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Markos is understandably eager to keep straw polls in the realm of possibility, which is why Al Gore isn't on the current Cattle Call on the Front Page.

But some Kossacks won't even vote unless Gore is on the list.

So, this Diary is to give you an opportunity to vote that way if you want. And I've stuck a couple of other fantasy names on the list, too.

Any of these one-choice-only polls has a problem, however. You can only vote for a single candidate, not put in your second, third, fourth, et cetera choices. Being able to do so, as Brian Olson does at, would certainly give us a better picture of how participating Kossacks feel.

Take the poll.

Originally posted to Meteor Blades on Tue Jan 16, 2007 at 08:25 AM PST.


Who are you bucking for at this stage ...

0%50 votes
1%97 votes
8%418 votes
58%2943 votes
12%617 votes
9%477 votes
0%9 votes
1%64 votes
0%8 votes
0%7 votes
0%6 votes
1%73 votes
1%57 votes
2%139 votes
0%36 votes

| 5001 votes | Vote | Results

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