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This is truly a great country.  Where else can you work on one successful election in 1992, lose for the next fourteen years, and still get press? You got to hand it to James Carville; he can still get ink.  But maybe we're the only ones that can't remember James Carville predicting that the Democrats should easily gain 50 seats in the House BEFORE the election.  So why should that stop him from insisting that we should have won 50 seats AFTER the election?

I agree with a powerful and important guy like Jimbo. Howard should be held accountable. Hold him accountable for putting resources into Montana, where Jon Tester won a critical Senate seat. Hold him accountable for supporting Jerry McNerney in California, who ousted Richard Pombo. Hold him accountable for helping state parties nationwide to support competitive campaigns in places where Democrats haven't won for years. Hold him accountable for helping return checks and balances to what was once a rubber stamp Congress.

Today is Howard's birthday. Tell him that you know our success was a direct result of his strategy and the work of activists at the local level:

Send your message of thanks and support to Democracy for America's founder and sign the birthday card today:

Howard put the strategy in place.  But it was you who powered the effort in so many ways.

Originally posted to Jim Dean on Fri Nov 17, 2006 at 08:03 AM PST.

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