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REDSTATE should now renamed FREDSTATE because in the midst of their blasting Senators Lugar and Domenici as traitors for their recent defection to the side of common sense over the long lost war in Iraq they have no less than 5 new diaries crying in denial over a new LA TIMES article bringing to light even more Pro-Choice skeletons out of Fred Thompson's closet.


Now it's quite clear that the real reason the Religious Right Social Conservatives were unhappy with a Giulaini candidacy or a Romney candidacy had nothing to do with Abortion. However it has everything to do with Giulaini's stance on Gay rights and Romney's Mormonism. It also had a lot to do with Giuliani and Romney not being native sons of the South. The GOP is largely a Regional Party that is based in the South. So they bring in Fred Thompson to satisfy their Southern Deep Fried Base yet they try to ignore the fact that he is either still Pro-Choice or he is exactly what they condemned Mitt Romney for being a Flip-flopper albeit one with a Southern Accent. The reason John McCain couldn't win their support was because they still hold a grudge against him for telling the truth by calling the religious right agents of intolerance.


So you GOP good old boys over at Fredstate go out and buy yourselves a bottle of Southern Comfort and watch these videos. By the way I'm not blasting anybody from the South because I'm also a good old boy since I live in Kentucky but I'm a Jimmy Carter , Bill Clinton , John Edwards , Al Gore , Jim Webb type of good old boy.

If the GOP good old boys in denial over at Fredstate can't handle the truth by watching a video of their Pro-Choice hero then they can always read the numerous sources about his long held Pro-Choice stance.

On abortion, both Thompson and Cooper are pro-choice. But Thompson favors parental notification, Cooper voted against it.  

Fred Thompson, the conservative Great White Hope, is opposed to abortion. Completely opposed. Unrelentingly opposed. Unless someone pays him to lobby in favor of it.

The Official Roman Catholic Blog on Fred Thompson and his Abortion record.

Christian Broadcasting News (CBN) on Fred Thompson and his Abortion stance.


The New York Sun : Thompson Scrutinized on Abortion

From his very own home state newspaper The Tennessean
Thompson survey said:"I do not believe abortion should be criminalized"

Documents The Tennessean located last week in Thompson's Senate archive at the University of Tennessee show:

•  On a 1996 Christian Coalition survey, he checked "opposed" to an amendment to the U.S. Constitution "protecting the sanctity of human life."

He included a handwritten clarification: "I do not believe abortion should be criminalized. This battle will be won in the hearts and souls of the American people."

In 1996, asked by the Memphis group FLARE (Family, Life, America, Responsible Education Under God Inc.) if human life begins at conception, Thompson circled "N/A."

Those answers could complicate Thompson's standing with the Republican Party right wing, which has been bolstered by his seemingly reliable pro-life voting record.

Thompson and his small campaign staff say he has never supported abortion rights.

What more does it take for these REDSTATE hypocrites to admit what the rest of us obviously see and that is Thompson is Pro-Choice or at least was Pro-Choice until he decided to run for president.

GOP the Party of Death

Originally posted to redstatehatemonitor on Sat Jul 07, 2007 at 03:42 AM PDT.


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