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[The Mainstrem Media would have you believe Monica Goodling's Testimony
was a Snooze-fest, given the trival, dismissive coverage it recieved.

However, besides implicating Gonzales in Perjury of Congress
and with Witness Tampering, this naive and innocent insider at DOJ,
may have exposed a "loose thread" that could ultimately lead to
the "Great Unraveling" of that cozy sweater, which Gonzales,
Rove, Miers, and others, have quietly woven around the Dept of Justice.

All it should take, is for a few daring souls to start pulling
at "the thread".  Here's are Monica's overlooked, off-handed comments: ]


Goodling Testifies Before The House Judiciary Committee

CQ Transcripts Wire

May 23, 2007

Questioning by Congresswoman, Subcommittee Chair
Linda Sanchez, (D-CA):

SANCHEZ: Can you explain what cadging is?
I'm not familiar with that term.

GOODLING: You know, my understanding -- and
I don't actually know a lot about it --
is that it's a direct-mail term
that people who do direct mail,
when they separate addresses that may be good
versus addresses that may be bad.

That's about the best information that I have,
is that it's a direct-mail term
that's used by vendors in that circumstance.

But in any case, I knew that that was an issue
that might arise. Because there had been stories about it...

SANCHEZ: That Tim Griffin was involved in that
to some degree, or may have been involved.

GOODLING: Right. Right.

[In December 2006, Tim Griffin was named U.S. Attorney
for the Eastern District of Arkansas (without Senate Confirmation).
Griffin replaced US Attorney of H.E. "Bud" Cummins,
who is one of the 8 US Attorneys, who were recently replaced
for questionable reasons, under the direction of Alberto Gonzales, US Attorney General.]


May 25, 2007

Post Reporter: 'So What Is This Caging Thing?'

The allegations against Griffin are serious.
... Bush administration was worried about the allegations
and decided not to proceed with the Griffin nomination
before the Senate because it would draw attention
to this very topic.

In 2004, BBC reporter Greg Palast obtained two e-mails --
prepared for the executive director of the Bush campaign in Florida ...

Greg Palast explains:

Here's how the scheme worked:

The RNC mailed these voters letters
in envelopes marked, "Do not forward",
to be returned to the sender.

These letters were mailed to servicemen
and women, some stationed overseas,
to their US home addresses.

The letters then returned to
the Bush-Cheney campaign as "undeliverable."

The lists of soldiers of "undeliverable" letters
were transmitted from state headquarters,
in this case Florida, to the RNC in Washington.

The party could then challenge the voters'
and thereby prevent their
absentee ballots being counted.

[So that's 'caging' -- But WHO is Greg Palast?
and what makes him such an expert?

He is an Author and investigative Reporter, who's not afraid
of "hard work" or of "going against the MSM grain".
Greg Palast is a respected Journalist in the U.K.
where a few Media outlets still exist, that actually value
his "Fact-based investigative reporting".

Here's his story, in his own words:
(Key points of the interview are noted here,  
-- for the sake brevity, but the entire interview is noteworthy) ]


Greg Palast, Author of Armed Madhouse,
on How Rove May Have Already Stolen the 2008 Election

Submitted by BuzzFlash on 05/17/2007


GREG PALAST: ... the reason my book was subpoenaed
is that it has to do with the US prosecutor firings.
The prosecutor firings were 100% about influencing elections --
not about loyalty to Bush, which is what The New York Times wrote.

In the book I present the evidence that Karl Rove directed
a guy named Tim Griffin to target suppressing the votes

of African American students, homeless men, and soldiers. Nice guy.

They actually challenged the votes and successfully removed
tens of thousands of legal voters from the voter rolls
same as they did in 2000.

But instead of calling them felons,
they said that they had suspect addresses.

BuzzFlash: In which election cycle?

GREG PALAST: 2004. And in 2006 and 2004,
they challenged tens of thousands of black soldiers.
They stopped their votes from being counted
when they were mailed in from Baghdad.
Go to Baghdad and lose your vote -- mission accomplished.

BUZZFLASH: How did they do that?

GREG PALAST: By sending letters to the homes of soldiers,
marked "do not forward."
When they came back undelivered,
they said: Aha! Illegal voter registered from a false address.

And when their ballot came in from Fallujah, it was challenged.
The soldier didn't know it. Their vote was lost.

Over half a million votes were challenged and lost by the Republicans -- absentee ballots.

Three million voters who went to the polls found themselves
challenged by the Republicans.

This was not a small operation.
It was a multi-million dollar, wholesale theft operation.


BUZZFLASH: Chicago, you did a presentation that shows
the list that was used to disenfranchise voters.

GREG PALAST: Those are the purge lists.
For 2004, we have the caging lists.
And in 2008, we're going to have what's called
the verification list.

BUZZFLASH: Meaning the return of the Jim Crow laws, I assume?

GREG PALAST: When I say the 2008 race has already been stolen,
about a million and a half voter registrations have been turned down.

Even though there have been massive voter registration drives
among Hispanics and African Americans,
as the churches
fill up the bucket, there's a hole in the bucket
where the registrations are being dumped.

GREG PALAST: We've got the documents. We ain't guessing.
When I say they had caging lists targeting innocent black soldiers,
I have the lists. I have the soldiers' names.
We spoke to their families.

In fact, interestingly, "60 Minutes" came into our office
and said, "My God, to prove what these caging lists are,
you're going to have to make hundreds of calls and
spend hundreds of hours going through this stuff."

And we said, "Yeah, it's reporting. Try it. It won't hurt you."


GREG PALAST: The Republicans proved their point.
They can break the law. They can put a criminal in as U.S. prosecutor.

They can break every rule of the Senate by going around
-- remember, it's not just senatorial privilege, it's called voter privilege.

The people of Arkansas elected Senator Pryor.
One of the things that they elected him to do is
approve the U.S. attorney for his area.
We call that democracy.

BUZZFLASH: Now we've got Griffin, specialist in
violating the Voting Rights Act.

In Arkansas, we have other people who were appointed
who are willing to go on with the scheme to suppress the vote
and then have states pass Jim Crow-type laws and Republican legislators.

There probably are other prosecutors who weren't replaced
who are willing to go along with this scheme in key states.
Otherwise, they would have been replaced.

There also have been bogus claims of violation of registration
of voters on Native American reservations.


GREG PALAST: ... Bobby Kennedy says that what we have here
is a criminal conspiracy to commit felony manipulation
of the voter system
. It violates endless numbers of laws.
These people really need to be not in office, but in prison.

He’s not a guy given to much excitement, but when he looked at
the evidence in Armed Madhouse, he just flipped.
And what’s driving him crazy as well is that Karl Rove is right.
The U.S. media is not picking up the investigation.

Greg Palast, Acclaimed Investigative Journalist on Wednesday's Voice of the Voters

May 22, 2007


"It's not the computer voting machines.
Yes, they're evil. They are wrong, they are manipulative,
they are hack-prone,
and they stole the election through computers
in Sarasota and elsewhere in the last election. ...

So, yes, they are a problem. But if you think that's it, baby,
they've got you."

Greg Palast Bio:

When Greg Palast, an investigator of corporate fraud and racketeering,
turned his skills to journalism he was quickly recognized
as "the most important investigative reporter of our time"
(Tribune Magazine) in Britain, where his first reports
appeared on BBC Television and in the Guardian newspapers.

Author of two New York Times bestsellers,
The Best Democracy Money Can Buy and Armed Madhouse,
Palast is best known in his native USA as the journalist who,
for the UK's Observer, first broke the story of
how Governor Jeb Bush had thousands of black Florida citizens
purged from voter rolls before the 2000 election,
thereby handing the White House to his brother George W.

His reports on the theft of election 2004,
the spiking of the FBI investigations of the bin Ladens
before September 11, and the secret State Department documents
planning the seizure of Iraq's oil fields
have won him a record seven "Project Censored" awards
for reporting news the American media refuses to cover.


[ The MSM Media Machine is NOT pulling at this thread called "caging' --
SO why should you?

Afterall the Media is NOT reporting New Orleans Recovery either --
or the appalling lack modern refinery capacity,
or the outrageous Oil company profits either --
and that's all because of WHY?
-- because "the Media cares about getting to the truth?"
or because they care about protecting the Constitution and Democracy?

Hardly! Most of the Corporate Media cares about only one thing
-- maintaining the "status quo" -- which only has room for Profit-driven "News" --
usually "spun together" at the expense of finding out the true facts!
(just ask Dan Rather)
If we, the public, want the real facts, well then,
I guess we will have to "unravel those threads", ourselves.  

"Public Service" is no longer a pre-condition for the Media
to continue its consolidation of Revenue-generating power,
and to keep setting that messaging agenda for the entire country,
be it subject to fact filtering and ownership spin, or not.

"Hey, If they don't report it -- then it must NOT have happened!"
Yeah right! Have I got a "swift boat" commercial I'd like to sell you!]


Originally posted to Digging up those Facts ... for over 8 years. on Fri May 25, 2007 at 07:35 PM PDT.

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    If you made it this far Thanks
    ... please add your thoughts and comments

    (sorry for the lengthy post ... the subject matter seemed to require it.)

  •  This Is Insider Stuff (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    WV Democrat, justiceputnam, jamess

    but it got a friend of mine and a co-worker off his hippie ass. This pissed him off beyond words. Maybe he should have been pissed off before, but he wasn't. I am somewhat mad at him, but just happy he is now in the game!

    "It is not enough to win, all others must lose," Sun Tzu.

    by webranding on Fri May 25, 2007 at 07:28:15 PM PDT

  •  The MSM says it was a snooze fest (5+ / 0-)

    because that's what the talking points said. Every republican on that committee said that the hearing was dull and was a waste of money, yada yada. Since that's where the corporate media gets their news I am not all surprised.
    However, I don't think Waxman is finished with this caging topic.

    •  Yeah, it's only the subversion of the US (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      Constitution, the use of the powers of the DOJ to pursue a partisan political agenda, the encouragement of "civil rights" policies that would lead to people unjustly being kicked off the records of registered voters, and the interference with ongoing investigation of Republican malfeasance, but because there are no good pictures, nor is there a horse race for office, the MSM declares it to be a snoozefest.  Thank goodness there were not around to cover that dullest of the dull political events, the Constitutional Convention of 1789, there was a snoozefest if ever there was one.

      And it feels like I'm livin'in the wasteland of the free ~ Iris DeMent, 1996

      by MrJersey on Fri May 25, 2007 at 08:36:29 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

    •  Conyers isn't done either -- he's asked Palast... (0+ / 0-)

      Greg Palast joins Conyers, fights Rove's "sleeper cell" Hotlist
      by densityland
      Fri May 25, 2007

      500 of Karl Rove's emails ended up with Greg Palast.  In a new interview Palast announces he's given the emails to John Conyers.  And he talks about the secret agenda they reveal for the attorney firings.

  •  Recommend this diary (7+ / 0-)

    This belongs on the recommended list.  Much more important than all the whining about the supplemental.

    The ability to ditch just 100 votes in ten precincts in  a big city could easily make the difference in a close statewide race.  I was in Columbus the week  before the November 2004 election; there was no doubt in my mind then that the GOP deliberately and consciously intimidated black voters through a direct mail campaign in the month before the election.

    This crowd believes in management, not government, and what they the Bushies did here was manage an election so that it turned out in their favor.  It sounds like they were able to ditch tens of thousands of votes around the country, including the votes of black soldiers at risk because of their duplicity.   They were really working both sides of the question -- trying to get Republican federal prosecutors to file bogus voter fraud claims against Democrats while engaging in voter fraud themselves with bogus efforts to suppress the vote.  This crowd is shameless and beneath contempt.

    •  I Will Use The Words of A Co-worker (3+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      steelman, kurt, jamess

      Here is an overview if you like ...


      Voting rights attorney Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has called for prison time for the new US Attorney for Arkansas, Timothy Griffin and investigation of Griffin's former boss, Karl Rove, chief political advisor to President Bush.

      "Timothy Griffin," said Kennedy,"who is the new US attorney in Arkansas, was actually the mastermind behind the voter fraud efforts by the Bush Administration to disenfranchise over a million voters through 'caging' techniques - which are illegal."

      [Hear Kennedy on Griffin, Rove and 'caging lists' at]

      Kennedy based his demand on the revelations by BBC reporter Greg Palast in the new edition of his book, "Armed Madhouse." On one page of the book, Palast reproduces a copy of a confidential Bush-Cheney campaign email, dated August 26, 2004, in which Griffin directs Republican operatives to use the
      'caging' lists.

      This is one of the emails subpoenaed by Congress but supposedly "lost" by Rove's office. Palast obtained 500 of these, fifty with 'caging' lists attached.

      'Caging' lists are "absolutely illegal" under the Voting Rights Act, noted Kennedy on his Air America program, Ring of Fire. The 1965 law makes it a felony crime to challenge voters when race is a factor in the targeting. African-American voters comprised the bulk of the 70,000 voters 'caged' in a single state, Florida.

      Palast wrote in his book, "Here's how the scheme worked. The Bush campaign mailed out letters," particularly targeting African-American soldiers sent overseas. When the letters sent to the home addresses of the soldiers came back 'undeliverable' because the servicemen were in Baghdad or elsewhere, the Republican Party would, "challenge the voter's registration and thereby prevent their absentee ballots being counted."

      The Republicans successfully challenged "at least one million" votes of minority voters in the 2004 election.

      Kennedy, a voting rights attorney, fumed, "What he [Griffin] did was absolutely illegal and he should be in jail. Instead [Griffin] was rewarded with the US Attorney's office."

      "They [Griffin, Rove and their confederates at the RNC] knew it was illegal."

      Kennedy has called on the Senate and House Judiciary Committees to expand their investigations of the firing of US Attorneys to include a probe of their replacements, especially Griffin, as well as Rove's knowledge of the caging operation.

      In preparation for just such an investigation, Kyle Sampson, former aide to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, wrote a confidential email, dated December 19, 2006 outlining a strategy to stall Congress' from questioning the propriety of the Griffin appointment. "We should gum this to death," wrote Sampson, "Ask the senators to give Tim a chance . . . then we can tell them we'll look for other candidates, ask them for recommendations, evaluate the recommendations, interview their candidates, and otherwise run out the clock. All of this should be done in 'good faith,' of course."

      Sampson has since resigned.

      Palast said, "Just as Rove is known as 'Bush's brain,' Griffin is 'Rove's Brain.' I'm flattered by his 'review.'"

      Palast first reported on the caging list operation for BBC Television's premier current affairs show, Newsnight, in 2004. In a February 7, 2007 email obtained by subpoena from Rove's office, Griffin boasted that, "No [US] national media picked up" the BBC story. Griffin attached an excerpt of Armed Madhouse.

      Griffin sent his remarks to Monica Goodling, Senior Counsel to Attorney General Gonzales, who has since resigned and invoked the Fifth Amendment rather than answer Congressional questions.

      Griffin and Rove refused several requests from Palast and BBC to respond to charges of illegal, racial 'caging' of voters. However, a Republican spokeswoman, while admitting the lists could be used to challenge soldiers' votes, said that was 'not the purpose' for gathering the lists.

      "It is not enough to win, all others must lose," Sun Tzu.

      by webranding on Fri May 25, 2007 at 07:47:42 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

    •  thanks, i hope it ends up there too (n/t no text) (0+ / 0-)
  •  The media is easily fooled (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    kurt, Unique Material, jamess

    for example, if a man made perfect sense, but was outraged and 'showed' his outrage, he would be looked at as a lying sack of shit by the media.
    (Gravel and Paul)

    But if a person is able to keep from cussing, wear a nice suit, doesn't scream - and smiles, no matter how wrong or stupid that person is (Bill Krystol!!!!) the media will take that person seriously.

    Monica was sincere and contained, so that meant she must be taken seriously.  Whereas dirty hippies, armed with the truth, are condemned, simply because they curse with frustration.
    That makes them loony to the likes of Fred Barnes and the rest of the media.

    "Committee; a group of men who can individually do nothing, but as a group decide that nothing can be done." Fred Allen, comedian

    by steelman on Fri May 25, 2007 at 07:48:01 PM PDT

    •  shouting the truth (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      shouting the truth "strikes a chord" with the public

      we need more Gravel's and Ron Paul's

      but those seem to do little to motivate the MSM
      to actually investigate what they say.

      Ridicule is the Currency of the MSM
      -- not Facts, nor Truth

    •  And the mean, nasty Democratic Senators made (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      Justice Alito's wife cry during the confirmation process, so they must be scum.  Meanwhile, the Bush regime hides the flag draped coffins returning from Iraq from publid view, denies them the public public acknowledgment of our soldiers acrifice, but Bush supports the troops.  The MSM doesn't even seem to care that they are being played, just as long as their contracts are renewed.

      And it feels like I'm livin'in the wasteland of the free ~ Iris DeMent, 1996

      by MrJersey on Fri May 25, 2007 at 08:42:46 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

  •  Note to Mainstream Media members: (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Unique Material, jamess

    It's your job to REPORT THE NEWS,


    You are WORSE THAN USELESS as a journalist if you evaluate a  political attack on our justice system as you would a MOVIE.

    Go join a tabloid, for God's sake.

    If the "news" operation you work for is really a tabloid--expose them, leave, and join a tabloid!

    You are HARMING America.

    Life is not a movie. News is not entertainment.

    Of course, if you KNOW you are merely
    a tool,
    a propagandist,
    a well-paid clerk without a civic conscience,
    merely unable to think critically about the truth--perhaps you simply have no work ethic!--

    Well, Media member, you are a plague on our civic life, and are not a worthy member of our Republic.

    And we will try to replace you with a real American, no matter what their political persuasion.

    Habeas Corpus:See Hamilton quoting Blackstone in The Federalist Papers, number 84.

    by Ignacio Magaloni on Fri May 25, 2007 at 07:51:07 PM PDT

    •  you make my points very well! (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Ignacio Magaloni

      "Life is not a movie. News is not entertainment."

      "It's your job [the MSM] to REPORT THE NEWS,
      which is NOT ENTERTAINMENT."

      well said, Ignacio, well said.

      I grew up with that kind of news, in the era
      of Walter Kronkite, Huntley and Brinkley, Woodward
      and Bernstien, and Dan Rather in Vietnam.

      Where did they all go?

      I guess we owe much to the era of Media De-regulation
      introduced by Reagan in the 80's

      •  Yes, that was my era as well-- (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:

        at least, my first era.

        ; )

        We still have Moyers left, fighting the good fight, and Palast does his best.

        I wish we had a modified version of the Fairness Doctrine: a two minute rebuttal rule would scatter quite a few vermin on the radio and television!

        Thanks for your diary, jamess--we have to keep fighting for a return to reason.

        Habeas Corpus:See Hamilton quoting Blackstone in The Federalist Papers, number 84.

        by Ignacio Magaloni on Fri May 25, 2007 at 09:57:33 PM PDT

        [ Parent ]

  •  If You Want to Get Somebody's Attention (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:


    once you get their attention - then you beat 'em over the head with a 2x4.

    MSM - bought, paid for, sold out, useless. Pull the Plug.

    I'm the person your mother warned you about.

    by Unique Material on Fri May 25, 2007 at 08:19:01 PM PDT

  •  Heres another post that explains Caging very well (0+ / 0-)

    Here's another post that explains Voter Caging very well.
    (It is illegal, btw)

    Note to Goodling & Congress on Caging:
    It's Voter Suppression, Stupid!


    by Vyan
    Wed May 23, 2007

  •  Hear for yourself: Palast & RFK Jr, on RNC Emails (0+ / 0-)

    Hear for yourself: Palast & RFK Jr, discussing those "missing" RNC Emails, Voter Caging, and more
    over on youtube.

    Funny it seems Greg Palast received sent 500+ of those those "missing" RNC Emails,
    BY Mistake, due to having a similar website name.

    Oops!, sorry Karl!

    Time to Listen Up people, if you care about preserving Democracy!

    (John Conyers, btw, has requested those 500+ emails as evidence)

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