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You remember Grandma Millie.  She's one of those average Californians Enron traders joked about cheating during California's energy crisis back in 2001.  They think that she's gullible and oblivious:

... two energy traders are joking about how Enron manipulated the prices for electricity in California.
"They're taking all that fucking money back?" says one energy trader to an Enron executive. "All the money you guys stole from those poor grandmothers of California?"
"Yeah, Grandma Millie, man", the Enron executive replies. "But she's the one who couldn't figure out how to fucking vote on the butterfly ballot".
"Now she wants her money back for all the power you've charged right up, jammed right up her ass for $250 a megawatt hour", the other trader chortled.
The Enron traders loved the blackouts, because that meant they could cash in on the skyrocketing prices helpless consumers were forced to pay. "Just cut 'em off", one Enron executive said. "They're so fucked.
They should just bring back fucking horses and carriages, fucking lamps, fucking kerosene lamps".

Thanks to folks like Bush's friends at Enron, Arnold became governor when Gray Davis was recalled a few years ago.  Friends like these are counting on pulling another one over on Grandma Millie to get Arnold a second term.

They're assuming Grandma Millie has been too busy to notice Arnold's close connection to special interests.  After all, in his first campaign, Arnold claimed that he didn't need to take outside money because he has so much of his own.  So maybe Millie doesn't know that he has since become the GOP's top fundraiser and that his major funders are from the energy, healthcare and insurance industries.

They're also assuming she's been too busy to notice his close connections to the Republican establishment.  After all, he campaigned as a moderate and has differed with the national party on some social issues.  So she may not know that he has supported conservative Republicans in other races and that his re-election campaign is being managed by top Bush operatives.

Sure, there may be some things he's said or done in the past that she didn't like, but they're counting on her poor memory.  She may have thought that the special election on his ballot measures was a waste of taxpayer money.  She may have been offended by his threatening to kick nurses' butts.  She may have been annoyed that he spent most of his term ignoring the Democratic legislature.  But his last minute gestures toward the legislature on environmental regulation should erase all previous doubts.

They may also be counting on Grandma Millie's apathy about Arnold.  They may hope she'll be among those who don't bother to vote because, "We've had worse:"  Compared to previous governors whose appointments for judgeships have been based on patronage, Schwarzenegger's actually appear to be qualified.  Then again, unlike Gray Davis, Schwarzenegger has been willing to let the Parole Board actually do its job again.  Or they may think she'll be among those who don't bother to vote because "at least he's entertaining," whether voters are dazzled by him or laughing at him.

But then, maybe Grandma Millie isn't as gullible as they think.  

Maybe she's willing to hope that even though we've had worse, we could have better -- much better.  Maybe she's been willing to look beyond the hype to discover that Phil Angelides is not just another self-interested politician (he's sure no "Pay-to-Play Gray"),
that Angelides has the integrity, passion and experience to work on behalf of the average people of California.

Maybe she's learned to be more careful about her ballot, whether absentee, electronic, lever or paper.  Maybe talking about the issues with a friendly Democrat will help refresh her memory.  Maybe she just needs a little help getting to the polls.  

Maybe she's not fooled by the sudden drop in gas prices a month before the election because she's been gamed by the energy lobby before.

Don't underestimate Grandma Millie.

Originally posted to Rusty Pipes on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 04:54 PM PST.

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  •  I've only linked to a few (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    of several great diaries from the past week with info about Phil and Arnold.  Let's not give up on our neighbors and help GOTV.

    "If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen." - Harry Truman

    by Rusty Pipes on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 04:55:00 PM PST

  •  If polls are to be believed... (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    ...Grandma Millie is a fucking idiot.

  •  I'd sort of given up on this race (0+ / 0-)

    Ahnie is such an asshole, for all the reasons you describe.

    And Angelides is just a big nobody--he takes no position that he's afraid would be offensive. He weasled out of support for SB 840, Kuehl's single-payer healthcare bill. So I can't support him. I am even mad at him. It's going to be his own stupid fault if he loses.

    I am voting for Camejo.

    •  no it's going to be your fault if he loses (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Rusty Pipes, Budlawman

      because you didn't vote for him, and you voted for somebody with no chance to beat Schwarzenegger. And you are giving Schwarzenegger and his GOP victory in CA the chance to be the "consolation prize" national story Wednesday morning, if the Dems take back the House and/or the Senate. (such national story won't even mention the Green vote, of course).

      if you really cared about Californians actually getting health care, which frankly I doubt, you would -- like Sheila Kuehl -- support Angelides:

      "Phil Angelides' position on health care has been consistent and clear.  Unlike Governor Schwarzenegger, who has consistently let us down on the issue of health care, Phil Angelides will bring people together to work toward the kind of universal system of care I've been working toward."

      •  a big razzberry to you, Jennifer Poole! (0+ / 0-)

        For everything  you've said, and particularly for your lame-brained, insulting contention that I don't care about healthcare reform!

        You're talking to someone who can't afford health insurance, due to a "pre-existing condition," for chrissake! It weighs on me every day that I do not have catastrophic coverage, and so many people are in my boat is the thing.

        And don't you dare go lecturing me about how I should vote for "candidates with a chance of winning," rather than voting my conscience!

        Ooooh, I can't come up with expletives strong enough for irresponsible statements like yours!

        •  why do you post your opinion on a political blog (0+ / 0-)

          if you don't want to engage in debate about your opinion?

          How dare I write a post criticizing your opinion?

          it's a blog, that's what it's all about.

          I don't have health insurance either, and I'm with Kuehl that if Phil Angelides had been elected governor, I would be a lot closer to having more reasonable options for health care costs than I do now.

      •  One more thing, Jennifer Poole (0+ / 0-)

        If I'd come across your nasty flame early enough, I definitely would have troll-rated you. Too bad it's too late.

    •  I voted for Camejo in 2002 (0+ / 0-)

      After months of Progressives trying to recruit some Democrat of stature to run against Gray Davis in the primary (even the Chronicle lamented that all major candidates had been scared of by Davis' war chest), Davis easily won the 2002 primary.  This was well into his term, when of the hundreds of prisoners recommended for parole every year (after the Parole Board had spent many hours reviewing thousands of prisoners cases to come up with those recommendations) he reversed all of those cases but two -- women who had murdered their abusers.  Gray Davis' Presidential ambitions were such that he was willing to throw away the key on hundreds of prisoners rather than risk being "Willie Hortoned" down the line.  (Taking major contributions from the prison guards' union also may have been a factor).

      This was after the rumors were circulating that he used his office to raise money, when he freely admitted that if a day passed without raising money, it had been wasted.  Gray Davis was rarely willing to attend a gathering of Democrats unless people paid; he even charged starving students $100 each to shake his hand.

      I would not consider voting for Camejo this year.  Phil Angelides is an experienced candidate with a Progressive record.  California is a very expensive state in which to run a statewide campaign.  DLC-types like Davis have a much better chance of intimidating opponents off the ballot here.  If we don't support good Democratic candidates when we have the chance, the state party will continue to defer to millionaires or those with questionable fundraising habits like Gray Davis:

      "If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen." - Harry Truman

      by Rusty Pipes on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 07:43:49 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

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