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How were honorable career employees treated when they did their jobs under this administration? They where shown the door:

Greenhouse, in an Oct. 21 letter to the acting Army secretary, charged that officials had shown favoritism toward Halliburton, the Houston-based conglomerate formerly led by Vice President Dick Cheney, in the awarding and oversight of the oil contract.

She also complained that the Corps of Engineers ignored her objections to a decision to award Halliburton a lucrative contract extension to provide logistical support to U.S. soldiers in the Balkans, the Los Angeles Times reported today.

Greenhouse also said officials at the Army Corps of Engineers had tried to remove her as chief contract monitor after she persistently raised questions about Halliburton contracts. The Army says it has referred her letter to the Pentagon's inspector general for review.

"Good people came forward to tell the truth about these contracts because they -- like the American people -- know that the administration's special treatment of Halliburton was wrong," Edwards said in a statement.

Dear Chairman Conyers, please consider locating Bunny and reopening the investigation of awarding military contracts by this administration. Heck, give Bunny a position on your staff. We owe her. I'm sure Bush and Company have made her life a living hell, and it's time for some justice. Not many people stood up to this administration and they should be rewarded and promoted, not thrown away like garbage.

More: UPDATED: AND last but not least: Wonderful comments and ideas below, thanks for participating! UPDATEDII: from Highfive post:

I knew I had heard about her recently, so I googled. She's mentioned in a Oct. 27 post in
Bunnatine Greenhouse sits in a cubicle in a far corner of an office in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers(USACE) headquarters in downtown Washington, D.C., where, she says, "I am treated like a non-person." Months crawl by yet her immediate supervisor just can't seem to find the time to meet with her to discuss a work assignment. The taxpayers of the United States of America pay her salary, but, oddly, no demands are made of her.

Originally posted to mattes on Wed Nov 08, 2006 at 06:24 PM PST.

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