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(From the diaries. The plan is to eventually create a jotter-riffic stats page to make this sort of data available to researchers and other curious people -- kos)

This is a summary of the diaries, recommendations, and comments of 2006, and the people who made them.

In many ways this is a repeat of the end of year analysis from a year ago, with the exception that on site data is used rather than page scraped data.  With that change in data source it is now possible to add analysis of comments.  I'll include some results from 2005 for comparison.

For a taste of the analysis, see the Venn diagram below, otherwise see you after the jump.

How many people participate at Daily Kos?

In the year just past (2006) 32379 people either wrote a diary, commented on a diary, or left a comment attached to a diary.  The most frequent activity was commenting in which 30356 took part, followed by recommending with 17407 and finally writing with 12903.  In the previous year (2005) 26523 people participated,  including 25044 who commented, 13980 who recommended, and 10068 who wrote diaries.

This may be easier to see in a table.

People 2005 2006
front pagers 233 123
diarists 10068 12903
recommenders 13980 17407
commenters 25044 30356
all 26523 32379

Nearly 3000 more people wrote diaries in 2006 than in 2005.  While 5628 wrote diaries in both years, 4440 diarists from 2005 disappeared and 7275 new diarists appeared in 2006.  Of those who wrote in both years, 2868 wrote more diaries in 2005, 2018 wrote more diaries in 2006, and 742 wrote the same number both years (planning ahead, no doubt).  Overall, 9301 participants from 2005 failed to participate in 2006 (drop out rate of 35%), while 15157 participants were new in 2006 (47% newcomers).  These changes reflect the dynamic nature of the active population of daily kos.  

In last years summary diary I surmised that failing to count commenters would underestimate participation by about 20%; the present numbers suggest that was a bit low.  A full third of participants only comment, as shown for 2006 in the following venn diagram.  The write, recommend, and comment groups are shown as circles colored red, green, and blue respectively with areas proportional to their relative size.  I used an on line utility to construct the diagram. Update [2007-1-5 13:43:20 by jotter]: I mislabeled some areas of the diagram; this has been corrected.

Venn Diagram

The 2006 data used for the Venn diagram is shown in the table below along with similar data for 2005.  The number of participants in disjoint groups is given, such that the sum of the groups should be 100%.

Group 2005 (%) 2006 (%)
Write 405 (1.5) 581 (1.8)
Recommend 1026 (3.9) 1371 (4.2)
Comment 9666 (36.4) 10936 (33.8)
Write and Recommend (no comments) 48 (0.2) 71 (0.2)
Write and Comment (no recommends) 2472 (9.3) 3455 (10.7)
Recommend and Comment, (no diaries) 5763 (21.7) 7169 (22.1)
Write, Comment, and Recommend diaries 7143 (26.9) 8796 (27.2)
Any of the above 26523 (100) 32379 (100)

Moving on, what did people do during 2005 at Daily Kos that left a countable result?

Action 2005 2006 per day per hour per diary per diarist
fp story 5095 5866 16.1 0.7 1 48
diary 87282 100548 275.5 11.5 1 7.8
recommend 1310424 2275867 6235.3 259.8 22.6 176
comments 2932236 4705116 12890.7 537.1 46.8 365
Impact 12942* 27491 75.3 3.1 0.27 2.1

(I wonder if the Top comment crew realized the magnitude of their undertaking - over 6000 12000 Update [2007-1-5 13:43:20 by jotter]: {sheesh, you'd think I'd be able to read my own tables} comments per day.  Shh!  Nobody tell them!)

The averages above don't give a sense of the skewed distributions actually observed: everyone knows that relatively few diaries and diarists get a disproportionate number of recommendations and comments.  Fewer realize that a few recommending readers bestow the bulk of the recommendations, and a few commenters account for the bulk of the comments.

The table of centiles below helps show the distributions that underly these impressions.  For example 50% of total impact derives from  290 diarists, 50% of all diary impact derives from 4881 diaries, 50% of recommendations were distributed by 751 recommending readers, and 50% of  comments were made by 865 commenters.

Distribution of: centile boundaries; impact was used for diaries and writers, total number of comments or recommendations was used for recommenders and commenters.

Percentile Diaries Writers Recommenders Commenters
90 450 13 45 57
80 1121 35 141 156
70 2013 75 281 312
60 3192 149 478 538
50 4881 290 751 865
40 8818 531 1142 1316
30 17026 914 1722 1979
20 29587 1568 2653 3086
10 49572 3050 4414 5416
0 103740 13283 17407 30356

Although not wishing to promote a contest like atmosphere, and recalling the many thousands who contributed to the "2nd" 50% of total impact, which required viewing and reading just as the first 50% did, it is in the nature of a statistical summary to highlight the upper extremes, and so I will.  Tables of most prolific commenters and recommenders, and highest impact writers and diaries will be either shown below or added as comments if the main diary byte limit is exceeded.

Each list has only 117 items (that's how many I used last year) corresponding to diarists responsible for ~35% of total impact, recommending readers responsible for around ~18% of impact, commenters contributing 15% of comments, and diaries accounting for ~4% of total impact.


n impact name
1 381.9 bonddad
2 323.5 Jerome a Paris
3 295.3 nyceve
4 277.1 clammyc
5 229.2 thereisnospoon
6 186.3 occams hatchet
7 171.2 Hunter
8 168.8 davidsirota
9 165.3 One Pissed Off Liberal
10 164.6 Bob Johnson
11 163.3 teacherken
12 162.8 Carnacki
13 162.4 Delaware Dem
14 155.9 Meteor Blades
15 147.1 Armando
16 139.6 Steven D
17 138.2 RenaRF
18 137.6 BarbinMD
19 137.4 Maryscott OConnor
20 136.7 BooMan23
21 134.3 OrangeClouds115
22 133.2 Devilstower
23 131.6 buhdydharma
24 124.9 Dood Abides
25 123.9 Mike Stark
26 115.3 lowkell
27 113.2 dengre
28 109.8 Rep Louise Slaughter
29 104.9 pastordan
30 104.9 pontificator
31 104.8 Maccabee
32 101.3 a gnostic
33 96.6 dmsilev
34 96.0 PsiFighter37
35 95.7 LondonYank
36 94.8 Jeffrey Feldman
37 92.2 jotter
38 91.5 ttagaris
39 89.0 Al Rodgers
40 88.1 Grand Moff Texan
41 87.2 wmtriallawyer
42 85.0 hekebolos
43 84.8 RubDMC
44 83.8 Kagro X
45 80.9 quaoar
46 80.2 STOP George
47 78.8 dday
48 78.6 kid oakland
49 75.9 smintheus
50 75.7 Vyan
51 74.6 Bill in Portland Maine
52 70.8 Frederick Clarkson
53 69.1 R o o k
54 68.9 Rimjob
55 65.9 Welshman
57 63.4 Senator Russ Feingold
58 62.9 Elizabeth D
59 62.6 EZ writer
60 61.3 emptywheel
61 60.9 LieparDestin
62 60.1 righteousbabe
63 59.1 LithiumCola
64 57.6 Granny Doc
65 57.5 seesdifferent
66 57.3 cskendrick
67 56.5 John Campanelli
68 55.6 Troutfishing
69 52.4 Land of Enchantment
70 52.0 Congressman John Conyers
71 51.7 adigal
72 50.3 Eternal Hope
73 50.2 Unitary Moonbat
74 49.4 BriVT
75 49.4 L C Johnson
76 48.4 RandyMI
77 48.0 DrSteveB
78 47.7 John Laesch
79 47.5 8ackgr0und N015e
80 46.7 Eric Massa
81 46.4 krazypuppy
82 46.4 Frankenoid
83 45.9 Hesiod
84 45.7 TXsharon
85 44.8 theyrereal
86 44.8 Alegre
87 44.7 Michael Schiavo
88 44.7 Soj
89 44.0 ilona
90 43.5 SusanHu
91 43.3 lapin
92 43.2 MLDB
93 43.0 JR Monsterfodder
94 41.8 Lolligolli
95 41.8 Big Tent Democrat
96 41.6 Elise
97 40.8 Sarah R Carter
98 40.6 Six Degrees of Aaron
99 40.3 Major Danby
100 40.1 advisorjim
101 39.1 pinche tejano
102 39.1 Yoss
103 38.6 John Kerry
104 38.3 Valtin
105 38.2 Renee in Ohio
106 37.8 Magorn
107 37.7 karateexplosions
108 37.6 trifecta
109 37.4 suskind
110 37.4 testvet6778
111 37.1 zenbowl
112 36.9 HoundDog
113 36.8 Nightprowlkitty
114 36.8 melvin
115 36.5 Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse
116 36.3 The Termite
117 35.9 KingOneEye


1  13.812831482Updated: Florida machines flipflopping votes to GOP alreadyCream City10/30/06
2  12.011091305Thank-You Chairman Deanbonddad11/08/06
3  10.09401051My unreal night in Colorado - with radio linkMichael Schiavo10/26/06
4  10.08941163Pre-1776 MentalitySenator Russ Feingold02/02/06
5   9.79171002Fighting RoboCalls.  Expert advice.  Updated Mon. 6 Nov.G2geek11/05/06
6   9.58931000Diebold consultant admits company altered software for '02 GA election (update II w/link)clammyc09/21/06
7   9.38201100Keith Olbermann In Trouble?Six Degrees of Aaron08/31/06
8   9.2876937Emily Perez is dead...8ackgr0und N015e09/22/06
9   9.2859970Welcome NY Times and Newsweek readersgoldberry06/25/06
10   9.2857966Good Night, and Good Luckdmsilev08/30/06
11   9.07991063Bill Clinton Demands ABC Pull 9/11 Mockumentary! [MUST READ SECOND UPDATE!!!]pontificator09/07/06
12   9.0842948The Foley case: I've seen this before... personally - ADDENDUMBob Johnson10/02/06
13   8.97981019Privacykos10/11/06
14   8.8820936Truthout: Bush authorised illegal warrantless wiretaps BEFORE 9/11Pope Guilty01/13/06
15   8.8816932Nurse Threatened With Sedition For Criticizing BushMaccabee02/10/06
16   8.7801963[UPDATED AGAIN] *** Maryland Primary Election Diebold Disaster ***Sharon in MD09/12/06
17   8.7795969John McCain... You Owe Me A SuicideLieparDestin11/08/06
18   8.77681015Impeachment: you think the world is not watching?Jerome a Paris12/07/06
19   8.6785966ACTION ALERT: Blackwell purged Ohio Voter Rolls Oct 1st.- Vote Early.KStreetProjector10/18/06
20   8.6804901Rove's Unexplained Personal Wealthcitizendc05/02/06
21   8.5783924Walk out of the CapitolBob Johnson09/22/06
22   8.5791901This Is How We RollDevilstower11/10/06
23   8.5781915Christian YWAM $$$ behind PT911 (UPDATED)bewert09/08/06
24   8.4784898Pressuring ABC:  What You Should Know About the TV BizRippe09/08/06
25   8.4751973Jack Carter - A return to America's ValuesJimmy Carter03/23/06
26   8.4763935BREAKING: Bush Made Secret Deal With Bin Laden: No Retaliation for Cole BombingHunter09/10/06
27   8.4781888Beautiful Dead Girlshrh08/21/06
28   8.3756929Keith Steps onto the Mound and Hurls an I-ball...(update III)kredwyn09/11/06
29   8.3779870Sen Allen, Welcome to AmericaRamR08/29/06
30   8.36531136Real HardballJohn Kerry01/20/06
31   8.3742955A Shameful Political PloySenator Russ Feingold06/06/06
32   8.3772878"NO."occams hatchet11/09/06
33   8.3765891The Diebold BombshellVyan07/24/06
34   8.2741916Bush just did WHAT?  You won't believe this....topicalstorm10/05/06
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38   8.0752848HUGE! Bush Guts Posse Comitatus, Grabs National Guard! [ACTION UPDATE]Major Danby10/18/06
39   8.0747857Wolf Blitzer's career epitaph.HollywoodOz10/30/06
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48   7.9746802VA-Sen - Webb Responds to Allen Theft - UpdatedGranny Doc09/06/06
49   7.9729841RW columnist says 'Enough is enough,' quits GOPquaoar11/02/06
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115   6.6615694A more important topic: Bush abandoned a U.S. soldier behind enemy linesVirginiaDem11/01/06
116   6.6605716Breaking: Jim Webb Campaign files complaint with DOJAHiddenSaint11/06/06
117   6.6625657[update] BREAKING: Bogus VA voter calls point to Allen campaignTodd Johnston11/07/06

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My continued congratulations to kos for originating this site, and to all Kossacks, Kosmopolitans,  Kosmopotamians, Kossites, and Kogs of all stripes for their ongoing participation.  The impact output equivalent to 3.0 Cheers and Jeers per hour, sustained over an entire year, continues to amaze.

Originally posted to Daily Kos on Fri Jan 05, 2007 at 12:04 PM PST.

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