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Later tonight after the President’s speech I will take a stand on behalf of the overwhelming majority of Americans who disagree with the war escalation on FNC’s Hannity and Colmes at 9PM CST. And I will continue to urge Americans to reject the war escalation now and join me in passing the Vilsack Resolution in their community.

President Bush and his administration have grossly mismanaged the war in Iraq, hollowed out our active duty military, and depleted the resources of the National Guard, -- putting us all at risk.  

We have a patriotic duty to speak out.

Yesterday I stood in front of the Iowa State Legislature for one last time delivering my final Condition of the State speech.  I was up late the night before, well past the end of the national title game until 1:00am making my final revisions.  While I made 85 or so revisions there was something missing -- something so important that has and will forever impact the lives of Iowans and citizens of this great country.  

Simply put, there was one final act I had a moral obligation to propose.

The next morning I urged Iowa’s legislative chambers to pass the "Communities Opposed to Escalation in the War" Resolution.  You can watch it here.

And I discussed more on my videoblog later that day on the necessity to stop this escalation.

Already, we have activists from hundreds of communities nationwide, in all fifty states and the District of Columbia, who have pledged to bring this Resolution to their local governments.

Will you join them? And what are you doing to stop escalation?

By helping pass resolutions in cities and states across the country you'll help send a message far more powerful than any poll or public debate.

It really is up to us, the citizens of this great land to send the message -- we simply cannot wait for change to come from Washington, DC. We've created a draft resolution for you to sign and an activist toolkit to help you pass a similar resolution in your community:

I will be getting your comments on my blackberry before my appearance tonight, thanks to Kevin and the internet team at our campaign headquarters in Des Moines.

I know it has taken a while for me to post again, this is my first since I began the campaign, but I am looking forward to finding time to spend here answering your questions.

Originally posted to Tom Vilsack on Wed Jan 10, 2007 at 03:25 PM PST.

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