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(crossposted from the frontpage of My Left Wing)

This is the Land Called America.
Long ago here, mammoth hunters did roam.
For thousands of years the red man was sovereign,
For eons the Indians called this land their own.


This is the Land Called America.
Men sailed the vast oceans to come to these shores.
They came seeking and dreaming or running from something,
They came looking for treasure or lusting for war.


This is the Land Called America.
Pale-skinned explorers fought mighty wars here.
They conquered, and plundered, and murdered whole nations.
They washed this land in its own blood and tears.

This is the Land Called America.
This is the place where the pilgrims did land,
Seeking freedom to believe and to live as they wanted.
They’d have starved that first winter but for the red man.

This is the Land Called America.
The sons of Europe for years washed up on these shores.
Wave after wave of immigrants landed,
Schemers and dreamers and thieves by the score.

This is the Land Called America.
Where overtaxed colonists threw the tea in the bay.
Where the King’s nervous redcoats killed Crispus Attux.
Where the cry Revolution! became the cry of the day.


This is the Land Called America.
Where my ancestors came with hearts seeking freedom.
This is the land where brother killed brother,
At places like Gettysburg, Chickamauga, Anteitam.

This is the Land Called America.
Where the South fought the North for the right to own slaves.
This is the land soaked in the blood of its children,
The land of the free, and the home of the brave.


This is the Land Called America.
The land where the buffalo covered the plains.
This is where Crazy Horse fought greedy settlers.
This is the land where the Indians were slain.

This is the Land Called America.
Where Manifest Destiny made everything right.
Where whole native cultures were rendered to nothing,
Where nothing else mattered but power and might.


This is the Land Called America.
Where anyone could be what they wanted to be.
Where robbers and thieves became robber barons,
Where rumrunners became aristocracy.


This is the land called America.
Where the whole world was watching, as the fascists came marching.
As Daley’s Policemen beat the Nation's own children.
The whole world was watching; the people said nothing.

This is the land called America.
Where the freedom to speak was promised to all.
But those who spoke freely in the sixties in Berkley,
Found that the promise was no promise at all.

This is the land called America.
Where flower children told us to love one another,
Where hippies put flowers in the barrels of rifles,
Where students were shot down in front of their mothers.


This is the Land Called America.
Where JFK was killed right in front of our eyes,
Then Martin Luther King and John’s brother, Bobby,
As the American Dream was murdered with lies.


This is the Land Called America.
Who sent her children to Asia to kill and to die.
Fifty-eight thousand, two-hundred and more of them.
Dead in a war based on nothing but lies.


This is the Land Called America.
Where Big Money rules at the expense of the rest.
Where Business owns Government lock stock and barrel.
Where the fix is in for the slick and the rich.

This is the land called America.
Where Veterans of War go without healthcare.
Where legions of angels sleep on the sidewalk.
Where children of warriors are living on welfare.


This is the land called America.
Where every mother's son hates someone it seems.
Where we treat each other with reckless abandon.
As if none of us mattered in the great scheme of things.

This is the land called America.
Where we can't seem to learn from our very own history,
Where memories of Dallas, Memphis, and Wounded Knee,
Fade forgotten into the past, purely a mystery.


This is the land called America.
Where we claim to be the good guys while excelling at villainy.
This is the land of corrupt politicians,
Where the hogs at the trough are wicked and plenty.


This is the land called America.
Born of genius, blood, courage, imagination,
Noble experiment, beacon to the world, honorable nation,
We must all ask ourselves what has become of her?


What has become of this land called America?


Originally posted to One Pissed Off Liberal on Sun Apr 22, 2007 at 02:14 PM PDT.

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