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This Roundup Diary covers the period from 1:00 PM Sunday, 11/5 to 1:00 PM EST Monday, 11/6.

Important Note, re: Tuesday's Diary - Tuesday's ERR diary will not be promoted to the front page (for reasons that are obvious and make perfect sense). We will, however, continue to produce a diary for that day as well as at least a few days after the election.
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Today's Menu Includes:
129 Diaries Overall
 - 46 On House races
 - 38 On Senate races
 - 26 On Various election races
    - Encompassing Governor, Secretary of State, Local, and more
 - 19 General election-related diaries

Over 6,400 diaries served to date!!!

This is an attempt to compile a fairly comprehensive listing of election-related diaries that have recently been posted. Most of them are House or Senate races but there are also some local ones, as well as the occasional 'general info' diary.

Reminder - If you are doing a diary on a specific race, particularly a House or Senate race, PLEASE, put the race number (or XX-Sen) at the beginning of the diary header. More diarists are now doing this and it is immensely helpful.

For all the introductory stuff and previous diaries in this series, please see:
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Election Race Roundup (9/12 - EIGHT WEEKS TO GO!) (with links to 10 diaries, covering 9/2-9/11).
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(1:00 PM, Sunday, 11/5 to 1:00 PM, Monday, 11/6):  (129 diaries)

(Alphabetical, starting from U)

   House (46)

(VA-11) VA-11, Tom Davis: Aid and Comfort to the Enemy by achamble - Diarist has info on VA-11 & 9-11 Commission report.

(AL-01) (AL-01) Beckerle sees through smokescreen by alabamaliberal - Vivian Beckerle (D) running in deep-red Alabama. And she has a shot!

(CA-04) CA-04 Not If, but When Will Doolittle Be Indicted? by LindaR - John Doolittle has not yet been called upon to answer for his alleged crimes.

(CA-04) CA-04 -- Would YOU let this man in your home? by willymugobeer - Restore ethical and honest representation to this district by electing Charlie Brown (D), running against John Doolittle (R).

(CA-11) CA-11:  Abramoff Threw Holiday Party for Pombo (#46 in Series) by Land of Enchantment - It seems Jack Abramoff used to pay for expensive dinners for the House Resource Committee, now they have to have potluck.

(CA-11) CA-11 Jerry McNerney -Stem Cells Support From Michael J. Fox by practicalmatters - Diarist has info on CA-11 & Michael J Fox.

(CA-11) Door to Door for McNerney in CA-11th by Japhet - has a personal report on canvassing for Democrat Jerry McNerney facing Republican Richard Pombo.

(CA-28) Howie Berman CA-28 How Many Votes for the War? w/pol by Braindead - Howie Berman (R) cast most votes for the war; he is opposed by Byron DeLear (D).

(CA-45) (CA-45) Desert Pride Parade in Palm Springs by soyinkafan - has pics and a report form the race between David Roth (D) and Mary Bono (R).

(CA-52) CA-52 Duncan Hunter Proves No Limit To His Corruption by Hannibal - Duncan Hunter (R) wrote the abolition of the Inspector General for Iraq into a bill.

(CO-06) Tancredo agrees with the Terrorists by fbiots - Links to the latest bit of nastiness from Republican Tom Tancredo hoping to hold off Democrat Bill Winter.

(CT-04) POLL Ct Green  Party Cong Candidate Withdraws&Supports Democrat; What Does Green Get? by jim d - Diarist has CT-04 info on the Greens.

(CT-04) CT-04: A Report From The Ground by ollieb - has a report about canvassing for Diane Farrell (D) facing Chris Shays (R).

(FL-09) FL-9: We NEED YOU to take one they don't expect! by denim - Call for help in trying to get Dem Phyllis Busansky into office over Repub Gus Bilirakis.

(FL-13) Please by JR - Diarist asks for help in FL-13.

(FL-22, NY-20) New Polls Show Klein, Gillibrand Taking the Lead (FL-22, NY-20) by MrLiberal - Lots of trends the (D)'s way!

(GA-03) David is waiting for Goliath to die! by mostconsiderate - Mike McGraw (D) may yet upset Rep. Lynn Westermoreland (R).

(IL-11) IL-11 Pavich Campaign Working Overtime by chicagodavid - Democrats in this district are working hard to GOTV for John Pavich (D), running against Jerry Weller (R).

(IL-14) IL-14th Hastert Uses Money To Buy More Land by treesfieldssky - Diarist brings info on Hasert land deals.

(IL-14) Newspapers < DailyKos by photogeek88 - A letter to the editor of an Illinois paper in support of Democrat John Laesch to defeat Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert.

(IN-06) IN06 Neurotic? Breakdown? or Politics? by Congressional Candidates Wife - Mike Pence (R) gives poor service to the people of this district; vote for Barry Welsh (D).

(IN-09) IN-09: Heart and Soul in the Closest Race in America by allamerica - Dem Baron P. Hill is mounting a heartfelt challenge to incumbent Repub Mike Sodrel.

(KS-01) KS-01: I am running for Congress because I am outraged by John Doll - Reasons Dem John Doll stood in KS-01 against incumbent Repub Jerry Moran.

(LA-03) Emily's list calls for help in un-seating Jefferson of the 90k in frozen cash by TeresaInPa - Reminder that Rep. William Jefferson (D) sucks too.

(MI-02) My Congressman Peter Hoekstra is a Traitor by MichiganGirl - Alleges that incumbent Repub Peter Hoekstra has committed treason, so support Dem Kimon Kotos.

(NC-05) NC-05: Last NC cartoon before the election by StormBear - Things are looking glum in NC-05 but we can still laugh. Roger Sharpe (D) is running against Virgina Foxx (R).

(NC-11) Message from MoveOn's office in Asheville, NC by paulv - Call for help in GOTV in the race between incumbent Repub Charles Taylor and Dem Heath Shuler.

(NE-03) NE-03 Bush comes to Nebraska by NebraskaLefty - Diarist has a view from outside the Bush visit to NE-03.

(NE-03) NE-03: Bush Comes to Town by mcjoan - Diarist brings the visit of Airforce 1.

(NH-02) NH-02: NRCC Facing $100M Penalty for Illegal Robocalls by Republic Not Empire - Have the NRCC violated state law?  Paul Hodes (D) is running against Charlie Bass (R).

(NJ-07) NJ-7 Ferguson Runs Away from Stender Supporters (with link to Pics) by GTmet - Mike Ferguson (R) drove away from two locations in his bus rather than meet questions of Linda Stender's (D) supporters.

(NJ-07) NJ-07: Mike Ferguson's drive-by appearance "with pics and poll" by goldberry - Mike Ferguson's (R) appearance was swamped by Linda Stender's (D) supporters.

(NM-01) NM-01: Pollwatching: Madrid Leads by 4 in Final Poll by tjihop - Patricia Madrid (D) leads easily distressed Heather Wilson (R) by 4.

(NV-02) Dispatch on Nevada - Sunday, 11.06.06 by gorgonica - Diarist recounts experience phoning for Jill Derby (D), running against Dean Heller (R).

(NV-02) Will Karl Rove Lose His Childhood District Tomorrow? by jedinecny - Highlights Dem Jill Derby's efforts to defeat Repub Dean Heller in Rove's heavily conservative childhood home district.

(NY-13) NY-13: Why losing is our LEAST likely scenario by Gg - A personal look at the race between Democrat Steve Harrison and Republican Vito Fosella.

(NY-19) NRCC Robo Calls in NY-19 by hegemony57 - Diarist has NY-19 info.

(NY-19) NY19 with three videos of John Hall by TGriff - Campaign videos of John Hall (D) show endorsements, GOTV. He faces Sue Kelly (R).

(NY-19) NY-19: GOP Playing The Racist Fear Card by BarbinMD - A racebaiting video being played by Sue Kelly's (R) campaign against John Hall (D).

(NY-20) NY-20: Repub. Sweeney's November Nightmare Continues by Doctor Who - Diarist has a run down on Sweeny's (R) problems in NY-20.

(NY-25) NY-25 - Gen Clark Rallies with Dan Maffei by Iddybud - An afternoon with General Clark and Dan Maffei (D) who is running against Jim Walsh (R).

(NY-29) Eric Massa: the Final 48 hours by Munguza - Final two days' GOTV for Eric Massa (D), running against Randy Kuhl (D).

(OH-02) Deep Schmidt by Indianality - Video of incumbent Repub Jean Schmidt mocking Dem Victoria Wulsin's stance on universal health care.

(OH-12) OH-12: Desperate Measures by Shamansky for Congress - Pat Tiberi (R)'s campaign is making false claims about Bob Shamansky (D).

(OH-15) OH-15: (Partly) Sunny Sunday III: GOTV! by ArchTeryx - Diarist has a run down of OH-18.

(OH-18) OH-18 Poll Circuit Reporters needed; Ross and Jackson Counties. by Hegman - Diarist has a request for help on Election Day in OH-18.

   Senate (38)

(VA-Sen) George Allen tailgates with Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld by Scout Finch - Awesome!

(VA-Sen) The Great George Allen Puppet Show - by Andy Lewis - Protestors crash Sen. George Allen's (R) tailgate. And he can't attack them.

(VA-Sen) Voter Suppression and more (VA-Sen) by teacherken - Evidence of voter suppression efforts in Northern Virginia in James Webb (D) George Allen (R) race, with steps to take.

(VA-Sen) Webb Campaign: One More Day and a Wakeup! by Webb for Senate - Final day details from Dem Jim Webb's campaign in his bid to unseat incumbent Repub George Allen.

(VA-Sen) VA-Sen : Top Ten (Webb up 8) by Stampy51 - Latest SUSA poll shows Dem Jim Webb leading incumbent Repub George Allen by 8, with some tasty notes on why to vote for Webb.

(VA-Sen) VA-SEN: SurveyUSA Says: Webb 52, Allen 44 -- UPDATED WITH LINK by Red Sox - Final SUSA poll show Jim Webb (D) leading George Allen (R) by 8.

(CT-Sen) Bob Kerrey, Joe Lieberman, and Voter Pessimism by bookwoman - Unfortunately, former Sen. Bob Kerrey (D) comes out for Sen. Joe Lieberman (CFL).

(CT-Sen) CT-Sen Crystal Ball: Joe Switches by Big Tent Democrat - Joe Lieberman (CFI) appears to be a man of convenience, choosing his party of majority if he should win.

(CT-Sen) CT-SEN: Dispatches from the trail - "Ned's With Us" by davidsrota - Joe Lieberman's (CFL) thugs again try to bottle Ned Lamont (D) at a parade, but the veteran's (and everyone else) seem to love Ned.

(CT-Sen) CT-Sen Dodd Appearing With Lamont Sat/Sun by bincbom - News that Senator Chris Dodd will be spending the weekend campaigning for Democrat Ned Lamont against Joe Lieberman (CFL).

(CT-Sen) CT-Sen HQ: The Championship Rounds by ttagaris - The experience of the enthusiasm and intensity of Ned Lamont's (D) supporters makes the polls look pale.

(CT-Sen) SurveyUSA poll, not good news for Lamont by demsin06 - Diarist has SurveyUSA poll.

(CT-Sen) For Lieberman by natasha - A look at Joe Liebermann's FEC committee donor list.

(CT-Sen) CT-SEN: Dispatch from the Frontlines - At Dawn, An Impromptu Focus Group In Groton by davidsirota - Responses from a group of Electric Boat workers to Ned Lamont (D) as he met them in his campaign against Alan Schlessinger (R) and incumbent Joe Lieberman (Lie).

(CT-Sen) CT-Sen: Rowland bag man funding Lieberman by newjeffct - Suggestion of impropriety between incumbent Joe Lieberman (Lie) and John Rowland, a former governor, linking $50K of campaign funds days after $75 million contract was sent Rowland's way. Support Ned Lamont (D) over Lieberman and Alan Schlessinger (R).

(CT-Sen) (CT-Sen) Why we will win. (With Numbers) by A Talbot - The diarist is optimistic that Ned Lamont (D) will defeat Joe Lieberman (CFL).

(MD-Sen) MD-Sen: Playing Knock-Knock by kindertotenlieder - The skinny on Democratic infighting in Maryland.

(MO-Sen) McCaskill on my Mind - how to Help Claire & Missouri by Blue Waters Run Deep - Claire McCaskill (D) offers hope to people with disabilities.

(NJ-Sen) NJ-SEN: The Piscopo Push Call! by redglare - Recent robo-call from Joe Piscopo supporting Repub Tom Kean Jr. over incumbent Dem Bob Menendez.

(OH-Sen) Mud-lovin' Mike DeWine by jmknapp - Desperate Sen. Mike DeWine (R) slimes Rep. Sherrod Brown (D).

(RI-Sen) RI-Sen: Chafee AHEAD! WTF! by DrBathroom - Some polls show Chafee (R) a percentage point ahead of Whitehouse (D).

(RI-Sen) Clinton Returns to RI for Final Push by kiersten - The race is tightening and the diarist suspects its because the undecideds are choosing Chafee.

(TN-Sen) Help my fricking Harold Ford, Kos by David Boyle - I'm not dead yet!

(TN-Sen) Momentum Shifts to Ford in Closing Days by UnityDem - The most recent numbers show a shift in the polls away from Bob Corker (R) towards Harold Ford (D).

(TN-Sen, MT-Sen) New Rasmussen Polls: TN-SEN; MT-SEN...... by DCCyclone - Races tighten. Drats!

(TN-Sen) Read my frickin' diary kos: The Ford Campaign and the First Amendment by MadScientist - A Kossack is prevented by the police from taking a campaign sign into a rally for Harold Ford, Jr. (D), running against Bob Corker (R).

(TN-Sen) TN-Senate and Polling by democratnyc -The diarist suggest ways to get MSM to pay better attention to polls.

(TN-Sen) Tennessee people be prepared on Election Day by AHiddenSaint - Electoral shenanigans in the heavily Democratic Memphis base of Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. (D).

(TN-Sen) What Kerry should say about what Kos is saying about Ford by DBJ - Early voting way up in Tennessee.

(TN-Sen) T-SEN Obama headlines Ford Rally -- photo blues by OldYellerDog - has pics and a report about yesterday's rally with Senator Barack Obama for Harold Ford Jr. (D) facing Bob Corker (R).

(TN-Sen) TN-Sen: Great News - Big Mo! by R o o k - has some good news polling in the race between Harold Ford Jr. (D) and Bob Corker (R).

(TN-Sen) Why is the Swift Boat Man so Interested in Tennessee...among others by Cody Lyon - Possible explanation for Swift-boat king, Bob Perry's interest in the race between Dem Harold Ford Jr. and Repub Bob Corker.

(TN-Sen) The Top Ten Reasons I Voted for Harold Ford (with poll) by MadScientist - Reasons to vote for Harold Ford Jr. (D) over Bob Corker (R), tomorrow.

(Var-Sen) Out of the Closet--With Senate Predictions (Part 2) by davidsfr - Another set of predictions about the Senate races.

(Var-Sen) Betting Says 6 Senate Pick-ups by MoronMike - Intrade has Dems picking up 6 Senate seats.

(Var-Sen) My 2006 Midterm Senate Predictions by SensibleDemocrat - the diarists final Senate predictions.

(Var-Sen) Key senate race graphs: The BIG finale (with poll) by plf515 - Rundown of meta-poll results and trendlines for AZ, OH, MD, MO, MT, RI, TN, and VA Senate seats.

(Var-Sen) my fearless and controversial Senate election predictions!!!! by YoursTruly - More predictions.

   Various (26)

(AL-HD-45) AL-State House 45: Republicans running scared by Lisa in Bama - Dem Pat Sewell is running close against Repub Owen Drake.

(AL-Var) Ooopsie! GOP endorses Democrat! by LynneK - A fun story about a local election in Alabama.

(AZ-Var) AZ-05, AZ-Sen, and AZ-GOV: GOTV rally in Tempe, AZ (11/05/06) by Astrocook - A Kossack attends a rally for Democratic candidates in Tempe, Arizona.

(CA-Gov) For Governor of California: No to Schwarzenegger and Angelides by Wayne Mattson - Diarist writes-in Steve Westly (D) for California governor.

(FL-Gov) FL-Gov: Calling all FL Kossacks! Rally Mon. night in Tampa/new poll info by boofdah - Diarist has FL GOV rally info.

(FL-Gov) Crist backs out of appearance with Bush by bcb - Diarist has info that Crist won't appear with Bush.

(FL-Gov) (FL-Gov) D-Jim Davis gains, R-Charlie Crist Snubs Bush by JasonPol - Report from the tightening race between Dem Jim Davis and Repub Charlie Crist.

(FL-Gov) Rainy Days - For Republicans by gatordem - With a 40% chance of rain in the Tampa area, the diarist urges early voting for Jim Davis (D) in his race against Charlie Crist (R).

(FL-Gov) (FL-GOV) Crist to Bush: Drop Dead by ianvanhoven - Charlie Crist (R) declines to appear with George Bush on election night. His opponent is Jim Davis (D).

(FL-Var) FL-Gov and FL-22: Davis within striking distance, and Klein ahead! by niremetal - Democratic candidates are polling well in Florida races.

(GA-Var) GA Heritage: FOR Dem Gov, Black Woman by Prognosticator - has a look at the issues and candidates in various Georgia races.

(IA-Var) GREAT NEWS from Iowa by UndercoverRxer - Every (D) is up on Iowa! Woohoo!

(IA-Var) Obama Does Iowa City by oldjohnbrown - has a report about a rally attended by Senator Barack Obama for all the democratic candidates in Iowa.

(ID-Var) My Ultra Conservative Idaho parents are voting Democrat by djsands - Support Bill Sali (D) and Jerry Brady (D)!

(MD-Var) Polls continue to tighten in Maryland by baltimoremom - Election races in Maryland are goign right down to the wire.

(MD-Var) Rally in Maryland with Bill Clinton Tonight by pine - Diarist has a Rally in Maryland run down.

(MI-Gen) MI '06 - Voting Tools and Voter Info. by Stomp 442 - Guides for how to vote a true blue ticket in Michigan.

(MI-Gov) MI-GOV: Hollywood Squares: Dick DeVos Republican Corruption Edition by devoshead - a rogues gallery of Dick DeVos' (R) friends with a lot of linky goodness. He is running against Jennifer Granholm (D).

(MN-Gen) I helped an apathetic voter today by guyermo - Short story on helping a fellow MN voter get her absentee ballot completed.

(NM-Var) Voter Disenfranchisement in New Mexico by Ken Camp - Diarist has the Tricks from New Mexico.

(NY-41-CA-11) N Y C Kossacks: ONE HOUR NEEDED TONIGHT FOR NYBRI and McNerney in CA-11 by senor wylie - Phone banking in NYC tonight for Brian Keeler and Jerry McNerney.

(OH-SoS) Ohio's SOS Candidate Brunner: Make Voting "As Easy as Drinking a Glass of Water" by OhioNative - Dem Jennifer Brunner is running on a platform of transparent and easy elections against Repub Greg Hartmann.

(OH-Var) OH-Var: Dispatch Final Poll - "Staggering" Numbers for Dems by Buckeye Hamburger - The title says it all.

(PA-Var) Meeting Max Cleland today at a Rally in Rural PA: American Hero and Treasure by wishingwell - Max Cleland spoke to a Democratic rally that included some Eisenhower Republicans - he was an inspiration to get out the vote.

(SD-Var) Skullduggery In South Dakota by ScottWalters - Diarist has South Dakota's abortion campaign info.

(Var) FOLLOWING THE POLLS: The Sunday Edition (SUPERSIZED) by Steve Singiser - Steve's daily roundup of nationwide polls.

   General (19)

Election protection hotlines in depth by AlanF - Diarist has a Hotline List for election problems.

Join the DailyKos Midterm Prediction Pool by predict06- Offices have basketball pools during the Final Four; DailyKos has Midterm Election Pools!

New Time Poll Scary for Rethugs by JCPOK - Time magazine poll makes things look bad for the (R) candidates.

 Sunday Action: GOTV Edition (Updated) by Elise - A diary on ways to GOTV and other election activities.

2 Days & Counting - What Did You Do Today? by aimeeinkc - Diarist has the "What Did You Do Today" series.

One Day Until Victory (Let's Close the Deal Together) by Congressman John Conyers - Rallying cry for the final big push from Rep John Conyers for the election tomorrow.

FIGHTING DEMS - The Crest of the Blue Wave and the Deep Blue Sea by Fighting Dem Vets - An analysis of the state of play in the Fighting Dem races.

Sabato's final prediction: Dem majorities in congress and Governors by Paleo- Oracle Sabato predicts the Dems to win 29 seats in the House and 6 in the Senate.

CNN Predicts 20-Point Dem Blowout by TXdem - Encouraging predictions from CNN.

About That Pew Poll..... by michael1104 - has an analysis of the latest Pew Poll.

Election Protection Hotline. Quick Links for Your Voting Needs.+Let's Party! by LNK - has links a phone numbers for protecting your vote, reporting voter fraud and getting involved on election day.

8 Voter Protection Sites that you may want to utilize. by Duke S - has the links for protecting your vote and reporting voter fraud and suppression.

The Whole World's Watching by wmc418 - Handy info for voting tomorrow.

Voter Problems, Help, Call Now 1-866-OUR-VOTE/1-888-VEY-VOTA by Femlaw - Useful tips for voting tomorrow, with ways to get help if you are being refused your right to vote.

The Definitive 2006 Election Watchers Spreadsheet by Pragmatic Left - Spreadsheet for House, Senate, and Governorships for the midterm election.

Senate And House Predictions From Ed Fitzgerald And Electoral-Vote by Rob - Final predictions for House and Senate from and Ed Fitzgerald.

Protecting the Vote -One Precinct at a Time by Vyan - Ways to help protect the votes of all Americans tomorrow.

 Check in your area before pushing it by Fred in Vermont - Indicates trouble with the poll place determination site

Your Election Night Program by cbastian - Poll closing times across the country for tomorrow.

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