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I agree with Bush, Congress should have Political Courage, Let it start with the Immigration Bill. Start defeating Him and his new order!
         President Bush urged lawmakers Saturday to "summon the political courage" to support his top domestic priority, an immigration overhaul that is hanging by a thread in Congress.  First, whatever happened to "stop playing Politics? I have to say that beyond securing the borders that despite the rhetoric and half assed efforts it will never happen. As we discussed in relation to Bush's desire for a North American Union, Bush needs open Borders but to appease concerned Americans he needs to create another facade. This time feigning concern for average Americans and our security. Once again to get his way he is performing a balancing act.
         Illegal immigration is no more a crisis and no worse than he allowed it to be for 6 years as he worked on his new societal order.  

         Bush purposely gave hope to illegal immigrants by increasing
the rhetoric over the years that they would be allowed citizenship someway, somehow. There were some 5 million during his reign alone.
Now that he has the low end wage earners he needs to fuel his idea of a new societal order he tells you he wants to secure the borders.
         Bush's measure would tighten borders and workplace enforcement, create a new guest worker program and provide pathways to legal status for most of the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in the country. With 19 months left in Bush's presidency, some see immigration reform as his last hope for a major domestic achievement, and Bush himself has made clear it is his main legislative priority for the year.
         This is no domestic achievement. He doesn't care about us and our America or illegal immigrants and a secure border. Only finishing his plan for a new societal order. Like his so called new middle east order he is well on his way and looking to cross the T's and dot the I's before he is done.
         As an incentive for those who are skeptical about the government's ability to carry out the legislation's enforcement provisions, Bush publicly signed onto a plan for $4.4 billion in immediate funding for border security and workplace enforcement. The accelerated funding would be paid back by new fines and fees for illegal immigrants in the bill. However, of course pouring $Billions into this and securing the borders with half assed fences and promises Bush says is worthless and I have to agree with him. No one can really think fines and fees for illegal immigrants to that tune will be collected I hope.
         He also said people caught crossing the border illegally will be permanently barred from returning to the United States on a work or tourist visa, those known to have taken part in illegal gang activity can be denied admission. Boy that's a threat. They would just do what they currently do and turn around and come back again. Beyond his gain what the heck realistically would be the gain for average Americans and our America?
          I absolutely have no stance on the issue of illegal immigration. I just know what you see is not what you get with Bush and this is no exception. This will not make the problem go away but as Reagan's legalization of 3 million did, this will only necessitate more to come fill the ranks as the legalized would no longer be cheap labor. Just think about it! Theoretically we could have up to 12 million more people here vying for a rapidly decreasing job base that is ceaselessly being sent overseas, unemployment?
          I say this is a good time for Congress to start the process of doing the right thing for "our America" and "we the people" and start doing the peoples work. Stand up as Bush says and get Political courage. Make this the start of not giving Bush his perverted way and start the beginning of the end for his "new order"

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Originally posted to jmsjoin on Sun Jun 24, 2007 at 01:29 PM PDT.

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