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We have so many insightful and powerful diaries written here at Daily Kos.  Our diaries inform, inflame, impassion, and even entertain.  We Kossacks have strong voices and an even stronger will to be the change we wish to see in this country.

One of the richest, and perhaps most under-appreciated, areas of thought come in the form of comments attached to these diaries.

Here at Top Comments we strive to recognize and promote the talent of this community by highlighting outstanding comments found throughout the day by the diarist, and through nominations at made at topcomments at gmail dot com by your fellow Kossacks.  

These nominations are subjective, and certainly not complete (as no one can read the complete site on a daily basis!). But hopefully they will serve to shine a light where deserved, and to give the reader a good starting point in finding conversation on the site.

Please come in and make yourself at home!   Join us beneath the fold...

Kick off your shoes; relax for a spell.  Welcome to the Midnight Swim.

If you're new (either to the site or to TC), post a comment and say hi!  This is a good, welcoming place to get your feet wet.

If you've found comments you'd like to share, please do so!  

And tell us of your actions, efforts, or share recipes, flirt, talk... whatever suits your fancy.  We are a community, and strive to build that, here.



Take a look at some of the great work being done on the site today:


From OrangeClouds115:

Here's a great one from madaprn on the falsity of the safety of the American food supply

From kath25:

ImpeccableLiberalCredentials teaches us how to make oil from rubber tree seeds! Is there anything Kossacks don't know?

From Light Emitting Pickle:

CalifSherry has an action-packed comment in OneCrankyDom's diary entitled Laptops For The Wounded, A Web-Wide Challenge

madhaus tells a hilarious joke in Pastor Dan's diary Brothers and Sisters.

From NightProwlKitty:

I'd like to recommend this comment from ZappoDave from my diary Yes! Presidential Debates should be held in New Orleans!  It really shows this is not a political issue but, as Al Gore would say, a moral one. {editor's note: this comment was also selected by Light Emitting Pickle and gloriana}

From CSKendrick:

fugue offers this zinger on Feith-based Intelligence, a snap on AIPAC's role in turning a good thing -- the US-Israeli alliance -- into something detrimental to truth, justice and national security for both American and Israel.

Land of Enchantment (who, in my opinion, rules) is enamoured of the phrase 'Contempt of Congress'. Me, too. :)

ellicatt (who happens to be a righteous live-blogger, a la the Plame hearings) shares with us the bad side of skyrocketing home prices -- soaring tax assessments.

Asinus Asinum Fricat teaches us something obvious about American politics.

Maggie Mae on Senator Boxer's recent laying of smack down on that boor, Inhofe. 'Girl power', nothing. That's a woman! :)

From Elise:

plf515 has thoughts on education, schooling, and open-mindedness.

Plutonium Page with wise words.

CalifSherry has a good idea for how to motivate companies to help Veterans in OneCrankyDom's diary, Laptops For The Wounded, A Web-Wide Challenge. testvet6778 has thoughts on this as well.

Sharon Jumper with some kind words and good advice for jabbausaf. Congrats jabba and thanks!

From BeninSC:

I really liked this comment by james richardson, though, sadly, it is out of recommendability. It was in steveng82's Rescued diary on the Coarsening of American Politics.

This humorous comment by ActivistGuy refers to the phenomenon of 'Overton Windows,'which conservatives use to change the spectrum of the plausible in the US political world. There are some excellent diaries on the Overton Window, which may be found by this tag search.

thereisnospoon did one of the best descriptions of it in a diary last year, but Cronesense did a nice TC diary on it earlier this year.

One of the best things about this comment for me is how I found it. The second response to the comment, by CanYouBeAngryAndStillDream (which is a terrific kos nickname!), is actually a marker by which TC diarists can find the source comment by ActivistGuy! I think this is a great way to nominate comments! ;) (But only if we routinely search for it. And credit those who link the comments in this fashion.) So a special hat tip to CanYouBeAngryAndStillDream for this idea!  In buhdydharma's fine impeachment diary

Here was a researched comment from Rosaura on the email side of the scandal.

Anyone who works this hard to provide information in a comment deserves a recommendation in my book! Look at this detailed comment from Jersey Joe!

Here is a virtual novella from Toddlerbob in teacherken's diary today.

wardlow writes an excellent comment on progressive options relative to terror and its handling.

wardlow's comment is in response to this comment by killjoy, which recognizes the racist elements in the conservative anti-terror campaign.

mem from somerville with a fine photo comment on the 'Gay Agenda'.

From Cronesense:

Diary: Ask A Kossak, W/Free Answers
By: buhdydharma

carneasadaburrito educates us on the many types of Hungarian paprika.  There is no end to the things you can learn here!

Rob Cole starts off a hilarious thread with a question.

Diary: Brothers and sisters
By: pastordan

plf515 has an excellent suggestion and some very fine words of wisdom.

From gloriana

MeanBoneII learned this important lesson from Elizabeth Edwards

KibbutzAmiad tell a personal story about living with courage

The Raven on education

Scientician asks a question regarding matrilineal descent in Judaism and sparks this fascinating conversation; wiscmass and diary author plf15 contributing.

Gooserock on the Right's adherence to rules and enforcement

SusanG adds some alarming statistics in a comment on her own FP diary

Mote Dai on determining and addressing threats

Kimberely on how leaders speak


Top Comments By Mojo
Without obvious tip jars, C&J and first comments:

1  I'll second that by carneasadaburrito - 105
2  Putting the country first. by MeanBoneII - 71
3  ABC's "This Week" Program by meowmissy - 70
4  (Slides) Your Moment of Zen - Spring!! by Al Rodgers - 65
5  Nice rainbow by bumblebums - 65
6  And on the other hand... by Pager - 64
7  The ... by Eric Massa - 63
8  Bell, Rich and a Commercial by craigb - 59
9  (Slides) Gonzo - Et. Al. by Al Rodgers - 55
10  (Video) Baby Polar Bear by Al Rodgers - 55
11  Congrats, Jabba! by Sharon Jumper - 54
12  I hope we can say this by dnta - 54
13  Best to you and yours. by JaciCee - 54
14  Maher was steaming mad on Friday. by Sam Loomis - 53
15  May all your comrades in arms follow you by jct - 53
16  The state of "Flow" by Torta - 51
17  I am very by KibbutzAmiad - 51
18  busy diversions by tvb - 49
19  Two weeks ago, I was here by Dreaming of Better Days - 49
20  grats by betterdeadthanred - 49
21  Best description,,,, by Miss Blue - 48
22  To add to that excellent advice, by MTmofo - 48
23  Tonight I pray for Eliz Edwards and her family by blue jersey mom - 48
24  The best rant I've seen in a long time by Eddie C - 47
25  Even if John Edwards were not by Demfem - 47
26  (Video) MAD AS HELL by Al Rodgers - 46
27  Be in particular prayer by pastordan - 46
28  Here's a couple from Steve Sacks by Scarce - 45
29  Congrats by Cali Scribe - 45
30  They are doing the right thing by funluvn1 - 43

With everything:

1  Tips?  I urge you by TomP - 265
2  Tip jar by plf515 - 199
3  And the Abramoff investigation goes on by dengre - 189
4  Welcome Back by bink - 173
5  (Video) Maher: It's Called Treason by Al Rodgers - 145
6  I'll second that by carneasadaburrito - 105
7  As a cancer survivor myself I have by flo58 - 97
8  Yo! by buhdydharma - 94
9  Tips for Laptops by OneCrankyDom - 91
10  tips for ePM by clammyc - 75
11  Putting the country first. by MeanBoneII - 71
12  ABC's "This Week" Program by meowmissy - 70
13  There's some truly sad stuff  . . . by nyceve - 67
14  Now I KNOW that this should be of SOME use by teacherken - 66
15  (Slides) Your Moment of Zen - Spring!! by Al Rodgers - 65
16  Nice rainbow by bumblebums - 65
17  And on the other hand... by Pager - 64
18  The ... by Eric Massa - 63
19  A tip jar by groovetronica - 62
20  Pickle jar! by Light Emitting Pickle - 61
21  Tipping? by natasha - 60
22  Bell, Rich and a Commercial by craigb - 59
23  Tonight's Resource by pastordan - 59
24  (Video) Baby Polar Bear by Al Rodgers - 55
25  (Slides) Gonzo - Et. Al. by Al Rodgers - 55
26  Best to you and yours. by JaciCee - 54
27  I hope we can say this by dnta - 54
28  Congrats, Jabba! by Sharon Jumper - 54
29  Maher was steaming mad on Friday. by Sam Loomis - 53
30  May all your comrades in arms follow you by jct - 53


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