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If the Democratic party were just a little more clever - inventive - they would realize that the answer to all of this Reagan worship is to create a Reagan of their own. If you build it, they will come. And if it can act, it will leave a mystique.

Come on - how easy would this be to pull off? Easy... and fun!

Done right, it could also be wildly entertaining, while politically feasible.

First, they will need to find an actor that everyone admires. Someone tough, but good looking. Suave, a great talker, able to flash a winning smile -- and someone with 'Gipper' name recognition. With a good percentage of Hollywood at their disposal, surely the Dems can find a good candidate to run.

Now as we've seen with Bush Jr., this candidate doesn't have to know anything about politics or be adept at making decisions -- he (I'll explain in a minute why the candidate must be male,) doesn't have to know anything about the job. He's just a figurehead. Someone for the people to 'trust.' Someone the people will 'like.' Better still, someone the people will vote for.

The real power will be vested in whoever slips un-noticed into the power seat (real lawmaker this time) as the running mate. As with Cheney, this person won't be allowed out very often, but will spend all of his or her time undoing the damage created by the Bush Administration, then solving Climate Change, rebuilding our schools, creating a public healthcare system - you get the picture. Its a full time job... but so is talking for the camera. The actor will take care of the media.

Considering that most of the voters in this country are now women, I think George Clooney would be perfect for the 'Reagan' roll. I haven't decided if he has the raw machismo for this - the Dems may want to go with Clint Eastwood instead - but after all, he was voted number 3 of the 10 "Top Sexiest Men" in People magazine, 2003. I think Clooney is the guy.

By the way... the fact that most voters are now women is also, sadly, the reason the Dems can't pick a female actress for this role. Alas, for some reason, women don't vote for women presidential candidates. Ask all the pollsters.  I haven't figured this one out yet, but it seems to be related to the way women obsess and worry about their appearance when other women may be present to judge them. Other women are the competition; the president is supposed to be either 'daddy,' or someone they view as 'presidential.'

Women love the idea of a woman president, but when it comes to actually voting for one, they apparently don't follow through. Or perhaps the choices are lousy.  

At any rate, best to not overlook the many worried and sexually insecure male voters either - the Dems will need their votes to take the presidency. They would be best served to pick Clooney if they want to be assured of victory. As the GOP will tell you, its all about winning. Can't make the mystique until you get elected.

Clooney can speak clearly and succinctly, can demonstrate that he has intelligence, and he even follows current events. He can flash a winning smile - and women fall all over themselves to get near him.

Has he played enough 'Gipper-esque' roles with ready-made sound bites? Well, I'm not sure the Ocean's 11, 12 and 13 really count, but everybody knows who he is. And everyone will believe he 'knows about Middle Eastern affairs,' because he made Syrianna and Three Kings.

An added plus: he played a doctor on ER. Beat that, Fred Thompson!

Now for the second person on the ticket, the real mover and shaker in the administration. While Clooney is out front giving the dramatic, moving speeches, kissing babies and charming the pants off the media, the Dems can slip Dennis Kucinich onto the ticket as his running mate. Imagine how this will frighten the Neocons... and yet, what can they do? How can they beat a cheerful, funny, good-looking guy like Clooney? Have you seen the guys they ran out there for the GOP debate?

Once elected, Kucinich (and Clooney of course - the man does have a brain and something even stranger, a conscience) will bring in a cabinet of brilliant strategists and matinée idols from both sides of the aisle. This will unite the nation into a state of media-idol "shock and awe."

The Dems can gleefully stock administration 'crony' positions with Clint Eastwood, Martin Sheen, Sean Penn, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Bill Moyers, Leonardo DiCaprio, the Dixie Chicks... oh what the heck, Chuck Hagel (R-NE) and Russ Feingold (D-WI) - real politicians - and of course Barbara Streisand. Maybe even Oprah! They also shouldn't forget John Edwards and Barack Obama - they've earned it. And a nice position for Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN) - he's a good guy.

Maybe they can even create a new position for Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA), perhaps calling it 'Grumpy Defender of the Constitution.' Specter proved repeatedly that he had the cajones to stand up to Cheney and the rest of the GOP when it came to defending the Bill of Rights, so he should be rewarded - whether he likes it or not (and he probably won't.)

And if the Dems want to have a little fun with the now horrified Neocons, they can make Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert the new Press Secretary (Stephen did audition for the job.) They can also - while stifling giggles - appoint Michael Moore to head up the FDA, and put RFK Jr. (or the Goracle himself) in charge of the EPA.

Ellen Degeneres can take over FEMA (she's from New Orleans: guess who'll be getting new levees?) Judge Judy would be a shoe-in to replace Alberto Gonzales at the helm of the In-Justice Department. At last... someone would actually know - and remember - what is going on over there.

And for their ultimate Neocon-slapdown... Cindy Sheehan, Secretary of Defense!

Originally posted to feduphoosier on Mon May 14, 2007 at 08:21 AM PDT.

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  •  "Manufacturing" a Reagan? (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    Sounds messy.

    But you ignore history, sir. The real Ronald Reagan was himself created in a secret government lab underneath Virginia. High-level government officials then got together with the Hollywood Illuminati to get him acting jobs, cementing him in the collective unconscious of the country through movie and TV appearances.

    "In the game of chess you can never let your opponent see your pieces." --- Zapp Brannigan

    by droogie6655321 on Mon May 14, 2007 at 08:15:04 AM PDT

  •  Have to disagree with this one (0+ / 0-)

    Maybe they can even create a new position for Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA), perhaps calling it 'Grumpy Defender of the Constitution.' Specter proved repeatedly that he had the cajones to stand up to Cheney and the rest of the GOP when it came to defending the Bill of Rights, so he should be rewarded - whether he likes it or not (and he probably won't.)

    Give me a break!  He may have talked like he was opposing the assaults on the Bill of Rights, but he always backed off when it counted.

    •  Irony (0+ / 0-)

      Ah, but I did mention that Clooney Administration would reach across the aisle in an attempt to be bipartisan...  

      Any tepid attempts by lock-stepping GOPmen should be encouraged.  The moment they slip out of partisan line, if only for a second, cheer wildly and loudly in support.  Realize that by stepping off the dotted line or going off script, they will no longer be able to eat with the big kids in the lunchroom, will no longer be picked for golf (or secret White House meetings with the Congressional committees they themselves head up;) someone from Rove's office will let the air out of their tires -- and Cheney will put a withering hex on them so that the next small plane they climb into will mysteriously fall out of the sky.  

      It took 11 Republican Congressmen to go to the White House to talk to Bush last week - and they waited until Cheney was overseas.  We're talking about the Borg, here.  Group think, and dire consequences for dissenters.  Because one of the Reps at the meeting spoke to the press -- ouch -- other GOPmen are now freaking out and publicly roasting them over bonfires.  

      These guys are kept on VERY short ropes, knotted tightly around their necks.  No wait, those are ties.  

      Anyway, only GOP mavericks like Hagel and Specter, who have shown that they are willing to at least talk about the truth - and face a GOP/Cheney lynching - were picked for the Clooney Administration (and Lugar, because I like him.)  

      Once picked, an intervention will be required to de-partisanize them so that they will finally have the courage to vote their convictions.  One step at a time - these guys aren't even in recovery yet!

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