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The thing about relativism is that it explains why things have multiple "sides", as we like to call them, and it is indeed because of dimensionality... a two dimensional impression is one side of a three dimensional object, a different two dimensional impression composes the other. It would be the same for things which are four dimensional, like Einstein's relative frames, their three dimensional representation is just "one side" of their four dimensional whole, that is, everything they have been or will be in their whole lifetime.

So I understand why Delaware Dem's side of my fundamental political position is that I'm a crazed independent radical. It's not due to political positions, imo, (e.g. he's the one that is for single payer). It's just that I reject hierarchies, I am autonomous, I don't like being governed, and I don't think I'm alone in this. That's not "radical", that's the American Principle.

I am in fact very much a believer in individual liberty, personal sovereignty, autonomy, fundamental freedom from any base hierarchy in society unless it's entirely voluntarily. I always have had a problem with the draft for this reason, I would hope people would enlist of their own free will in dire circumstance, but never understood how they can be forced. I can understand volunteering to fight Hitler, but conscription? I know reasons for the draft but on principle, freedom trumps for me.

I just don't believe our "government" is really there to govern us. We are not supposed to fill it with "leaders", we are supposed to fill it with brilliant thinkers and civic minded citizens with the calling to be civil servants. It is a service to the nation. There is no such thing as a "government" in a democracy, not one that "governs".

There is instead of "government" a huge organization meant to manage our vast shared infrastructure, to construct and ensure stability in our lines of supply, in our ability to produce goods in the first place. There is no fundamental limit to the type of things a society can deem "infrastructure"... for example, at one time the telephone was not vital national infrastructure. Private companies showed how useful it was and built a nearly national infrastructure on their own. But over time it became so important that we require the telephone network to be robust and ubiquitous. We expect people to be able to call emergency numbers to save lives, the technology is adopted as national infrastructure. It became regulated and laws such as universal access are part of management of this resource as national infrastructure. Truly any infrastructure can be adopted this way, and a nation's sensibilities are carefully expressed in the types of infrastructure they take under public concern.

We are not "governed" by the United States Federal Government, we are served by its management of our national infrastructure.  The agencies of government are meant to be and are the tools we as citizens use to remain safe, to ensure we can obtain sufficient food, fuel, tools, and so on.

In America we use regulated economies and I'm great with that. I like markets.  I like economies where people with good ideas can get the needed education and enter the markets of their choice. Education is therefore a part of a free market system's infrastructure. Antitrust regulation is there to ensure we can enter as easily as is reasonable. Capitalists, by the way, are not for free markets, they seek to make money by controlling markets.  Keep this in mind when considering "free" and "market"... "free market" the codeword of economic oppression is not free, and thus, not even a real market. Regulated markets can be free, unregulated markets cannot be free, but will fall under the control of private concerns.

We need this sort of control from government, a regulatory control, but in no case do we need to be "governed". Our infrastructure is an organic system being built of organic parts, us, and needs respiration and circulation, not governance, to survive. Each one of us is equipped with the world's most powerful known supercomputer, the human brain, none of us actually need to be governed by our national infrastructure so much as enabled.

Originally posted to pyrrho on Wed Jan 31, 2007 at 07:19 PM PST.

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