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Regardless of our differences we here at Dkos all have the common dream of living in a nation governed by folks whose first priority is what's best for "we the people." There hasn't been much of that type of governance going on in America for a long time and we're each in our way, and collectively, fighting to take back our country.

I want to talk with you about two people who share our dream,  I'm going to ask you to put your money where your heart is, and and ask you to do all you can to help them.  This is a call to action...and it's for John and Elizabeth Edwards...and for all who are ready to commit to taking our country back.
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I first met John Edwards in 2004.  My wife, who had been working in John's behalf for months and is also the finest judge of character of anyone I know, told me John Edwards was for real and that I had to go meet him and get engaged.   I said OK.  And, when I knew I was going to meet him, I was prepared.  Much of who I am, and many like me, has been defined by events I had no control over.  I wanted to talk with him about that.   In my hands I had a newly purchased translation of Carl Von Clausewitz's treatise "On War."

When I shook his hand and looked in his eyes and after we had talked for a few minutes I knew I had met someone special. He asked questions. I knew he was for real.  He took the book. I know he read it. We've spoken several times since. I'm energized by his presence because I walk away renewed by his energy and sincerity.

I didn't get to meet Elizabeth until later. It was a simple twist of fate. My wife and I were working an event for the Edwards to be followed by a book signing by Elizabeth at a Raleigh book store.  Elizabeth wanted pictures taken for and with all those who came to the signing...and the Edward's camera was broken. Lucky for me...I had my camera and tripod...lots of batteries...and stood next to Elizabeth for the next 3 hours taking pictures. We got acquainted.  Lucky me! The first of many encounters.

Fast forward to Wednesday night.  We were in Chapel Hill, privileged to be attending a party for John and Elizabeth. Everyone was subdued but hopeful. John and Elizabeth arrived and, as usual, people clustered to say hello and shake hands and hug.  I stood back...watching.   John worked his way into the Great Room and when he saw my wife sitting nearby he reached down and pulled her up and hugged her and they talked for a moment. I saw my wife's eyes dim and her legs go slightly limp.

Elizabeth wasn't far behind. Why she would choose to do so is beyond me, but she turned and walked straight to me and gave me a hug and I damn near dissolved.  I'm only tough on the outside.

Both John and Elizabeth spoke later in the evening and here's what I want you to know:

They are going to be OK.  And, they are hopeful and committed to taking our country back. John is committed to winning the Presidency and to changing the conditions of the poor, the marginalized, and those in the middle class who are being left behind by the practices of our current government.  He will bring decent affordable health care into the reach of everyone. He will protect, defend, and further the progress women have made in our society and abroad. He understands the interconnections between war, disease, poverty and the destruction of our global environment and will address those problems both here and abroad to the betterment of all.   And there could be no stronger voice supporting him than Elizabeth's.  She is courageous, brilliant, and real!

On March 31st the 1st quarter funding drive for all candidates will be over and the results reported shortly thereafter.  The media will fixate on these numbers.  It's crucial that the Edwards campaign funding report shows that people aren't just talking but also contributing.  Hillary already has $Millions in her Senate campaign coffers that she can transfer, and she and hubby Bill are twisting the legs off people to get more.  

UPDATED HERE..In the spirit of how the Edwards might say things I've removed my original comment that was here regarding Clinton's fundraising tactics.  

So, if you support John Edwards give what you can today (or before March 31st) and talk with your friends and tell them now is the time to commit.   Call the Edwards campaign office at 919-636-3143 and make a donation today.  Every dollar counts.   Most of the people working for Edwards are unpaid volunteers, and late into the night you can see the lights ablaze at his headquarters.  The light bill and phone bills and travel expenses are phenomenal...and it's folks like you and me who make it possible, because it isn't the Guardians Of Privilege corporations funding him.  

If John and Elizabeth can make the commitment for us they're making, particularly as they've demonstrated over the past few days, can we do our part and not be afraid to ask others to do so too?  It's time to take our country back!

Originally posted to Persiflage on Sat Mar 24, 2007 at 10:01 AM PDT.

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