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By now everyone has read Kos' post "with us or against us".  I am sure the majority have understood it to mean that we are best not to attack each other but to keep our eye on the goal.

But for the minority like me the message is not to attack Dems viciously and personally because they are not moving on the two issues most important ... Iraq and restoration of the Constitution (impeachment) in a way that we want them to, or expect them to, a more important point.

We all know that as of today Harriet Miers has been cited for contempt of Congress for failing to appear before the House Judiciary.  How many Kossacks were confident that this was the direction the House Judiciary was moving?  How many Kossacks have now swung back to supporting the Democratic party?

On the day of Miers no-show there was this diary by SusanHu LIVE House Judiciary: Statement of Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson, IV

Here was one comment in that diary, that is so disgusting to me I won't name the commenter:

Conyers is totally ineffectual and letting this slide into irrelevance.  I wish Leahy could step in and take control because HE did a MUCH better job dealing with Taylor than Conyers does dealing with wiping his sorry butt after a big dump.

What the F*CK is wrong with the House members?  They can't do anything right.  Has Conyers been paid off to 'throw the game'?  That, or he's truly suffering Alzheimer's.

Yesterday there was a top recommended diary that followed the same theme
making specious accusations against the Democrats in Congress and the Senate who do not support impeachment

  •  that they are on the take
  •  that they are being blackmailed by the Bush admin
  •  that they are only in it for the power once Bush is out

Why did the majority of Kossacks reccomend this stuff?  Why did the diarist feel justified in expressing his outrage and pent up frustration in this kind of conspiracist crap?  Why did those Kossacks who recommended feel this was an okay thing to do, or even a great thing to do?

Dem-bashing, no matter what the motivation, of this kind is completely inappropriate to this site, its aims, and the community's aims.  Accusing a Democratic member of Congress of being on the take, or being blackmailed because he or she is not moving your way is so anti-progressive, anti-community and anti-Democratic that I have to wonder should not this kind of rhetoric be deleted or trolled into oblivion.

Politics is not a spectator sport.  This is not TV you're watching.  This is a process we participate in and we are responsible for our actions and the outcome.

The late philosopher Richard Rorty wrote in a book "Achieving Our Country" a book that encouraged a revival of national pride among American leftists, he disparaged the "spectatorial, disgusted, mocking left." NYTBR

This "spectatorial, disgusted, mocking left" is incapable of critical thinking, incapable of reading between the lines in the newspapers and in history, incapable of decisive, effective action.  When I read content from this spectatorial disgusted mocking left here at Daily Kos.. which is about one third of all content... I think "Are you doing something, or are you just typing?"

OK, Now It's Time to Eat Your Socks

In that same diary LIVE House Judiciary: Statement of Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson, IV
a fellow named Praedor said he would eat his socks if the House Judiciary actually did something like issue a contempt of Congress citation against Harriet Miers.  comment

We'll see (0 / 0)
We'll see (and I will be more than happy to eat my socks) if he ACTS up to the ferocity of his words, or if this simply devolves into another bout of stern letters, LONG lag times, to be followed with the clock running out.

IF something substantive is done BEFORE the clock runs out, OK.  Otherwise this is all a waste of time.  Inherent contempt is a good start as it bypasses the molasses courts and COULD be done with alacrity.  If it is allowed to twist and turn through the courts, which is what Bushie WANTS, then it will someday get to the Roberts SCOTUS and they WILL rule 5-4 in favor of Bush...but that will be well after the clock is run out and the next President is in DEEP into office abusing the Constitution according to the Bush/Cheney precedents.

Reichstag fire is to Hitler as 9/11 is to Bush

by praedor on Wed Jul 11, 2007 at 06:00:44 PM PDT

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OK, Praedor, Now It's Time to Eat Your Socks!!

Originally posted to dgr on Mon Jul 23, 2007 at 12:29 PM PDT.


Miers Contempt of Congress Citation

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