number (in Montana) called to tell him that his polling place has changed. [Note: The Webb Campaign is NOT making any such phone calls.]  Cox said he believed that he was being mislead and the caller hung up.

b. Peter Baumann in Cape Charles, VA (North Hampton) got a similar call from a "Webb volunteer" saying his polling location had changed. He said: No, I'm a poll worker and I know where I vote. The girl--who was calling from California--hung up.

The Secretary of the State Board of Elections Jean Jensen has logged dozens of similar calls, finding heavy trends in Accomack County (middle peninsula) and Essex County (outer peninsula) [as reported by the counties' registrars].

3) Fliers in Buckingham County Say "SKIP THIS ELECTION" (paid for by the RNC) have caused many in the African American community to call the Board of Elections to see if the election is still on. The full tag line says: "SKIP THIS ELECTION... (and then in smaller print): Don't Let the Tax and Spend Liberals Win."

4) Voter Machine Problems.

a. On many ballots in heavily Democratic neighborhoods, Jim's name is cut off. The ballots say: "James H. (Jim)" with no Webb.

b. New reports that ballots in Essex County have Jim's name split on 2 pages.  The "James H (Jim)" on one page, "Webb" on the next.

c. Reports of voting machines in Isle of White that do not provide a clear image of the ballot, making voting a challenge.

Voting issues need to be a foremost priority in the next Congress. This is unconscionable.

And the best solution, by far, is still the Oregon vote-by-mail model.

Originally posted to Daily Kos on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:01 PM PST.

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  •  Hopefully (9+ / 0-)

    someone from MSM will pick up on this in Virginia

  •  me and two (16+ / 0-)

    other people just said fuck george allen

    People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people

    by zoso553 on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 01:59:47 PM PST

  •  Every Democratic Candidate must find a microphone (16+ / 0-)

    and say that no voter is to believe any phone call they receive concerning polling place changes or restrictions as they will all be Republican lies.  

    •  i never understood (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Geotpf, greenearth

      why we got the Electoral College around...

      Watch this video?

      Like it says, Constitution also endorsed slavery (3/5ths)..

      Please speak up...the "room" tends to go quiet when I mention Wally O'Dell "guaranteeein'" Ohio's electoral votes...

      The GOOpers come back with "Dems cheAT, too!"  Sometimes cheaters do prosper, methinks..

      "...and they'd call that science. And no one would believe it." (Colbert)

      by lookingglass on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:14:10 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

      •  I admire your spirit, but... (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:

        The Electoral College was a deal cut at the Constitutional Convention in 1787.  Really, it was only James Wilson of Pennsylvania (a deciple of the great political thinker, Charles Pinckney) who stood up for a popular vote election rather than some other mechanism.

        The Electoral College is our system, but there are ways to make it better.  Professor John Koza of Stanford University is floating the concept of an interstate compact which would require states to throw all of there electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote.  If the 11 largest states agreed to this, it would assure that the winner of the popular vote became President.

        Lawmakers in California, New York, Colorado, Illinois and Missouri have introduced legislation to enact such a plan.

        So if the Electoral College really bugs you, get your local legislator to sign on to the Koza Plan.

        By the way, the Constitution never said that someone was 3/5th of a person, that was a majority opinion of the Supreme Court.

        •  You are wrong about the 3/5ths (0+ / 0-)

          Article 1, Section 2, Third paragraph, First sentence (prior to the 24th Amendment):

          Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective Numbers, which shall be determined by adding to the whole Number of free Persons, including those bound to Service for a Term of Years, and excluding Indians not taxed, three fifths of all other Persons.

          That is, in determining how many House seats (and, in turn, seats in the Electoral College) a state gets, you count slaves (aka "all other Persons") as worth 3/5ths of a free man.

  •  is anyone surprised? (4+ / 0-)

    fixing how America votes needs to be part of the next 100 hours after Speaker Pelosi enacts the plan set for the first 100.

    Strategery, slapping right wing crap against a wall of truth.

    by fromer on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:00:05 PM PST

  •  Fuck yeah Oregon! (10+ / 0-)

    I got some homestate pride for the way we run our elections.

  •  Thank you kos! (11+ / 0-)

    Finally, someone giving credit to Vote-by-mail in Oregon.

  •  I voted by mail a couple of weeks ago. (4+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    varro, jmcgrew, BobOak, greenearth

    It was a wonderful experience - I agree, it should be de rigeur.

    Check out this excellent ad from Septemeber Fund.

  •  I repeat (5+ / 0-)


    "Unconscionable" just doesn't do it justice.

    Can we talk about taking back the senate? We need six states.

    by Radiowalla on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:00:52 PM PST

  •  Here's the point we really need to be hammering (10+ / 0-)

    On about this.

    These people are asking to represent these people in Congress. And their best idea on how to reach out to potential (or actual, in the case of Allen) constituents is to harrass them.

    What does it say about your real interest in representing your constituents that you show so little respect for them you're willing to harrass them rather than persuade them?

    This is the way democracy ends Not with a bomb But with a gavel -Max Baucus

    by emptywheel on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:01:11 PM PST

  •  Oregon & Outrage (10+ / 0-)

    Man, how to stop this while it is happening!

    We can document this sue, prosecute but stopping it as it's happening is what i want.

    I agree Oregon vote-by-mail is the way to go!

    I spent 12 hours researching my ballot (local races) and I cannot imagine navigating through all ballot initiatives the more obscure local candidates that I don't know that much about, who is funding campaigns and so forth if I just walked into a voting booth.

    It enables no fraud, no suppression and most importantly the ability to make an intelligent choice!

    Oregon system for the nation!

    by BobOak on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:01:17 PM PST

    •  The last time I voted (10+ / 0-)

      in a voting booth, I voted for vote-by-mail!

      •  Can't anyone do this? (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:

        Why can't everyone just request an absentee ballot?  Are there rules that would preclude people from voting absentee in some states?

        (-5.25, -7.95) "Self-respect is a question of recognizing that anything worth having has a price." - Joan Didion

        by SueDe on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:17:49 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

        •  I have no idea (0+ / 0-)

          Why the entire nation doesn't demand an absentee ballot...that's another way.

          Why the hell anyone wants to fight the lines, the rain, their own schedule is beyond me...

          but when I was in other states I just plain didn't think about it...
          it's some weird mentality that everybody must vote only on election day or something going on.

          Anyway, promote absentee!

          by BobOak on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:24:57 PM PST

          [ Parent ]

        •  Pennsylvania has some antiqued laws (1+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:

          Which state you can't vote absentee unless you're either out of the district on Election Day, in the military, elderly, or a few other conditions.  Hopefully some of those can be done away with.

          •  Just TELL them (0+ / 0-)

            you're going to be out of town!  How hard is that?  Do they send thugs to your house on election day to see if you're home?

            TX has early voting - open voting at places all over town lasting ten days and closing the Wednesday before the election.  It's really easy (vote at the grocery store or the mall!), but lots of the people I know just request absentee ballots, vote in the comfort of their living rooms, research the candidates for a couple of days, and turn in the absentee ballots at an early voting location.

            I don't think the people in this state would ever OK registering on election day - sounds like too many "illegals" could vote that way.  Also, we don't register by party, so we can have any primary ballot we want.

            (-5.25, -7.95) "Self-respect is a question of recognizing that anything worth having has a price." - Joan Didion

            by SueDe on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 03:07:05 PM PST

            [ Parent ]

          •  So? (0+ / 0-)

            We have antique voting machines.  And they work, too.

            /I heart New York.

        •  In some states there are, in others there are not (1+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:

          Is what I recall.  Also, there is same-day registration in only 6 states.  from the Gotham Gazette:

          Six states have made registration as simple as it can be. Minnesota, Maine, New Hampshire, Idaho, Wisconsin, and Wyoming allow voters to register at the polls when they arrive to cast their ballot. North Dakota abandoned registration entirely in 1951. Five of these states have the highest voter turnout in the country.

          Our health... is an integral part of society [and] to the future of this country and to not make an investment in that is crazy. -- Michael J Fox -7.63/-6.41

          by vome minnesota on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:28:30 PM PST

          [ Parent ]

        •  Yes (0+ / 0-)

          Missouri's absentee ballot rules indicate you may only vote absentee if you are unable to go to the polls because of:

           temporarily absent from the County on election day

           your religious belief

           military service

           incarceration, but have retained voting privileges

           confinement due to illness or physical disability

          (If you have a disability, you may apply to be on the permanent absentee application list.)

          I don't know why they have these rules, but there you go.

        •  True, (0+ / 0-)

          but the beauty of vote-by-mail is that you don't even have to take the extra step of requesting a ballot.  You just get your mail one day, and there it is!  That's what I like so much about it.  It makes sure the ballot gets to the voter, rather than assuming the voter is able to get to the ballot.

          •  Also, (0+ / 0-)

            Vote by mail makes it harder for politicians to pull a last-minute suprise.  If they try something slimy too early, they'll get hit by blowback.  If they try it too late, then it won't be very effective.

            And people discuss the election a lot during the two weeks.  Not in a "red vs blue" kind of way, but in a "Which of the Supreme Court candidates is the one who has never been a judge?" kind of a way.

            congratulations on your foreskin -- osteriser

            by bartman on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 05:07:12 PM PST

            [ Parent ]

    •  it has its problems (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      For example,  people can make sure that family members (or members of some other very close community)  vote in approved ways by having everybody fill-out their vote forms together.

      On the other hand,  if somebody is that susceptible to pressure, they would probably vote as they were told, even with a secret ballot.

      I just kinda miss going to the voting booth in the morning...

    •  Postage (3+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Primordial Ooze, BobOak, Brother Dave

      I voted by mail (in Calif), and I think we should pass a law saying that official election ballots DO NOT NEED POSTAGE.  I mean, congressmen/women get the Franking privilige to send out "informational" mail for free, but ballots need a stamp?  I don't get it.

    •  Help Spread Vote By Mail Nationally (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      The Vote By Mail Project and it's companion c4 the Vote By Mail Advocacy Project were recently launched to help bring Vote By Mail and permanent voter-choice absentee registration to states around the country.

      Organizations which have recently endorsed Vote By Mail include the AFL-CIO and the NAACP.  The Vote By Mail Project board of advisors includes Oregon Secretary of State Bill Bradbury, Dr. James K. Galbraith, and others concerned with fair and participatory elections.

      Please consider getting involved in your state.

      •  asdf (0+ / 0-)

        This sounds like something to push right after this election.  

        (although w/ public financing of elections and so on).

        I agree, this is absolutely the way to go.

        by BobOak on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 08:54:05 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

  •  "This message is for George W. Bush. (8+ / 0-)

     This is the Kossack Elections Commission. We've determined you are a war criminal. Therefore, we will cast our vote on Tuesday, and you will be charged criminally in January."

  •  Is this an increase in dirty tricks (4+ / 0-)

    or are we just paying closer attention to them?  Just curious if anybody had a feeling which it is.  Actual statistics would be nicer if they even exist.

  •  This is why (4+ / 0-)

    they build prisons.

    Once these Republicans are in prison, we will start hearing a lot in the MSM about the need for prison reform.  

    I am so glad he filed a criminal complaint.  

    •  Fines are just a cost of doing business (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      mentaldebris, greenearth

      I agree...jail time is the only way to grab their attention.

      •  yeah, unless it's $100 million for (0+ / 0-)

        robocalls in violation of the law in NH.  Then it's your whole operation on the line.

        What this shows is that their magical seventy-two hour GOTV is really an anti-GOTV effort.  mofos.

        Our health... is an integral part of society [and] to the future of this country and to not make an investment in that is crazy. -- Michael J Fox -7.63/-6.41

        by vome minnesota on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:31:51 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

      •  No, I disagree (0+ / 0-)

        Any campaign for which this sort of thing is done or for which it is done against their opponent should be disqualified from serving in the office, even if elected.  The only way to make this work is to stick it to the candidate who benefits.  Then it won't happen.  Who cares if some repuke flunky goes to jail for a few months.  We need it to stop.

  •  Criminals (8+ / 0-)

    Whoever is behind the misleading robocalls needs to go to jail.

  •  An added bonus in Vote by mail... (4+ / 0-)

    Is that the voting doesn't all occur on the last day, and therefore we can be less bombarded by the awful last minute crap-storm on TV.

    King County in Washington will move to an all-mail system in 2007. I agree that this is the best model.

    You can't get away with the crunch, 'cuz the crunch always gives you away

    by dnamj on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:02:11 PM PST

  •  Colleen Rowley robocalls, too (12+ / 0-)

    Just got this in email...






    Report any misleading phone calls you receive:

    Ask who is calling and ask for a number they can be called back at.  Ask who they are calling on behalf of.  Ask who they are being paid by, or if they say they are not being paid, who asked them to make the call.  Make a note of those responses and call our Campaign Headquarters at (507) 664-3850.

  •  I'm volunteering for James H. Jim (11+ / 0-)

    tomorrow.  Fairfax, right?  James H. Jim for Senate.

    Political compass: 0.0, -4.92

    by freedc on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:02:22 PM PST

  •  The girl phone-banking (8+ / 0-)

    from California making these calls needs to be arrested and sent to a federal penitentiary.

  •  Shameless Republican Bastards! (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    kestrel9000, greenearth

    They deserve and any all justice they get tomorrow.

    I hope Cheney dresses like a quail out in the field tomorrow.

    Felix Asshole Macacac Wife-spitting-on Allen should be very proud of his buddies who are kind enough to help him smear Webb.

    Yes, Virginia.  There are assholes.

  •  How did I know (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    greenearth, vome minnesota

    that Webb would be the fella to do what I suggested last night in my diary.

    When your enemy rattles the sabres right before the attack, you rattle them right the fuck back.

    Good on ya, Senator Webb!

  •  KOS: Your Time Tonight on CNN (45+ / 0-)

    Please raise these issues during your appearance tonight on Larry King Live.

    They will not ask you. You will have to force the issue on the air.

    Please explain to the viewers in the clearest terms possible what Josh Marshall has been reporting--that these are phony calls pretending to be dems who keep calling back at all hours to harrass people into not voting. This is not normal robo calling. It is different. Explain to CNN what it is.


  •  Democracy is on the march! (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    The same punks who claim that Democracy is the reason we are bleeding in Iraq are taking part in this crap.  No shame! We've heard about the awesom Dem ground game in Va.; let's hope it can overcome this disgusting chicanery.  

  •  Best solution? (4+ / 0-)

    If your law enforcement people can put people away for years for possession of marijuana, then it is indisputable that even longer sentences should result for this far more serious crime. This is a no brainer.

    Infidelity does not consist in believing, or in disbelieving: it consists in professing to believe what he does not believe.--Thomas Paine

    by peterborocanuck on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:05:09 PM PST

  •  Would somebody please sue the GOP already? (4+ / 0-)

    The only thing they understand is losing money and public humiliation.

    "Journalism is supposed to afflict the powerful, not comfort them."

    by LeftHandedMan on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:05:36 PM PST

    •  On election day morn in 2004 (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      greenearth, jkilkullen

      There was a fake robomessage from "Norman Schwartzekoff" that was put out by the GOP to gin up a fake election day outrage and make people vote GOP by making it seem that the Democratic party was comitting fraud to help Kerry.

      This was something that should have resulted in a mega-lawsuit after the election. Win or lose. To expose who did it, and to make them pay if possible.

      Intead... it just dropped into history.

      The GOP isn't going to stop committing election day or just prior to election day fraud and phone jamming until they suffer an increidble amount of financial hardship over this criminal acts.

      "Journalism is supposed to afflict the powerful, not comfort them."

      by LeftHandedMan on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:10:16 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

      •  There are GOPers in jail for New Hampshire (4+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        pseudomass, otis704, ohcanada, greenearth

        and this crap with the phones still goes on, because the Republicans are always willing to let some guy take the fall as an individual. Always.

        Because there is always another lemming wingnut willing to fall on his sword for the GOP.

        If they are broke, however, because of this... and they know they will be utterly stripped of millions and millions of dollars again if they keep it up.. this shit stops.

        "Journalism is supposed to afflict the powerful, not comfort them."

        by LeftHandedMan on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:13:12 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

  •  you might wonder . . . (6+ / 0-)

    . . . how dirty is this?  There is no such thing as the "Virginia Elections Commission"; it's the Virginia Board of Elections.

  •  My wife heard this on TV (5+ / 0-)

    She's not sure, thinks it was CNN.

    We're calling for Jim right now, and we're telling people to be on the lookout.

    Since we relocated from California in 2003, maybe we'll be lucky enough to get one of these calls!

  •  that makes me MAD! (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Phil S 33, greenearth

    these people need to go to jail.

  •  WHERE ARE OUR LAWYERS? (7+ / 0-)

    Seems to me that these are legal issues that we need to be in court on.....RIGHT NOW!  There's nothing to be gained by going easy on this sort of stuff.  There ought to be lawsuits out the asshole and starting today!

  •  Three huge cheers (13+ / 0-)

    for the Oregon model, which has been adopted by my state of Washington.  I voted by dropping my ballot at a community collection station (at a neighborhood grocery store) last Wednesday, the first day the collection stations were open.  When I walked in, ballot in hand, that day, the two young women volunteering at the station gave me a round of applause.  I dropped my ballot in the box, took my "I voted" sticker, bought myself a celebratory cookie from the bakery, and was on my way home within five minutes.

    Three more cheers to the election officials around here.  When, about three weeks ago, I still had not received my ballot and pamphlet in the mail, I emailed my county auditor asking where the ballots were.  I got a reply less than an hour later telling me they'd been mailed out the previous day.

    In Washington, you can go online to verify your voter registration and you can also verify whether or not your mail-in ballot has been received.

    It's not that hard to run a user-friendly, presumably honest election.  Anyone in a state that hasn't adopted this system should be lobbying their governor and state legislature, hard, for it.

    Laugh-a while you can, monkey-boy! - Lord John Whorfin

    by Mehitabel9 on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:06:38 PM PST

  •  Document (3+ / 0-)

    document, document...

    Document all their crimes and contest all the close losses.

    Tasteless weird jokes by President Bush about missing WMDs. "Not under here!" he laughs. Disgusting.

    by LandSurveyor on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:06:44 PM PST

  •  Apparently, Webb has filed a complaint (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    pseudomass, rockhound, greenearth

    on this subject.

    If this could only get national MSM coverage--you rarely hear about this before elections, only after, when there's nothing to be done that will matter.

    To see this hit the national news, the night before the election, may backfire bigtime on Repubs--Americans voters, even the most uniformed, don't appreciate being fucked with by a bunch of power hungry bullies.

    It smacks of desperation and nobody likes to vote for desperate losers.

    "No one can terrorize a whole nation, unless we are all his accomplices." Edward R. Murrow

    by Pager on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:07:24 PM PST

  •  Just when I think I can't hate (5+ / 0-)

    Republicans more than I do, they give me yet another reason.

    Against basic American rights.
    Against our right to vote.
    IOW, they hate our freedom.

    Remind you of anyone?

    Note: If any Dem campaign is discovered pulling this shit I will hold them in the same contempt that I hold rethugs. Unlike followers of the rethug philosophy, I demand integrity and accountability from my leaders.

    "As you get older, you get less willing to buy the latest version of reality." Leonard Cohen

    by mentaldebris on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:07:25 PM PST

  •  I diaried about the GOP lying in NM (4+ / 0-)

    about polling locations earlier today.

  •  Oregonians: Drop off your Ballots (8+ / 0-)

    Oregonians — your ballot must be received by election officials by the time polls close tomorrow, mail is no longer an option.

    So if you haven't yet voted. Vote and then take your ballot and drop it off at one of your county's official drop sites.

    Drop off the ballot now, too late to mail it.

  •  the USS Intrepid is stuck in the mud (4+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    dnamj, signalcamp, greenearth, ERyd

    and so is our democracy...

    hopefully high tide for our nation comes sooner than the Intrepid's next chance

  •  I've dreamed of a voting system... (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    greenearth, ERyd

    In "triplicate"...

    Cast ballot on touchscreen, prints out 2 copies of your vote, 1 for a lock box and one for the voter.

    Verify all against the software.

    I was excited in '04 in Nevada...supposedly we had a printout of how we voted...

    All it was was a slip saying "you voted"...the card on the machine I did not trust.

    I hear TN ballots are "old school" and yes, people, even though I am a godless pro-gay marriage flag burning freethinker I'm votin' for Harold...

    "...and they'd call that science. And no one would believe it." (Colbert)

    by lookingglass on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:09:01 PM PST

    •  I think there are good reasons (0+ / 0-)

      to NOT give you a slip saying how you voted.

      Votes are secret in the US for a reason.  If every person was given a receipt saying how they voted, how long would it be before people started making "deals" based on how they voted?

      I actually had a landlord tell me he'd lower my rent if a certain ballot measure passed.  I voted against it anyway, because the measure was a bad idea.  Plus, the landlord was a lying sack of shit as well....


      congratulations on your foreskin -- osteriser

      by bartman on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 05:15:59 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  Dear Markos (18+ / 0-)

    You have a huge platform on Larry King Live tonight. Please let the public know about this stuff, including reading this WAV file word for word if necessary.

    This is essentially assault. This call pretty much says "Show up to vote tomorrow and you'll pay."

    Whoever is behind this should go to prison for life. I truly mean it.

    If we don't stand up to this shit, then it will go on forever. This is truly Nazi 101.

    The Republican Party: Keeping America Fact-Free Since 2001

    by IndyScott on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:09:33 PM PST

  •  Iron law of campaign cheating (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    greenearth, Stripe

    If there is a way to cheat in an election, someone will try it.

    Political compass: 0.0, -4.92

    by freedc on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:09:40 PM PST

  •  OR- Vote by mail (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    darrelplant, dnamj, greenearth

    Counting the ballots submitted and delivered by Sunday, we've already certified 800,000 ballots, making a 40% turnout thus far.

  •  Oregon vote-by-mail (5+ / 0-)

    Before sending in our ballots last Monday (10/30), we were getting robocalls from Virginia and New York about ballot measures as well as robocalls showing up on our caller ID as "private" that were for the Republican candidate for governor, Ron Saxton.  As of last Tuesday, when I assume our ballots were received and logged in at the county office, we've not gotten a single call.  Phew!

    However, I still miss going to a polling place on Election Tuesdays.  I like the convenience of vote-by-mail, but Election Day always seems a bit anti-climatic.

  •  The important thing is to be quick in identifying (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    the issues and alerting voters and the media.  We never had anything like a an audio file of a robo call before.  Our diligence will pay off here.

    This will inhibit the scope of the GOP's suppression tactics and prevent them from affecting results at the margin.

    The other thing to do is to send a lot of volunteers from the DNC to the counties where these problems are occurring.  We need to have people on the ground in touch with county elections officials and a system to get in touch with voters to ensure that their attempt to vote is free from trouble.  This is great work by the Webb campaign, and I think this might save the day (though I believe Webb is ahead outside the margin of error).

  •  Too late (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    greenearth, emsprater

    Good that camapigns are filing complaints. The only problem is that it will be too late. The election is toorrow and the results come in tomorrow night.

    By the time the investigations are completed it will not matter. Then of course they could suppress the results of the investigations if at all they do a serious one.

    Note in NH although a Repub hack was convicted for the phone jamming case it did not matter the Repub was elected and some poor scapegoat will take the hit. Mehlman skated in the NH case.

  •  Win or Lose tomorrow (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Progressive Moderate, greenearth

    This kind of Shit must be stopped.

    You can't get away with the crunch, 'cuz the crunch always gives you away

    by dnamj on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:11:54 PM PST

  •  Arrests and Serious Jail Time . . . (7+ / 0-)

    . . . MUST be in the cards for these people.  It is the ONLY way to begin putting a stop to this.


    We're working on many levels here. Ken Kesey

    by BenGoshi on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:12:05 PM PST

  •  Question for Kossacks (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    dnamj, greenearth, lookingglass

    While I like the Oregon mail-in ballot system and am not a big fan of Diebold, do any of you guys feel that the VVPT (voter verified paper trail) addresses most of the problems in terms of vote shifting?

    The voter sees his choices summurized on the screen

    if he /she accepts, they are then printed on a spool

    if those are correct, then he can finailize his submission

    all the spools are saved and should serve as a valid paper trail that can easily be cross-referenced with the highly suspect memory cards.  Now I realize the memroy card system is bunk, but additionally, during shutdown, the machine prints out a final tally of all votes.

    Now I realize that the whole system could crash, but you still have the paper trail, and that should be vaild.

    •  yes (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      seem "my dream" just above in thread..

      "...and they'd call that science. And no one would believe it." (Colbert)

      by lookingglass on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:18:19 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

    •  Yes, it's far better (0+ / 0-)

      For our Tough Screen Machines in Washington, called AVUs (Accessible Voting Units), there is a VVPT. These have already been ussed in manual recounts. It is far better than not having them. This should be a mandatory first step in repairing the integrity of our elections.

      You can't get away with the crunch, 'cuz the crunch always gives you away

      by dnamj on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:18:38 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

    •  Too Many Steps (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      surferal, Magnifico

      With a paper ballot like we use in Oregon (not the punch-card type that caused problems in Florida in 2000), you just make a mark next to the name you select. There's no need for a verification step after electronic selections have been printed. If you get the wrong results on the printout, then you've got to go through the whole process again. Why make it so complex? It's better than no record, but it's more expensive and it's less secure.

      Those who do not learn from history are stupid. --darrelplant

      by darrelplant on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:21:17 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

      •  I agree (0+ / 0-)

        that it should be simplified, but in light of the current situation with the trail-less touchscreens, doesn't this solve the majority of concerns from 2004 (and early 2006) by having the VVPT?

        I personally am of the plexiglass box vain, but we Americans are loathe to go backwrads when it comes to giving up our laziness (in this case actually having to count votes manually).  Face it, touchscreens are the future...that's why I'm the fool in my precinct who is the Touchscreen Inspector and I have had eight of them in my garage for the past week (that's about $40K worth of overpriced PC tablets with low quality stands).

        •  Manual (0+ / 0-)

          Oregon's votes aren't counted manually. We have Diebold tabulation machines for that. The ballots are machinable cards that are run through an optical scanner, just like multiple-choice tests in schools, but they still can be counted manually if needed.

          It's a convenience issue. People can vote when and where they want, in the company of whomever they want (or nobody). You can vote while you're sitting on the toilet, if the mood strikes you. If you want laziness....

          Those who do not learn from history are stupid. --darrelplant

          by darrelplant on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:47:50 PM PST

          [ Parent ]

  •  Jackbooted Democracy (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    GOTV, greenearth, ERyd

    Well, I guess it's fair to say that here, in American, democracy is on the goosestep.  

    Where are the attorneys in Virginia?  

    It's all fun and games until the Vice President shoots someone in the face.

    by lightiris on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:12:59 PM PST

  •  Good on Daly (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    greenearth, ERyd

    I'm glad he filed a criminal complaint. This is despicable behavior! It shouldn't be surprising anymore, but I'm still constantly amazed at the contempt Republicans show for people.

    Must. Be. Stopped.

  •  Fucking bastards (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Bodean, Annalize5, greenearth

    Goddamn it! These fuckers know no bounds. And I'm sick of sitting around watching them do it while we whine about it. We need to start getting just as dirty as these Repukes.

    "Winning isn't everything. It's the only thing." When it comes to elections, it's the truth, and Repuke-fucks have known it for years.

  •  But we can be absolutely certain that (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    greenearth, ERyd

    despite all of their efforts to deprive citizens of their right to vote, they never, ever would violate the sanctity of the ballot box.  I mean, that is really a reality-based position, wouldn't you argue.

    Damn the torpedoes. Full speed ahead.

    by DCDemocrat on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:14:53 PM PST

  •  This is Fucking Crazy! (4+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    rockhound, greenearth, ERyd, TomP

    It's almost unbelievable... but then you have to remember these are Republicans.

    Seriously though, these are the type of voter-suppression tactics you expect to here about in a third-world dictatorship – not in America.  

    It should embarrass us all, and especially Republicans.   If I were a republican and I knew my Party had anything to do with this, I would be compelled to vote against my Party in protest.  As a Democrat and an American, I 'm just appalled and embarrassed that this stuff can happen in our country.  

    I agree the first order of business in the next Congress should be a law prohibiting this and all other types of bullshit voter suppression.  Liability exposure should be joint and several, and include Party officials and/or candidates.  Penalties for violation should be federal prison and fines of $100,000 per incident of violation – paid to the opposing Party.

    Second order of business for new Congress should be new minimum wage law, indexed to CPI and adjusted every five years automatically.  

  •  head exploding (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Bodean, greenearth, ERyd

    Allen is scum beyond belief. I'm practically incredulous about this...but not totally.

    -8.38, -7.74 Schadenfreude is a dish best served piping hot.

    by condoleaser on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:15:18 PM PST

  •  We need an arrest TONIGHT! (9+ / 0-)

    I am so fucking pissed off I can't even stand it at this point.  This should not be hard to immediately get the phone number of at least a few different people who are doing this.  I want an example of these people made tonight goddammit!  These pieces of shit need to rot in jail.  On a completely different note, Kos needs to bring a recording of this message with him to Larry King tonight and play it on air.  

    Arrogance and stupidity: it's a winning combination.

    by MatthewBrown on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:15:26 PM PST

  •  I wonder if they really do have bad information, (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    at least to some degree.  I have lived in Minnesota for the last five years (and grew up here), but lived in Charlottesville, VA from 1997 to 2001.  I have received calls to GOTV from a member of the Albemarle Democratic Committee as well as a robocall from Mark Warner.

    That being said, Karl Rove is the genius of dirty tricksters, and I don't doubt that Sen. Felix Macaca wouldn't stoop to Bushian levels to hold onto power.  

    I just wonder if they have old information, and are using it improperly, making the worst assumptions.  

    I mentioned this elsewhere, but I have a 612 area code (pretty much Minneapolis only) that they called to reach me, even though C'ville was 804 when last I lived there (I think it's 434 now).  BUT, if I get a robocall from Virginia when I get home, I'll be sure to let y'all know.

    Our health... is an integral part of society [and] to the future of this country and to not make an investment in that is crazy. -- Michael J Fox -7.63/-6.41

    by vome minnesota on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:17:05 PM PST

    •  Just because the last state you lived in... (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Geotpf, ERyd

      ...still has you listed in their registration, doesn't make it illegal to vote in the state where you currently live.

      That call was intimidation, not an honest mistake.

      •  I agree. I guess I shoulda altered my sub line (0+ / 0-)

        and put more emphasis on

        I just wonder if they have old information, and are using it improperly, making the worst assumptions.  

        Our health... is an integral part of society [and] to the future of this country and to not make an investment in that is crazy. -- Michael J Fox -7.63/-6.41

        by vome minnesota on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:41:47 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

  •  This is the Republican "GOTV" effort. (6+ / 0-)

    I've been saying it all week.  They don't have a superior "get out the vote" ground campaign.  They just use this as an excuse.

    They have a "stop the vote" campaign.  Period.

    They will not steal or suppress this one.

  •  Perhaps before the next election (4+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    otis704, Stripe, ERyd, jkilkullen

    one of the big kahunas (voting orgs, DNC,) can take out a full page ad in every major paper and a TV ad listing the various tactics used to suppress the vote and offering tips and contacts to report such tactics before the election.

    Better yet, Dems get a majority and make it a priority to stop this shit once and for all. Fair voting for all. Dirty tactics used to prevent voters from voting = prison. Period.

    "As you get older, you get less willing to buy the latest version of reality." Leonard Cohen

    by mentaldebris on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:19:14 PM PST

  •  Kos, please bring this up on Larry King (15+ / 0-)

    and talk over him if you have to.

    This should result in a nationwide effort to bankrupt the GOP, on the state and national levels, for voting suppression if the legal powers that be and the media just 'let this one go'.

    If a single African-American has gotten any of these calls, the NAACP should go after the GOP for violating  the civil rights act.

    After the NH phone jamming scandal... this is just too damned much.

    "Journalism is supposed to afflict the powerful, not comfort them."

    by LeftHandedMan on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:19:21 PM PST

  •  we have not even lost yet..let's not make excuses (0+ / 0-)
  •  Webb's Name Cutoff on Ballot (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    otis704, End game

    Does anyone know if voters in those precincts are being told that Webb's name was cut off so they can cast their voite correctly?

  •  The traditional media is reporting (0+ / 0-)

    these abuses while also adding "'s happening on both sides by Republicans and Democrats".  The GoOPers I'm surrounded by are parrots and that's all I heard all day long.  Nothing on the rightie blogs (yes, I've been there and back) about Democratic shenanigans that I've seen so far.  This pretty much sums it up for me.

    F'ing pukes...  

    "Who knows but that which seems omitted today, waits for tomorrow?" Kahlil Gibran

    by Bodean on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:23:02 PM PST

  •  I remember reading (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Bionic, The Termite

    a while back that there was a meeting of college Republicans trying to figure out how to win an election. The upshot was that they said the goal wasn't to get more people to vote for X so much as the goal was to get less people to vote for Y.

    This would make a great cable news story. Maybe they can fit it between the story about Bush's confidence and how many seats the dems need to take back congress. They've only done 124,123,127,776,446 segments on those two stories.

    "I was Rambo in the disco. I was shootin' to the beat. When they burned me in effigy. My vacation was complete." Neil Young. Mideast Vacation.

    by Mike S on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:23:12 PM PST

  •  calls about polling place changes (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Bionic, ohcanada

    I got one of these on Election Day 2004 from the PA Bush campaign. They tried to send me to the wrong polling place, in a different town altogether. This occured only a few days after they called to guage how I planned to vote, and were told that hell would freeze over before I voted for Bush.

    So I called the Lehigh County Clerk of Elections that evening, and she told me that she had already received lots of identical complaints. I told her I had a tape of the call, and she asked me to mail her a transcript, promising she would investigate. I did mail it to her the next day, but never heard back from her.

    This dirty trick appears to be one of the GOP's new favorites, given that voters in the wrong place are permitted to cast provisional ballots (which will be discarded if it turns out that they are cast in the wrong place).

  •  Voting issues need to be a foremost priority (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    Voting issues need to be a foremost priority in the next Congress. This is unconscionable.

    THANK YOU - this is critical - what wave there is may be the only chance to straighten these issues out before it's too late

  •  I've recently wondered (0+ / 0-)

    what remedy there should be when there is widespread fraud in a campaign.  In tort or contract law, you'd certainly be able to rescind an agreement that was based in fraud.  But when it comes to election, it's different.  This should not be so and a more effective remedy needs to be found for these flagrant abuses.  

  •  Treason (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    The Termite

    Trace the calls and execute whoever is responsible for making them.  It's time to get serious about how we run a Republic, and, if these people aren't going to respect the social contract, make them pay a real price.

    Enslave 10% of America. Save us the shipping charges from China.

    by bwide on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:27:57 PM PST

  •  Treason (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    RevJoe, StupidAsshole

    The vote is the foundation of democracy.  Voter suppression through deceit or fraud should be the punitive equivalent of treason.

    The people who did this are scum of the worst order.

    November 7, 2006: Republigeddon

    by The Termite on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:32:06 PM PST

  •  How come this is not on the mainstream media? (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    This is the kind od stuff we should be hearing on the news.

  •  Call The Post's VA desk (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    ctsteve, our gal in brooklyn

    If you've gotten a call threatening your vote, call the Post's VA desk at 202-334-4210.  I just called and the woman said "she hadn't heard anything yet."

    If you've gotten a call, call her and tell her.  Then if we don't see anything online or in the paper...we'll know it was ignored.

  •  Rate up Robocall news on Netscape (0+ / 0-)

    Go here to freep the robocall issue- only 50 votes so far, this needs to be top of the page to be seen by voters.

  •  What if we dont get the majority? (0+ / 0-)
    "Voting issues need to be a foremost priority in the next Congress"

    Thats just the problem....with all these problems, we might not even get the ability to do so.

    Im afraid all these polls showing we are ahead arent going to mean shit come Wednesday morning.

    Don't hate the media, become the media.- Jello Biafra

    by damonq9 on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:34:09 PM PST

  •  This is Treasonous (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    Attempting to subvert a democratic process whereby a government functions is an act of treason, is it not?

    The people making these calls should be in jail.

  •  why does this come as a surprise to anyone? (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

     After FL in 2000, Ohio and NH in 2004.
     I hope people in the districts getting the crank robocalls are now getting legitimate calls explaining the situation.

    "It doesn't really matter who's in charge, Democrat, Republican" -Ralph Nader.

    by tnichlsn on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:34:34 PM PST

    •  you can't fight robocalls with more robocalls (0+ / 0-)

      Their funciton is not really to get people to vote for your guy, but to get them not to vote at all.  Once they've already been harassed once, what are the chances they will respond to a corrective robocall?

      "now my foes tell me plainly I am an ass: so that by my foes, sir I profit in the knowledge of myself"

      by looty on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 03:11:41 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  Accomack county (0+ / 0-)

    doesn't see DC news - where this will most likely be covered....someone should get in touch with the news that is broadcast in Salisbury MD - that is considered "local" news on the eastern shore

  •  Why don't we have this in Canada? (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    That's a real question. There have been some small amount of irregularities in the past, but an infinitesimal amount, and never as blatantly as in America.

    You guys need to THROW OUT your electoral system--get yourself a non-partisan agency to oversee voting in all states, and ensure that major elections (Presidential and mid-terms) are unencumbered by vast slates of related officials and ballot initiatives. These not only make the counting less-than-transparent, but make the voting itself problematic.

    And, for goodness' sake, prosecute the crap out of such miscreants.

    -8.38, -4.97 "...there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." Hamlet, Act II, Scene ii.

    by thingamabob on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:37:09 PM PST

    •  problem is (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      (1) it would require a COnstitutional amendment to change the election procedures that way.


      (2) the old problem of "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes."  If there were some government agency overseeing all elections right now, what are the odds it would not have been completely overrun with Bush lackeys?

      The system we have is far from perfect, and really needs fixing, but I think we are not going to have much luck following the Canadian model.

      "now my foes tell me plainly I am an ass: so that by my foes, sir I profit in the knowledge of myself"

      by looty on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 03:10:27 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  These are the scumbags that are scamming voters: (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    They have pulled down all of their 'contact us' info.
    In fact, they have pulled down everything but the billboard index page now.

    Talking Points Memo has more, as does the Muckrakers site, but this company harasses voters and supresses non-Republican votes for a living.

    "Journalism is supposed to afflict the powerful, not comfort them."

    by LeftHandedMan on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:38:13 PM PST

    •  Democrats need to call this company out (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      by name, and demand an investigation into how they do business after the election.

      "Journalism is supposed to afflict the powerful, not comfort them."

      by LeftHandedMan on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:40:11 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

    •  go after the companies (0+ / 0-)

      I don't think the NRSC or NRCC gives a hoot if they are threatened with fines.  But if we could get one, just one of these companies in the shitter for pulling this crap, it might make other think twice before getting into the vote suppression business.

      "now my foes tell me plainly I am an ass: so that by my foes, sir I profit in the knowledge of myself"

      by looty on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 03:06:42 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  Heh...Tim Daly (0+ / 0-)

    Tim Daly, if this is the same Tim Daly, is a friend of mine from college. The fact the Repubs are calling him and telling him that he can't vote is a REALLY bad idea - we formed the first student PAC representing the students of the University of Maryland...

    And then we gave Bob Erlich a pinto for his obnoxious comments.


    "True patriotism hates injustice in its own land more than anywhere else."

    by patchmonkey on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:38:14 PM PST

  •  I have a soon-to-be-ex friend who'd just (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    titter and guffaw about all this as "business as usual." He's gone completely over to the dark side, I fear. I'm also afraid that if he loses, even Webb will say that Macaca ran a good campaign and then turn and walk doubt under immense pressure from the geniuses at the DNC.

    •  Let's face it: the geniuses of the netroots... (0+ / 0-)

      ...haven't exactly led on the issue of Republican election-thievery--instead preferring to dismiss those who pointed it out as tinfoilhatters. It's not just the DNC that would seem to prefer to downplay this story.

  •  Soviet Style Tactics (0+ / 0-)

    The GOP thrives on evil, fascist electioneering.  They deserve 50 more years of Congressional exile.

  •  Vote by Mail Should become the norm ... (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    jmcgrew, spurdy

    nationally!  I moved to Oregon in 1989 and was very sceptical of vote by mail.  I worked for a small rural and very conservative county.  The vote by mail system just did not seem to have any problems. "Turn out" in elections in farflung counties such as mine were always 70% or higher.  Having witnessed the process up close an personal in a conservative stronghold made me convinced this system was the right way to vote.

    Signatures are verified on every ballot cast.  Some forget to sign the "secrecy envelope" resulting in a spoiled ballot but not that many - certainly fewer than other spoilage levels for electionday handling.  Best of all there is a hard copy ballot for verifying results if needed!

    GOTV is nearly three weeks long!

    You can mail your ballot or take to several public locations designed for secure delivery and acceptance of the ballots.  Counting occurs on election day.  Oregon will have among the highest if not the highest voter "turn-out" in the USA.

    The Democratic Party should form a commission to develop a national plan for this concept and develp model legislation.  Bill Bradbury would be a great choice to head up such an effort.  This is a way to solve the black box issues by 2008.

    •  Hmm (0+ / 0-)

      Do they have some way you can vote election day?

      •  You can wait and bring your ballot in (0+ / 0-)

        by hand on election day, if you like.  Heck, you could wait until election day to fill it out too, and then bring it in to any of the drop-off locations or your election office.

        Anymore I don't see the appeal of in-person voting (standing in line, having to get the time to do it, get my butt to the polling place, ensuring I have all my candidates/measures figured out beforehand, etc.) It seems more of a pain now than fun IMO.

        Me, I'm all for promoting wider use of vote-by-mail, and agree that Bill Bradbury is the man!  :)

        Take the party back for the people!
        Most. Annoying. Emphasis. Technique. Ever.

        by spurdy on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 03:04:56 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

        •  Yeah, voting is hard (0+ / 0-)

          Just like math, or being preznit.

          Make Election Day a holiday, bring back hand-countable marks on paper or old-fashioned mechanical lever machines, fine people for not voting (like Australia), and have them pack over to their local firehouse or city hall.

          Is that too much of a burden to live in a republic?

          Hige sceal þe heardra, heorte þe cenre, mod sceal þe mare, þe ure mægen lytlað

          by milkbone on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 04:07:36 PM PST

          [ Parent ]

          •  Republic? (0+ / 0-)

            Where the hell have you been?  This is an empire and has been since 1898!

          •  Hey now, are you comparing me (0+ / 0-)

            to the Decider?  That's just uncalled for!  :P

            And Oregon's ballots are ink and paper, and serve well as a backup should any recount be necessary.

            Don't get me wrong, I'm all for doing everything on paper and using human hand counting.  If it takes a few days to get the results, I'd be fine with it, as long as it's clean and accurate.

            That said, I still think the vote-by-mail system works well as a general solution to the logistics of voting.  My main changes would be:

            1. Incorporate instant runoff voting.
            1. Make all the return envelopes postage paid, no stamp required.
            1. Don't use optical scan for the counts, have that all done by hand.

            I'd love election day as a holiday too, but if we had everyone using vote by mail it'd be less of an issue, what with the over 2-week voting window.

            Take the party back for the people!
            Most. Annoying. Emphasis. Technique. Ever.

            by spurdy on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 11:32:02 PM PST

            [ Parent ]

  •  After the election... (0+ / 0-)

    ...reform legislation is important.  I trust that we will have some new friends in various legislatures who can do that.

    But we need to track down the criminals and bring them to justice.  Local prosecutors and AG offices may not be reliable to do the kind of investigation that is required.

    What we need is like a task force to keep track of the crimes and track the investigations.  Help with the investigations if necessary.

    If we just let bygones be bygones on this, they will keep doing it to us.  I am really a compassionate and forgiving guy, but we are talking about democracy molestation here.  It cannot be tolorated.

    •  after every election (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      it seems there is some momentum in the public consioucsness to do something about dirty tricks.  Then it evaporates until the next one. :(

      "now my foes tell me plainly I am an ass: so that by my foes, sir I profit in the knowledge of myself"

      by looty on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 03:04:30 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  As elitist as this may sound, I think this diary (0+ / 0-)

    makes it clear that not every American is the most sophisticated or educated. Would anyone here think the election had been "called off"?

    I try to explain this to my GOP friends when they argue to eliminate sex ed in public schools, etc.

    17. Ne5

    In chess you may hit a man when he's down -- Irving Chernev, on Przepiorka v. Prokes, Budapest, 1929

    by Spud1 on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:44:26 PM PST

  •  Kos, please BRING THIS UP on Larry King tonight! (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    I know several Kossacks have brought this up so far, but what the hell...

    If you have to, shout over Larry King if he tries to interrupt you, as well as any GOP surrogate you may have to "debate" with. Also, I have been hearing the "they both do it" bullshit already regarding robocalls. Bring transcripts of the VA robocalls and find as much information as possible for examples in other states, just so voters outside of VA don't think that they are not being bombarded with illegal robocalls.

    Take the NY-25: Dan Maffei for Congress

    by Progressive Moderate on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:46:28 PM PST

  •  Disqualify the candidate until resolved in court. (0+ / 0-)

    Bye bye Georgie Boy.

    George Felix Allen Jr, Dumber than George W. Bush

    by ERyd on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:48:55 PM PST

  •  Dirty Tricks in Prince George's County, MD also (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    I didn't know if I should have started a new posting about this, so I figured I could post it here since VA is our next door neighbor. And I really don't know how "dirty" this is, but here it goes:

    I was driving along Rt-202 (Landover Road) towards Upper Marlboro on my way home from work and noticed a whole bunch of Michael Steele signs lining the right side of the road. While glancing at it, I caught what looked to be another sign hidden behind it. As I drove past them, I turned around to find that the Steele signs were covering up the Ben Cardin signs along the route! When I got in the house, I called Cardin's headquarters about it, but the woman I spoke with said that they had heard of the incident and she said that there was nothing that they could do about it. Hell, if anything, I'd say the Steele signs should be ripped to shreds (I was told that that was illegal) or at least have the Cardin signs moved so that they would be more visible to those passing along.

    Another discovery was that as I was visiting my aunt last night, there were some volunteers passing out a flier to try to get out the vote. They had handed a few to myself and my sisters and proceeded to place one under the wiper blade of each car in the parking lot. As I was going into my aunt's place, I was remarking to my sisters that I thought it was great how these people were trying to get more blacks to get out and vote. There was something in there about slavery and how there were people before us who had foughts and won us blacks the right to cast a vote and that we were doing ourselves no good by being apathetic and not participating in the process.

    My opinion quickly soured when I opened the little flyer-pamplet and saw a chair with a U.S. Senate banner on it that was overlaid with the statement "Whites Only" or something to that effect. The next thing I saw was a picture of Steele and a number of celebrities and prominent figures who were endorsing him, only one of which even lived in Maryland!

    Am I and others in my neighborhood being told to vote our RACE instead of our BELIEFS? The flyer, in my opinion, was designed to insight some kind of "call to unity" (if you will) behind a fellow "brother" even if he and you actually share nothing more in common besides the color of your skin.

    I find it rather interesting that the race card is being used by Michael Steele as well as his endorsers (i.e. black celebrities and pastors) in an attempt to get black voters to sacrifice their check marks in his box. His radio ads have been in HEAVY rotation on all area Urban and Adult Urban Contemporary stations for the past two or so weeks. 92Q, 93.9, 95.5, 96.3, just can't escape it! There was one I heard today that made it sound as if voting for Ben Cardin would not only be dishonorable, it would be the bane of all blacks in Maryland.

    One point they continued to stress was that the Democratic Party is taking the black vote for granted. They even brought up Kwesi Mfume and how Democrats never appreciated him. As thus, we should all vote for Steele in order to ensure that HE becomes the first black Senator of Maryland and also that we shall have somebody in Congress who will "understand" and fight FOR us! I mean, he's been fighting so very hard for us for the past four years as Lt. Gov.

    Instead of informing the public of what he intends on bringing to the table as Cardin has done, Steele tells us to vote for some unspecified CHANGE and to make history by electing him. Vote black! His campaign volunteers even go as low as to block Cardin signs along a heavily traveled road? I'm persuaded to be a Steele supporter tomorrow.

  •  MO Election chief raises concern (0+ / 0-)

    MO's election chief has raised concerns after she was asked three times for photo ID when she went to vote by absentee ballot, despite a court ruling striking down the requirement.  

    These types of bureaucratic screw ups along with dirty tricks are only going to help the Repubs.

    Are we in a banana republic?

  •  Write/call/E-Mail (we can win this battle/war) (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    I just sent CNNnews a blistering E-Mail asking why they are being complicit by not covering this issue.  Everyone, please write Fox, write CNN, write ABC and all the other stations and outlets.  It's no conincidence that their flood started now, giving us only one day to fight back.  CALL.  hound them.  I promise I'll spend tonight doing that.  Everyone do the same.  Swing voters will be turned off by these tactics.  We can make this a net positive if we fight like the dickens.  

  •  cnn (3+ / 0-)

    Going live right now from Illinois' 6th district, they're doing a story right now about these ridiculous robocalls.

    I think the media may be listening (at least a little)......

    Had Enough? A change is coming....Nov '06.

    by anoodle on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 02:55:32 PM PST

  •  Spread this link... (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    our gal in brooklyn

    ...with correct voting info to other blogs and to message boards:

  •  The Vote By Mail Project (0+ / 0-)

    So good to see the Kos Community discussing Vote By Mail.  We have recently launched the Vote By Mail Project which is focused on expanding Vote By Mail, and permanent voter-choice absentee registration to states around the country.

    Our board of advisors includes Oregon Secretary of State Bill Bradbury, Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed, and James K. Galbraith among others.

    Here in Oregon, we are bracing for yet another "boring"  election - no lines, no touch-screen voting machines, unimpeachable paper ballots, and an off-year turnout that would be the envy of many states even in a Presidential year.

    In addition to Oregon, this year, 34 out of 39 counties in Washington are conducting all-mail elections.  And in California, which began allowing permanent voter-choice ("no-excuse") absentee registration in 2001, it is expected that 50% of all ballots cast this year will be of the Vote By Mail variety.

    We are planning to work in multiple states to introduce and pass permanent absentee and Vote By Mail legislation in '07.  But that will only happen with leadership on the ground.  Please visit our site here or contact us if you are interested in working for more transparent, more secure, and more highly-participatory elections in your state.

    Hope this note finds everyone well.  I look forward to working with you.

    •  Do Not Call exempts political organizations. (0+ / 0-)

      I'm not sure why they are even discussing the Registry.

      When Congress passed the legislation for the national Do Not Call Registry in 2003, the bill specifically exempted three types of calls: calls from nonprofits, calls from businesses with which the individual had had prior business and calls from political organizations.

      Now, using this channel to lie about voting places or whether to vote at all, is clearly another matter. But there doesn't seem to be an issue with the Do Not Call Registry.

  •  mine through YahooNews (0+ / 0-)

    stories for your candidate and leave important information in the comments.  How and where to vote, why people should support them etc.

    If each candidate gets one of us to do this tonight we'll have a slight advantage.  It doesn't take long.  I'm covering NY-20 all the others are wide open.

    Abstraction is real, probably more real than nature. -Josef Albers

    by lightnessofbeing on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 03:03:44 PM PST

  •  Oregon is the WORST (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    1. Voting is a civic activity.  When you literally mail it in, there is a disconnect with the community that isn't replicated anywhere else.
    1. This is the most vulnerable system for fraud and vote buying.  Just think what Joe Lieberman could do with $400,000 in petty cash and an extra 30,000 ballots that people aren't planning to use.

    The only safe, reliable systems are polling places that use analog systems (paper ballots or lever machines).  Anything else - especially anything that employs software, is a gamble I don't want to risk.

    •  Safe Oregon Elections (3+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      spurdy, StupidAsshole, Magnifico

      Oregon is one of only two states that checks every single voter signature against the signature on that voter's registration card.  And Oregon law takes ballot security very seriously, with each instance - including signing someone else's name - punishable as a Class C Felony.  Meaning that in order to buy or forge enough votes to impact even a local election - much less a statewide - the perpetrator would have to be willing to face years amounting to a lifetime in prison.

      In addition, Oregon's practice of not forwarding ballots to people who have moved has left the state with one of the - if not the - most accurate and up to date voter registration rolls in the country.

      Also, it is hard to take the "lack of civic tradition" argument seriously when Oregon consistently boasts the highest turnout of any state without same day registration.

      The best I can tell you is that on Wednesday, while elections across the country are being questioned due to fraud or misfeasance, Oregon will be preparing to swear in its new crop of elected officials, with full confidence in all quarters that the official results do, in fact, represent the will of the people.

      Vote By Mail Project

      Oregon Secretary of State Elections Division

    •  Hmm. I'm not so sure. (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      Re #1, I suppose this is ultimately just a matter of personal preference. Yes, there might not be as much of a community experience, but the logistics are so much easier! For me this one doesn't really matter, and I'll happily take it in return for much greater turnout/participation and ease of voting on my own time. Some local parties and political groups make up for this with "ballot parties" that fill the void you're describing.

      #2, I don't agree.  Every envelope (the outside one, not the "secrecy envlope" inside with the ballot) has to be signed by the voter, and that signature is matched by a human comparing with the voter registration. So, the hypothetical Lieberman scenario would require that these people who don't care about voting agree to sign their names for ballots they haven't filled out, which is a grievous crime. Also, if you fail to vote for several cycles (if I recall correctly), your registration is placed on a dormant list and ballots are not mailed out to you. So, people who don't care probably won't be getting ballots they could pimp out for potential fraud anyway. Similarly, ballots are not sent to fowarding addresses (by law!)

      There really was some good thought put into developing the process and safeguards, and I have a high degree of confidence in it.

      Read about all the particulars online.

      Take the party back for the people!
      Most. Annoying. Emphasis. Technique. Ever.

      by spurdy on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 03:18:44 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

    •  So, how long have you lived in Oregon exactly? (0+ / 0-)

      Voting is certainly a civic duty, but a civic activity?  You stand in a booth, by yourself, to vote.  Prior to vote by mail, I can't recall a single substantive conversation I had at a polling place.  It was always a rush after work to hit the polling place (usually in horrible weather), wait in line, vote and get the H out of there.

      As I mentioned above, now my wife and I sit and discuss everything we are voting on as we fill out our ballots on our schedule.  Any research needed is a newspaper or trip on the internets away.

      By all means, keep your polling places and "safe" systems.  But you can't tell me that widespread fraud is easy/possible with the Oregon system.  Every outer ballot envelope (crash imprinted with voter's registered name and address) must be signed and that signature is later compared to your voter registration card.  EVERY ONE.  Sigs don't match, ballot isn't counted.

    •  I'm going to have to back up my fellow citizens.. (0+ / 0-)

      On the topic of voting being an activity that provides a disconnect with the community that can't be replicated anywhere else... that disconnect?  The one where you stand in line, quietly, praying for death, but knowing, yet again, God has forsaken you, knowing that you can't leave until you've done what you came to do..

      The DMV has offices all across this nation.

      On a more serious note, Oregon has the highest voter turnouts, consistently.  It is also one of only 2 states that compares every ballot signature to the voter registration.  

      Additionally, Oregon voters are some of the most informed voters there are, and that's not just bloating "We're smarter than you!" -- the three to four week long voting process allows voters to research issues, candidates, and so forth.  I would argue that the civic  duty is to vote informed, something that Oregon voters do better than anyone else.  I think that beats the living pants off standing in the middle of a November rainstorm for six hours and getting this shit done so you can go the hell home.

    •  Oregon CLAIMS "turnout" (0+ / 0-)

      In fact, no one turns out.  No one meets their neighbor face-to-face.  No one meets the (stereotypical) matrons of the neighborhood and catches up on family, friends, and the people who moved in/out.  When you vote you talk to neighbors you only wave to 364 other days of the year.  And you actually meet the occasional candidate outside the polling station.  All Oregon can claim is the popularity of the USPS.

      And if I'm willing to sell my ballot for a few dollars, I'm willing to sign it.  Here's fifty bucks; stuff this in your envelope and sign it.  In for a penny, in for a pound.  And let's talk about those "Ballot Parties."  The page you cite specifically called for them to replace the lost communal polling place.  Here in Connecticut you go to jail if you do that with absentee ballots.  And let's call a spade a spade.  All Oregon does is run a giant absentee ballot election.  And we've all seen how reliable a system that was in 2000.

  •  Kos, for you to say this on the eve (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    jmcgrew, Annalize5, mostconsiderate

    of the election is unconscionable.

    I hope that starting now, you have had a change of heart and will lift the ban on the discussion of voting issues. These issues should have been the central theme of all dkos discussions since Nov 2, 2004 amd if they had not been banned, perhaps the Republicans would be met with counter-measures tonite and tomorrow instead of helpless bloggers reporting at the last minute with little or no recourse.

    "Voting issues need to be a foremost priority in the next Congress. This is unconscionable."

    •  Blackstar, exactly~! (3+ / 0-)

      These issues should have been the central theme of all dkos discussions since Nov 2, 2004 amd if they had not been banned, perhaps the Republicans would be met with counter-measures tonite and tomorrow instead of helpless bloggers reporting at the last minute with little or no recourse.

      I'm so fucking mad right now I can barely contain myself!

  •  New Top Priority (0+ / 0-)

    The Dems, if they win, should pass a law which says that anyone engaged in falsely discouraging American citizens from voting should do a minimum of 10 years in federal prison.

    We have only just begun and none too soon.

    by global citizen on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 03:08:12 PM PST

  •  File Charges against.... (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    The GOP, Ken Mehlman, and Karl Rove.  

    Since they want to suppress the votes, then voters should tie them up in court from now until Bush is impeached.

    I am sure there are lawyers who would be happy to help people on a class action basis, pro bono.

    We are at the moment when our lives must be placed on the line if our nation is to survive its own folly. -Martin Luther King.

    by Eyes Wide Open on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 03:08:17 PM PST

  •  I'd like to think... (0+ / 0-)

    the Webb campaign would know how to spell Isle of Wight (not White)

    And to clear a few other things up...

    Accomack County is on the Delmarva Peninsula, across the Chesapeake Bay from mainland Virginia, not part of the Middle Peninsula area of the main part of Virginia. Essex County is directly across the Bay from it in the Middle Peninsula area.

    And it's Northampton County, all one word. That's the more southern of the two counties in VA on the Delmarva Peninsula, and Cape Charles is on the southern end of it.

    Somebody needs a geography lesson in the Webb campaign.

    "Must maintain control of the weak / Must contain the minds of the free."
    Who knew W got political advice from Slayer?

    by duck on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 03:08:50 PM PST

  •  this fucking makes me want to sob (0+ / 0-)

    it's like no matter how close we get it gets yanked away...sorry...I need some attitude adjustment

    Blogatha! The political, the personal. Not necessarily in that order.

    by ksh01 on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 03:11:16 PM PST

  •  Normally I'm opposed to capital punishment... (0+ / 0-)

    but these people really make me want to support it for severe cases of election fraud.

    Now, the better part of me curbs my outrage a bit and reminds me that capital punishment is never justified, but they make me think about it a bit.

    In any case, this stuff should be a felony.  There should be people going away for LIFE for doing stuff like this.  As far as I'm concerned election fraud like this undermines what are country stands for and is comparable to treason.

    Defying the will of the people with voter suppression like this just makes me sick.  It just shows that these people do not believe in what our country stands for.  These people have no consciences.  The threat of life imprisonment would might make them think twice, since their moral compass doesn't seem to register on this issue.

    Add on top of that a few billion $$$ is fines to bankrupt them.

    Honestly, I do believe election fraud and voter suppression are among the worst crimes a person can commit.  It should be right up their with murder, rape and treason.  Sadly, I don't think enough people in America feel this way.

    Our right to vote is among our most precious freedoms.  Anyone willing to violate that right has NO respect for the our country, the constitution on which it was founded, or the citizens that make up its voice.  If there is such a thing as blasphemy against the constitution this would be it.

    Just think about the hundreds of thousands of Americans that have died to protect our right to vote.  Of all our rights the cost of protecting this one has been the highest, and the price of our rights is paid in the currency of blood.  We founded our nation in large part to gain the right to vote for our national representatives.  God only knows how many thousands of African Americans were killed in the Jim Crow era trying to have the right to vote.  Just think of all the people that died for this one simple right.

    When people engage in voter fraud they dishonor the sacrafice of everyone who has died defending our freedoms.  The spit on the graves of our soldiers.  They desecrate the memory of every man and every women who has ever paid the price of our freedoms, the tax of blood.

    I wish for the people who engage in this activity a particularly hot place in the hottest regions of hell.

  •  Vote-by-mail (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    Explain to me how that doesn't turn into people selling their votes?

    Did you know Peter King doesn't even have a website?

    by withthelidoff on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 03:17:09 PM PST

    •  Vote Selling (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      jmcgrew, spurdy

      People can sell their votes anyway.  Voting by mail doesn't change that.

      I've voted absentee in Washington State for years now.  First off, it's HIGHLY convenient.  Second, there's nobody around harrassing me.

      Since the Republicans have proven that they're willing to resort to nearly anything to stop people from voting, time to get rid of voting places.

    •  See other conversations upthread, or (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      read about it and have your questions answered and fears assuaged!

      Take the party back for the people!
      Most. Annoying. Emphasis. Technique. Ever.

      by spurdy on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 03:26:10 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

      •  I still don't see how this avoids privacy problem (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:

        Sure, you can have problems via absentee ballots, but that's different than REQUIRING that people fill out such ballots.  How long before employers start "suggesting" that employees fill their ballots out in group meetings at the office?  How long before churches do the same thing?  There's several hundred years of examples as to why having someone watching over your shoulder while you vote is a bad idea.  Consider that it's the folks with the most tenuous position in society that are most vulnerable to this sort of thing, and think about whether we'll be begging for Diebold once this cat is out of the bag.

        Did you know Peter King doesn't even have a website?

        by withthelidoff on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 05:13:59 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

        •  Because it's a crime? (1+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:

          And when you report the person standing over your shoulder, you win a very large lawsuit and the person goes away for a very long time?

          •  And how long does that take? (0+ / 0-)

            Cause the courts have done such a bangup job adjudicating election crimes...ever. anywhere.  That's small consolation if you get fired over it and have to wait five years to get a payout.  Besides, going along to get along is not as outlandish for most people as it might seem, especially when people who don't pay too much attention to politics discover that bosses like when their employees vote a certain way and like to have those people managing.

            Did you know Peter King doesn't even have a website?

            by withthelidoff on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 09:55:31 PM PST

            [ Parent ]

  •  Good for Daly (his name sounds familiar) (0+ / 0-)

    While most people would be annoyed enough to contradict these unconscionable callers and tell them off, few would bother to file charges. You don't even the score; you even it and raise it by at least one.

    Damn, how desperate does it get? I can't wait for the election to end and we start hearing them moan and complain about the underhanded tactics of Democrats. It will actually seem funny compared to these shenanigans.

  •  Call Conquest (0+ / 0-)
    Call Conquest: 804-358-0560

    The took down their contact info but it can still be found here: Conquest Communication Group

  •  I'd love to know the MT number (0+ / 0-)

    There are a few calling centers in Montana that I know do work for various GOP outfits.  I'd like to work my tail off to get them some negative press after the elections if they were involved.  Something like that wouldn't go over well in a town like Missoula.

  •  This election subversion (0+ / 0-)

    is going be a nail in the coffin of the GOP.  It's funny, there's not a word of it in right blogistan, but you just know even republicans know it's happening.  People are not stupid.  And contrary to appearances, there are still plenty of decent Republicans around.  I'm glad this is getting attention.  Most normal people aren't welded to a political party.  This should pry a few loose.

    Infidelity does not consist in believing, or in disbelieving: it consists in professing to believe what he does not believe.--Thomas Paine

    by peterborocanuck on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 03:29:10 PM PST

    •  The nail will be very short. (0+ / 0-)

      Unfortunately, the election is tomorrow.  And unfortunately, the news is not telling it how it is.

      In 2004, even after voting fraud was discovered, the results did not change, no one got in trouble, etc. Same will happen come Wednesday...the polls will have been wrong somehow, and the Repubs will win WAY more seats than the polls said they would.

      And by then, it will be too late to even get out the hammer to insert the nail.

      Sorry to be a pessimist, but after the last 6 years, its hard not to be.

      Don't hate the media, become the media.- Jello Biafra

      by damonq9 on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 03:49:52 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

      •  You know how it is when you lose your mojo? (0+ / 0-)

        When the juice that used to work is doing nothing?  The tide is tuning, my friend.
        Pessimism? The Democrats might not take the senate. You are way over the top.  You should find anotherangle to approach this from.  These are the best prospects you've had to retore some sanity to you're government since the early 90s.

        Infidelity does not consist in believing, or in disbelieving: it consists in professing to believe what he does not believe.--Thomas Paine

        by peterborocanuck on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 03:56:54 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

  •  Borrowing from Woody Allen (0+ / 0-)

    The only thing the Republicans understand are bricks and baseball bats.  I believe he was referring to the only way to combat the Nazi's was with bricks and baseball bats.  I think it was from "Manhattan."

    can we all...just get...along-Rodney King

    by nspguy on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 03:36:51 PM PST

  •  Question (0+ / 0-)

    If this is a robocall, how do they get the recipient's name into the message?

    I want to send this to my Republican family members, but not until this question is answered.


  •  NBC 's Williams Says (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    our gal in brooklyn

    Now on Nightly News that Webb is doing Robo-Calls; here we know Webb is doing no such thing.

    Take pleasure in your dreams; relish your principles and drape your purest feelings on the heart of a precious lover. Giotto about 1300. Florence.

    by signalcamp on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 03:45:16 PM PST

  •  This is another (0+ / 0-)

    example of the GOPs sop, they don't win elections by getting out their supporters they win elections by suppressing the votes of the opposition in any way possible, usually illegally or unethically, not my idea of democracy but then again I'm not a Republican.

  •  LET THEM CALL YOU... (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    our gal in brooklyn

    Keep the phone line going...the more they are "talking to YOU" the less they are harrasing others.  We know who we are going to vote for...tie up the line in Favor of your candidate.

    If you get a live dumb...ask questions...keep them on the line...the more you do this the less they call others....

    the bastards...

    Benjamin Franklin: "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

    by Old Dood on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 04:01:37 PM PST

  •  Vote by mail: due by Tuesday? (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    My impression with the Oregon statute was that the ballots must ARRIVE by Tuesday. Here in Washington, most counties are vote by mail (including here in Spokane County, and all the counties in Peter Goldmark's 5th District). However, they merely need to be POSTMARKED by Tuesday.

    I think Washington's is the way to go, because you have verification that your vote will count as long as you see the postal worker take your ballot. With Oregon, there may be a delay--who knows how long those ballots will take to get to their destination!

    Have I misunderstood Oregon's method, or is my observation valid?

    Take back Speaker Foley's district! Support Peter Goldmark!

    by sowinso on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 04:12:25 PM PST

    •  Oregon Ballots (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      Yes, in Oregon, ballots must be received by Tuesday.

      The campaigns here - as well as the Secretary of State's office and the media - do a pretty good job of letting people know that if they are going to vote over the weekend, that they should drop off their ballots at a collection site (libraries, county offices, etc.)

      Having said that, the Postal Service and the Postal Employees do an absolutely terrific job here making sure that any ballots that are in their system do get delivered in time for Tuesday's 8pm deadline.  They generally "sweep the house" which means they search the system and find ballots (the envelopes are helfully tinged in red for easy identification) and get them delivered.

      The postal workers, letter carriers and mail handlers out here are justifiably proud of their part in our election system, and they are all big supporters of Vote By Mail.

      •  Thanks for the info (0+ / 0-)

        My father is originally from rural Sherman County, Oregon (oops...redundancy), and I'm from rural Lincoln County, Washington, so I'm occasionally worried about such things.  After all, if you get the ballot in on Tuesday in one small community, they might not get it delivered to the county seat that day.

        I know postal workers take their duties seriously.  My mother worked at the Odessa, Washington 99159 post office at one time.  But if the federal government were to, say, issue an executive order which forbids special deliveries of this kind (say, for "efficiency" and "saving taxpayer money", that would affect voting in Oregon.

        I hope these suspicions are unfounded over the short and long term.  I'm not one who's prone to these kinds of fears.  I just don't see the point in limiting the time during which a office can receive the ballots, when the alternative is more secure and invites more confidence in the system.

        Either way, again, thanks.

        Take back Speaker Foley's district! Support Peter Goldmark!

        by sowinso on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 06:23:43 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

  •  The US Postal Service vs. Diebold? (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    My problem with Oregon's system is that it depends on the US Postal Service to deliver the ballots. Period. On a scale of 1-10 for reliability the Post Office gets a 4. They lose at least 1 or 2 pieces of mail both to me and from me per month.

    The only way vote-by-mail would get my confidence is if every ballot had a tracking number (known only to the voter) and it could be proved the Post Office actually delivered it.

    The US Postal Service vs. Diebold? A tie!

    •  You can call and verify receipt of your ballot (0+ / 0-)

      In Oregon, you can call your county elections office and verify they have received your ballot.

      I'd trust the USPS before I would trust a private, for-profit corporation in a situation like this.

      Alternatively, you don't have to mail the ballot at all.  There are many places in each county to personally drop off ballots.  I dropped mine at a local city hall on my way to work today.  Took an extra 90 seconds to detour into the parking lot and drop it in a special "mail" box placed for this purpose.

      Your concerns really are unwarranted.

      •  you don't have to deal with my local post office (0+ / 0-)

        It's good that you can call and verify reciept of your ballot. It's good that you can drop it off in person somewhere. That would improve my confidence in the system. However, it's always called "mail-in" voting with no clarification like you provided.

        However, you're wrong about whether my concerns are unwarranted. You, apparently from Oregon, don't have to deal with the post office where I live. I stand by my statement: the US Postal Service (i.e. sloth and incompetence) vs. Diebold (i.e. GOP agents) is a tie!

        (note to any dkos tech people wandering by this is my 4th attempt to post a comment -- previous attempts keep disappering.)

  •  I doubt people believe these poll change calls (0+ / 0-)

    I think 95% tune them out as bullshit.  

  •  Desperate, crooked weasels (0+ / 0-)

    This is what the "Grand Old Party" has degenerated into, isn't it?  Enemies of our system of representative democracy, thugs willing to descend into any desperate form of infamy in order to cling to power, to avoid examination of their misdeeds.

    Really, isn't that what this is about?  the behavior of cornered rats, hoping to avoid the teeth of the terrier?

  •  Kos is dead wrong on this one (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    "Voting issues need to be a foremost priority in the next Congress."

    No, what SHOULD be a foremost priority in the next Congress is dealing with the fact that the Republican Party is now nothing more than an highly organized, bureaucratic crimnal conspiracy -- and treating it the same way the Russians treated the Communist Party after the failed '91 coup.

    But of course, what should happen and what will happen are almost always two different things, particularly in this country.

  •  The DNC should... (0+ / 0-)

    Have National commercials in the wings ready to run the last few days before an election...stating that the Democractic Party DOES NOT make 3am calls,harrasing calls, etc...

    They should have thought of this ahead of time....

    Benjamin Franklin: "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

    by Old Dood on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 04:44:21 PM PST

  •  The thing I find both scary and heartbreaking (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    about all of this is that there is apparently more than just a handful of "Americans" who are willing to do the dirty, underhanded bidding of the Republican Party.  Who created the flyers and who mailed them?  Who made up the scripts for these calls and who is making the calls?  People we might call neighbors somewhere across this country no longer care about honesty, integrity, or right vs wrong.  They just want to win at whatever price.  

    Personally, I believe in Karma and I believe our country is heeping up mountains of bad karma that all of us will have to pay for in the very near future. I hope I won't have to see any of you in the streets of Portland, OR marching to take our country back.  But if another election is stolen I will.  


  •  just (0+ / 0-)

    Don't assume I'm stupid just because I'm poor.

    by sajeffe on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 05:34:08 PM PST

  •  Lou Dobbs? (0+ / 0-)

    I just sent some of this info to Lou Dobbs because he's been focusing a lot lately on voting fraud, etc.  Hope it gets their attention.

    Don't assume I'm stupid just because I'm poor.

    by sajeffe on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 05:44:43 PM PST

  •  Forced Mail Voting (0+ / 0-)

    Oregon' model is no less worrisome than computerized voting. In fact, they share many of the same attributes: more expensive, less reliable, no security, loss of secret ballot, high error rate, etc.

  •  TAXES? (0+ / 0-)

    will dems raise taxes?

  •  Sue them? (0+ / 0-)

    The slashdot version of this story contains a link to an essay about how to sue these guys in small claims court. I wonder if a class action lawsuit could be brought on behalf of all those who received calls that didn't comply with the law?

    Also, they had an interesting one about Verifiable Elections Via Cryptography

  •  My stomach hurts and my brain is exploding (0+ / 0-)

    I can't take this.

  •  I truly think V.P. Cheney was correct (0+ / 0-)

    when he stated that Terrorists are trying to control our elections!

    Thank goodness that our "Elected" officials gave Emperor Bush the tools to do Domestic Spying so he can protect us Americans and our FREEDOMS!

    We should demand who these Terrorists are, why they are resorting to these tricks to deceive our voting rights and Emperor Bush should ensure that these evil doers are treated as the Terrorists that they are for DESTROYING OUR FREEDOMS (since they hate our freedoms so much!)

    Since he has been given the tools, why not prove to us that they work!

  •  Election Integrity (0+ / 0-)

    Thanks for posting this diary.

    Added the "Election Integrity" tag.

    Folks interested in this topic are pooling information at
    and check dkosopedia on Voting_Rights for further resources.

    Please think about volunteering to be a poll worker in your local precinct

    Solar is civil defense. Video of my small scale solar experiments at

    by gmoke on Tue Nov 07, 2006 at 04:41:16 PM PST

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