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After O'Reilly provided an "accountability moment" to the JetBlue CEO at his home, I decided to provide O'Reilly with his own accountability moment at his home.

I've just returned to home base.

I've got video of O'Reilly in his sleepwear (red shorts and a white t-shirt).  I delivered the Andrea Mackris Court filings to all of his neighors - every home in his development got a copy.  And I put a bunch of signs up along his street - "Bill O'Reilly:  Andrea Mackris has your cash" directly across from his house; "Bill O'Reilly:  PERVERT" in front of his home; "Bill O'Reilly:  CHEATER" on the road he must take to exit his development and "Bill O'Reilly:  Can't be trusted with your daughters" at the landmark boulder marking the entrance to his development.

We had an interesting conversation - not too explosive, but I think a lot of people will be entertained.

Video soon (I'd like to debut it a YearlyKos - until then, I've got pictures to share).

Special thanks to Ken from DownWithTyranny, without whom this could not have been done.

Photos by Alan Zimmerman.

Pics after the flip...

Final Update [2007-7-31 11:38:59 by Mike Stark]:  Someone emailed me.  My response:

everyone has their limits...  and i appreciate the decent email.

that said, my limits are not your limits.  I had plenty of justification for doing what I did, and by holding O'reilly to his own standard, well, if he complains about it, then I will have exposed his hypocrisy.

Somebody in the comments of the DKos diary amde a good point:  this is kinda like everyone bashing Michael Moore for doing pretty much exactly the same thing I did.

In the end, between Bill O'Reilly and I, one of us is on the side of the angels...  and I guess that's for each individual to decide.

All I know is that he is a truly awful human being and an incredibly effective propagandist.  That's a dangerous combination, and I'm proud of my work.

Some have suggested that I'm not a journalist or a reporter because I engaged in advocacy while pursuing my work.


Michael Moore makes documentaries.  It's journalism.  It's legitimate.  My diary and my movie will serve to inform.  The fact that it's done in a novel way takes nothing away from the fact that I'm telling a story based on objective facts.

Update 2 [2007-7-31 10:16:59 by Mike Stark]:  Clearing a coupla things up:

I contacted O'Reilly's producer (and recorded the voicemails and archived the email - 3 times to let him know I wanted to interview him.  I never heard back.

Bill O'Reilly threatened, on national radio, to come to my house and "surprise me".  I'll link the audio soon. (now linked)  Just last week, he threatened to visit the home of an oil company CEO.  I did not do a thing that O'Reilly hasn't advocated several times himself.

And this wasn't stalking.  It was reporting.  I'm a reporter and I went out and got the story from a hostile subject.  Y'all should be able to tell the difference between "stalking" and getting the story.

Update [2007-7-31 10:6:59 by Mike Stark]:  Wanted to address the naysayers:  please take your concern to your own diaries.  My opening statement to Bill was that I was providing an accountability moment.

It's wrong to confront good people at their homes.  It's absolutely the right thing to do to confront liars, cheats and fools that are fucking this country wherever and whenever you can find them.

If BillO's your hero, fine, concern-troll away all morning.  Just please do me the favor of taking it to your own diaries.  If you, like me, understand that there was no way I'd get close to BillO' at Fox; that this was the only way to let him know that he's not above answering for his loathsome lies...  answering directly to the people he's smearing...  Well, thank you for your support.

One last thing.  This project cost me a weeks time and hundreds of dollars.  If you're inclined to support good behaviour, I've got a PayPal link up at

See y'all at YearlyKos!!  

Not sure if you can read this or not, but the stamp reads:  

Nassau County Pervert Alert

      Bill O'Reilly

(btw - the previously posted (inadvertantly) pic with the address does not reveal his real address, but people in his neighborhood will know - I kinda used synonyms because I'm not sure it's appropriate to publish his address to the masses)

The envelope

In front of Falafel Bill's domocile:

O'Reilly's landmark entrance to his driveway

Directly across the street from Falafel Bill's abode:  
Directly across the street from Falafel Bill's abode

We chat a bit:

I chat with Falafel Bill

He cuts the conversation short:

Falafel Bill doesn't want to chat.

We wave goodbye:

Hi neighbors!!

Originally posted to Mike Stark on Tue Jul 31, 2007 at 06:34 AM PDT.

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