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When Ann Coulter made her speech at the CPAC 2007, she made her usual liberals are evil tirade, which was well accepted by the audience from the evidence of the video. In that speech, she crossed the line of political dicourse by spewing another flame throwing word, which is no suprise. She did the same thing in 2006 at CPAC again, refering to Iranians as ragheads and talking tough to Tehran. She's done these things over and over again. The reason why these things are so inflaming is because of her label. That's what needs to be redefined.

    Ann Coulter is a comedian, plain and simple. Her crack at Edwards was a joke, all of her cracks are jokes. The reason why we have a problem with what she said is because of how she, the media, even encyclopedias labels her as an "American best-selling author, columnist and conservative political commentator."; thats from Wikipedia. She is nothing of the sort. Her books wouldn't pass any journalistic standard. Her columns are only worth reading to see what ridiculous thing she's going to say next. Her political commentary enlightens noone. By every definition, she is a comedian and thats how she should be defined from now on. It wasn't like the audience was clapping and nodding with what she said, though some did. They were laughing.

    Picture this, and I know its going to be hard, I'm going to ask you to travel into the mind of a Neocon. Ok, here you are in a drab convention room at a table, probably in the same suit as everyone else is in the room. (Sorry ladies, you're gonna have to be a man, I cant find that many female Neocons.) You just ate a mediocre meal that was over priced. You just listened to all these boring speeches about how these horrible republican canidates would help you out, knowing they all have serious flaws and would probably lose to Hillary or gasp, Obama or Edwards. What better than to spice it up and to end the convention with Ann Coulter, conservative comedian. The meal might go down a little better. A few smiles would go across some faces of white men that are usually scared of everything. Its perfect.

    Back to reality. Ann Coulter is the anti Richard Pryor. She tells the jokes a few repubican people want to say but are scared of the consequences. Her joke, if you are a neocon, see above paragraph, is funny in a warped way. A comedian is defined as:

    "A comedian, or comic, is a performer who entertains an audience by making them laugh. This might be through jokes or amusing situations, or acting the fool, as in slapstick, or employing prop comedy. A female comedian may be known as a comedienne, although usage of this term has declined in recent years. A comedian who stands and addresses an audience directly is called a stand-up comedian.", also from Wikipedia.

    This defines Ann Coulter perfectly. I do have a problem with Ann Coulter saying these things under the label of "political commentator." I have no problem with Ann coulter, conservative comedian. We have ours, Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Al Franken, even Bill Maher. But we dont label them as political commentators, they are comedians.

    As a matter of fact, Al Franken's biggest problem running for Senate, isn't his views. It's his label as a comedian, which he was. He needs to overcome this label in order to be elected, a very difficult task. It's not like we can't elect a comedian to an office, we've elected really bad actors and musicians. But, the assmuption of a comedian is they cant be taken seriously, they have to take extrordinary steps to prove that they are. This is what's needed in the case of Ann Coulter. Define her properly and the problem goes away.

    Label, according to Wikipedia again: (and yes, I like Wikipedia as a base source. It should be used as a starting point, not your excuse for research.) But these are simple definitions.

     A label is any kind of tag attached with adhesive to something so as to identify the object or its contents. Labels come in many forms and can be differentiated by the type of base material, called stock, that they are printed on, and by the adhesive type that they use. The most common type is made with a paper stock and a colloquial term for it is a sticker. Labels have many uses, from product identification to name tags.

    Ann Coulter, provocative conservative comedian, entertainer and sexy leg crosser in cocktail dresses.


Originally posted to kdnla on Fri Mar 09, 2007 at 12:51 AM PST.

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